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Putra Jeeva Mala

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108 Pure Beads Mala
This product  Putra Jeeva Mala is extremely Pran-Pratishthit, Abhimantrit & Siddh (Energized) during Shubh Muhurat by our Vidwan Pandits.

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Putra Jeeva Mala

Putra Jeeva Mala is a traditional garland or string of beads that is believed to have spiritual and cultural significance for those seeking to conceive male offspring. Derived from Sanskrit, Putra Jeeva refers to male offspring, while Mala means garland or string of beads. This garland is often used in spiritual practices and rituals to seek blessings and guidance for couples who desire a male child.

In Hindu mythology, it is believed that certain mantras or chants, when recited while holding a Putra Jeeva Mala, can enhance one’s chances of conceiving a male child. The garland is made from natural materials such as tulsi, rudraksha, and other sacred seeds, each with its own spiritual significance.

Whether you are looking for a spiritual tool to aid in your journey towards conceiving a male child or simply want to explore the cultural and spiritual significance of this traditional garland, the Putra Jeeva Mala offers a unique and meaningful experience. Explore the beauty and power of this ancient garland today and discover its spiritual significance for yourself.

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