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Zodiac Change Of Saturn 17th January 2023 – Aries | Nidhi Ji Shrimali |

17 january zodiac change of saturn

Zodiac Change Of Saturn

Hello, The biggest zodiac change is going to happen at the beginning of this new year. Yes, Shani Dev is going to change his zodiac sign in the month of January itself, and on January 17, Shani Dev will enter Aquarius from his ordinary zodiac sign i.e. Capricorn. And there he will remain seated for about two and a half years. Who does not know about Shani Dev? In Kaliyuga, if any planet has a lot of influence on our lives, then it is Shani Dev. Shani Dev is the giver of karma. The planets are considered to keep the accounts of deeds. This means they give us results according to our deeds. If you have done a lot of good deeds, then you will get very good results of Shani. But if you have not done good deeds, then you will get the opposite results of Shani. Shani Dev is the ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius. They give debilitated results in Pisces and exalted results in Libra. On the other hand, Saturn’s third, seventh and tenth visions are considered and Saturn’s visions are not considered good. If Shani turns retrograde, then he shows his more fierce form, and his visions also become equally harmful. So let us know that in the year 2023, in the month of January i.e. on January 17, what will be the results of this zodiac change of Saturn for the people of Aries? Now first of all let’s talk about your zodiac sign, so first of all let us tell you that the horoscope we are giving you is based on lunar calculations. And according to your zodiac sign, we are providing this Shani-centric horoscope for the year 2023. This video of ours is being given to you keeping in view the Saturn transit in Aquarius.

Now Shani is Karmesh and Labhesh for Aries. And till now a great man named Karma were making yoga. Saturn’s results were very good for Aries people till now. And on January 17, when Saturn will sit in your benefic house. Even then people of Aries will get to see very good results of Shani because Karmesh will go and sit one house ahead of them and anyway such a benefic planet is such that any planet sitting there gives good results. Increases the conditions of profit only. And on January 17, Shani Dev is becoming self-governing by going into his original triangle sign in your benefic house. This time is going to be very good for the employed people. There will be support and cooperation from the officers. If you move forward with his guidance, you will go on paving the way for progress in your life. Pisces people will get to see strong chances of promotion, increment, and government jobs due to this transit of Saturn. Shani moves very slowly. That’s why you will work as hard as you can. You will get results according to that. You will get to see the full support and cooperation of the father.

They will guide you everywhere and stand by you in the difficulties of your life. On the other hand, since Shani is sitting in the benefic house, then these are the transits of Shani. It will appear to continuously increase profit positions. This means there will be a gradual increase in profit. Risky work like share market trading or crypto or you do any work related to digital currency or do lottery work which is a work that has risk. Shani Dev will give you benefits in such works. The same circumstances of sudden monetary gain will be seen in your life. And at this time your circle and level will be seen increasing. There will be an increase in your social respect. Along with this, Shani will strengthen your relationships here. You will get to see the full support and cooperation of your elder brother and if you are facing any kind of difficulty in your work, then those difficulties will be removed with his cooperation. Financially, slowly but surely you will make good progress and progress. But for this, you have to work hard and don’t rely on the horoscope we give. Because ultimately your actions will decide how much progress you will make in life. If you don’t become karma pradhan, then even the good times will go out of hand with you. So to get very good results from Shani Dev, you will need tireless efforts. But the way this transit is going to make you financially very strong and strong. Financial problems will come, but you will be seen to solve these problems with the same determination.

Now if we talk about the aspects of Saturn, then the third aspect of Saturn will fall on your ascendant, the seventh aspect of Saturn on your fifth house, and the tenth aspect on your eighth house. The third aspect of Saturn on the Lagna can make you a little short-tempered and arrogant. You can be a little aggressive, which will also be seen in your speech, and one who is outspoken, many times people will turn you against you. That’s why you have to be very careful. Due to the transit of Saturn, you do not have to change your nature. You have to be soft-spoken so that you can progress in your work and you cannot do any harm to yourself with your speech. Relationships with the elderly can be a little up and down. That’s why you have to be careful especially with them.

Now let’s talk about the seventh aspect of Saturn which is falling on the house of career. This time is full of distractions for the student class. There may be some problems or difficulties in studies. You are working hard but someone else will take the credit for your hard work. No matter how much you are studying, you will not get the result according to your hard work. Possibilities of disappointment in him. But since Shani is the giver of karma, then if you do your work, you will definitely get the result. At this time, pregnant women need to be a little careful.

Since these pregnant women will be more victims of Saturn’s seventh vision, because this is the time of sensitivity. For the ladies, it is very careful at this time. Take special care of yourself. If you have a child, then you may be worried about the child. You will be seen getting a little tense about his behavior regarding his studies and other things. Now coming to the tenth vision of Saturn, then Saturn’s vision is falling on your eighth house, which will get you rid of your secret enemies from debt. There will be journeys but the journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. Suddenly the sources of getting money will be seen opening. Yes, Shani’s aspects are always good and bad, but since it is falling on the eighth house. So it will appear to be healing for you. Because the eighth house is not considered good. So if Shani’s vision will be cast on that feeling, then it will be seen doing that feeling sitting upside down. Everyday life which was till now full of upheavals, that life will be seen to have a little balance. The problems that were going on till now, now your work will start getting done in an organized way. So Shani will also make you travel through the eighth aspect. Will balance your routine life. You will get the circumstances of sudden money gain and destroy the secret enemies. So if seen overall, then the transit of Shani which is happening for the people of Aries will be very good and progressing. Slowly but surely you will achieve permanent progress in your life. Will get permanent money benefits. But when our time is good, then we should also do some measures to make that planet very happy.


  • If possible, people with Aries zodiac must recite Dashrath Granth Shani Strot every Saturday.
  • Help and assist the cleaning workers in some way or the other on Saturday.
  • You must prepare and feed flour tablets to the fishes on Saturday.
  • On Saturday, you must offer mustard oil mixed with black sesame seeds to Lord Shani Dev in the Shani temple.
  • The seed mantra of Shani Dev Om Shan Shanaishcharaya Namah If you keep chanting this also continuously, then they will increase your profits progressively.

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