Drug/Liquor Addiction Astrology Report

Drug/Liquor Addiction Astrology Report

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Drug/Liquor Addiction may be the national of being where ingesting a substance becomes a powerful force in an individual’s life, but we may have to extend our explanation and clarification of ingesting a substance. It’s very easy enough and sufficient to look at someone who smokes and drinks on a consistent and regular basis and sees an addict. However what about somebody who deadens themselves with their attitude, religion, politics, philosophy, or hobbies to the point where they’re able to ignore the parts of their life and family that is clearly going to hell in a handbasket?

Drug/Liquor Addiction is a slow, long, insidious process that starts well before the addict’s life is disturbed by their illness and sickness. Winehouse’s history is fully detailed at length on Wikipedia, demonstrating a six-year history of use that could not be hidden from the public.

As per Vedic astrology, the planets Mars, Rahu, and Saturn are the real culprits in concern to the problem of Drug/Liquor abuse. These planets also block drug addiction rehabilitation and the native may not get proper help for Drug/Liquor addiction treatment and cure. If anyone of these planets is having a negative relationship with the first, second or sixth house of the horoscope; and at the same time the second house is also troubled and disturbed– the chances of the person being addicted to drugs or liquor are very strong.

Liquor intoxication also known as drunkenness refers to the physiological state convinced by the consumption and drinking of alcohol when it builds up in the bloodstream faster than it can be metabolized by the liver. Several effects of Drug/Liquor inebriation are energetic to alcohol’s desirability as a beverage and its history as the world’s most extensive recreational drug. Most Common effects are euphoria and lowered social inhibitions and hang-ups. Other effects are unkind, unsafe or dangerous because Drug/Liquor affects many different areas of the body at once and may cause progressive, liberal, and long-term harm when consumed in excess.

Common symptoms or signs of Drug/Liquor Addiction include euphoria, indistinct speech, reduced balance, loss of muscle coordination, dehydration, flushed face, vomiting, reddened eyes, reduced inhibitions, and erratic behavior.

There are other forms of Drug/Liquor Addiction with drinking alcohol; this inebriation is a matter of small choices. We choose to let particular thoughts turn into bitterness, anger or jealousy. Also, we become drunk with arrogance, desire, lust, pride, and power. Formerly, as with all drunks, it will not be long before we are making fools of ourselves and hurting those we love the most.

Astrologer Pandit NM Shrimali Ji says astrology chart can help you understand how you could be caught in the destructive pattern with Drugs or Liquor. Pandit NM Shrimali JI is the Best Astrologer for Drug/Liquor Addiction Astrology Report.

Looking at the Drug/Liquor Report from a whole perspective helps understand that there are many indicators for a similar problem, it is the perspective and the way the individual believes about the problem that is unique. Drug/Liquor addiction is a complex brain disease. Pandit Ji describes the proper and accurate Drug/Liquor Addiction Astrology Report and explains the remedies with proper guides. There are remedies available for the people having addictions but these remedies need to be determined on an individual basis. These Remedies are:

  1. Wear a Shabar Yantra Tabiz Pendant with chanting mantras.
  2. An individual should chant Mantras and visit temples on a regular basis for improved results.
  3. An individual can wear gemstones and pendant advised by an astrologer Pandit NM Shrimali.


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