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Vrishabh Rashi 2021 English – Yearly Horoscope


Vrishabh Rashi 2021 English – Yearly Horoscope

Vrishabh Rashi 2021 English Family Situation – Rahu sitting in your personality sense in the beginning of the year can make you a confusing person. Not being able to take decisions, having a weak power of decision and feeling fear before starting every task will present you as a weak person in the society. Your relationships with your colleagues will also be deteriorating at your workplace. Even after making the right decisions, those decisions can result in wrong ones that will make you feel self-absorbed. Your confidence will be fierce this year. So this year, you have to take the members of your family while making decisions. You will have to take your grandparents’, parents or any elders together and start the work with their advice. The beginning of the year is not going to be such a good and welfare family situation for you. Ketu and Saturn will be enthroned even in married life and together creating inertia yoga will not be beneficial for your married life at the beginning of the year. Due to the sight of Saturn in your sickness throughout the year, even the little side will remain a bit of a pandemonium for you. You have to be a little careful this year. Your relationship with fellow siblings will be great. If we talk about family then the beginning of the year will not be so good for you, but as time passes, you will see a different identity and name being created. The time from mid-January to the middle of April is excellent, at this time your relations with your family will be good, with the help of which you will be able to overcome the estrangement between your loved ones. And even if you will be seen to improve your image, you will appear successful. Your relationship with the mother will be good, but the Sun of the mother will remain high between April 14 and May 13. Between August 17 and September 16, Venus will sit in your mother’s house in the presence of the Sun and then you will get very good support from the mother. At that time your tuning with the mother will appear to be much better, expanding and becoming more prominent. If your estrangement between your mother and your parents is going to be very long, will you join back with your family, then during this year your relationship will look normal, getting better. There will be a situation of profit from your mother and if you do any work in the mother’s name at this time, then you will also see good benefit in it. From May 14 to June 14, Sun and Rahu will come together and will be seen making eclipse yoga. When Surya and Rahu will come together to create eclipse yoga and from 17 October to 16 November when the Sun will sit in your ascendant, then you have to be especially careful about your mother’s health. This time period will be worrying about his health. You may have to visit the hospital for that. At this time you will get a chance to take care of your mother and serve them and you should be aware of them in advance and do not be careless at all and be very careful about their health. This year your mother’s health may be a bit shaky. In the case of a child, look at the lord of the child, who will not bring good and welfare results for you at the beginning of the year. But later, the lord of your child’s house from January 5 to April 15 will be the time to bring you happy news and beneficial situations on behalf of the child. If your child is equally in age to you, then he will help you in your business. His strategy planning will give his plans a very good advantage in your business. if the child is young, it will make you feel proud through their studies, through activities, through art, you will be seen feeling proud. This time is going to be the best time for you from your children. Tell your life partner’s life that you will get mixed results from your life partner and from your marriage. This year, from 12 February to 14 April, when Mars sits in lagna, that time will be the best time for you. Your relationships will be improved. This year will be fully supportive from your father. Father will walk with you step by step and will guide you and with his help you will see your work taking the business forward, and whatever plans you are planning, you will be blessed by them. You will get very good results in whatever work you do by taking their advice. Your confusion has arisen in the personality which Rahu has come to sit in your sense of personality and the loss you have suffered, you can compensate the loss by taking help from your father. And you must take advice from your father while making decisions. Your confusion has arisen in the personality which Rahu has come to sit in your sense of personality and the loss you have suffered, you can compensate the loss by taking help from your father.You should take the advice of your father in the in the important matters like decision making or for your work or for any important meeting and long-term business trip, then you should take the blessings of your parents and leave later.This will reduce the huge interruptions in your work. Your indecision functionality will end and you will get very good results. So this time, which will be from a family point of view, will bring mixed results. The mother’s health will have to be taken care of, you’ll be supported by your father’s. This time is going to be a bit difficult for you from the point of view of a life partner.


Vrishabh Rashi 2021 English Financial or Economic Position – If we talk about the economic situation, then we look at the sense of profit and the place of happiness. By the way, we also see the work, after calculating all these things, the financial situation is going to be very good for you this year. Guru,the one who is the master of the benefic spirit,sitting in the destiny place throughout the year, and is good anyway. Though Guru sat in a low mood and sat down, but by sitting with Saturn, there will be a situation of dissolution of Raja Yoga.So the financial situation will be very good. By the way, when the Guru will come to your Karma house, then he will go to the Aquarius, then he will give you very good results from April 6 to September 15. The Guru will sit in the spirit of Karma and along with that the seventh vision of the Guru will also fall in the place of happiness which will increase your happiness.Will increase your luxury. At this time, you will shop for a new vehicle, buying a new house, shopping for a new property.Also, the Sun, which is the owner of your place of happiness, will come to your place of happiness and be seated as a self from August 17 and till September 16. And at that time, the combination of Saptamesh Mars and dwiteeyesh and Panchmesh Mercury will create very beneficial conditions for you. This time can be said for you financially in this year’s golden time. Your dream of home from a very long time will be fulfilled. And the dream of buying a new vehicle will be fulfilled and this time is going to be the best any luxury item you want to purchase in your home. Apart from this, the time from October 17 to November 16 will not be so good and lucky for you. At this time your Sukhesh will be of lowliness which will not give you such good results. At this time, you may face some financial problem, a situation of taking out a loan may arise or either you have to control your expenses on time. You will have to demonstrate frugality at this time, and do not spend unrestrained. Apart from this, from 14 April to 13 May, the Sun will be sitting in its high sign i.e. Aries, i.e. the house of your expenditure. At that time, they will control your expenses which will increase your happiness. Financially, you will not have to face any kind of problem. But yes you will have to take care of time once in a while when your Ascendant Venus which is going to remain from February 15 to March 13. And this is the time period, you have to be alert from every point of view. You will feel a little stagnant at work. You’ll be feeling a kind of obstacle while completing any work. Whatever new work you want to start, keep this in mind and avoid this time.


Vrishabh Rashi 2021 English Education, Career and Business – If we talk about career and business, the ninth house and the tenth house whose lord is Saturn, who is making a great yoga called Shash, in his own house, in his fortune place, inside Capricorn, is sitting in self-consciousness. Saturn, sitting in place of fortune is increasing your luck. Especially for people in the job sector, this time is the best. This time is going to be the best for government jobs also. Except, from 12 January to 13 February because Saturn will remain low at this time, the whole year is very important for you in terms of career as well as business. The time from February 5 to February 12 is the time of conjunction of five planets in your destiny. This time period happening in Capricorn will also be a little turmoil i.e. change in job or you have worked hard, you cannot get the same result, a little hard work, more and less fruitful situations arise, family situation is not good. This time can shake your life. If you keep vigilance at this time, it will come out easily. On the 10th of February, the moon also accompanies these five planets. These five planets will be sitting on Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Guru along with the Moon. Apart from this, the year has the best time period for you. One more thing, for those who are doing business, this time will also be of special alertness. Working in partnership will make sense by tuning with your partner very wise. If your partnership is very good and you are getting very good profit then you will have to go through fine tuning because if you show a little bit of ego or you have a slight estrangement with your partner then there are chances of breaking the partnership. Ketu will remain seated throughout the year in your seventh sense which is the sense of partnership, so if you want to start any work in partnership at this time, don’t do it at all. You should start your work independently at a small level. Start a business on your own. If you also want to work in partnership, then make sure your partner is not a widow or widower or a childless person, then you should not do partnership with them at all. You will have to face loss instead of profit and your business will not do good. Move forward in your business keeping this in mind.People doing business related to minerals, petroleum,oil materials, or management, consultancy service or work related to judicial or related to court, this year will be very good for you all. This year will be especially good for the farmers and you will also get good profit from your crops. Let us say that this year will be good and special for Taurus people from the point of view of business from the point of view of education and in terms of career.


Mesh Rashi 2021 English Life Partner and Love Life – Talking about the love affair, Mars is the lord of the seventh house, which is sitting in your spending house and at the beginning of the year in the seventh house, the inertia of Ketu and Venus is becoming Yoga. The beginning of the year will not be so good for you because inertia yoga of Ketu and Venus, then destroying the factors of Venus is sitting in the seventh house.You will be facing confusions in your marriage life. Too much misunderstanding between you, quarrels with each other, estrangement does not make sense for each other, such situations will appear. But when Venus will move forward and Mars will be seated especially when going inside your zodiac ie Taurus, though Mars will make angarak yoga with Rahu. But the sight of Mars will fall on your own house, at that time some peace will come back in your married life. This year with married life, if we talk for married people or for love relationships then we will not say so good and you’ll get mixed results, sometimes good and sometimes cold situations will arise in your life throughout the year. Mangal Rahu’s angarka yoga can cause some harm by looking at your tuning with your spouse. You have to be a little careful, especially this time. If both of your relationships are already bad, they are not going well, you must handle your relationship very wisely as your married life can be worse and you may have to bear separation from each other. The middle of the year will be good for you. At this time, your tuning with your spouse will be good, you will be supportive for each other, but now you have to protect yourself from unrestrained expenses and at this time your spouse will also have to stop you from spending unrestrained. The time from 2 June to 19 July, this time you have to be especially careful. But the time after July 19, this time will bring a beneficial situation for you.Will increase happiness, will increase luxury and your life partner will get very good support financially. From 22 October to 4 December, at this time you will also have to take care of the health of your spouse. His health may be turbulent at that time and you may also have to visit hospitals during this period. Therefore, at this time your dedication will be very helpful with them. The same thing is also in a love relationship. You may also have one or two breakups this year in your love relationship.You will be willing to proceed with a fine tuning and you will have a breakup again. This year will be full of ups and downs according to your love relationship and married life. 

Mesh Rashi 2021 English Health – If we talk about health, first of all, sitting Rahu in your ascendant, Ketu sitting in the seventh house, which Ketu and Rahu sitting in the seventh house can affect your health and infect you with germs or viruses, so you have to take special care of health. After that, the tenth vision of Saturn is also falling on your disease, that is why especially you have a problem related to your nervous system and skin problem like itching, causing a problem of hallucinations or hair loss. Especially for women during the period of menses, they should take special care of their health. Add Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama in your schedule. You should avoid fried things this year or else you may have a stomach-related problem. So stay alert for your health a little bit so that you do not face any kind of problem towards your health and do not be negligent at all. If you feel a slight health fluctuation, consult a doctor immediately and get your treatment done.


Measures to be taken in the year 2021:


  1. First, you should fast on Friday. Eat things made with salt on Friday. it will give you financial progress.People of Taurus zodiac, whoever see little girls on Friday, have to make food for those girls in whatever number of five or seven and serve them on Friday, and take their blessings by touching their feet. These (Kanyas)girls are deemed as the replica of Maa Durga, so the blessings of Maa Durga will remain on you.
  2. You must serve cows. Donate as much of your ability by going to the cowshed and serving the cows. If you have a cow in your own house, serve it daily. You will also get a lot of benefits from every point of view. You will be particularly deficient in diseases.
  3. People of Taurus should also recite Durga Saptasati on Friday. This will make you blessed by Maa Durga and will infuse power. This year, help more and more women. Invoke the woman power and if you are capable then strengthen yourself more.
  4. You can set up any other women’s board. You can open an NGO for women, you will progress in your life with all such actions and whatever side effects are being created by the planets in your life will end very soon. You will also get benefits in diseases. The atmosphere of family strife will end. Taurus people should do it especially throughout the year. You will get very good benefits from this. You will progress in every area of ​​your life. May this year be a growth factor for you, bring glory and happiness in your life. Become financially capable. Even from a family point of view, this year is very good for you.

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