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Tiger Eye Mala


Tiger Stone Mala 6 MM 
This product Tiger Eye Mala is extremely Pran-Pratishthit, Abhimantrit & Siddh (Energized) during Shubh Muhurat by our Vidwan Pandits.

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Tiger Eye Mala

Tiger Eye Mala is the most effective and multi-productive and fast-growing stone mala. It is also called Tiger I. On this gem, it is called ‘Tiger Stone’ due to having yellow and black stripes similar to Tiger. It also causes similar symptoms of the tiger (cheetah) in effect. It gets benefited immediately by holding it. The person who is failing in business and other tasks due to lack of self-confidence is living a miserable life, Tiger Stone gives confidence to the person. By holding this, there is a complete success and the person becomes a courageous man. Like the lion, strength and courage are also capable of providing this gem. This stone of timid, depressed person is considered an invisible partner. Wearing tiger gems in such a person creates awareness.
They consider Ruby withTiger Eye Mala. It is bright in appearance, whose colour is somewhat light brown, then dark brown (yellow shades). As the name suggests, it is similar to the cheetah’s eye. It is used in gemstone healing therapy and it is also used like jewellery stone.
It is worn for the development of self-esteem and consciousness. It connects to spirituality. Generates a feeling of tolerance and patience. If the gem touches the skin, then the person fills the person with glee. Those who wear this understand the importance of inner peace. It also improves the health of the wearer.
1. If you are not receiving the auspicious results of a home in the horoscope or if a planet is asleep then it is mandatory to awaken the owner of the planet, so that the house gets auspicious results.
2. If you are doing well in the horoscope then you should also wear Tiger Ratna to reduce the effects of that yoga.
3. If you are continuously drowning in debt, then in the white thread in the form of a locket in the throat of the proved stone on Friday.

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