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Virgo January 2023 Horoscope English Blog | Nidhi Shrimali

virgo horoscope january 2023

Virgo January 2023

May this new year be prosperous for you. You decide the path of all progress and progress in your life. Good luck in your life, this is what we wish for all of you and have brought. Monthly horoscope of Virgo people for the first month of the new year i.e. January. How is this first month of the year going to be for the people of Virgo, First of all, let’s know. Regarding some special festivals coming in this month, the new year will start on January 1. Swami Vivekananda Jayanti will be celebrated on 12 January. On January 14, the festival of Lohri or Makar Sakranti, both of these will be celebrated together with pomp. Mouni Amavasya is coming on 21st of January and Republic Day and Basant Panchami festival will be celebrated together on the 26th of January.

Now let us know how will be the position of the planets in the first month of the year, then first of all let’s talk about the planet Sun which is currently sitting in its best friend zodiac sign Sagittarius and on January 14, it will enter its even zodiac sign Capricorn. Here the sun will be seen being uttarayan. The festival of Makar Sankranti will be celebrated on this day. The planet Mercury will be sitting in its friendly sign Sagittarius this whole month. On the other hand, Mars is going to be sitting in its enemy zodiac sign Taurus in retrograde state this whole month. Guru will be sitting in his own sign Pisces this whole month. On the other hand, if we talk about the planet Venus, it is currently sitting in its even sign Capricorn and on January 22, it will enter its even sign Aquarius. If we talk about the planet Saturn, then at present it is sitting in its own zodiac sign Capricorn and in this month i.e. on January 17, it is going to sit in its original triangle zodiac sign Aquarius. This zodiac change of Saturn will be called the biggest zodiac change of this year. Rahu will be sitting in its even sign Aries this whole month and Ketu will be sitting in its zodiac sign Libra this whole month. So this is the condition of the planetary transits of this month. Now let us know about the conditions of these planets. What is the impact of the biggest zodiac change of this year on you this month, then let’s start with the monthly horoscope for the month of January for Virgo people. 

First of all, let’s talk about your own zodiac sign, which is Mercury, which is sitting in the place of happiness by being the lord of the ascendant. Being the lord of the ascendant of Mercury, now sitting in your happy place is going to give you great results. Your personality will be very powerful. Will be rich with sharp intelligence. Will take decisions very well and very systematically, so that all your decisions will be seen to be successful. You will be seen mesmerizing everyone with your speech. Due to your eloquence, you will make even the spoiled work work. There will be an increase in social respect at this time. And people will see your influence increasing. Due to which people will try to follow you. Many people will consider you as their idol. And you will also go on deciding one by one the path of progress in your life. Will not be in any kind of hurry in working and will try to complete their tasks very calmly and in an orderly manner. So you will see very good results of Mercury this month.

Now since he is also your Karmesh, the lord of Karma Bhava is in the seventh house from himself and Mercury is also looking at his own house i.e. Karma Bhava, so you will try to bring intensity in your work. Especially people associated with those areas who are associated with the IT field, who are associated with the banking sector. Those who work in finance, those who are associated with the field of accounting, CA or writing, or if you do any work related to musical instruments, then definitely people associated with these fields will get great results. . Promotion opportunities will be available. There will be support and cooperation of the officers. There will be chances of desired transfer. At this time you will move forward in your life with a special ability and your ability will be tested and appreciated. That is, in every way you will be seen proving and proving your worth in your life. You will get to see the company and companionship of your father, and under his guidance, you will be seen improving your talent further, so that you can successfully present your personality in front of the society and your personality can become a source of inspiration for the society. You will get to see good results this month.

Now let’s go ahead and know more. Regarding the second house, the lord of the second house is Venus, which is sitting in your fifth house. Sitting in the fourth house of Venus i.e. Dwitiyesh sitting in the fourth house from you is very good for you. Will further strengthen and improve your financial condition. At this time you will not take the decision in haste. However, at times you will be surrounded by laziness. But will not let your laziness dominate you. With firecrackers, your intellect will say that no, work is our duty, do not deviate from that duty and you will decide the path of progress in your life by listening to the voice of your conscience. The officers will also try to move forward with a cooperative attitude for you and at this time the work related to the banking sector will be completed at a rapid pace. Respect will increase in the family, but it is possible that a situation of dispute may arise with any of your family members. You may have to face some misunderstandings but ultimately you will come out of these situations very soon. However, these conditions will not remain for very long and will be problematic for you. Soon you will try to control your situations and make them normal, then the results of Venus are very good according to Dhanesh.

Now, since Venus is your Bhagyesh, then the results of Venus will be very good according to the place of fortune because Bhagyesh will go to his ninth and you will see the best results of Bhagyesh here. Luck will be with you at this time. The incomplete works will be completed at a fast pace. The problems coming in the works will end. At this time you will be seen reducing the list of your pending tasks. This time will also provide you with many new opportunities for starting new work. At this time, you will be filled with religious tendencies. You will complete the journey of delightful places. Your participation in social programs will increase. The time after January 22 is going to be good for you. However, at this time you need to be careful about diseases caused by Venus. Is. But at this time you will get freedom from your enemies. You will gain efficiency in work and your journeys to beautiful places would be successful. Will appear to have happened. So you will get to see very good results from Venus.

Now moving forward, let’s know more. Regarding the third place, the owner of the third place. Mars, which is sitting in your lucky place. Mars is also aspects the third house from the seventh aspect, so all land-related disputes will end at this time. If any disputes related to property are emerging in the family, then those disputes will also appear to be pacifying now. You will be seen to be able to solve your disputes through mutual talks. There will be an increase in social respect. People associated with the technical field will also get promotions and fame at this time. At this time, whatever work you take in hand, you will be able to complete it. At this time, you will get special abilities and skills from hobby related work and you will be seen enjoying fame. With siblings, your tuning will be seen to be very good. And your hold in politics will increase. So you will get the result of Mars according to the very good third place.

Mars which is your eighth lord. Rahu is also sitting in the eighth house and one house ahead of you, so according to the eighth house, this time will give you excellent results. At this time, the smallest enemies whom you are not even able to recognize, you will calm down. Prove your worth at this time on your enemies. also. After getting victory, we will make our own awe and hold. At this time Rahu is sitting in your eighth house, so the journey will be more successful. But these journeys will be pleasant and auspicious for you. At this time you will consider expanding your work. Suddenly you were seen thinking about new sources of wealth. Will give and you will also find such auspicious sources. At this time you will get success in your travels but you will have to take special care of your belongings. You will not be dependent on anyone even at the work place. That is, we will complete our tasks by standing on our own. But take care this time. You should keep your confidential matters to yourself and keep confidential documents in a safe place. However, you will get freedom from debt situations and if you want to take a loan, then that wish will also be fulfilled. So you should see very wonderful and excellent results of Mars according to the eighth house. Who will meet

Now let’s go ahead and know more. Regarding the place of happiness, there is the master of the place of happiness. Guru, who is also the lord of your seventh house and Guru being Sukhesh and Saptamesh, is creating Mahapurush Yoga named Hans in the seventh house. The results of Guru will be seen very good and spectacular according to these two places. There will be increase in happiness and support of mother and for half a month, Mercury and Sun will sit together and make Budhaditya Yoga in the middle. So at this time you will get success in land related works. Whatever work you do related to property, you will see special success in it at this time. Big projects will be seen to be completed by you. You will get a lot of support and cooperation from your mother and with her help your work will go on getting done. At this time, whatever work you take in your hand, you will complete them because of your sharp intellect. On the other hand, people associated with the field of management will get special success. Success will be achieved in the teaching business. Student class if If you move forward with concentration in your work, then definitely this time will also give you good success.

Since the same Guru is the lord of the seventh house, he will remove the problems coming in the married life. You will get good news in the obstacles related to marriage, that means those obstacles will end. On the other hand, if married life is full of upheavals, that is, upheaval is going on in life, then it will end now. Good news related to children will be received. At this time, if you want to open your own business or some such consultancy business, then you will definitely get success in that too. That means you can move forward in that work.

You will be seen to have a distinct identity and branding of your own. Implementation of some new plans in business can be completed by you, and if you do any work in the name of your life partner, then definitely you will get to see the powers of special benefits in life. And if you are in a love relationship, then you will get to see the best results in the love relationship as well. If you will be able to tell your love one what you want. If you want to change your love in marriage, then you will also get the approval of the family. Will happen

Now let’s go ahead and know more. About your fifth house. Lord of the fifth house is Shani, who is sitting in the fifth house as self-possessed. The lord of the fifth house sitting in his own house as self-centered will remove the obstacles coming in your education. CLAT students will get good news. If you have fought any competitive level related to the judicial process, then you will be seen achieving good success in that too. At the same time, this time will get you progress with your continuous efforts. You will have to work hard at this time, but you will definitely get the fruits of your hard work. You will get good news related to children. You will end the tension of the child. You will be seen to be relaxed about his career. On the other hand, for the sportspersons, this is the time to collect medals. At this time you will be able to prove your eligibility.

Now, since Shani is the lord of your house of diseases, you will surely get benefits even in diseases. However, this month can be a bit painful for women. You may have to face period related problems. But especially take care of your health at this time. Will keep So soon you get freedom from these problems too. Will appear At this time, whatever work you take in your hand, you will definitely achieve efficiency in that work. You will win over enemies among enemies, but you will have to avoid the company of wrong friends. Wrong friends try to mislead you. can do. Be a little careful with such friends.

Now let’s go ahead and know more. About profit. So Moon is the benefic, which is seen fluctuating your position of profit sometimes but ultimately profit will remain in your life. You will be able to prove your worth and on the basis of intelligence, you will maintain your profitable position stably. At this time, you will also get accidental money benefits, but avoid taking decisions in haste. Your participation in social programs will increase and your mind will be more engaged in works like social service.

Now let’s move on, let’s know further. About your expenses. Means whose master is Sun, who is sitting in your place of happiness. He is sitting fifth from himself. So the time till January 14 will control your expenses. At this time you have to avoid wrong decision. You will have a good rapport with colleagues at this time. Your officers will also have a cooperative attitude towards you at your work place. You will get good profit from abroad. People associated with the medical field will get fame from abroad and you can also get some big invitations from abroad. After January 14, when the Sun will move to your seventh house, that means the lord of the outer house will sit in the sixth house from itself. Sun will move to the fifth house, then at this time you have to be a little careful. Do not take any action or decision in haste. I am going to tie up with foreign companies. If so, be a little careful. Handicraft traders need to be a little careful and for those who do business outside, this is the time to move forward with a little caution, so if you proceed with caution then problems will be less. So this was the monthly horoscope of Virgo people for the month of January.

Auspicious dates – 3rd to 9th, 13th to 19th, 22nd, 23rd, 26th, 27th, 31st.

Unlucky dates – 1, 2, 10, 12 and 20, 21, 25, 28 and 29.

Auspicious color – golden color, golden color.


  • Red things should be donated.
  • Make sure to chant Beej Mantra of Budh Dev everyday.
  • Donation of black sesame in a temple on Wednesday evening will be beneficial for you.
  • You must recite Shri Ram Raksha Strot this month.
  • Must feed green fodder to the cow.

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