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Virgo Rashifal June 2021 | कन्या राशि जून राशिफल – Virgo horoscope | June Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Virgo Rashifal June 2021  कन्या राशि जून राशिफल

Hi. Today I am present in front of you with the monthly horoscope for the month of June. There is a special festival in the month of June which is the festival of Nirjala Ekadashi. Nirjala Ekadashi on 21st June is considered an Ekadashi of special importance in itself. It is such a belief that by doing this Ekadashi equal to 12 Ekadashis, one gets the results of twelve Ekadashis. It is also called Aam Ekadashi. On this day, we distribute mangoes to all the daughters and daughters-in-law of our house, receive their blessings and on this day, charity is also of special importance. By donating whatever necessities are items to the needy people, our punya fruit increases and we get the punya fruit equal to 12 ekadashis in this one ekadashi itself. Lord Shri Vishnu’s grace is received. Those who have any kind of problem related to the Guru in their horoscope or there is an obstacle in getting a child, all of them should observe the fast of Nirjala Ekadashi with great pomp. Let’s go ahead and know about the position of planetary transit. What is the position of the planets, then first of all, let’s talk about the Sun, the king of the planets, who is currently sitting in Taurus and on June 15, he will be seated in the famous zodiac sign Gemini. On the other hand, the planet Mars, which is currently sitting in Gemini and on June 2, ie at the beginning of the month, is entering Cancer from the debilitated Varaha i.e. Gemini. A day later, they will sit west in Taurus zodiac and sit back. His friend’s zodiac sign, Jupiter, will remain in this entire mother’s zodiac sign Aquarius, which is his friend’s zodiac. The planet Venus, which is currently sitting in Gemini, and on June 22, will move from Gemini to its most hostile sign, Cancer. Saturn is sitting in Capricorn as a self-gratuitous sign. Rahu and Ketu are seated throughout the month in Scorpio. Apart from this, the vision of the Guru will be on the tenth house on your tenth house, while the sight of Saturn is going to fall on your seventh house on the benefic house and money on the house. Apart from this, we will also see three yogas which will remain till 14 June in the Taurus zodiac sign of Sun Mercury. The Sun changes its zodiac sign on June 15 and is in Gemini. Apart from this, the eclipse yoga of Sun Rahu is also being formed and the established yoga of postures will also be seen in this month. These three yogas will be seen this time in your destiny in Taurus. What will be the significance of these yogas with these visions and the position of the planets. You get to know about this and move on and start with our mental horoscope, then first of all we will talk about the family situation. – Virgo Kanya Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Family Status

First of all, you will see the personality that the lord of the house of personality Mercury ie Lagnesh Mudrak and Karmesh are also wise to you, but both the houses of a father, the sense of a personality and belongingness are considered to be a special house. While sitting on Mercury is good, but create strong yoga with Mercury Rahu. The retrogrades are happening more and forming a strong yoga with Rahu. This yoga is not considered good, that is why only the Ascendant is caught in this yoga, that is, Mercury, a planet, Rahu, a cruel planet and the combination of both the combinations, then you will get to see work conditions somewhere in your life. Anything can happen to the father also, his feelings of concern in your mind will be awakened this month that this yoga is going to be made for the whole month and your destiny is being made in the place, hence will also support your destiny. Apart from this, you will feel a slight decrease in social honor and respect this month. Confusion in work will result in estrangement in product relations. Many times we have something very strong, but until the next panchayat or if that thing goes wrong, then our positive thing is said and something similar is going to happen to you this time, so it is very clever with mother speech. In order to increase, that is, you will be able to speak with a lot of control over your bid and by thinking about how the effect of your words will be effected. You have to accept this too. The relationship will move a bit with ease because your relationship with your grandparents with uncle along with tau will make your relationship look a bit worse. Overall Personality At this time, a little confused, a little confused and the situation of some difficulties in the work remains yours. Your relationship with Micro will be good. Venus who is sitting in your karmic house, when you sit in the karmic house, then the eyes of the guru will be on Venus and Venus is going to sit in your karmic house for 22 days in the month of June, so the lord of the family house is also Venus and Venus Sitting in your karma for 22 days, having a Guru’s vision on it will give you a very good profit status, especially for those people who are associated with the field of art, this month is going to be very good. In addition to being a prosperous woman, I tell you many times in whatever work related to Venus, if you are doing any flower work of flowers, if you are doing any work of perfume, you are your boutique, do any work of fashion clothing or interior. Decoration and Fashion Designing and Decorative Ball Peace: Do any work related to Hotel Management. Do any of your restaurant dhaba or you do something like tiffin service from home or you supply special swivel pack to packed food. You do If you are involved in any such business, then this month will be very good for the people associated with all these fields and your work will be successful. Nowadays, anyway, the time of all work online is very much, so if you do more and more work online than sitting at home, there is definitely a possibility of getting help in it. A positive image of you will come to the fore in relation to family. Social prestige will increase and you will try to increase social relations with your relatives in the family. Some such people will also join your count, who will make a special contribution in furthering your circle and can also get your positions in your field of work in the coming time. With siblings, you may have some misunderstandings. By the way, Mars is the lord of your mighty house, which is also considered the place of brothers and sisters, and is sitting ninth from you, but Mars is sitting in nature but Ketu is sitting in the mighty house of Mars, so somewhere along with your brothers and sisters. Misunderstandings can be created. You may have to face many problems. You will definitely get victory in any dispute related to ancestral property. If you try and give very good results in it, then the debilitation of Mars can spoil your relation somewhere. Take care a little bit at that time. Do not do any such thing that will spoil your tuning, now you have to be completely alone and you have to complete all your tasks and whereas if you all keep your ancestral business and ancestral home together you are engaged in joint family and ancestral business then you should be especially You have to take care because if you are isolated then many types of problems can come in your life. Therefore, at this time, as much as possible, keep tuning in with your siblings. There may be some concern in your mind about your good relation with mother. This time you will have to take special care of the health of both your parents. Also, this time will not be so good for you. Some relations with the mother can also deteriorate, there may be something that can create misunderstanding in the month. But after that the circumstances will not be the same, you will convince your mother, you will be seen normalizing the relationship with her, you will get good news from the child. Children will make you feel proud through your studies, through your hard work through your activities. Because whatever your feelings of concern were from the children, they will meet your criteria and achieve their goal and will mitigate all your worries. If you have such a good relationship with your life partner, then you have to maintain a balance with your life partner. Guru sat in the sixth house and the Six House is not considered good, diseases, diseases, feelings of diseases, feelings of enemies and Guru is considered a very planetary god of knowledge. Guru Brihaspati, the source of knowledge, means the Guru of the gods Therefore, at this time you will also have to sit in harmony with your spouse and mother. Maybe the misunderstanding between them affects your relationship, then you will have to be a little careful and stay in this matter too. You will have to take care of your maternal grandfather’s health a little bit from the maternal grandfather too. At this time, you will not get, you will have to conduct your work alone, although your family members will definitely be seen doing support for you. Your relations with your in-laws will remain. Overall, the family conditions that are for you are not so good, so you should talk to you after a lot of weighing and thinking. Underline this line, which I am saying, you should underline it repeatedly and assimilate within yourself, only then you will remain in victory. You will not have to face any kind of ups and downs in the relationship. – Virgo Kanya Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Economic Condition

If I talk about the financial situation, then I will see the profit sense, look at the money house and see the place of happiness, then the master of the place of happiness, who goes to education and sits in a friend’s zodiac, but the teacher’s education does not bring good results for you. Therefore, your happiness will decrease at this time. There may be some maintenance expenses in the house as well as some problems inside your house. Because of your family estrangement, that too a happy family is also a happiness in the life of a person, then you will also feel some lack in the means of comfort. If the electronic gadget gets damaged, it will generate work and expenses in your life. Also, if you have to spend some money in the maintenance of the vehicle, then many such expenses will come in your life unintentionally, due to which your financial condition can be disturbed. Neutral will continue for you. A little will happen sometimes, but your profit will remain, but if you have to spend a little more to maintain the flexibility that you have in your happiness, then spend the same as if electronic gadgets are spoiled, repair why should you buy a new one. Don’t let such situations arise, otherwise it will be bad, then leave it and leave it, after that I created such a situation. If you get your work done in small expenses in small expenses, then do not invite big expenses in your life at all. There will be no shortage of any kind in your money. By the 22nd, you will also see possibilities of good benefits in the daily routine life. If you do a job, then the benefit of your daily routine will continue to be available to you, but whatever the owner of a dry place said at the time of happiness, who sits in the Guru Sikh house, then there can be a little plantation in happiness, so think Invest wisely and spend wisely. You will be wise in this. – Virgo Kanya Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Education, Career, And Business

But when it comes to education, career and business, the name of the student class comes first. If I talk about the student class, then this month is very good for you, very good for the students, you will achieve good success in whatever you want to do. Being self-aware, the fifth will increase your learning more. Doing some studies related to judicial process from Judicial Court to Related Agriculture. This month is going to be very good for the people associated with all those fields. Good achievements will enable you to achieve your goal. Whatever your wish is, diploma degree in it, recruit it in good college, all those ambitions will also be fulfilled. Whatever you invent something related to agriculture, this mother is also a very good companion for all those in the scientific field, which labs are made for the investigation of the past, those labs which have labs and whatever in those labs This is going to be a march for all those who are employed, so the mother will be good and prosperous for all those who work easily. But if I talk about career, then when it comes to career, I have to look at karma bhava and the lord of karma bhava makes me sit in my bar and is also making jata yoga with Rahu and in this way, Saturn is sitting on your fifth with zodiac sign. And the fifth house Saturn makes work by taking some work. Some difficulties arise in your life immediately and if you overcome those difficulties then only you will be successful in your life. The lord of the spirit of Karma, who will make you struggle, if you boss in the job, you will get scolded in small things, that is, you have given some work, you forgot, you will get scolded by the boss in your work. Then you are given some work and by giving some carelessness in your work and see when things go up, neither brings a big problem in the life of the person. So you will have to work tirelessly to make these things smaller. Boost your memory capacity. If you do not remember that nowadays we can put reminders by writing and recalling all the things in the stress that are present, then why do not you use your gadget in a way so that you do not have to be careless. You will remember the reminder on you and your phone. Yes, doing this work and writing work, you can write by typing in the phone, so this is a very good way. Organize all your tasks smoothly at the right time. If you adopt this method, then you will not face any problem in any kind of job. Talking about business, this month is not good for the business class as well. You will get to see the ups and downs in the dirt tai and business. The more ups and downs you are facing in business will keep you going continuously. At this time, you need to make a routine of saving your expenses by spending less than you need in your work and at the same time you should not make any big investment. Regularize the work that you have, by making an outline of it in the work, by giving a little more priority to the pending works so that money is released from inside those works and you get to see the possibilities of good monetary gains. You have to do this month together. According to the work, you will have to be very careful and follow small steps. – Virgo Kanya Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Life Partner And Love Affair

In case of life partner and love affairs also always told performance for you. You have to understand the feelings of your spouse. At this time, do not talk like such carelessness. They share false knowledge. Many times we want to take every credit ourselves by not understanding the feelings of the life partner and not giving his/her qualifications. Do not let such situations come in your midst, the vehicle of married life rests on both of the husband and wife. What is going to happen if a wheel bounces or a wheel pushes, acupuncture tries to make one or more bounces. Can you understand. It is possible that the car will not run, will not move forward or will not catch the speed, otherwise do not let this happen in your married life at all. walk with you. Understand each other’s feelings as well. Give each other credit too. Pay off his hard work. Every person praises himself and on this day you should praise yourself very much, but we do not look good with praise of ourselves. When our own family members, our life partners and society praise us, then our stature rises. If we achieve social honor, respect and prestige, then be self-praise, let the person next to prove your worth, let him praise you that people praise you. If your life partner praises you, then in life if you have adopted this formula of married life. So you will never feel any kind of problem in your married life and if you ignore this sutra, then somewhere or something in your life will continue to decrease with married life and the married spirit will not be so happy. Fluctuation person does not want if electricity remains. Every person is able to do all the work of their happy married life with a concentrated mind. Such a thing is also in some love relationships. This month is also on training for you in terms of love relationship. Understand your partner’s feelings, believe in his or her ability, and believe that trust rests. If your trust is removed then that relationship will decrease. Therefore, understanding each other’s feelings, if you move forward with each other, then with a good partnership you will be able to move forward in life and a good partner will not go out of your hands, otherwise the relationship will not take time to break. -Virgo Kanya Rashi June 2021 Horoscope


Talking about health, this month will bring good results for you in terms of health, if there are more problems, Shani is the master of diseases, but Saturn is sitting as a self-conscious fifth and therefore you will not face much problems. But the Guru sitting in the disease can increase the diseases, so whatever measures you can do related to the Guru at this time, you should do what you can do related to the Guru in health. Related stomach related problems can be related to your guru, any problem related to the skin. If you are having allredi, it can also bother you, so be aware of these problems and any such problems. Don’t let it take your place in your life. Take the rest of Yoga Meditation Pranayama in your life. Do Kapalbhati regularly because they are still going on. The more you strengthen your langs, the more you stay healthy from colds, the more you stay healthy, then change your food habits a little. Avoid a little fried fried things so that you do not have to face any health-related problems. So this was the monthly horoscope for the month of June for the Virgo sign. – Virgo Kanya Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Let’s look at Remedies:

Look, I am seeing situations of estrangement in relationships, so whenever you feel like this, you should watch your family members along with all the bands in the house, camphor cloves, cardamom, black pepper, coconut and google incense, make a havan of all these everyday. And during that time, make the Havan rotate its incense throughout the house. If you do this incense to you, then negative energy will come among your family members and you will establish a black horseshoe outside that house. Can put crystal balls inside the back of the house and can hang in northeast angle. Hang 3 crystal balls so that if there are minor differences between the family members of your house, then those things get ignored. Family atmosphere should be very good. In the second karmic field, I am seeing that the people of Virgo zodiac have to struggle, so you must worship Lord Ganesha, both karma and lagnesh. If you will definitely have a place for your sitting at the place of the job, then you can sit a small Ganpati crystal Ganpati and whenever you sit at the desk, pair them and after that you start your work. Yellow things should be donated to the merchant class. Also, to increase your business, you can have Vishnu Sahastranam recited at your trading site. The story of Satyanarayana, if possible, even on the day your immovable business is empty of business. On the day when your business will be closed, call your family members and sit on it and tell the story of Satyanarayana. You have to recite Vishnu Sahasranama. If possible, do a fast on Thursday and have a poster statue of Vishnu and Lakshmi ji on Sheshnag, which is the statue of Lord Vishnu’s Bharya Lakshmi and a Vishnu Lakshmi, related to Lord Vishnu, and you can install Sriyantra at your place of business. If you keep a lotus leaf garland on it, then if any type of obstacle in your life comes in the business then that obstacle will be removed. Follow these remedies, these measures can bring a lot of change in your life. Stay healthy, stay busy and always smile. -Virgo Kanya Rashi June 2021 Horoscope


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