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Vrishchik Rashifal April 2021 | वृश्चिक राशि अप्रैल राशिफल – Scorpio horoscope | April Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Vrishchik Rashifal April 2021 | वृश्चिक  राशि अप्रैल राशिफल

Vrishchik Rashifal April 2021 – Hello welcome. Happy New Year to all of you. Indian New Year is coming in April and today I am going to tell you the monthly horoscope of Scorpio Horoscope for the month of April. So on April 13, Chaitra Navratri will begin and you all know that with Chaitra Navratras the beginning of the Indian New Year, from April 13, Vikram Samvat 2077 will start and 2078 will start. The festival of Gudi Padwa will also be celebrated on this day. Jhulelal Jayanti will also be celebrated on this day. Ghatasthapana will be done by the mother, we will be seen respecting the nine powers and will invoke Navdurga. On November 15, there is a festival of Gangaur in the middle of Navratri and the festival of Gangaur is of special importance to the Suhagins. Especially in our state i.e. Rajasthan, this festival has special significance. Suhaginen is absorbed in worshiping Gangaur Mata for the long life of her sweetheart. On 21 April, the festival of Ram Navami will be celebrated with great pomp. Ayodhya is going to be very famous for the birth anniversary of Lord Rama on the day of Ram Ram Mandir, the birthday of Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated with great fanfare on 27th April, then there are some festivals in the month of April which we will get to see in this month and Those who make this month special are the same fasts and festivals and when talking about the position of planetary transits, the planet Saturn, which is self-occupied in Capricorn, will remain in Isma and is in your house, that is, Saturn will sit in the house of might. And by now the combination of Guru and Shani was happening. The Guru was despicable and the Guru is also seated in Mercury through a despicable. And the best thing is that on the 6th of April itself, the master’s wretch will end and the guru is going to enter the Aquarius sign from Capricorn. Also, Sun, Venus, and Mercury, these three planets are currently sitting in your fifth house sitting in Pisces and. On the 10th of April itself, the first Venus planet will sit in your Pisces zodiac sign, which will sit in their friendly zodiac, and will sit in your system. Sun planet will be enthroned on April 14 from Pisces zodiac sign and it will be enthralled by the sun, but it is very amazing in Aries zodiac sign. This event is going to happen for all zodiac signs. The new posture will be sitting in Pisces from Pisces on April 16, so the combination of the three planets will be in your sixth sense mentality again. May is going to be another important zodiac change this month. Till now Mars and Rahu were sitting in Taurus sign making Angarak yoga. Yuti was making yoga inside the house and on 14 April, the day when the zodiac sign of the Sun is going to change, on the same day Mars also leaves this Yuti and this Angarak yoga, finishing it and going from the zodiac to Gemini in your system house. Will be seated and keep Ketu sitting in your own zodiac, then it is the position of some planets that we will get to see this month. Now let’s go ahead and know how the monthly horoscope of Scorpio zodiac signs will be. – Vrishchik Rashifal April 2021

Family status

As you know that Ketu is sitting in your ascendant. Lagnesh Mangal who was making angarak yoga with Rahu till now. Though you were looking at your ascendant i.e. your own house, now the monkey Rahu’s emblematic yoga was going to end and if Mars is going to be sitting in your area, then sitting in it will disturb the daily routine. Obstacles in small things, some mental worries, troubles, the enemy side becomes strong, there are some situations that you may have to face. If you make a decision, take the help of your family members before making the decision, because whatever decision you will take with their help You will get very good success in it. If you take any decision yourself, you may have to face loss situations. Your relationship will be very strong and good chances of good profit from them too. You will get to see it this time. This mother will get the full support of relatives of your family members in your field of work so that you will also appear while receiving very good benefits. I will get very good support from your elder siblings. If you do a job, then they will play an important role in removing the hurdles in your job. Their guidance will work for you and if you are doing any work of your own, then you will see their help in that too. If you are older, your siblings are younger even then your support and dedication will be seen in every field. If you do any ancestral property dispute or any ancestral business, then with the help of them you will be seen to get a big project. Disputes related to ancestral property will be resolved through mutual negotiations. May this time, your relationship with your mother will look very good. A fine-tuning with the mother will lead you to good bonding with them at this time. However, it is very important to keep restraint on your speech. You also have to control anger. Do any such thing that hurts their mind and is going with you steps by step, despite that their home environment may get affected due to their sadness. You will not be able to progress in your life also because parents should be above everyone else than God. He has given birth. Because of them, you will be able to enjoy this life. So you should not hurt your parents at all. You will get news from the children, but Kabar sometimes studies it. If you can have feelings of anxiety in your mind, you should reduce your anxiety because if your child is doing well in studies other than education or in the field of art in your home, then encourage him in that area. Is not needed. Every child was good in studies, so if you motivate your child, then this month will increase your child’s fame. He will do good work in the field of art and will make you proud and make you feel proud. Therefore, you must Motivate your children especially by keeping friendly behavior with them. Your relationship with your maternal grandmother will be good, but the owner of the house of nanihal, which is in your nature, can definitely create a misunderstanding somewhere. Therefore, at this time, you have to walk step by step with your maternal grandmother, it is not right for a person to have a bad relationship any kind of relationship, it proves to be a hindrance in his life, so do not let the conditions of estrangement arise in the relationship. Your relationship with your spouse is going to be very snippy, but you may feel anxious about their health. So this month you will have to take special care of his health. You will get to see mixed results from your in-laws’ house. Sometimes there are ups and downs, sometimes misunderstanding, and sometimes back to normal. Such situations will continue to happen and if you show maturity level this month, you will also have to strengthen your relationship with your well-to-do people. This month will be good for you in the field of work, at this time your enemies will be destroyed and you will make good progress in your work. Those who try to harm you will see the conditions of loss. That is, it was good from the time of your father and from your parents and from the family, but I told you that there is a restraint on speech. You have to handle your relationship by increasing anger control and maturity level. – Vrishchik Rashifal April 2021

Economic Condition

Your financial situation has brought mixed results. Your financial situation may be weak. You will not get as much result as you work, so if you can at this time, then do your work which is going on in your routine, do the same work continuously. This time will not be so much better for you to start any new work. Therefore, as much as possible at this time, pay attention to your work and try to complete the tasks that you can do. Meeting an old friend will boost you up and increase your confidence level. At the same time, there will be no lack of respect in your social honor. If I talk about happiness at this time, you will not feel any kind of lack of happiness. You will live a luxurious life, you can shop for a new vehicle, you will be seen getting the pleasure of properties like time building. Your relationships with relatives will also be strengthened and with their help, you will be able to earn good profit conditions at your work place. If you are doing a job then there are chances of you getting an increment and you can get a promotion from the boss at any time, but you will have to work hard. Do not be at all and without wishing for fruit, if you work hard, you will get fruit on your own if not today or tomorrow. – Vrishchik Rashifal April 2021

Education, Career, And Business

See if I talk about education, career, and business, then it is of little mixed result for the students. Reduced in hard work. If there is a lack of knowledge, the state of Confusion will surround you and you will not mind studying. You will miss what you want to get in your studies. But if you have not done any hard work. Honored his teachers as his teachers. If there is any problem, then you can ask your parents to your teachers, but it is not right for you to do any kind of negligence in your studies. So keep your thinking awake. Keep the effort of studying awake and concentrate on your studies just by being focused. Focus your attention on your education so that you can get the result in your favor. In the field of education, there will be a little more hard work time for the students. From the career point of view, this time is going to be a bit straggling for you. Will have to work a little more and run more. if you. If you do not leave your work in the faith of someone else, the situation of loss in your work can lead to Kadirabad. You have to be especially careful even in the matter of money transaction, while secret enemies can disturb you at this time, there may be disruption in your work, jealousy of your progress and jealousy can try to spoil your actions. Therefore, at this time, do not share your confidential matters with anyone as much as you can to keep yourself confident. Keep confidential documents in a safe place from others, it will be better for you. You should not do any negligence that gets to hear the scolding of the boss, so in the case of jobs, you have to complete your tasks especially sincerely and diligently. This time is also not so good for the business class. A slight confusion will prevail. If you have a big project, you will miss a step by taking it, due to which feelings of disappointment can also arise in your mind, but hard work is never spoiled by anyone. If not today, then tomorrow you will definitely get the fruits of your hard work, so you should not do any kind of negligence on your hard work at this time. You can take the support of your spouse. You can take the support of your family members. Only then take a big decision or else it will not be right for you to come to the decision. Do not invest in the stock market at all, if you want to do it in the name of your spouse, then only you will get success. At the same time, avoid investing in a lottery because your money can get stuck in it, then you will have to stay a little careful in terms of education, career, and business this month. – Vrishchik Rashifal April 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

In the case of life partner and love affairs, this month will be very good. There is no conflict with your spouse, but a little worry about their health will come to your mind. On the 10th of April itself, the lord of the seventh house, Venus, who will sit in the seventh house, will sit in your sick house. Therefore, the time after which you take special care of your life partner’s health, if they say something to you because the health will mess something up, then do not ignore them. If small problems take the form of deterioration in the future, then take special care of their health. This time will also stay tuned with them. If you try to be a little bit careless or hurt them, the sweet relationship that exists between you will change in a short distance and if you are unmarried, then your dream of getting married in this month. It Will not be completed till Therefore, try this month, if not next month, then maybe you can get married and you get a suitable life partner, so this month, keep in mind the feelings of your life partner as much as possible by joining them step by step. Handle your relationship with a lot of business. There are chances of you getting cheated on in a love relationship. You may get cheated by your partner, which can hurt your mind and may cause a breakup, so it is very important to check the relationship before the congregation prepares you to be serious in any relationship. If you hurry, your heart will be broken and you will be hurt. The next one is not going to make any difference, so be careful and keep your steps ahead. Make a tuning with your partner. But first, try the test and then proceed with it, till then the friendship relationship will be better for you. – Vrishchik Rashifal April 2021


The eyes can get a problem in terms of health. BP may have a problem. Internal parts may be the problem. Piles problem may have to be faced with some such problems and at the same time, there is a possibility of some problem related to blood. Slight boils pimples. Having some stomach problems. The chances of getting surgery now are many such problems. I am looking at you this month in the matter of health, so you have to move forward keeping a little care for your health. Do not be careless in your health at all. Change the daily routine a little bit. Now, the time of summers from the bed is getting a little bit warmer in our state, so it is not right for you to take care of your health a little and eat it Consuming too much of the cold stuff is also not appropriate at this time because this season change ie this time of the Samaritans to enter from one season to another and at this time you should take special care of your health that diseases during the time of the same. Thrives and we are very sick, so take care of the throat a little bit. Take care of colds. Take care of fever, adopt Yoga Meditation Pranayam regularly in your life, drink this water too much. If drinking water will be a health enhancer for you, then if you are health conscious, then you will be able to do all your tasks smoothly. You should take care of your health especially this month and will definitely take care of my words and accordingly you will set your day in your daily routine. So this was the monthly horoscope for the month of April for Scorpio people. – Vrishchik Rashifal April 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

For Scorpio people, from every point of view, I am looking at the month of April which is mixed with mixed results, so what should we do for it. See the holy festival of Navaratri is coming in April and Sapt Chandi Puja and Havan will be organized on every mother’s side in our institution this month too, so if you want, you can get the benefit of Sapt Chandi Puja and Havan sitting at home. This will remove all the problems in your life, you will be benefited, your financial condition will be strengthened, the estrangement in relationships will be removed and even the blessings of the newcomers will be received, then you can get your worship booked today by contacting the numbers given below. Now I give this break to my voice, this cloth is healthy, this head is always smiling and Jai Maa Ambe. – Vrishchik Rashifal April 2021


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