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Vrishabh Rashifal June 2021 | वृषभ राशि जून राशिफल – Taurus horoscope | June Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Vrishabh Rashifal June 2021  वृषभ राशि जून राशिफल

Hi. Today I have brought before you the monthly horoscope in the month of June for the people of Taurus. The fasting of Nirjala Ekadashi on 21 June and Nirjala Ekadashi is considered as Ekadashi of its special importance. On this day, charity is of special importance, whatever is the need of the fruit, the fruit is fruit. People distribute more and more to the needy people and get the virtuous fruit. Also, it is considered to be the practice of giving mango sugarcane fruit, fruit and matki to our sisters and daughters here. It is believed that sister daughters get blessings from it and we get punishable fruits from it. Nirjala Ekadashi is a very important Ekadashi in itself. Donation should be done in it. Go ahead and know about the position of planetary transit, because if the monthly horoscope will depend on the position of the planets, then start first. From the Sun, the king of the planets, who is currently seated in Taurus and Gemini will go to his friend Rashi from June 15. Mars, which is presently sitting in its zodiac sign Gemini, and on June 2, they will be present in the zodiac sign from Gemini, which is their lower zodiac. The Mercury planet which is currently sitting in Gemini and on June 3, they will be sitting opposite Gemini sign, which is their very best friend. Guru planets will sit in their zodiac sign Aquarius throughout this month. On the other hand, the planet Venus which is currently sitting in Gemini and Saturn, which is going to sit in Gemini sign from Gemini on Cancer on June 22, will be sitting in Capricorn and Rahu and Ketu will be sitting in Scorpio. Along with this, 3 yogas will also be seen in your zodiac i.e. Taurus sign. Eclipse of Sun Rahu Yoga of yoga postures Mercury of Sun Mercury Yoga Three yoga will be made in your zodiac, then it will affect your zodiac sign. How will this month be for you? From every point of view, if you know about the circumstances through which this month will pass, then start the monthly horoscope. – Vrishabh Rashifal June 2021

Family Status

First of all, for the family situation, first of all I talk about personality, Lagnesh Venus will go one house ahead of him and his friend sitting in Gemini sign and Venus sitting in Gemini will make your personality good and will make you attractive. You will love nature at this time. You will be engaged in work like human service. But this time will also assimilate your laziness, that is, you will become a bit lazy. Even at the behest of your elders, you will not work on time, due to which you may have to face some loss situation, so avoid you beforehand. Do you have to give up your laziness and you will be able to work, then you will be able to get the benefit of this time, as well as the use of the postures in your zodiac, the Buddha Yoga of Sun Mercury and the eclipse yoga of Sun Rahu are made, then these three yogas will also affect you. Will appear to be a little confusing personality. At this time, some wrong decisions can cause you harm situations. Even in relationships, bad-tempered situations will appear in your life. Especially the relation with Deendayal Park will keep you connected and you will definitely be attracted to you by coming to you, but still you may get some bad-tempered situations with them this whole month. You will have to move ahead by finishing yourself a little and taking control of your behavior. Thinking should be done because it takes a whole life to build a relationship, but it does not take even a moment to break up. Therefore, proceed thoughtfully in your relationship. The same thing is going to happen with your family as Mercury is the lord of the family of Kutumba, who is also big about himself and makes root experiment with Rahu. You will get full support of your family, but your estrangement may increase with someone within the relationship and your image may deteriorate among the relatives, so you will have to handle your risk even a little at this time. Do not do any such thing. Through any WhatsApp group, you should not bring up such discussions through social media which are very controversial and then again situations of dispute arise in it. You should not do this work, stay away from all these things for a little bit. Will stay away from the gadget a little bit. Will give time to his family. The relationships of estrangement in the relationship will automatically subside. Therefore, at this time you will be a little careful and walk with your relatives, then it will be more right for you. Tuning with your siblings would be good, especially in older sibling. Will support you in your work too. Everywhere you are doing a job, you will solve a big problem through them. If you have a business of your own, they will provide some support for your business. Physically and financially, you will have to keep tuning with your siblings even a little bit. Your elder siblings will also understand your feelings and will get you good profit conditions without any dispute with you. Any big project will be seen getting you with their help. Your relations with mother are good ones, but on the 15th of June from the peon, the Sun will enter Gemini while while going to Gemini, there is also a possibility of benefit from the mother. You will get to see someone in you, your parents have paternal money and you want to get money. If you want to get paternal property, then you will see good success gained through your mother, she will be associated with you and with her help you will be able to overcome the estrangement in your relationship. At the same time, your relationship with your children is going to be full of ups and downs. Because Mercury, who is sitting with Rahu in the yoga creating the yoga of the world, and you but he is making inertia yoga with Rahu, then to handle these children very carefully, many times the children are angry Can not understand. If they have to explain their level to their age and go with them, then you should use the same work. Will soon understand your words as well. If you have walked on the wrong path, then you will catch the right path, but it is necessary to hold their hand. It is not necessary to slap them. Hold their hand and be angry with them. This time is going to move forward by understanding your children very carefully, the same thing will also happen with life partner. There may also be estrangement with the spouse. Mars, the lord of the seventh house, at this time of despair, anger, anger, agitation will be at the peak of you. You will take very different things in a different way. They will meet negatively and due to that there can be a quarrel between the two of you, so take care of their feelings at this time, but they can also be but husband and wife are equal to two wheels of the car. If one leg will not work properly, can the car not move and then it applies to both. Both have to handle their relationships thoughtfully and with caution. Your relationship with your father is going to be good. You will get support from them in every way, they will also support you financially. Will also support in grooming the relationship. If you stand shoulder to shoulder with you, you will get complete guidance from the father. At the same time, you will get to see the conditions of help and good benefits from the in-laws, then the carriage of family property will go through ups and downs this month but it will reach its destination. Family status will remain strong for you. – Vrishabh Rashifal June 2021

Economic Condition

The master of the benefic sense, Guru should sit 12 th from himself. At the same time, the lord of the farmer Surya, who will go in the ascendant and later he will sit in your money house and Mercury planet who is the owner of the house of money, will go to his bar, that is, the conditions of profit, your mother will be benefiting from the visible vibrate, but Spending conditions may increase. Investment may be wrong at this time, if you invest in wrong place, your money may get stuck somewhere. If you can lose in the stock market lottery, then you should avoid investing in such things at this time by taking a little care. Your financial condition will remain strong only when you get economical. You will get to see the family happiness of any kind of companies in your happiness. Financially, your situation will not be shaky, but you must have economy to keep your money accumulated. You do not have to keep it, this is the time to increase money, but at this time your money will go to wrong actions or if you try to earn money in the wrong way, then due to that you can get trapped, you may take action on seeing the conditions of loss. Many types of problems can arise. Your financial condition will remain strong only if you carry out your tasks regularly while walking honestly. You will go on doing your tasks at the same pace in the same manner. If you adopt any shortcut, then that shortcut can prove to be harmful for you. – Vrishabh Rashifal June 2021

Education, Career, And Business

If the name of the student class comes, then Mercury, the lord of the fifth house, who sits with Rahu, will definitely confuse you in his studies. At this time you will see more confusional conditions. But at this time, the more you concentrate your mind, the more you will achieve success. Memory problem Recall your whole day’s routine before going to sleep in the morning. Recall what you did throughout the day. This will improve your memory and in studies which you do not forget again and again. The problem will be over you. The student is very important for the class. See the beginning of the year when the new session starts, it is very important for us because we have a new attitude to look at every subject. Not every subject has a definition, then at that time we keep our mindset in the thing in which our mind is set. So this time you try to concentrate a little bit in all your subjects. As your concentration will increase, your self-confidence will increase and you will also be able to progress in your studies, this study is going to be very heavy and difficult for you. Talking about the career, Shani who is the master of career sense, who is self-possessed in Bhagyesh and Bhagya, but if you have a good career time, you will work hard in your job, luck will support you. You will get success in whatever work you are going to do, but at this time, the guru who sits in the place of karma does harm at this place, so you will have to move a bit at this time. Do not be negligent in your work at all. Do your tasks a little with caution so that you do not face any problem or dilemma in your work. If you are connected with the work related to religious processes, then you will see a very good success month in all these areas. This time can take your career forward, but you have to be hardworking, do not be negligent in any kind of hard work. If I talk about business, then trade will be a bit of a sham in you. This time remains a bit critical for the business class. Mangal, the lord of the business sense, who is sitting lowly, this time is not good from the point of view of business. It is also not good for them in administrative services. Individuals who work related to Mars. Engineering is done in the technical field or you do any of your shop thousand mechanic work anywhere mechanical. Time is going to be a bit difficult for people connected to all those areas, because Ketu is also sitting in the house of business and if the owner of the business house is of Mars, then you have some inconvenience in the business. You will definitely have to face difficulties in business. Do not start any new work this month. Complete the old pending tasks with a continuous process. Do not try to make new plans, but try to complete the plans that are going on so that the money is released in it, then your financial condition will remain strong and you will not face any kind of problem in the business, then you will have a little You have to understand and if you move forward, you will remain in victory. If you can carry on the business, then these months will be a little carefree and trade – Vrishabh Rashifal June 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

This time is not going to be good in the case of life partner and love affairs. From every point of view. It will be bad for you because the seventh sight of Saturn is falling on Mars, the lord of the married couple. Later Venus is also coming there which is your ascendant and Saturn is also facing it. Venus, sitting in the enemy zodiac anyway, will sit with them and the sight of Saturn on both these planets will make Ketu sit in the house of Sati and they can corrupt your marital life. That is, if the situation of this month goes towards any such estrangement, then it can increase. Talk can reach a divorce i.e. a court case, so at this time, make as much harmony as possible. Life is a role of a life partner, it is very important in our life and it is not a matter of a day, it is not small. You broke one today, the second one is the third, then it is not so, the friend is that the friend can do one revenge and the other one can do it, so you feel that your life partner has done something for you, you have feelings for them, then Ego is in your midst Do not give at all and do not make small things so much that your married life should become such that you feel that I am at home. I just have to go to the work place twice so that I will have to see the wife’s mouth or husband’s mouth. Do not do such a thing at all. Understand each other’s feelings. Give each other time Sometimes the opposite is true. If we are not opposite, then if the situation is opposite then understand these conditions because this time is not favorable for you. It is very typical for you as well as the health of your partner life partner. Isma is going to have a lot of ups and downs in her health, so special care has to be taken of her health. Germs, germs, such infections which are fatal infections, you have to protect them from that infection because Ketu is sitting in the seventh house, then a little bit of the seventh sight in Ketu seventh house of the seventh person, all these things that are going on in your marital sense. Your couples are harmful to life. You can be cheated on by your partner in love relationship, so do not touch emotionally too much with anyone, keep him, spend time with him, as you will know about them on your own. Come to know about them, then come to a serious division, and then increase the friendship. Anyway, if you get cheated by your partner in love relationship, then your heart will be broken, so it is very important to stop yourself before such possibilities. This month is not so good for you even in the case of spouse and love affairs. You have to move a little bit. – Vrishabh Rashifal June 2021


Venus, the lord of the disease, that sitting in the house of Venus in the house of money, will not cause too much trouble or conditions in your diseases. But this is the time, you have to take special care of your health at this time. But inside it, there may be a period problem or you may have an emotional problem which became Piles’s problem. You may have to face some problems such as herpes, itching or swelling. Venus and Saturn are also falling on Venus. At that time, after 22nd June, at that time, you have to take more care of your health. Take a little care, drink water, add regular Yoga Meditation Pranayam, you will never care that their breath can be very high. Do not think about the serious situation, before you know it, get them treated promptly. So that you do not have to face any big loss, then this was the monthly horoscope of the month of zodiacs. – Vrishabh Rashifal June 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

If you ever want to achieve any goal in any study, then before that you should be careful by chanting a garland to join their hands and after that you will get very good results in studies. For a long time you will remember that the deity of the intellect. Second married life you will see some mixed results in married life. If Mars is low, then you should donate red things. Also, recite Hanuman Chalisa and recite Bajrang Baan so that you will not forget the donation of red things that you do not see in the ill effects of Mars. If possible, go to the temple of lentil lentil Hanumanji and offer it to Hanumanji and sit there and recite Hanuman Chalisa or Bajrang Baan on the day of Mars. These measures will also be the best thing for married life for you and will also control your expenses. When our expenses are controlled then you can face any kind of problem in your life. These are some of the advantages that you should get out of this problem. Stay healthy and always smile. Shree Radhe. – Vrisabh Rashifal June 2021


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