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Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2020 – Kanya Rashifal

Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2020

Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2020 :- The Dhaiya of Saturn is over, that is, the Virgo Zodiac is getting off the Dhaiya of Saturn in 2020. Now you move forward in your field of work and make your future brighter on the strength of hard work because the Dhaiya of Saturn is also ending and Saturn is becoming a factor in your fifth house. This is a very good time for you, especially for the students who are getting the education and this year is going to be very good for all those who are trying to reach their career. Yes, right now we are telling you the annual horoscope of Virgo Zodiac Signs 2020. So how will this coming year will be for Virgo Zodiac Signs, but before that, we will tell you about the position of planets, there will be changes in your zodiac sign and also in the future. So first of all, know how the planetary position is going to be in the coming year, Rahu is enthroned at the beginning of the year in your Karma sense, which will put obstacles in your work. Mars is enlightened in your self-planet, which will be seen increasing your power and Guru is sitting in your place of happiness. Also, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, and Ketu are also enthroned, which are indicating to increase good happiness. Venus is also in your fifth house at the beginning of the year, which will bring you a little laziness in your studies, but in the coming time of the year i.e. from January 24, the situation will be changed. When the zodiac sign of Saturn will change, on January 24, Saturn will enter Capricorn. And Saturn’s Capricorn sign means to be enthroned in your fifth house. This year is giving a very auspicious sign. Time is good for the students; time is going to be very good for those who are trying for their careers. That means sitting in your own house will bring a lot of good achievements for you due to the yog of Saturn, So far, those who were upset with your Shani’s Dhaiya, you were in trouble because of Saturn, you were struggling with problems in your life. All those problems will be overcome, the Dhaiya of Saturn will leave you and Saturn will do good luck for you and if sitting on your own planet with self-awareness, it will give you very good results. Apart from this, Guru will remain in Capricorn from 30th March to 29th June and on 30th June; they will enter Sagittarius from Capricorn. And again on November 20th, they will again enter Capricorn; this will be seen to increase the progress of Guru. Also, Rahu will enter your tenth house from the 23rd of September i.e. from Karma House i.e. will enter Taurus sign. The same Ketu will also be seen entering Scorpio from your Sagittarius from September 20, so it is the zodiac changes of some planets that will be living this year. And all these changes will determine your coming year. What is going to happen to you in that coming year, now we will tell you that this horoscope will be respectfully effective according to both the lunar sign and the Lagna. Kanya Rashi 2020

Family Status

Aries Yearly Horoscope 2020

This year will prove to be very good and profitable for your family. Especially you will get full support from your mother. Happiness and pride will increase in your life. But there will be some shortfall in your pleasures and in the middle of the year in your grief, the Guru is self-conscious and is in your fourth house, so the situation before March 30th of the year will be very beneficial for you and very pleasing. Your relationship with your mother will be very good. And the time is from November to December, at that time also, the situation will be a very good happiness factor, your family’s happiness will increase. Your name will grow. Your position will increase. That is, you will feel yourself progressing in life and you will also move forward with your family members. This will give you full support from your family members. Especially the support of your siblings is going to be very good this year. They will support you in everything you do. If they are younger, they will be seen making good progress in studies. And if they are elder, they will help you in business, they will be seen helping you at your workplace and walk shoulder to shoulder, which will remove all the problems coming in your life. This year will be very beneficial for you from the same children. When Saturn is residing in the fifth house after January 24th, then all your worries will be resolved from the children and the children will make you feel proud throughout the year. Sometimes they will make you proud by studying and sometimes they will be proud of you and you will feel proud of them, this year will also give you a very good achievement in education, that is, you will be seen achieving new and good achievements in the field of education. So this whole year is going to be very good in terms of family. Full support of the father, full support of the mother, support of siblings, you will get the full year and good news from children and what is needed in our life when our family is with us. So we have the ability to win every battle in life. So this year is very good from your family’s point of view, so move ahead with your family and spend this year with family with great enthusiasm. Kanya Rashi 2020

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Life Partner & Love Life

That is, how will you be in harmony with the life of your partner? So this year your relationship with your partner is going to be good. You will get whatever you want. You will feel every kind of achievement in your life and you will get full support of your partner and you will be seen to be supporting them. In the middle of the year, there will be a slight change in the conditions. You and your partner may have to separate if both of you are in a job due to some reason. If you are busy with any work. So your directions will change and both you have to be away from each other. But this situation will not last long and by the end of the year, both of you will be back together. Due to the distance in your relationship, sweetness will increase even more and the relationship will get stronger. You will be able to understand each other in a better way. If we talk about the same love affair then in case of a love affair, you will have to be a little careful in the relationship of love. At the beginning of the year, your relationship with your lover may also break. You may get cheated by them and your relationship may get disrupted. Your relationship may break up. But in the middle of the year, you will definitely get a better and better partner and if you express your love to him, then the situation is very good for you, but some misunderstandings will work between you. That misunderstanding will gradually increase and by the end of the year your relationship will improve and your relationship will look stronger. If you want to get married in the bond of marriage, then the situation is becoming favorable at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year, at that time you can be tied in the bond of marriage and your married life is going to be very happy. So, pay full attention to your married life this year. Spend maximum time with your partner and must respect their feelings. With this, both of you will find a solution to every problem coming in your life and will go ahead without any hindrance in your life. Kanya Rashi 2020

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Business and Career

Aries Yearly Horoscope 2020

From the point of view of business and career, this year will be full of growth for you. Rahu will sit in your fortune in the month of September, those who will bring some reduction in your fortune. You will not get the results you are thinking, that is, you have reached the final stage, you are stuck in some business, in any work, in making your career and there you are stuck. So you will have to face disappointment, hence there will be no shortage in your hard work and you can make your own destiny, so keep a little care at that time Rahu will remain enthralled for the entire year. That will put obstacles in your work area. But you have the ability to overcome all those obstacles at the cost of your hard work, that’s why you will deal with these problems and you will be seen progressing in your business. If we talk about the same career, then this year will prove to be very crucial for those looking for a career. Whatever career you are trying to get involved in it with passion, you will definitely get success in it. And if you are looking for a field in which field to make a career, then you must do work related to Saturn, because Shani is sitting in fifth place. This year, if you do any work related to Saturn, that is, you do some work related to geology, the mechanic does some work related to engineering.  You do any work related to petroleum products if you are studying mechanics. If you are preparing any exam related to RJS, court, a lawyer in the future, so definitely your future will be bright in this area and you will be seen doing very well in these areas. If you want to go to the Department of Minerals too, if you want to try it, then you can definitely try in it, if you do geology, any business related to oil, any road contract-related work, then you will be very profitable situation arises, if you do any surgery-related work, do any medical-related business, then it can also prove to be beneficial for you. So there are so many ways to make a career, choose from this and this year is very good in terms of career. If you make a career in it, then your future is very good and you progress a lot in the future. Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2020

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Economic condition

If we talk about the economic situation, then this year will be good for you from the economic point of view, your happiness will increase. Your profits will increase and some high-growth situations will arise in the business. You will get good benefits and your profit situation will be good throughout the year, but the time from September to December is the time when the zodiac sign of Rahu will change and you will enter Taurus. When you enter your destiny, then you will have to face some problems, you will miss your profit. Your money problem will worsen at that time and invest thoughtfully. Do not do any speculative work related to big investments, stock market, lottery, etc. Do not invest in it. So it will be better for you, otherwise, the situation of loss may arise. Keep yourself away from your wasteful expenditure and prevent your family members from spending extravagantly, then the situation will be brought under control very quickly. And the financial situation will not be as bad as we are thinking, that is, you will not have to suffer much financial loss. And it is very good for you to remain in the same condition. Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2020

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Education and Health

This year is going to be very good in terms of education. This time is very good for all those who are preparing for mechanical engineering, who are preparing for their doctors, who want to join the medical field. This year you should try in all these and you will definitely get good results. Along with that, if there is any work related to accounting, if you are doing any preparation related to RJS, then you can also achieve good achievement in it. If you are a lawyer, then you will get such a case in the year that will make you go very popular, then this year is going to be very good for the whole study. Especially students of commerce and science class will get special achievements this year; students of art class will be seen doing a good performance in their art. Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2020

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Virgo Remedies 2020

If we see the same from the point of view of health, then this year will be mixed for you. We are not seeing much increase in your health. That is, your health will be fine. But you have to be aware of the health of your family members. At the beginning of the year, you will appear worried about the health of your siblings. In the middle of the year, you will worry about the health of your child. But despite the health concerns of these two, you will not have many health-related problems. You will not have to go through any major medical examination. You will not have to go through any major health problems. Take care of your father’s health at the end of the year. He may have a bone-related problem. Any injury and accident can happen, that is why being careful while driving. Avoid long-distance trips to your father at the end of the year, if you keep some precautions for your health, then if you keep some precautions for your health, then this year will also be very good for you in terms of health. So, we have told you the complete details of the 2020 zodiac sign, which can also make a change in your life in the future. Kanya Rashi 2020

Remedy: Now we will tell you some remedies which will make your coming year even better and if there are any problems in your life, they will also resolve them. Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2020

–         You must wear a Guru Yantra locket to increase your happiness this year.

–         Go to the temple of Shani Dev and worship Lord Shani and also wear Shani Yantra Pendant. Guru Yantra on one side, Shani Yantra on one side, if you make these two Yantra in the same locket and wear them, then both Guru and Saturn are additive, they will both give you good results. Especially Saturn is going to give you very good results. Saturn is the luck factor. Is sitting in your fifth house and Saturn can bring very good achievements in your life. So you must take these remedies.

–         Apart from this, according to the Lagna, we have made some Rudraksha Pendant according to each zodiac, and then you must wear Rudraksha Pendant according to Virgo Zodiac Sign and Lagna. They are made according to your Lagnesh, Panchamesh, and Bhagnesh. So you must wear them around your neck.

–         The temple of Hanuman Ji must be visited by Dakshinmukhi Hanuman on Tuesday and did not forget to offer flags in the temple of Hanuman. By hoisting the flag, your enemies will be destroyed as they fly the flag. And your fame will increase. So, do some remedies that you must do to the Virgo zodiac. You should adopt these remedies in your life and make your life even simpler and easier. Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2020


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