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Sun’s zodiac change 17 July English blog | Surya’s Rashi Parivartan 15 July 2023 | Sun Transit 2023

Sun’s zodiac change 17 July English blog

Aries – Sun is the lord of the fifth house for your zodiac sign. Sitting twelfth from himself but in detail. The appearance of sitting where you sit, a little of that house. Let’s run like Here, you can bring a little fluctuation in happiness. Invest financially with a little thought. Don’t take any decision in such a hurry that it will cause harm. conditions to your detriment. Got to see That’s why take your life after thinking carefully. Proceed in Panchamesh is twelfth from himself. If you are sitting, then this time is only for the students. Will not be good. There may be some problems in father’s education, studies and teaching. Especially the medical students. They are Problems may have to be faced. Is. Some more study If you have to do it then you may have to work harder. You may have to put more effort towards your goal. for attainment. but. To you. You have to work twice as hard. That’s why you double your hard work from now itself. Give so that you get the results you want during this time interval. Can do There may be concern from the side of the child, but he should have the right guidance. It is necessary and if you give that guidance then it is definitely yours. children. The solution to all your worries related to you. Will definitely get it. This time. of literature and the arts. By considering you in the field as well. To advance your works, your contribution. Is. Yellow flower, turmeric and sesame in water. Including Offer Arghya to Suryadev. This gives you the work area. of high rank. You will get it and your problems will end.

Taurus – For your zodiac, the Sun is the lord of the fourth house and sits in the twelfth i.e. third place from itself. Here the sun is increasing your might. Because sitting in the third place or the Sun will increase your honor and might. Will do good tuning with siblings. Yours in politics Will increase dominance. But here financially you have to move ahead after thinking. One has to be careful while investing. Prudence in matters related to property. From and understanding. To work with Will happen. You have to keep the decision strong for a while. Any. Task you this. Time. Don’t do it in haste. At this time he had an argument with his mother. Even from situations. You have to escape. For Gaur Servants. This is the time to move forward in coordination with the authorities. That’s why go for a little tuning with your officers. Water to white sandalwood, white posh and milk. Mixing in By offering Arghya to the Sun God, his You will always get positive results.

Gemini – Sun is the lord of the third house for you and is sitting in the second house. It is your bravery to go out of yourself and sit here after becoming the power of the sun. A little weak Seen doing Will give Use your power wisely. At work you have to put your power and where. Wisdom and tact. work with Can You have to separate them. Theirs to you Decision has to be taken and the right decision. can lead you to the right path. At this time your little Misunderstanding can happen with siblings. Is. That’s why you have to work calmly and patiently to create a good tuning with them. Avoid taking any decision in haste. Used to speak in the family. Be careful with time. Careful while choosing words. Keep and By coordinating with relatives. Let’s go Mole in water. You should offer Arghya to the Sun God by mixing durva and flowers. By feeding fodder to the cow. Also the sun god. May happiness always be upon you. Will keep

Cancer – Sun is the lord of the second house for your zodiac sign and is sitting in your ascendant. Sun here. There is a compensation in your glory. To your decision making. Growing up but yours. Anger and Aggression. are also increasing. Social respect. There will be an increase in Your sphere of influence will increase, but here you appear to be dominating a bit. Will give A little nomination of yours. Life. To reduce it means to reduce the pride a little. Will reduce the ego. And walk with humility. So you will be able to double the successes, otherwise the successes will be yours. It will go on decreasing. That’s why if you want to move forward then never be arrogant. Don’t be arrogant. At this time, you have to take a decision after thinking carefully. Will have to maintain a rapport with the family. This time to the artists. Avoiding a little controversy too. You have to move forward in your life because controversy is your career. For. Harmful. Can be proved Is. If you walk with restraint on speech and control over anger, it will be better for you. Mix milk, rice, sesame seeds in water and offer Arghya to Sun God. Domestic discord. Conflicts, interference etc. will end.

Leo – Your zodiac lord Sun and the twelfth from you are sitting here. So for that. Sun is very nice. Will control your expenses a bit. At this time, you will get freedom from the situations of debt. Will get good benefits from abroad. Something related to medicine. You are working with If you are connected with the medical line then definitely this is the time. To you. Many opportunities to do good collaboration with foreign companies. Will appear to be providing. But here Because of your aggression and anger. Your work gets spoiled. Can There can be differences in relationships. Relationships with poor people can get spoiled. Thoughtfully this. Time you have to move on. Too many. By being careful The more you work, the more you live. I will ensure success. Kumkum in water. By adding red flowers and oil. Offer Arghya to Suryadev. From this in the workplace. You will get progress.

Virgo – Sun is the lord of the twelfth house for your zodiac sign. From myself Sitting in Barve means Eleventh House. Sitting of the Sun in a benefic house is beneficial for you. Will appear to aggravate the conditions. At this time your work will go on getting done. All the problems and troubles in work will end. Whatever decision you take, those decisions will turn out to be positive for you. You your circle level. Will appear to be growing. You reduce the expenses. If you can balance, then definitely balance the expenses at this time. Avoid investment in risky works and whatever you have in savings in savings schemes. You will get very good profit in investing. Offer Arghya to the Sun God by adding sesame, durva, flowers. You will get good news from this.

Libra – your zodiac sign. For Surya XI. Lord of house and sitting in tenth house. It is beneficial for your Labhesh to go out of his way and sit here. Might affect the situation a bit. While investing, you have to proceed after thinking that where to invest, what not to invest, how much to invest, that too you have to decide. If you If you invest without thinking, then you can also see the situations of loss for that. There may be differences with father but medical students. For this time will be of desired results. For doctors also, this time will be full of progress and progress. Desired transfer to government servant. Will get the sum of White sandalwood. Rice. Milk. Mixing in water Salutations to the sun. Give There will be great benefits in close relationships and in business.

Scorpio – Your Zodiac Sign. Sun for. He is the lord of the tenth house. Go and sit in the bar from yourself i.e. in the ninth house. Here you will have to become less fortunate and give more emphasis on your work. The more you trust your work, your work, yourself, the more you will be able to move forward in your life with confidence. Joe at this time. Job profession. There are people for them. Some challenges may come. to you by the authorities. Any big challenge can be given. Work pressure too. There will be more but you have to keep your spirits up. You have to keep moving forward with your self-confidence. The problem will go on decreasing on its own. And when you this challenge. Will cross So definitely its. You will definitely get far-reaching benefits. Kumkum, red flower. and mole. In the water Together offer Arghya to the Sun God. From this your Problems will go away. And. Foreign. There will be chances of travel.

Sagittarius – Sun is the lord of the ninth house for your zodiac and this time. in or min. Go and sit in your feelings. Are. This time is great for you. Just a little mixed result. Bringing Is. At this time the journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. Suddenly the sum of money and profit will be made. Enemies will be afraid of you at this time. you in every work. in a balanced manner. Will go It will work after making a lot of strategy and planning. So far Joe Work. I had stolen, the hard work till now. Even after doing You were not getting the fruits, now that. Will start getting fruits. This time. Special of your luggage while you travel. Must pay attention in form. Keep Try to become luck-oriented, religion-oriented, karma-oriented. Time is not so right for new works. The work that is going on, only those works should be carried forward. It is wise to increase. Turmeric, Saffron, Yellow Flower Water. By putting in Sun god. Artha conquered from every field. will be attained.

Capricorn – For your zodiac sign, Sun is the lord of the eighth house and is sitting in the seventh house. Differences with life partner here. Can be Are. There can be misunderstanding about something in married life. You have to move ahead after thinking. Business class of any scheme. Determination. are doing. any plan. Implementation of If you are doing it, then do its implementation after thinking. First the completion of that plan. You move forward in your life only by making strategy and planning. If you work in partnership. Are there? your partner. Also from all your plans. Inform the Together. Together both. We will move forward by doing some planning only by sitting and talking. So definitely. You will get very good profit in business. Long distance travel at this time. Not by deciding Go. There is a possibility of an accident and your luggage while traveling. Could also be stolen. So be careful while traveling. Secret enemies can arise in this, who can interfere in your work by following your work out of jealousy. Walk with caution from the enemies. Mixing blue yellow flowers, sesame seeds in water and offering Arghya to Sun God and food to the poor. To get done From Surya Dev. You will always get blessings.

Aquarius – your zodiac sign. Sun for. He is the lord of the seventh house. Twelfth from myself. Means disease. Go and sit in your feelings. Sun will burn the disease but towards eye related and skin related problems. Being a little careful Let’s go Those who are heart patients also. Have to proceed with some caution. Talk to your life partner. There can be a misunderstanding about. Breakup in love relationship. remains a possibility. The business class will have to step in full swing. Losses in some events. Because of. Loss in business. Could That’s why at this time. You proceed with the planning. Grow and strategize your life thoughtfully. May you get success in whatever work you do. Will definitely get it. In the water Black. Sesame. Black. Mix urad, mustard and offer Arghya to the Sun God. Opposing this Always with you Will be scared. And will always be defeated.

Pisces – For your zodiac sign. Sun in the seventh house. Swami is there and sit in the twelfth i.e. fifth house from you. Here of the Sun. Sitting in the fifth house is going to be very good for medical students. Is. If you are preparing for a government job, then this is also for that. Lots of time only proper and appropriate. going to stay Your government job entrance exam is good. Will be if If they have a result then the result will be positive for you. Whatever work you do in studies, make a group and move forward with a strategy. If there are problems, you can take the help of teachers. You can take the help of parents. But at this time in any kind of effort. Don’t be negligent. If you make good effort then definitely. You will be aware of very good results. At this time artists will get respect. Whereas yours in spiritual works. Mind more at this time. It will take Be a little careful with your enemies. By being Let’s go Wrong habit right there. We have to avoid a little bit and also avoid the company of wrong friends. Offer Arghya to Sun God by mixing turmeric, saffron, yellow flowers and sesame seeds. With this, you will get respect and fame in your life. Fame. Will be achieved and the problems of life will end.

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