About Us

Panditnmshrimali.com is a world’s best astrology/horoscope website made by Mrs. Nidhi Ji Shrimali which is personally energized by her.

For the spiritual beings, it becomes more than necessary to follow the pious ways of life in order to seek peace and tranquility. With the cluttered and fast paced lives, it is important that one slows down for a moment and reflects on the ways of life and where they are headed to. And for those who gather their energies through worshipping the Hindu Gods, we at PanditNMShrimali.com provide them with the most appropriate products.

Ranging from Brass & Copper Yantra, Parad Statue, Marble Statue, Asthadhatu Items, Crystal Mala & Statues, Sphatik Mala & Statues, Silver Yantra, Statue, Frame’s and Pendants, All type of Mala’s, Rudraksha (Nepali, Indonesian, Java, etc), Vastu Items, Gemstone’s (Bangkok, Indian, Cyloni, etc) & Pooja’s by your name and others, we at PanditNMShrimali.com, want to make available the premium range of products. Manufacturers and Govt. of India approved Exporters of these products, we, at PanditNMShrimali.com, make sure that you get the best of products at the most affordable prices.

The Great Astrologer, Motivational Speaker & Numerologist Smt. Nidhi Ji Shrimali is the world fame Best Astrologer. With the great peace of mind, and having the Spiritual power given by her Ancestor in her inheritance, Smt. Nidhi Ji Shrimali is making her own way to live life. She was born in Jodhpur (Raj), In a very Good and Supporting family. She is having a great experience of 15 + Years in Astrological Environment. As she have grown up in this positive atmosphere, also She also married in Shrimali Family in Jodhpur, from where she got more support in her Astrology.

We all know that a Women knows better than Men how to celebrate a Festival. Because she sits in every pooja, she do every Fast, she do whole pooja by Vidhi Vidhaan in a Daily basis. So Smt. Nidhi Ji Shrimali do every pooja by her own hands like Navratri 9 Days pooja, Whole Sawan Month pooja, Diwali Pooja’s and Etc. So if one want to do any pooja by there name, Smt. Nidhi Ji Shrimali’s Vidhwaan Pandit’s can do pooja Online or Offline, whichever they prefer in the Jurisdiction of her.

A young company, we give utmost importance to:

  •        Superior customer support
  •        On-time deliveries
  •        A diverse selection of products
  •        Ultimate buying experience

Genuinely prepared Astro Products are available with uses that you gain all the positive energies of the universe and direct them to yourself and your loved ones. With a customer centric approach and a strong team, we, at PanditNMShrimali.com, always strive to get the best of the Indian spiritual products at the best of rates.

At PanditNMShrimali.com, we strive to bring Hinduism closer to those who seek it. The most fragrant incense sticks, beautifully carved idols and religious books, we want to see people declutter their lives and lead a more peaceful one.

About Nidhi Shrimali

With the great peace of mind, and having the Spiritual power given by her Ancestor in her inheritance, Mrs. Nidhi Shrimali is making her own way to live life. She was born in Jodhpur, In very Good and Supporting family.

Her Father Engr. P. Parshuram Dave was a scholar in Sanskrit language, and Mother Mrs. Kusumlata has been the lecturer in HINDI, Her Grandfather Mr. P.Bhawanishankar Driwedi  was a great Trikal Astrologer, and was having strong signature in Astroshastra. With the great Congruence of Grandfather She learned all her Astrology. Her Grandfather was also a great Siddh Brahmarshi. They have received inspiration to move forward in this field from her Grandfather itself.  As per from Childhood interest in Astology She evn completed her college from K.N. College, but still didn’t tried for any job or business, She just wanted to carry forward her Talent given by her  Grandfather towards her life.

She even got married in Shrimali Family, Father-In-Law of Mrs.Nidhi Shrimali was also a great Scholar in Astrology. So she got a helping hand from her Laws house, and got motivated even more . As per we know that Shrimali’s are lords of Astrology and Vaastu. In this way, with the help of family and husband, she got inspiration to move forward and after all she started her Astrological Empire in 2010. Hence she also introduced her own Website, with lots of efforts and positivity in mind. In this website you can find any type of, Yantra, Parad, Pendants, Mala, Ratna, Vaast Item, Feng Shui even many more products related to them.  This is the only website where all these products are Collaborating and fulfilling our needs.

As you all know, we need to search all these products we run to find these Products, But Mrs. NIdhi made it possible to all her loving customers , that anyone can find any product regarding Astology or Vastu even she also personally suggest every customer to how to use the Product.

Main feature of the website is Special Items,  Pandit NM Shrimali is having above 80+ special items which are damn adorable and very useful in daily life.

Mrs. Nidhi also know what customer feels for the product, She also Accustom the  product by customers Rashi , DOB and Name.

These are the genuine Services given by Positive Adored Lady Mrs. Nidhi Shrimali.

By having any query related to life there is a Prashna Kundli option, in which Mrs. NIdhi, Itself help to generate your Kundli and help in solving all your problems and acquaintances.

Hope this information was helpful for our beloved customers, we work for quality and to help peoples who believe in Astrology and Vaastu.