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Vrishabh Rashifal February 2021 | वृषभ राशि फरवरी राशिफल – Taurus horoscope | February Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Vrishabh Rashifal February 2021 | वृषभ राशि फरवरी राशिफल

Vrishabh Rashifal February 2021 – Hello, today I have brought before you the monthly horoscope of the people of Taurus. This month is considered very important anyway because in this month on February 12, there is Gupta Navaratri which is going to last till February 21 and on February 16, the festival of Basant Panchami will be celebrated with great pomp. Anyway, this festival has its own special significance. This festival is considered a symbol of the arrival of spring. The festival is considered a symbol of love. Flowers bloom everywhere within this season, there is an outpouring of love, and spring is also known because of the day that Mother Saraswati is invoked on this day. The festival of Basant Panchami is considered a festival of Mars wishes in all ways. On this day, especially the students who are in class, offer prayers to Maa Saraswati and ask them for blessings of knowledge and learning. And for those who are connected with the teaching line, this festival holds special significance. That is why the month of February is going to be a very important month for us. Let us go ahead and know how this month will be for Taurus people. First of all talk about planets. What will be the position of the planets in this month? So, first of all, talk about the planet Mercury, which is presently sitting in Aquarius, and on February 4, they are going to sit backward in Aquarius from Capricorn. The presence of Mercury in itself is an auspicious sign. The planet which is presently sitting in Capricorn and on February 12, they will enter Aquarius from Capricorn. On the other hand, Venus, which was presently sitting in Capricorn, will also enter Aquarius on February 21. Mars which is presently sitting in Aries and they are about to enter Taurus from Aries on 22 February and if Rahu is already seated then we will get to see Angarak Yoga of Mars and Rahu this month. While Saturn is sitting in Capricorn, as a recluse, and Guru is being enthralled with Saturn in Capricorn through lowliness. Rahu and Ketu are residing in Scorpio this month. This is the position of some planets that we will get to see this month. A special joint is scheduled to be held from February 5 to February 12. Five of the five planets are going to be held inside this special combination. Planet Sun Mercury Venus Saturn and Guru These five planets will come together and sit in Capricorn and for the Taurus zodiac, they will come and sit in a lucky place and will make a brilliant combination, and on the 10th of February, your mighty moon and moon also join with these five planets. Will go On the 10th of February, we will see the combination of 6 planets and we will get very good and positive results i.e. Taurus sign. So let’s talk about whether the positive results will be seen by this combination and how this month will be for you.

Family Status

Let us first talk about the family situation. The person exists from the family, so I always start with the family. So within your sense of personality, Rahu is sitting, that is, sitting and sitting in Rahu in Taurus sign and Mars which will go on February 22, they will create Angarak Yoga with Rahu in your zodiac i.e. backwards which will be after 22 February. They will be very alert for you for the month of February. Your advance will be longer. There will be a sudden change in personality. Frustration movement anger will be more inside you. Due to this, your work may get spoiled, so you will have to pay attention in this time. You have to make your personality a little more powerful. If anger comes, then we should also control our anger. Taurus zodiac signs will have to control their anger especially this month, otherwise the work that has been done for your whole month, you will not be able to get enough of that hard work and you will miss out on hard work. At this time there are chances of deteriorating the relationship with your Dadial as well. Relationships will be very good for the whole month, but you can annoy your Dadial members on something or the other. Differences with them will appear to deepen. So whatever time it is after 22nd February, you will have to take special care at this time. If you talk about family, then the lord Mercury of the house of Kutumb, who goes backward on February 4 and sits in your fortune place in Capricorn, will get good results, you will get their full support and cooperation. Social honor and respect will increase. At this time, you will continue to fascinate everyone with your speech. At the same time, it will be very good for those of you also in the field of art. When the family is together and cooperating with the person, the person does not get stuck anywhere. He goes on making progress in his life and difficulties automatically end after him. You will get great support from siblings also this month. The day of February 10 is especially great for you. At this time, if any of your ideological differences are going on in your family, then they are the chances of your ending. So keep in mind that if there is any dispute over paternal property or any disputes of any kind are going on between and between your siblings, then you should try to end this difference. Your relationship with your mother is going to be very good. The owner of the mother’s house will sit in the place and after that they will sit in the place of karma and look at their own house. Relations with the mother will be very good, deep and strong at this time, then you will be supported in every field. Your relations will also be good from your children. Your bonding with them will be good. If you have an equal child, then she will support you in every field. Will make your profit situation and increase your work. You will get a good strategy and planning everywhere, but the new generation of young people goes ahead with a different mindset and moves ahead with new technology. Taking the support of your children, you will take any important decision in your work, they will support you fully. If the children are small and study, they will make you feel proud in their studies as well, through their activities, through the arts or through their skills through studies and also through studies, they are going to make you feel proud. You will get great support from Nanihal this month. You will get full support from your maternal uncle, you will get the blessings of your maternal grandmother and on the basis of his blessings you will be able to solve all the problems of your life. But there will not be such a good relationship with the spouse because there is a situation of ups and downs. Sitting in the seventh house of Ketu and sitting in the seventh house of Mars will make your life a bit difficult because you are Mangalik at this time and when Mangal will be sitting in your tenth house, you are still Mangalik and when Mars Even if you come within your own zodiac sign, you will still be Manglik. Therefore, a little agitation in the life of a manlike person, a little anger, a few differences, there would definitely be such turmoil in the married life. So at this time you will have to control your anger and you will have to walk by making a tuning with your spouse. The feelings of your tuning your cooperation with the father will be very good, their feelings towards you will also be very good. Your father will have a supportive nature towards you. Because of this you will earn very good successes in your life this month. You will be seen doing some great things this month. You will see very good successes at the workplace and you will also be guided by your father. On the one hand, if you look at the family situation, we will get to see you very well this month as a family. No problem of any kind will remain in your life this month. – Vrishabh Rashifal February 2021 

Economic Condition

Vrishabh Rashifal February 2021 – Know more about the economic situation, if we talk about the economic situation, then we study two expressions very well. If we look at the first place of happiness, the second house and the third place, then we see the money price which we call the second house, then with these three prices we can evaluate the economic situation. So your financial condition will be very good this month. After February 12, the conjunction of the Sun with the Ascendant and before that, they will together with the five planets inside the destiny place. The planets of the five planets which are going to be held from February 5 to February 12 will make you realize your happiness, and will strengthen the position of profit, financial condition. At this time, the benefic Sukhesh Lagnesh and Bhagyesh and your Karmesh and after that the moon will come on February 10, then Parakramesh and Panchamesh will see you together. All these planets will have a great combination and that too in your destiny. So will make your destiny more strong. At this time, all your spoiled work will start happening. You will also get the benefit from stuck work plans stuck. The plans will go on and you will progress very well at your workplace, the profit situation will be very good. You will get contingent benefits. If you invest in stock market trading, then you will also get good profit in it. On the other hand, if you are interested in the lottery, then the lottery will also prove to be beneficial for you. This time is going to be very good and good for you financially, because the master of the benefic sense, the master of the house will also sit in the fortune center and sit in the triangle center with Saturn, sitting in a triangle center, but the situation will be like a disintegrating state If Saturn is sitting in a home and a triangle, then at this time you will get to see very good results. Pleasures will also increase. You will see good progress in your life at your workplace. 

Education, Career And Business

Vrishabh Rashifal February 2021 – Now we move forward and know about further education, career and business. If I talk about education, career and business, I will first talk about the student class. So Mercury, the fifth class student of the student class, will go to your karma place and on February 4, he will sit backward from the karma place and he will sit in your destiny place. And Karmesh Bhagyesh Bhinesh will do all this together. But sitting Mercury retroactively will increase your work because Mercury planet is a benign house and when it is retrograde it gives very good results. In the fifth house, sitting in the fifth house with your fifth person remained a wonderful coincidence, so it is very good for the students. Especially for M.Com students, commerce students who work related to CA CS and those who are engaged in IT companies, the time will be very good for all of them. You will see a lot of progress and progress in your field of work. You will make your parents feel proud. You will make your school feel proud and if you are doing a PhD level or a big diploma course or you can do some additional studies to enhance your work by doing some studies related to that graduation. You will get success in all those fields, which is your dream, the time has come to realize that dream that has been going on for a long time. Talking about career, it is going to be very good for the youth. At this time, the youth have chances of employment. At this time if you are preparing related to judiciary, preparing related to court, working related to groceries, preparing for higher administrative positions, if you are preparing for promotion, want to get a government job then You will get very good success in all. Those who have interest in politics, who have very good interest in politics and they want to strengthen their hold in politics. If you are preparing for a very long time or you are preparing, then your MLA leader and if you have tried very well and you are standing in your party as a strong politician within your area then your Prime Minister Even half chances are made. Very good this time will be yours. This time will be good for you, for the leaders and for all other profiles. So if I look according to the place of karma, and look at my career, then this time is a very good opportunity. Talking about business, there can be a little turmoil for the business class. If you are doing any work of your own, then you may have to face small obstacles inside that work. But you should keep in mind that this month is going to be stable. Do not work in partnership at all, because partnership can harm you. Partner can cheat with you and your partnership may break and Already be in partnership, then please take care of your partner’s feelings. If the partnership is already good, your business is going well then you will have to take your partner. Keep a tendency to compromise a bit. Do not be stubborn. Do not let the ego come in the middle, if not for your work then your growth will stop and your work will also stop. It is better if you manage a little bit in partnership and if you do not work in partnership. If you want to start a new work, then do it alone. Separate the work you do, it will be good. Start with your capacity as much as possible. But do individual work, it will be better for you. – Vrishabh Rashifal February 2021 

Life Partner And Love Affair

Vrishabh Rashifal February 2021 – Now we go ahead and know about life partner love affairs. According to the life partner and love affairs, this month is writing mixed results for you. Saptamesh Mangal, who is seeking you in the double sense. Later even if they sit in the ascendant, you will still be Manglik. When a person becomes Manglik then anger and anger dominate him. Suspecting your relationship also becomes a little suspicious, a little dominating with your life partner, you may have to face these situations. Therefore, at this time you have to take care of your behavior especially your behavior. Get in tune with your life partner. If there is any kind of difference, if there are any differences, then you will go deeper and your relationship will continue to deteriorate. Keep this in mind because these Ketu who are sitting in your seventh house will be sitting in your seventh house throughout the year and will bring upheaval in married life. So you have to move very carefully. Will have to take measures for Ketu. If you want a good and healthy marital life. If you are newly married or get married, then it is important for all of them to do these measures especially because the future is good for you, your marriage is not broken, you can become good bonding with each other. For this, you have to take these measures. We have to take measures for the seventh house. One has to walk thoughtfully in married life. Love relationship can deceive you from your partner. Therefore, we will keep our relationship in a limited range for a limited period of time. Involving it too much inside it too much can prove to be painful for you. Your heart may break and you may regret visiting your relationship later. Therefore, first test your relationship thoroughly, test your partner thoroughly, only then move on in the partnership. In the case of spouse and love affairs, this month is going to have mixed results.


Now we go ahead and put an eye on health. If I talk about health, then Venus, the lord of diseases, who is seated in the place of fortune and Venus is going from your destiny place to your karma location on February 21, then you may have some problems related to you and Venus. . Especially for women, which can be a period problem and itching to be a problem of some internal part, problem of wart, problem of piles, you have to face some such problem. You have to take care of these things, although there is no possibility of a big problem, but yes you will have to take care of your health because this transition period is going on and Rahu is sitting in your zodiac sign and you are sitting in your ascendant. Chances of becoming infected will become more. Therefore, be careful and take special care of your health. If you are connected to Yoga Meditation Pranayama, then everything will be corrected from time to time, then you will take care of your health. – Vrishabh Rashifal February 2021 

Let’s look at Remedies:

Vrishabh Rashifal February 2021 – This was the monthly horoscope of the people of Taurus in the month of February. Now move towards remedy. What measures should we take today. In this month, those who are sitting in the seventh house for the seventh house, Rahu and Ketu, will disturb you for the whole year because they are sitting in the ascendant and Ketu in your seventh house and Mars, because they are sitting in the spending house. If you come in and create a situation of conflict, first of all, keep Mangal Rahu Angarak Yoga Nivaran Yantra in your worship room and then chant Rahu and Mars before it. You both have to do it. If it is done after sunset then it will be fine for you because chanting of cruel planets takes place only after sunset. They prevail at the same time, if you chant at that time, then there is peace and nuisance starts giving results, then after sunset you keep Mangara Rahu’s Angarak Yoga Nirman Yantra in the worship room and chant it. It will take care of the fact that you have to sit on the brown posture. Now the second thing is that Ketu, who is sitting in the seventh house, who will be Manglik, is adversely affecting your married life, then what measures should you take for this. So first of all you have to worship Bholenath regularly. Take the Shivling and if you take the Shivling, it will be much better for you. After taking the Shivling, you install it in your worship room and by mixing raw milk and water on Bholenath, both the husband and wife together can anoint it on that Shivling. Wear Gaurishankar Rudraksh in your neck and if possible, mix Katyayani plus Kanakadhara with both these instruments and make a pendant of Gaurishankar Rudraksh which we also make, if you wear it, then you will be married Will always tie life firmly. If unmarried will be bound by the bond of marriage and after tying the marriage bond will keep your married life good and healthy, then you should always do these measures of seventh house because Rahu and Ketu are sitting here throughout the year, so these measures will give you Have to do with regularity. The flag in the temple is definitely Pherani. If you give bread to a black dog, then you must do this remedy. If you take any of these remedies then all the problems in your life will go away. Shree Radhe. – Vrishabh Rashifal February 2021 


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