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Vrishick Rashi Scorpio April 2023 Horoscope English blog| वृश्चिक राशि अप्रैल राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali

Vrishick Rashi Scorpio April 2023 Horoscope English blog

Namaskar Swagatam Welcome, today we have presented in front of you the monthly horoscope for the month of April for Scorpio people and first of all, let us know about some special fasts and festivals coming in this month. First of all, let’s talk about Hanuman Jayanti on 6th April and the full moon fast of Chaitra month will also be observed on this day. On April 22, the festival of Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated with great pomp, which we also know as Abujh Save, because on this day there is no need of auspicious time for any auspicious work. For every auspicious work, it is considered as Abujh Sava. Means any auspicious or auspicious work can be done on this day without Muhurta. There are many marriages on this day but there are also many child marriages. That’s why refrain from child marriage on this day. Strongly oppose such practices because these practices and evil practices spread chaos in our society. Small children who don’t even know, don’t even know each other and the meaning of life. It is completely unfair to tie them in the bond of marriage who do not know the meaning of marriage. Therefore, on Akshaya Tritiya, if you see any child marriage taking place around you, then definitely oppose it. Vrishick Rashi Scorpio April 2023 Horoscope English blog

Let us go ahead and know about the planetary positions of this month. This month is going to be very special for the people of Aries. How we are going to tell you further about it, first we know about the position of the planets, then first of all let’s talk about the king of the planets, Sun, who is currently sitting in his own zodiac sign Pisces and on April 14, he will be in his high zodiac sign. Will enter Aries and will sit high. Mercury will remain seated in its friendly sign Aries throughout this month. The position of Mercury is going to remain the same till 7th June. Talking about Mars, it will be seen transiting in its even sign Gemini this month. The most important zodiac change is going to happen in this month of Guru because the zodiac changes of Shani, Guru, Rahu Ketu are very important because they stay in one zodiac for a long time, so in the month of April, the zodiac of Guru is changing. Till now, Guru was sitting in his own zodiac sign Pisces and on April 21, he will enter his friendly zodiac sign Aries. Now it is about the Guru, because the Guru remains seated in the same sign for almost a year. That’s why we told you about this zodiac change. If we talk about Venus, it is currently sitting in its friendly sign Aries and on April 6, it will be sitting in its own sign Taurus. This whole month Saturn is sitting in its own zodiac sign Aquarius, i.e. being internal, and if we talk about Rahu and Ketu, then they are going to sit in their own signs Aries and Libra this whole month. So this is the condition of the planets for this month. Now see that three planets are getting exalted in your Sun in this month. Venus is becoming self-inclined and Saturn is already in self-inclined, so all three planets are becoming self-inclined.

Let’s start with the monthly horoscope for the month of April for the people of Scorpio zodiac, first of all tell you at the beginning of the monthly horoscope that this horoscope which we are telling you is based on lunar calculations and equally according to both your zodiac sign and ascendant. Also impressive. Now let’s talk about your Rashi Swami first, which is Mars and Mars is sitting. Eighth from himself is sitting in the eighth house. The lord of the disease house and the lord of the seventh house are interacting, that is, the interaction of Mars and Mercury, which is here, your zodiac lord, who is sitting in the house of Mercury, is very good for your eighth house. But since the lord of the ascendant is sitting in the eighth house from itself, it is not so good for you. Work can get spoiled in anger and aggression. However, at this time you will find yourself perfectly fit to do any daring work and you will have the ability to do the work which not every person can do. But since Mars also increases aggression and anger, that’s why at this time you have to control your aggression and anger and move forward in your life. Otherwise, in the work in which you can get good success, you will get negative results in that work also. Take informed decisions at this time and be especially careful while driving. If you want to travel a long distance, try it yourself, do not use the resources of the transport at all or take the driver along. Only then you will find the journey pleasant and auspicious. Mars will increase your social respect and at this time your relations with your near and dear ones will be good. Now, since Mars is the lord of your house of diseases, then here you will get relief from your health related problems. However, there is a need to be a little careful in blood disorders. Take special care of your food and drink. Do not take too much stress and also do not bother yourself too much about anything. Don’t get too tense. Connect yourself with exercise by yoga, meditation, pranayama, then your regular routine will keep your life balance and there will be no breathing problems and anyway the first happiness is a healthy body, so what to hesitate, then you have to take care of your health first. After that do all the work. Mars, the lord of the disease house, is sitting in its third house and Mercury is also interacting with Mars, so it will help you to defeat your opponents. You will get success in your work with your intelligence and cleverness. The association of wrong friends will be removed from your life and your vision will appear clear. You will also get freedom from debt situations at this time. Mars will be seen giving you very good results in your life now. Vrishick Rashi Scorpio April 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to your house of wealth, Jupiter is the lord of the house of wealth, which will sit in your fifth house till 21st April as a self-obsessed person, and after that it will sit in the house of disease, and this fluctuation of Jupiter will be good for you according to the house of wealth. Only the result will give. Because Dhanesh will first sit fourth from himself and then fifth from himself. Although if Jupiter falls in 100 then you will definitely get challenges, but in spite of that you will be seen to be successful in making your works with your understanding. Will consider the sources of arrival of money. Will find new sources and try to increase their income source. So, this time will remove the problems of your wealth and will definitely give you special beneficial situations. Here you will see the best results of Jupiter. Now the lord of the fifth house is also a guru and is sitting in the fifth house as self-possessed. Jupiter’s sitting in the fifth house as self-centered will remove the obstacles coming in your career. If you do the work of imparting any kind of knowledge, then you will definitely get success in it. But here the Guru is sitting one house ahead of himself and in this situation you are sitting. There will be even more success. You will get more options in career. Will be able to increase the work more. You will have more spirituality. Your mind will be more engaged in spiritual works. If you are a religious teacher of imparting knowledge, do the work of imparting knowledge, are an astrologer or are doing work related to any kind of research, then definitely this time will create positive situations for you. For the students also, this time will be successful in education. The obstacles coming in education will end from your life. Good news will be received from the children and an outline of auspicious programs will also be kept at home. You will be seen with respect in the society and you will also be honored at many places. So you will get to see very good results of Guru. Now coming to your power house, Lord Shani, who is creating a yoga named Mahapurush in your expansion of happiness, and Saturn is going to sit in your place of happiness for a temporary year and will increase your happiness here. Will increase the strength in your might. You will get a lot of co-operation with siblings. Especially the support of younger siblings will be with you. Your wishes will be fulfilled at this time. And you will give as much importance to your ambitions as you give to your duty. You will get happiness from other related works. Suitcases will add to your happiness. There can be a purchase of a luxurious vehicle at home. The dream of a new house can be fulfilled. Your work related to property transactions can be completed smoothly. You will be seen creating a new new property at this time. At this time you will get full support from your mother and your participation in social programs will increase. You will have a different place in the society. For the farming class, time will bring good profit in farming. On the other hand, if you are working related to milk, dairy and animal husbandry, then you will definitely get success in that too. So you will get to see very good results of Shani this month. Now coming straight to your seventh house. Seventh lord Venus is sitting in its own house as a self-obsessed person. This is very good, but Venus in the seventh house also brings with it the state of emotions. That’s why walk together in harmony with your life partner. Let’s keep pace. This time is full of challenges for marriageable young men and women. You will get many offers. On marriage, you will get confused as to whom to choose and whom not to choose. Now at this time only your family members or your friends can help you. Any experienced person can do it. Those who have experience of life can do it. That’s why you should listen to their words too. At this time, do not do any work by taking the decision on yourself. After listening to everyone’s talk, move forward in your life. Take your life partner with you even in married life. Respect their feelings and don’t do anything that will hurt their feelings. For those in a love relationship, this is the time to be a little careful. You will get your desired love but dating will continue with it. Venus can create such situations. In business, Venus will give you great progress and progress, this time will be very good for those who do work related to Venus. This time will be full of respect and fame for film industry artists. At this time, some of your favorite things which were lost for a long time will be returned to you, due to which feelings of happiness will arise in your mind. So you will get mixed success with the result of Venus. Vrishick Rashi Scorpio April 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to the house of expenses, Venus is the lord of the house of expenses. And the lord of expenditure is definitely sitting in its third position, but Venus is sitting in the center as a self-governed person and a great man named Malavya Yoga is also formed here. So thank you. Making a great man named Malaviya yoga on you and sitting in the center being selfish will take your expenses in auspicious work. That means you will spend in auspicious works. At this time, your interest in auspicious works will increase. Will be seen balancing the expenses. Will spend what you want. And you are needed. You will be saved from unrestrained expenditure at this time. You may disappear from abroad. You will see a very good coordination with foreign companies and you will also see a very good response from abroad at this time. At this time the number of your friends will increase. And if we do business then foreign currency will be received from business. Means it will prove to be beneficial from abroad.

Now let’s talk about the 8th house on your 8th house, then the lord of the 8th house is sitting in the 11th house from itself and the interaction of Mars and Mercury in the house of Mars will also give a boost to your routine life i.e. Life will be balanced. Secret enemies will end. With intelligence and tact, you will make your work. Rivals will have to face. If they do anything against you. And suddenly your situations will repeat in your life. That means you will get to see. And with that your morale will also be seen increasing. The journey will be pleasant and auspicious. Just be a little careful as I told you. Don’t drive yourself. Now since the vote is the lord of your benefic house and Labhesh is sitting in the eighth house, it is not so good. Profitable conditions can run in up-down. But here Guru Surya, who is exalted, is conjoining with the drop. Good results will be seen according to the profit rate. There can be eye related problems and especially there can be weight gain. That’s why take care of your health and your weight. Now speak about the conjunction of Mercury with Sun and Jupiter. Guru Panchamesh Sun is Karmesh. And there is Mercury. Labhesh, Labhesh, Karmesh and Panchmesh’s alliance is happening. But this alliance and this in the seventh house. So with challenges you will be able to achieve your goal. Will definitely achieve, will definitely get success. You will keep this thing in mind. That’s why there should not be any kind of negligence in hard work. Go on working hard. Success will come automatically. Here Moon is the lord of your destiny. And the Moon is the lord of the place of luck, so you also get a little bit of luck sometimes. Will be able to see up and down. But when we are karma oriented then luck factor does not matter so much because on the basis of karma we can change our destiny as well. That’s why you have to pay attention to your actions this month. The young men and women who are looking for jobs? His search will end. Your participation in social programs will increase. You will be associated with works like social service and will always be ready to help people. There will be an increase in your social respect. You will have an emotional bond with your family. At this time you can get any religious ritual done at your home. Can outline any auspicious task. Which will give you a feeling of happiness to your family members. Vrishick Rashi Scorpio April 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s talk about Karma Bhav on your Karma Bhav, then Karmesh Surya, who is conjunct with Guru in the triangle for half a month, then see here, if Karmesh is sitting in the fifth house in the trikon and conjunct with Jupiter. This time will be very good for you in terms of career. At this time, the sum of their promotion increment in the government job will be seen to be fully formed. You will have a good rapport with the officers. Stuck money will be recovered from somewhere. At the same time, some new schemes can be implemented to speed up the work. You can get a project to lead you for a project. Surely you will get double the success. On April 14, when the Sun will be exalted in your disease state, changing its zodiac sign, even then it will give you very good results. Here the workers will go and sit nine from themselves and will sit on top of that. Along with this, Karmesh’s alliance is beneficial. And will happen with Panchamesh as well. And Rahu also gives very good results in disease, so at this time your work will get new direction and speed. And the obstacles coming in the work will end. If you work with electronic electricity, then definitely you will get positive results in it. You will see the results of that whole getting very good this month and for the people of Scorpio zodiac this month will definitely be mixed. But if you remain action-oriented, you will definitely achieve success in the end. That is, all is well that ends well. Vrishick Rashi Scorpio April 2023 Horoscope English blog

Auspicious dates :- 1st to 6th, 9th to 15th, 18th, 19th, 22nd to 24th, and 27th to 30th.

Inauspicious dates: – 7th, 8th, 16th, 17th, 20th, 21st, 25th and 26th

Lucky Colours:- Blue Black Royal Blue Light, Blue and Turquoise.


  • Keep the couples tied in red cloth in the south-east corner of your house. By doing this evil forces will not be able to enter the house.
  • Must offer Tulsi Dal to Hanuman ji on Tuesday
  • Donate milk and rice to the poor.
  •   wear silver jewelery
  • Serve monkeys on Tuesdays and feed them gram.
  • Never take anything for free from anyone, nor give anything for free to anyone.

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