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Vrishick Rashifal February 2021 | वृश्चिक राशि फरवरी राशिफल – Scorpio horoscope | February Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Vrishick Rashifal February 2021 | वृश्चिक राशि फरवरी राशिफल

Vrishick Rashifal February 2021 – Welcome. Today I have brought before you the monthly horoscope for the month of February for the people of Scorpio. The month of February is also known as a special month because there are two special festivals in this month. Gupta Navaratri is scheduled to begin on February 12, which is going to continue till February 21. If we prove any spiritual practice or mantra during Gupta Navratri, we get many more results. It is proven automatically. That is, this time is very good for mantras for spiritual practices. On February 16, the festival of Basant Panchami will be celebrated with great pomp. We celebrate this festival as a symbol of the arrival of spring. Together we also worship Maa Saraswati on this Basant Panchami. The festival of Basant Panchami holds special significance for all those who are associated with study or teaching, those who are associated with instruments and in the field of art, related to musical instruments, or for those who are associated with learning. On this day, we worship Maa Saraswati and ask for a boon of learning and a boon of notes. So this day also has its own special significance. So because of two special festivals, this month becomes special on its own. Next, let us see how special this month will be for Scorpio people. So, first of all, we know about the position of planets. What is the position of planets in the month of February? The arrangement of the planets depends on the entire amount, so it is very important to know about the planets. First of all, let’s talk about the planet Mercury which is presently sitting in Aquarius, and on February 4, they are going to be seated in the Capricorn from Aquarius in the west. In your pleasure place and pleasure place, they will go in the mighty spirit and you will get very good results of Mercury because Mercury is the master of your benefic. The Sun planet, which is currently sitting in Capricorn. You are seated in your valor and you are going to be seated in your place from Capricorn to Aquarius on February 12 and will see your own house i.e. Karma Bhava. On the other hand, Venus is presently sitting in Capricorn and will also be seated on February 21 in Makar Kumbh i.e. in your place of happiness. Mars, which is presently sitting in Aries, is sitting in your sixth house and it is going to be sitting on Taurus on February 22 with Aries in your seventh house, where Already is already sitting in Rahu and going with him in Taurus. Mangara Rahu’s Angarak Yoga is also being made in your seventh house. On the other hand, Saturn, which is self-conscious throughout this month, will be seated in your powerful house in Capricorn, and through Guru Neecha, in your mighty sense, that is, the position of some planets living in conjunction with Saturn in Capricorn, which is the time to see Will get Now we go ahead and know what the horoscope of Scorpio Horoscope is going to be this month. – Vrishick Rashifal February 2021

Family Status

Vrishick Rashifal February 2021 – First of all, know about the family status, how the family status will be for the Scorpio zodiacs. First of all, we talk about the feeling of personality i.e. ascendant. If Lagnesh Mangal sits in Sixth House and sits in self-respect, then there will not be much increase in diseases. Mangal himself is sitting as a recluse and if a person sits in his own house, he does not want to bad his house, so there will not be much change in personality. Yes, you have to take special care of this, especially infection. You will have to avoid germs from germs. You will have to avoid whatever diseases are related to them because Ketu is sitting in your ascendant, which can increase your diseases. Therefore, Ketu remedies should be given to Scorpio zodiacs throughout the year. If I talk about the family, whom will your relationship be fine because the lord of the family will go one house ahead of himself and sit with Saturn through Guru Neecha? Saturn is self-possessed, therefore, they will not show so much malaise and we will not get to see the negative impact of lowly. That is, your relationship with family will be better tuned with relatives with a good living family. Your respect for social honor will appear increasing at this time. At the same time, you will see a different reputation in your family. You will have a different identity. With the help of your siblings, you will be able to resolve the ancestral property dispute. By mutual tuning with siblings, you will overcome this dispute. They will end the dispute of ancestral property among themselves and will distribute it. Your tuning with your siblings will be very good, which is going to be very supportive for you. If some of your differences are some ideological differences, also take advantage of good times with each other and eliminate these differences because these differences can get deeper later. Relationships never go anywhere. Where the relationship belongs to the person, the relationship will work there. is. No other person can take his place. Therefore, you should also come to value your relationships. Your relationship with the mother is very good because Saturn is the master of the mother spirit in a powerful sense of self, then tuning from your sisters as well as tuning from siblings will be very good and because of mother you will be able to interact with your siblings I can go ahead with them in keeping fine-tuning and to eliminate misconceptions. You will receive your mother’s very good support and support. You will get your mother’s support. This will also increase your social honor and you will progress in your life. The blessing of parents is like nectar for a person anyway. With the blessings of parents, that person can fight every difficulty in his life and move forward as we drink and become immortal. And you will get a lot of blessings from your mother this month. On the other hand, if I talk about the child side, then from the child side, you will get happiness news. Children will make you feel proud. But sometimes there may be doubt in your mind about his career regarding his studies and because of that, you can be strict with your child for anything. But Do not be harsh on children. Excessive hardness as needed makes children rebellious. Therefore, by sitting and explaining, you can solve your problem. Can give guidance to children and if the child walks on the wrong path, then there is some hand of the parents in it. Unknowingly, they force their child to take that path. That is why the more you introspect, the better it will be for you. Your tuning with your spouse will be good, but you will have to take special care of his health. Venus, the lord of the seventh house, who will go and sit in might first and then sit in your place of happiness. Will get the support of spouse With the help of a spouse, you will overcome immense difficulties in your life. People will be afraid of you a little bit and they will feel that their partner has to be a little cautious, so those who are rebellious against you, who are conspiring against you will also be suppressed by you, but this time your partner may have some problem related to diseases and that Due to this you may also have to visit the hospital, so you have to take special care of their health. You will get a lot of support from your father. Surya, the lord of fortune, who is looking at his house after February 12, will get great support from his father. If you want to start a new business and want to open a new branch, then seek help from your father. Take guidance from your father and if you take good initiative, you will cooperate well so that you will be able to achieve your goal yourself. Your tuning from your father is going to be very good. At the same time, your tuning will be better than in-laws. Today you will get power from your in-laws’ house. We overcome every difficulty on the strength and power of relationships. Something similar is going to happen to you. Family relationships will strengthen you further and you will move forward with that strength and might. – Vrishick Rashifal February 2021

Economic Condition

Vrishick Rashifal February 2021 – Let’s go ahead and know about the economic situation. Talking about the economic situation, Mercury, the lord of profit, who has been sitting and sitting in your place of happiness and after that, is sitting in your might. The benefit will sit in the fifth position from himself and will bring a situation of great benefit. At this time your profit will appear to triple. You will see highs in the work in which you will join hands. If you do your own business, you will gain a lot of fame in the trading business. If you do any work related to CA CS accounting, then you will see very good benefits in it. You are associated with a technical line working in an IT company and connected in the banking sector. Do some work of writing, some work of publication. You will get very good benefits in all those areas. You will see victory coming, that is, a very good time has come for you in beneficial situations. You can use this time very well by increasing your profit. So sitting in the fifth seat of the benefic will increase your position anyway and Saturn, the lord of the place of happiness and the master of the place of happiness by becoming a powerful person, will increase your happiness very well. With your might, you will be able to earn your happiness. Power means hard work, hard work means karma, when we do karma, then the person always moves forward and we definitely get positive results of karma. That is why you too will do very good deeds and on the basis of that karma, you will be seen to be positive in your conditions, and from that, you will also be seen to gather the means of luxury pleasure in your life. Your happiness is going to increase this month. Your dream of the home will be fulfilled. You will get victory in every field, while you will benefit by going home. You have to work hard in the work you are doing, but you will also earn a good profit on the strength of hard work. So your financial situation is going to be good. – Vrishick Rashifal February 2021

Education, Career, And Business

Vrishick Rashifal February 2021 – Now we move forward and know about education, career, and business. But if we talk about education, time is going to be very good for the student class. For students who are in the class, this time will be the beginning of hard work, but you will definitely have to work hard, if you do not work hard, you will not get the results. But if you work hard, you will get equally good results. Try to have a group study with others. Do not try to impose your work on people, do not try to impose your opinion and if you do your work by taking everyone in a group study, then you will definitely achieve your goal. At the same time, for those who are looking for a new college, if they want to get the desired college, then their dream will also be seen to be fulfilled this month. If I talk about career, then in terms of career too, this month is very good, but the lord of action, Surya, who will give very good results even after 12 February, then he will be in your happiness. Will increase as well as have seen your attitude, if there is a big surgeon connected to the medical line or you want to get a professional degree or anyone have come in the medical profession, time is going to be great for all of them. If you do any of your own work, have a medical shop of your own or you are an MR, then those people will also see a case against you later. At the time of doing the work, you will appear to earn a very good profit and at this time there are chances of getting a promotion. If you are preparing for a garment job, then chances of your selection are made in the garment job are definitely made, then you put your entire effort in it for all the hard work. You will surely get positive results, then look at the career point of view, if you look at the job then you will get a very good opportunity from the boss. You will have chances of getting many promotions. You can get in your work and there are chances of desired transfer also, then you will see all these jobs achievable at this time, but if I talk. If you do any work in partnership, then you will have to be very cautious in it, because the amount of Mars Rahu is being formed in the place of partnership, your partnership may be broken. Iago’s problem can be the difference of opinion of each other or greed in the mind of your partner, planning to grab all your profit situations in your work, some such situations can arise, so in partnership thinking carefully Go ahead. If you want to start any new work in partnership, then after a few days you start your work. It is not right for you to work in partnership right now. If you can, then work, you will be benefited as much as you will benefit. You will be responsible for whatever happens. If you are responsible for loss or gain, then you can start your work according to your budget. If you do anything related to cosmetics, boutiques, related to fashion designing, related to home decor items, related to food packaging, related restaurant, related to tiffin service, and related to perfume or flower shop. But you will get good success in these areas, then you can do your work in any one of these areas. If you can improve work and your future, then this month has brought good results for you in terms of education, career, and business. – Vrishick Rashifal February 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

Vrishick Rashifal February 2021 – Now we will move forward. In the case of love affairs to life partners, this month brings mixed results for you. How Saptamesh Venus, who will go and sit again in mighty spirit, will not have such a problem with his spouse in his place of happiness. But you will definitely have to take care of the Angarak yoga of Rahu and Mars that will be formed after 22 February. Take care of your spouse’s health. There may be differences of opinion which may be broken. If your relationship is already running poorly. Married life is not going well, so at this time you will have to be careful and otherwise, your marital life may be worse. Relationships may break. Propose someone in a romantic relationship and propose with a little pause. Propose before 22 February, it will be right for you, but after testing your partner and seeing him, then propose to him or build a relationship with him, otherwise, you can get cheated by them, then you will have to be careful at this time. If you want to achieve child happiness in married life and if you are planning for another child then surely you have chances of getting good success. If you are going through the Mahadasha of Rahu, then the time of getting a very good pregnancy is there. But you have to put your ego aside, as the sum of Mars will be there to show its effect and it will also make you Manglik at this time. If it is after 22 February, the time you will be cautious, and the more carefully you handle your relationship, the better it will be for you.


Vrishick Rashifal February 2021 – Now we go ahead and know about health, if I talk about breathing, then I will not have any problem for good health by being a self-proclaimed Mars, but you have to be a little careful in any problem related to your blood, that is, BP’s problem. Due to the pimples that occur on the face, because of that problem, or else you may have a clot in the heart or another, you may have a clot-related to blood, and whatever problem is a major disease. Even if it is small, you do not have to take any kind of bridge and carelessness. Eat healthy things to take care of your health. As it is the time of cold, so many fruits come in the cold time, which increases our blood. Eat carrots, eat tomatoes, eat beetroot, drink juices, eat salad, and eat healthy food. If you avoid fried things, it will be better for you. Do not allow cholesterol to increase at all and as much as you eat healthy food in your daily routine, the more you stay healthy. Along with yoga meditation pranayama, if you are about to do jogging then definitely do jogging. Along with this pranayama and meditation are definitely done every day, then these are some measures that can make your life healthier and when we have a healthy life, we can solve any obstacles in life in a powerful way. If you want to be healthy, then try these remedies. So this was the monthly horoscope for the month of February for the people of Scorpio. – Vrishick Rashifal February 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

And now it’s time to move towards a great remedy. See what to do at first, if we talk about being health-conscious, then we should also take measures for health, which is Lord Dhanvantari who is the father of Ayurveda. If you have not taken their idol, then you can install a statue of Lord Dhanwantari in your house which we had made at the time of special Diwali, you can install that idol in your worship room. Pran pratishthit and abhimantrit idol should be located in a prestigious ceremony and you have got all the medicines in your house on a daily evening like basil, that is, mint, clove, pepper, javitri nutmeg, these are all raw spices, all these work as a medicine. Huh. They have great importance in Ayurveda. Offer them daily and worship the mantra among Lord Dhanvantari. Secondly, the seventh house, which is going to be the Angarak Yoga of Mars Rahu and disturbing you a little, keep the Mars Rahu Angarak Yoga Nivaran Yantra in your worship room and see it both in the morning and evening time, if possible, If you chant Mars and Rahu mantra, it will be more beneficial for you. If you are not able to chant, then do darshan. You must adopt these measures only then you will find your life full of happiness, peace, and prosperity and will be able to move forward in your life. So these measures will definitely be adopted. – Vrishick Rashifal February 2021


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