e Puja is one such way in which you can get any puja done online. You can get online information related to any worship from us, or you can book online a service in which your worship will be done by us at your home


What are the ways of epuja?


You can get epooja done in two ways. The first is through video call or audio call, in which you can get your puja done through this. Second, in which you can book the pooja online and you can get the pooja done at your home.

What Kinds Of Poojas Do You Offer?


We offer almost every type of pooja like dhanteras and Diwali pooja, Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Pooja, Pitradosh Nivaran Pooja, Santan Prapti Pooja, Chandra Dosh Nivaran Pooja, Kaalsarp Puja, Ketu Dosh nivaran pooja, Shukra Ketu Yog nivaran pooja, Mundan Sanskaar Pooja, Maa Saraswati Pooja, Ganesh Pooja, Grah pravesh Pooja, Bhumi Pujan and much more pooja we have. I f you want to know our all-pooja list then you can check the above for our all-pooja list.


Is Epuja fruitful?


Yes, epooja is completely fruitful because in this the whole process is done in front of you and you definitely get the fruit of any worship. If you see that worship or you listen and recite the mentioned mantras, then you will get that worship result. You definitely get the fruits of worship, and through epuja you get both to hear and to see.


And if you want to get this pooja at your home then by online booking you can also get the pooja done at your home with complete rules and regulations. For more details about online pooja booking, you can contact us.



How can we book Pooja online?


If you want to book for Puja, then you can call or mail us by clicking on the link below and easily book your Puja.


Contact Us


Can I change the date of my booking?


Yes, if you have booked for Puja once and want to extend or reverse the date later, then you can change your booking time by contacting us.


Can I Get a Refund If I Cancel the Pooja?


We apologize to you for this, because if you have booked the puja once and canceled it later, you will not get any refund from us. If you want to get more information about this then you can contact us for more information.




  • Once the booking is made, the amount will not be refunded.


  • After booking, the date can be postponed or delayed by you.


  • In online puja, the devotee will get a chance to watch the live puja or video of the conducted puja and can get the prasad after it is done.