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Mars zodiac change English blog | Horoscope of Mangal 1st July, 2023 | Aries enters Pisces

Mars zodiac change English blog

Aries – For your zodiac, Mars is the lord of your zodiac sign and the lord of the eighth house, your zodiac lord will go and sit on the fifth house. Till now they were sitting lowly. You were seeing many problems in your life. Lack of pleasures like land, building, vehicle, continuous little struggle, situation of debate in the house. But now you will get rid of all these problems and Mars will sit in your fifth house. Then this time is going to be the best career time for the people associated with the technical field. Mars can give you very good results at this time. If you are doing electronic engineering then if you are doing civil engineering then you will achieve good mastery in the field of any type of engineering. If you have given exams to get higher posts like police, army, navy, then you have to get the result, then that result will be very favorable for you. Along with this, this time will also be good for sportspersons to perform very well in sports. If your Rashi lord is Mars, then its power will increase. The side effects which were showing you till now, now their effects will be stronger but those effects will remain positive for you and everyone will be seen to be affected by your personality. You may have to travel a lot, but with whatever purpose you undertake those travels, you will definitely be successful. At this time, there will also be chances of sudden monetary gains, that is, there is no sale of property, there is any dispute related to land, then it will be resolved suddenly. If you can get the stuck money, then the results of Mars are very good for the people of Aries because they are the lord of your zodiac and eighth house and are sitting in the fifth house. What should Aries people do now? People of Aries, since Mars is also your zodiac lord, then worship Hanuman ji to give more strength to Mars. Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily. Offer vermilion to Hanuman ji on Tuesday.

Taurus – Mars is the lord of the twelfth and seventh house for your zodiac sign and is sitting in your happy place. The lord of twelfth place is sitting fifth from himself. This time is very good. Will get you free from your debt situations. At this time, if any controversy was going on against you on the basis of false allegation, then it will end. If the officers were keeping a tough attitude towards you now, they will now appear to be a bit legion. You can do your work smoothly. At this time, feel free to go ahead with your work. Your capability will emerge now and according to your capability, you will also see results and the results will be very positive. Now Mars is in the seventh house for you. Is. Going to Mars and sitting on the tenth and sitting on the tenth of Mars on your own. Sitting in the Kendra place in your most friendly sign will give you great benefits from your life partner. If you are in a love relationship, then this relationship can be very good for you. At this time you will get both the support and cooperation of your life partner. Morally will be their support. Merchants who do any work related to chemicals. If you do any kind of security work related to substances coming out of the ground. If you work or if you work with the construction material related to the construction line, then definitely this time will be very good and prosperous for you. It will appear for your business. For Mars, you should offer red clothes and vermilion to Hanuman ji on Tuesday. Also, if possible, donate red things on Tuesday.

Gemini – Mars is the lord of the eleventh and seventh house for you. The placement of the lord of the benefic house in the fifth house from you will bring a wonderful situation for you. At this time, you can get very good achievements in politics. Can get a big position. Your hold on the public can increase. You can appear to be the favorite of the public. Apart from this, your misunderstanding with younger siblings will also end. Relations with them will appear to be normal. If you do your ancestral business together, then definitely with their help your business will also be seen getting good profits. Your level and circle will appear to grow. At this time your rivals will appear to be defeated. Now here, being the lord of your house of disease, Mars is sitting in the 10th house, so he will get rid of the problems related to blood disorders even in the house of disease. Of BP, of sugar, of diabetes. If you have thyroid problem in the problem or blood clots keep on happening, boils and pimples keep on happening, then these kinds of problems will appear to be ending now. Enemy side will measure and you will try to increase your power. At this time, you will achieve success in each of your fields by using all three, intelligence, strategy and power, due to which people will be very impressed with you. You should chant at least 108 seed mantras of Mars, ॐ ग्राम क्रीम क्रोम सह भौमै नमः mantra on Tuesdays.

Cancer – Mars is the lord of the tenth and fifth house for you. Mars is sitting in your Karmesh and Karmesh. Mars is now going to bring wonderful conditions in the house of wealth sitting fifth from you. The problems which were going on till now, will get freedom from those problems. Due to anger and passion, you used to spoil the work done by you. Because of the partners, because of the water, you were missing somewhere. In completing their tasks, now those tasks will continue to be created. Respect will increase in the competitive family in your power. At this time your participation in social programs will increase. You will be placed in the list of dignitaries in the society. At this time, even at the work place, you may get a chance to lead a team, to lead a project. At the same time, you will be seen achieving very good success in whatever work you do by taking your team together. The lord of the fifth house is also sitting in the tenth house from itself, so the people associated with the technical field will get very good benefits at this time. You will occupy high positions in the police. Stuck promotion can be found. Stuck increment can be found. You can get recruited in daring jobs like Police, Army, Navy. What you should do? On Tuesday, worship Hanuman ji on Tuesday and must recite Bajrang Baan. Fast on Tuesday.

Leo – Mars is the lord of the ninth and fourth house for you and is sitting in your zodiac sign. But the sitting of Mars in Sun’s sign will be seen to make both Sun and Mars strong. Because Sun is the king of the planets and Mars is the commander of the planets. So what can’t the general and the king do together? If you think about it, at this time your influence will be visible on very good people. You will be seen to be successful in persuading your words. Whether it is personal life or professional life, your power will be seen in it. At this time your work will go on getting done. Wishes will be fulfilled. Luck will favor you and investments made in Christie’s works will also be seen to be fruitful for you. Those who want to achieve some achievement related to higher education, are doing some preparation, then this time will give them success in achieving their goal. In the same pleasures, you will be filled with pleasures like competitive land, building, vehicle. The dream of a new house will be fulfilled. If any disputes related to land are going on, they will end. Your bonding with mother will be better. That is, overall. For the people of Leo zodiac, the results of the change of Mars will be wonderful. Just control your passion, your sharpness, your anger a little and don’t let the ego come into play. Because you can be in a moment of anger, then it can spoil your work. So be humble and do your work. What you should do? You should recite Hanumanashtak daily.

Virgo – For your zodiac, Mars is the lord of the eighth and third house and is sitting in the twelfth house. Love is not a good place anyway. If there is a sense of expenditure, then here you will get auspicious freedom from debt and you will be seen to be very relaxed. If there is any false allegation, he will get a clean chit in that too. There your power will increase. People will be seen standing with you. At this time, you will also get the support and cooperation of younger siblings. Will travel They will certainly appear to be fulfilled. May suddenly become the sum of money gain. You will be saved from unrestrained expenses. While investing in risky works, you will move forward thoughtfully. Means, walking after weighing will lead to a very balancing life and due to this your problems will be less and you will get more success. Hanuman ji’s seed mantra Om Han Hanumate Namah mantra at least 108 times. The people of this zodiac should chant and you should do this chanting daily.

Libra – Mars is the lord of the second and seventh house for your zodiac sign. They are sitting in the sense of profit, but the profit cannot be said to be very good. It cannot even be called a very bad house, but any planet sitting in benefic house, whether it is exalted or debilitated, gives good results and Mars is increasing your power by sitting in benefic house. You will get great success in the works of manufacturers and machinery. There will be an increase in daily profit. Respect will increase in the family. You will have to sit and get up with relatives. You will sit with eminent people of the society and your entry will be made in their list. At this time, you can also be called as chief guest in social programs. At the same time, you will make great progress in business. You will get full support and cooperation of life partner. There will be feelings of sweetness in married life. If you will get great success in love relationship, then the results of Mars will be very good and beneficial for Virgo-Libra people. What you should do You should wear coral stone.’

Scorpio – Your Rashi Swami and Tha. Its lord is Mars, your Rashi Swami means your ascendant lord and is sitting there. Very good position of Mars is going on in Karma Bhava. Sitting in the tenth house from Mars will increase your power, increase work, increase decision making and you will be able to achieve great success at this time. You can get stuck promotions and increments of people associated with technical field. For the people holding administrative posts, this time can also be of desired transfer or promotion. Officers will be seen standing with you and you will surely achieve success in whatever strategy you make, whatever planning you do. On the other hand, you will get relief from health related problems and enemies will be destroyed. Your power will increase. What you should do? Do feed jaggery and gram to the monkeys.

Sagittarius – Mars is the lord of the 12th and fifth house for your zodiac sign. Here, being the lord of the fifth house, sitting in the fifth house from you, that is, sitting in your lucky place, will create wonderful situations. This time will be of great achievements for the players. You will also get the same big opportunity. Good news will be received from the children. Students associated with the technical field will get the desired results. Those young men and women who are looking for jobs, their search will end. Whatever work you do related to Mars, whether you are a mechanic, some Raj, some technical work. Your parts work is the work of big machinery. You will definitely get great benefits in all those works. Your interest in religious works will be seen increasing. You can get a big opportunity from abroad. Small foreign trips can also be successful at this time. Donate red lentils, red sweets and red fruits to a poor needy person on Tuesday.

Capricorn – Mars is the lord of the 11th and 4th house for your zodiac sign and is sitting there. See in your eighth house, if a cruel planet sits in the house of love, then it cures that house, that means now the imbalance of routine will start getting life balance. Work will be done at a fast pace. The mismanagement that was going on will end. In a very management way, you will complete your tasks in an organized manner. There can also be a sudden profit here. The situations of loss will be less. You have to be careful with animals. If you complete your tasks by standing on your own, then you will see the possibility of great success in that too. Happiness will increase. You will be full of pleasures like land, building, vehicle. There will be chances of buying a new vehicle. May you get to see progressively profitable circumstances in your life. If you have given loan to someone, then the person will repay your loan. Work related to machinery. If you are the owner of a big industry for the manufacturers, then definitely you can buy new machinery to expand your work. Make sure to offer boondi in the temple of Hanuman ji every Tuesday. Also distribute Prasad.

Aquarius – For your zodiac sign, Mars is the lord of the place of happiness, while Mars is the lord of the place of profit and Mars is sitting there. In the eighth house, Sukhesh sitting in the fifth house from himself can give unprecedented success to the natives of this zodiac. This time is going to be very wonderful for the farming class. If you work for the people associated with the mining department or any mines, then at this time you will get very good benefits. On the other hand, success will be achieved in mining related works. If you are associated with the construction line, then you will be seen achieving great success in that also. Land related disputes will be settled. You will get to see the full support and cooperation of the mother. If you want to buy a new vehicle, then its good chances will be visible at this time. May you get to see your situation progressively. The investment made in whose works will be beneficial for you. What should you do everyday? Chant the name of Ram and recite Ramraksha Stotra.

Pisces – For you, Mars is the lord of wealth and fortune and Mars is sitting in your sixth house. Here the sitting of Mars in the house of disease will give you relief from your respiratory problems. Will destroy the enemies, will get victory in every field and if any problems related to wealth are stuck, then you will get it at this time. At the same time, you will see the work opportunity available. At this time, you will be associated with the works of religion and you will get to see a lot of support and cooperation of friends. You will be seen engaged in works like social service and human welfare. On Tuesday evening, do offer Kevda’s perfume and rose garland to Hanuman ji.

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