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Vastu Consultancy includes the natural forces including earth, water, wind, fire and Ether. Vastu Shastra comes up with high knowledge of Astrology. And a good knowledge of Shastra. If you want to know the Vastu of your newly built house, placing new things in a house, placing any Statue, making a new office, etc. Astrologer Nidhi Shrimali will give you the right information about all the Vastu-related issues.


Vastu Shastra

 Vastu Shastra is a written document based on the science of ancient India, in which detailed information has been provided in the construction of Vastu i.e. house or building. Along with this, it has also been told in this scripture how humans have to maintain balance with nature. Vastu keeps our life safe and works to take us on the right path.

How Vastu Shastra Help Us

 We have a very good relationship with Vastu Shastra because Vastu Shastra helps us to take us forward on the path of development. Just as our astrologers study our planets and warn about the upcoming events in our lives, similarly our Vastu experts also study our land and give complete information about it.

 So that we know that the land which we are going to buy or where we are going to build a house is not cursed. Vastu scholars also tell that in which direction the house should be built or what such items should be kept in the house so that happiness and prosperity come in the house.

 Positive and Negative consequences of Vastu shastra

 Negative Vastu Effects 

  • Financial difficulties, loss in business
  • Getting in to debt trap (taking new loans)
  • failure in career
  • health problems
  • family feud
  • mental stress
  • struggling life


Positive Vastu Effects 

  • financial gain, profit in business, economic prosperity
  • contingency receipt
  • increase in social credibility
  • Good health, safe and profitable travel
  • happy family atmosphere


Vastu Defects Remedy:-

 Vastu Shastra is the prevention of Vastu defects. Vastu scholars, with the help of Vastu Shastra, find out the Vastu defects available in your house and suggest remedies for its redressal. According to a Vastu consultant, if a Vastu defect is available to us, then it can create problems in many ways. Due to Vastu defect, wrong powers can come in our house, which affects the health of the family members and there is no peace and happiness in the house.

 Vastu defect online redressal

 If you are in search of a good Vastu vid and they are far away from your home or area, then you can contact them online and get information about your Vastu defect and its remedies. It is very easy to contact through the online method, in which you can consult Vastu Consultant on any date by filling in your information.

 Best online Vastu Consultant:-

 If you are looking for the best online Vastu consultant then you can contact the best Vastu consultant in India NM Shrimali Ji. NM Shrimali Ji has more than 15 years of experience in the field of astrology and Vastu consultant. By filling out the given form to contact nm shrimali ji, you can get the information about your Vastu defect and its remedy from nm shrimali Ji. You can also use the specified service of Vastu Consultancy