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Virgo Kanya Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English| कन्या राशिफल जुलाई 2021



Virgo Kanya Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English |

कन्या राशिफल जुलाई 2021

The monthly horoscope of Virgo for the month of July | Virgo Kanya Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English

Family Status

If we talk about the family situation, then the Ascendant Mercury, which is also your Karmesh, is going to change the zodiac twice this month. Right now he is sitting in retrograde by turning west, and on 7th July he will enter your destiny and into the place of karma. The entry of Mercury in the karmic place will give you very good results because there they will sit as self-occupied and will make your personality absolutely powerful. Your bonding with your father will strengthen a lot. If there are any differences going on between you at this time, then those differences will also end in the relationship. From dadihal to cousin to uncle to tau to aunt, your relations will be seen to be very good. That is, your bonding will go on getting much better than your poor people. Social honor and respect, today you will increase yours this month, May fame and fame will be seen spreading all around in your life. People will be attracted to you and take advice from you and conduct their work, but all this will happen after 7th July because Mercury will sit with Rahu before 7th July. Taurus is retrograde and then inertia is also creating yoga, so at this time your luck will not support you so much, so whatever important work you want to do, whether you want to strengthen your relationships, whether your family issues or your professional issues, you will be in all those areas. The decision is to be taken after 7th July. The time till July 25 is going to be very good. At this time your honor and fame will be seen spreading all around. With family also, this month will be very good for you. This will be the time to move forward by increasing the rapport with the family. However, Venus is sitting in your benefic house, which is the lord of the family house. Venus also has the sight of Saturn, but the results of Venus are good in the eleventh house, and after that, Venus will enter Leo. If you sit under your influence, then your respect from relatives will increase. You will come in the category of dignitaries in the society. A positive image of you will be visible in the society. All disputes related to ancestral property will be resolved. Family issues will all be resolved and the sourness which was going on in the relationship will also be seen to be going away. This month will not be so good for you with your siblings. Especially with elder siblings, misunderstanding can be created because Mars is debilitated and Saturn’s vision is falling on Mars, sitting in the 11th house and being the lord of siblings, Ketu is also sitting there, so there should be some institution. There may be differences of opinion, there may be an atmosphere of dispute over small things, and such situations can arise, so at this time, as much as possible, control your speech and control your anger. The more you go on weighing your voice, the more you will be able to strengthen your relationships. So after weighing a little in your relationships, you will have to move forward. Don’t take any decision in haste. Don’t get excited at all. Solve your issues with a little calmness so that all the differences will be resolved gradually. With your mother, this month will go ahead with a little mixed effect for you. Because if your tuning is not good with siblings, then there can be situations of debate with mother too. You have to be careful while communicating with your mother. You have to control your speaking. Do not argue, arguing about small things leads to more estrangement situations in relationships. Even if your mother is telling you something, she is also scolding you in anger, then keep quiet and listen to her talk, later you sit near her. If you keep your words in front of them with love, then it is called Mother Jagatjanani. These gods and goddesses are considered to be the first revered mother, they will definitely understand your words, they will understand your feelings first, but if you work with a little cold mind, then you are right. Even talking about it, they will also find it negative. Therefore, explain any matter very carefully, calmly put your issues in front of them. You will get very good and good news from your children. The child will remain in your words. She will be obedient and will definitely set her goal by following the path shown by you. If she is doing any study related to justice, then there are chances of her getting very good success in it. She will also make you feel proud at the workplace, that is, she will work with some good new technology, which will increase the conditions of profit in your work, so you will have to trust your child a little bit. You have to leave your work to him; he will do his work comfortably, if the children are small, and then leave the children like this. Whenever you leave to study, you will give them some work and tell them that if you do it according to you, then they definitely get success in it. If we interrupt the children again and again, they are neither able to concentrate in that work and this tendency then comes in the form of habit in the children. So leave them in their condition and give them the responsibility, now see how they discharge it, know what path they follow, they will definitely show you by fulfilling that responsibility. You have to develop a little bit of trust and confidence in your children and more. Your tuning is going to be fine from Nanihal and will remain in a neutral position. Your relationship with your spouse will not be good because the seventh lord is sitting twelve from you and is sitting in the sixth house, then you will not get good results with your life partner. Your relationship with father will be very good. We told you that Mercury is self-occupied, and you will get very good results with father, you will get his love in his company. You will also get their guidance and their full support will be with you, then family situations will move forward for you with mixed effects. Virgo Kanya Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English

Economic Condition

If we talk about the economic condition, then we will see the profit house as a dry place and a money house. Your profit will be very good. You will not see any special ups and downs. Your profit will continue in the neutral position, the financial situation will continue, but at this time you will feel a decrease in your happiness. If the house is being built, then, you will feel a little stuck in it. If you are buying and selling a property, then you will feel disorientation in it. If you are buying a vehicle, then you will feel small, that is, you will get to see the situations of stagnation in small tasks, and because of that you will be seen getting a little upset. But you have to control yourself; you will have to have some patience. You have to take this time out with patience. Avoid starting a new task. Try to complete the old pending work continuously. Complete your work honestly so that your work can be completed smoothly, otherwise more problems will increase in the work and your confidence will be shaken due to the non-completion of work. Then if you want to keep the financial situation right, then weigh your budget a little. Only after understanding that you will have to move forward in your life. There will be some fluctuation in the profit that you are taking advantage of the routine, but you will not see the loss situations, and the time after 17th July will increase the profit of your daily routine. You will work very well, you have a business, and you will handle your business well. If you are doing a job, you will appear to be up in the eyes of the boss. While discharging his responsibilities. If any person fulfills his or her responsibility with honesty, he or she becomes worthy of praise of all. If something similar is going to happen to you this month as well, then, the financial situation will depend on your discretion with mixed effect. So be prudent. Don’t be in haste at work. Don’t make any big investment and let your work go on continuously. Virgo Kanya Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English


Educational Career and Business

Talking about education, all the students who study related to justice, whether it is the study of CLAT, whether it is LLB or any examination of any judge like RJS, then the time remains very good for all those students. You will get good success in your studies. Christmas time will be very favorable for employed people. You will make good progress. By concentrating at work, you will become the favorite of your boss. I will complete my work honestly. You will complete your responsibilities ahead of time, due to which your chances of promotion will also be visible in the coming time. But students have to be a little discreet. Do not take any kind of negligence in studies. This time has remained very good, and you should make good use of this time, so make good use of this time and do not leave any kind of shortcoming in your hard work. If we talk about careers, then this time is going to be very good for people associated with the IT sector. Anyone who works related to accounting. Any work related to CA CS. If you have an office of your own, if you are associated with the banking sector and you work in a big IT company, then you will get to see very good results at this time. This month will be very good and prosperous for you. Chances of your promotion will be made; chances of increment will be created. Chances of salary increase will be visible in your time. You may be entrusted with a big responsibility. Big opportunities will await you this month, so this time is going to be very good for the employed people, but for the business class this time will be a bit struggling. Right now you want you to try to improve your situations. Try to move forward, but you will also have to wait a bit. Things will not come in your favor so soon. But do not give up trying because if you try, surely if not today, then tomorrow you will go on making your situations more favorable. There will also be situations of profit in business. Work will also progress and your confidence level will also increase, but for that you will have to have a lot of patience. Do not let any kind of worry troubles dominate you by moving ahead in your work with patience and time is not with you but with everyone the same. Keep this in mind, then you will not miss anywhere, and if you try hard, you will definitely earn success. Virgo Kanya Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English

Spouse and Love Affair

Talking about life partner and love affairs, we told you earlier that the relationship with the spouse will not be good in the family situation because the seventh lord who is sitting in his outside is sitting in the pit and with the guru sitting in the sixth house of your married life. May bring in a sense of turmoil. So go a bit tuning in with your life partner and understand his feelings. Don’t try to throw up small issues at all. Stay as calm as possible and take your relationship forward with maturity. Even if small things happen, a small matter becomes a situation of estrangement, then you can sort it out very easily and calmly, for that you do not need to be aggressive. As much as it can worsen the matter of increasing your anger and can break the part, so a bit, you will have to pay special attention to your married life. Leaving everything else aside, first they have to be given priority. In love relationships too, this time will go ahead with mixed effects for you. At this time, if you want to propose someone who is in a relationship, then wait for a while before proposing him. This time is not right for you. Then your heart will be broken, you will have to be sad, so do not do such work at all. First, you test them till a friendship, they will test you, then you feel that you should move forward in this relationship, then only if you move forward in this relationship, then you will have to move forward in your relationships after doing a little investigation and thinking. So if you walk with a little care and with caution, then you will not see any major problem in your married life and in your love relationship. Virgo Kanya Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English


If I talk about health, then Guru is sitting in the house of disease, which can get the Guru related problems somewhere. There may be problems related to stomach. Your weight may increase, you will take special care of weight. At this time you have to be careful while driving as there are chances of getting surgery. If you are travelling for a very long time, then the problem related to bones can increase and there is a possibility of surgery. A disease that is very old. You are taking it. You may have to have an operation, but now you have to. Therefore, take special care of your health. Do not be careless at all and if you do not treat the disease, it will increase and will invite many diseases. So if any problem occurs to you in the beginning and its treatment are the only option. If operation is the only option, then do not hesitate at all and cut that disease from the root immediately. Remove it from your body. You have to connect yourself with Yoga Meditation Pranayama, which we always tell you. At this time, you will have to take care of a bit of food and drink. Avoid fried things. Drink more water, eat fruits, juices and eat healthy things. If possible, the more you stay away from junk food, the more benefits you will get. Once the weight has increased, it will be very difficult to reduce it and with the increase in weight, many other problems also come in the body of the person. That’s why you have to take special care of your health, especially your weight. Virgo Kanya Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English


You should donate to the Guru and you have to donate yellow things on Thursday so that you do not have to face the problem of weight. You have to recite the name Vishnu Sahastra on every Thursday on Thursday, definitely do it. Apart from this, if you want to keep married life happy, then both of you should wear Gaurishankar Rudraksh around your neck and there is a jointly attached idol of both Shiva and Mother Parvati, and perform Abhishek on it. Wash both of them and apply sandalwood tilak on them. Apply kumkum to Mother Parvati and sandalwood vaccine to Bholenath. So if you do these measures together with your life partner, then your married life will also be happy, and you will not have to face any kind of problem in your life and if you want to do these remedies according to the love relationship in a healthy love relationship. If so, you must do it. You must fast on Monday. These remedies can change the course of your life. Can make life positive, can overcome many problems.


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