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Virgo Horoscope July 2022

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Ups and downs come in the life of every person and their solution is possible with the right guidance, so let us solve your every problem. First of all, if we know about the fasting and festivals coming in July, then on July 13, the festival of Guru Purnima is coming and this festival is dedicated to the Guru. A person’s life without a Guru is like a boat that is rudderless and cannot reach the shore. That is why, if there is no guru in your life, then definitely make a guru in your life. On July 28, the festival of Hariyali Amavasya i.e. Shravan Amavasya will be celebrated with great pomp. Donating fruits of drinks and fruits on this day is especially beneficial and on July 31, the festival of Hariyali Teej will be celebrated by all married people. This festival is kept by the honeymooners for the long life of their honey. So here are the special fasts and festivals coming in this month, which are making this month of July even more special. Virgo Horoscope July 2022

If we move ahead and know how this month is going to be important according to the position of the planets, then Sun, which is currently sitting in its friendly sign Gemini, and on July 16, they will enter their very friendly zodiac Cancer. The planet Mercury is currently sitting in its very friendly zodiac sign Taurus. They will enter their zodiac sign Gemini at the beginning of the month i.e. on 2nd July. That is, even after going there, they will be self-occupied and after that on July 17, they will again sit in their even zodiac sign Cancer, after changing zodiac. Even when Sun and Mercury are placed in Gemini, they will still form Budhaditya Yoga and after that in Cancer also they will be seen forming Budhaditya Yoga after half a month. For the whole month, Mars will remain self-occupied in its zodiac sign Aries, which is also your zodiac lord. The planet Jupiter will be sitting in its zodiac sign Pisces as a self-occupied person for the whole month. Venus is currently in its zodiac sign Taurus and on July 13, it will enter its very friendly sign, Gemini. The planet Saturn is currently sitting in its original triangle sign Aquarius this month and on July 12, after changing the zodiac, it will again become self-gratified in Capricorn. Rahu will remain in his even sign Aries for the whole month and Ketu will remain in his sign Libra for the whole month. The month of July is also very important, according to the planets because the influence of the huge planets Saturn and Saturn remains very much on our life and on the 12th of July Saturn is going retrograde. They are going to Capricorn again and as soon as they go to Capricorn, they will again feel dhaiya in Gemini and Virgo and Sagittarius since Saturn’s half-century has been removed. Again, Saturn’s Sati is going to be felt by the people of Sagittarius, then there is a change in the zodiac sign of Saturn, it is going to be very important and important for all the zodiac signs. However, this month, four planets are sitting as self-possessed, which Guru Shani, Mars and Venus will be sitting in this month as self-occupied. In which Venus is going to sit as a self-occupied person for half a month, that is, to sit as a four-and-a-half housemate and the change of the big planet Saturn’s zodiac change back to Capricorn, will this put on your life this month? Get to know about him.

First of all, let’s talk about your zodiac lord Mercury, who is both your Karmesh and Lagnesh Mercury is also going to change the zodiac twice this month. At the beginning of the month, Mercury will be sitting in its sign Gemini. Mercury will sit in your karmic house. Sitting in the Karmabhava of the Ascendant, going to the Kendradhipati and sitting in the centre is going to give you very wonderful results. You will get great success in your work during this time. There will be an increase in social prestige. You will see good support getting you at this time, which work can be completed at your speed. The more of those tasks, the faster you will go. Budhaditya Yoga of Sun, Mercury is also being formed in this, that this entire Budhaditya Yoga of Sun, Mercury will continue to be formed in you and your zodiac and due to Budhaditya Yoga of Sun Mercury, all the obstacles in your work will be removed. You will get to see good profit situations. Your bonding will be very good. On July 17, when Mercury will sit in the beneficial house of the centre while changing the zodiac, then it will give you very good results in the house of benefic. Therefore, with the Budhaditya Yoga of Sun and Mercury, the conditions for your benefit will be seen increasing progressively. At this time you will also be involved in religious work and your bonding with your family will be very good. IQ level would be great. The ability to recognize people will come with the ability to differentiate between good and bad and this decision will give you a very strong decision. Your decision-making will appear to increase your confidence level. At the same time, at this time you will get the blessings of grandparents, and their affection and with their blessings, you will go on setting the path of progress in your life.

Now Karmesh Mercury, who is first sitting in his own house as a self-occupied person, then Mercury, who is the lord of Karma Bhav, is going one house ahead of himself i.e. in profit, then this time will be very good for you according to your karma. Especially those who studied CA, CS, and those who have given any exam which has any result, their result will be positive for them. At the same time, if you do accounting, finance, banking, sector CA, CS or you do any kind of technical work. do computer work. If you are associated with the IT field, then definitely you will get very good results from Mercury. Chances of promotion will be seen in the job. You will get the cooperation of the officials. The obstacles in the way of your progress will now be over and you will make great progress. You will get big projects, you will see a chance to lead one of your teams this time. But if you do your work, then you will progress very well in that too and your work is going on, then at this time, you will be seen creating a brand image of yourself. You will be seen doing branding of your company and at this time you will be seen opening a new branch of your work, a new branch of your office, then this time is going to be very good for you. At this time your wishes will be fulfilled and there are chances of travelling abroad in connection with work. At this time you will get big opportunities from foreign companies. There you will get opportunities to represent your company. In connection with a big project, you will get opportunities to work outside and you will also get the full benefit of these good opportunities. That is, for the people of Virgo, it has brought great results outside Mabud.

Now let’s talk about the second house. He is the lord of the second house. Venus, which is the lord of your destiny and Venus is becoming self-gracious in the place of fate. It is very good to sit in the fateful place of Venus and be self-occupied. So sitting in the second house of fortune will increase your fortune very well. Your circle level will appear to increase which will increase the daily profit. Your tuning in with relatives will increase. Your participation in social events will increase. At this time the officers will look happy with you. There will be happiness in your work everywhere. You will be seen captivating everyone with your speech. At this time, do not let the dispute related to ancestral property take hold, because if this dispute will deepen, then its decision will not go in your favour. You have to be a little careful in this matter. The tasks that you have taken in your hands, you should complete those tasks with speed. In those works, you will see success and success in your success, so this real-time period is going to be very good for you. Venus is bringing good results. As long as Venus will sit in your ninth house, it will be very good and after that, when Venus comes into your karmic house, you will get to see even better results of Venus. You will get to see very good gains and good progress in work. Travels will be completed, but travels will be pleasant and auspicious for you. Virgo Horoscope July 2022

Talking about Venus, sitting in the house of Bhagyesh will make your luck stronger. At this time, if you invest in a company that is related to any cosmetic or Venus-related companies, if you invest in those companies, take shares of those companies or if anyone else does any kind of investment. If so, then that investment will bring far-reaching profitable results for you. At the same time, you have to be careful in your work. If you do any work, be very careful in that work. Your family’s support and cooperation will be abundant, those youths who are looking for jobs, their search will end. At this time, you can also increase your source of earnings with your skills. Doing any online business or any cosmetic clothing work or opening your boutique, such situations will be seen more. Especially for women, this time is going to be very supportive. For the students associated with the range, this time will increase their progress. You will achieve your goal very soon. At the same time, for the students associated with the field of art, this time will make very good achievements in the field of art. The obstacles in your progress will now be over. The obstacles will be over.

Now let’s go ahead and know about Parakramesh, the lord of might, Mars, who is sitting in the eighth house along with Rahu. Sitting with Rahu, being self-gratuitous to Mars, will be very good and auspicious for you. Power will increase. Power will be felt in the right direction. The sphere of influence will increase. Everyone will appear to be impressed with you. You will get to see the situation of any special benefit from siblings this month. Your bonding with younger siblings will be seen getting better. Whatever work you are going to do at this time, you will carry out that work by being very careful. Your wishes will be fulfilled. Travels will be very fulfilling. But you will get happiness from travelling. At this time, your work will be completed at a fast pace and all the obstacles in your path will be removed. You will get good profit in the workplace. You can get some big responsibility. In connection with a meeting, you may have to go out i.e. travel far, but the journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. Mars conjuncts with Rahu sitting in your eighth house. Will fix everyday life a little. There is a possibility of an accident happening. So be a little careful while driving. Do not travel long distances by driving yourself at all. Pay special attention to the maintenance of the aircraft. At this time you can also get secret money and at this time your secret enemies will fail in their works. That is, in each of your areas, you will be seen spreading the flags of your victory. At this time, some of your wishes were stuck for a very long time. If any wish was stuck in your mind, then that wish will be fulfilled now. In this, you do not need to rely on anyone excessively, focusing on your work a little. Get your work done standing by yourself and don’t pass your tasks on to someone else. Just if you take special care of these things, then the problems in your life will go on decreasing.

Now let’s come to the place of happiness. Talking about the place of happiness, then the seventh lord who is sitting in the seventh house as a self-occupied person. You are going to get a wonderful situation from the Guru’s side. There will be no dearth of pleasures. In any case, Jupiter gives good results in the centre place and the seventh house, and the results of the Guru will be even better because, in the seventh house, the Guru is sitting as a self-occupied person. That is why at this time you will do any work related to management very well. Managing the relationships of remembrance, and managing the house well, will become your quality and people will praise this quality of yours. Appreciating that quality will be seen. You will move ahead in your life by creating a good balance in your family and establishing a good bonding. In the same relationship, along with bonding, your relationship with your mother will be even more intense and she will play an important role in increasing your social honour. If you are going from Guru to Guru Mahadasha Antardasha, then at this time the work of property-related transactions will be completed at a fast pace. The same dream of a new vehicle will be seen as a fulfilment of the dream of a new house. To achieve the same at this time, you will find yourself in a very secure and strong position, enabling you to implement new plans. But you just have to pay attention to whether these plans are right for you or not. That is, you should implement these plans only after a thorough investigation. After making a complete outline of those plans, I should come down to you with complete planning. Only then will you be able to see the good and right benefits of these schemes. If the seventh lord is sitting in his own house, then whatever obstacles were going on related to the marriage of an unmarried young man, will be over now and you will get your desired life partner. You will be seen receiving invitations like your marriage, or marriage engagement, at this time. There will be a feeling of happiness in married life. If you are planning for a second child, then you can get news at this time. If you handle the work of money management. Some are doing their own business, some are doing consultancy work. If you have any coaching centre or you are doing work related to teaching business, then surely this time will give you new heights and new direction will be given to your work. You will see some new ideas being implemented in your work and these ideas will also give you situations of far-reaching benefits, so overall this time will bring you wonderful situations. Also, you will feel very good and pleasant results of the love relationship. Good news will be received. On the other hand, if you want to propose to someone, then he will not turn down your proposal. Virgo Horoscope July 2022

Now we come to the fifth house. If we talk about the fifth house, then Saturn and Saturn are the lords of the fifth house, and Saturn is changing the zodiac on 12th July and the lord of your fifth house coming and sitting in this house will create a new height in your career, a new flight. Will remove all the obstacles in your career. Job Desire If you are looking for a job your job will be over. You will get a good job this time. If you are very ready to achieve your goal in your career then at this time you will achieve your goal. At this time you will get news related to children. At the same time, the students are doing any study related to justice or are doing CLAT or they are doing any study related to the loan. So you will get special success in these teachings. You will be seen taking a positive step toward your career. You don’t have to argue with anyone at this time. Your concentrated concern towards relationships will make you feel more connected with relationships. Your interest in the works of money will increase. Will be full of spiritual feelings. With your introspection, you will decide the path of progress in your life. Saturn is the lord of your disease house and the lord of disease house may have some bone-related problem sitting in the bar than you, so be a little aware of it. There are chances of getting surgery. Be a little calm. Also, at this time your enemies will be strong against you, but you will defeat your enemies with your intelligence and tact. You will get to see circumstances of special benefit from your maternal grandmother. Special support from friends will be with you. Wrong friends can also add to your friendship, so there is little one from such friends. Do not try to get close to them or else you can get into a big problem because of them. You may have some bad habits. Avoid such habits for a while. Little by little at this time, if you do your work consciously, then all the obstacles in the work will be removed.

Now let’s come to your cost. That is, if we talk about the spending house, then the Sun is the lord of the spending house, which is sitting 11th from itself. After that, if the Sun will come in its outermost half, then the time till July 16 will be very good for you. Expenses will come down. Your work will be completed quickly. Officers will look happy with you. You will get the support of colleagues. But after July 16, when the Sun will come and sit in the bar on its own, then the harmony of your co-workers may deteriorate. There can be a difference of opinion with anyone. Because of this, you will have to complete your tasks alone. You may also have to face the displeasure of the officials. At this time, you will also have to avoid false accusations and try to do your work by being very cautious. Due to false allegations, you can get into a lot of tension. Can go into severe mental agony. At this time instead of mental anguish, you need to be very firm. Be a little careful. Beware of your enemy and complete your tasks honestly. Do not try to adopt the wrong path, then you will not face any kind of problem and you will come out of every problem soon, then you will have to be a little careful according to it. So this was the monthly horoscope of the Virgo zodiac sign for July. Virgo Horoscope July 2022

Auspicious dates – 1, 2, 6 to 11, 14 to 20, 23 to 29.
Noteworthy dates – 3 to 5, 12, 13, 21, 22 and 31.
Lucky color – Badami.

Special Measures


  • Install Siddha Rognashak Yantra in your worship room.
  • Keep Ganesha and Siddha Katyayani Yantra in your house.
  • Give green fodder to the cow.
  • Apply the original Girish sandalwood to Shiva and offer the best bhog with prasad.
  • You should also recite Ganesh Atharvashirsha of Lord Shri Ganesh ji this month.


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