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virgo yearly horoscope 2022

Virgo Horoscope 2023

May everyone have a moment of auspicious new year,
May the future be golden and happy, may it be bright for all.

Today, we have presented in front of all of you with the annual horoscope of the year 2023 for the people of Virgo. First of all let’s talk about your Rashi Swami which is Mercury, Ganapati, the bestower of wisdom, is considered his deity and Mercury connects us with culture, writing, intellect and technical field. If you are in IT field then definitely Mercury will be sitting in a very good position in your horoscope or if you are in accounting finance banking sector or mathematician then definitely you will get very good results of Mercury. Mercury is exalted in its own sign Virgo and in Pisces it shows debilitated effects and you all know that. Mercury, Gemini and Virgo are considered to be the ruling planets. Mercury, your zodiac lord, connects us with many good events in life. He is the giver of wisdom. If someone’s Mercury is strong then that person is of very good IQ level. His sixth sense is very strong, so now let us know further that how you will get to see the position of Mercury till this year. Since your zodiac sign is the owner,

First of all, we come to your zodiac lord and if we talk about him for the whole year, then for the whole year, Mercury will transit from both to Scorpio. Mercury will transit in its debilitated sign Pisces from March 16 to March 31. Means you will sit in your seventh house after being lowly. The debilitated position of Mercury in the seventh house can bring a little misunderstanding somewhere or the other. You have the habit of forgetting these things, loss of dear things or small mismanagement in life can generate such tendency. At the same time, the work related to the accounting CA, CA banking sector can also get stuck. People working in these fields may face some difficulties. This is the time period from 16th to 31st March only, so be careful and cautious during this time period. From June 24 to July 8, Mercury will be sitting in Gemini as a self-planet. Will sit in your karma sense. When Mercury sits in your work house and becomes self-occupied, a great man named Bhadra will create yoga in the center, then from June 24 to July 8, you can achieve success in all your works. At this time, if you have stuck work related to your core banking sector, then you should pay special attention to these tasks. During this time period, those tasks of yours will be completed quickly. On the other hand, from October 1 to October 19, Mercury will transit in its exalted sign Virgo. Being exalted in your zodiac sign, Mercury will give you wonderful results. At this time also, a great man named Bhadra will be formed. Discussions of your IQ level intelligence will be all around. There will be an increase in social honor and fame. You can get success in any major mathematical work and research work at this time. On the other hand, those who are associated with the field of writing, this time will also give them very good and excellent results. This is what happened to your Rashi Swami. Now come On three important planets that are going to make huge changes in your life this year. Big changes happen because of them because the effect of these planets is very deep and more visible on your life because they stay at one place for a very long time.

zodiac change of saturn

The first and biggest zodiac change is happening at the beginning of the year itself. The planet Saturn which in today’s time every person is scared and affected. Saturn is the giver of karma, so on January 17, Saturn’s zodiac is changing. Till now Shani was sitting in your fifth house being self-occupied and retrograde, but we observed whenever Shani transits from the fifth house. Our personal prediction is that Shani does not give such good results. Although these results will not be so bad that you were sitting in self-respect, but still somewhere you must have seen problems, troubles, a life of struggle. But on January 17, all of you will be relaxed. Virgo. Horoscopes will get good results. Shani will sit one house ahead of him and will sit in his original triangle sign Aquarius. If you sit in your sixth house, which is called the factor of Saturn, then Saturn will give very good results in its own factor of religion. At this time, if you had any problem related to bones and muscles, then you will get rid of that problem. If you were suffering from any incurable disease like cancer, AIDS or any big and very long disease, now you will get relief in it. You can also get freedom from that disease and you will feel very relaxed from that disease. You will feel fit means this year will get you freedom from your diseases, then you will also get freedom from breathing problems. You will get to see special beneficial situations from the maternal side. You can get financial help from maternal grandparents, you will get to see the blessings of maternal grandparents, their love and caress in abundance. On the other hand, if any stuck matters related to money, any debt situation remains in your life, then now you will see getting freedom from that too. Be careful and relaxed with your opponents. If the opponents will end automatically, then you will get very good and better results of Shani on the path of life. Till now the problems which were going on in your life due to Shani, those problems will end now. Here we will talk about the aspects of Saturn that the aspects of Saturn are not so good. So the third vision of Shani is falling on the eighth house, which is correcting the eighth house.

Because this eighth house of Saturn is also considered to be the factor of Saturn and here the vision of Saturn does not cause much harm. So at this time the routine life of yours which was a little spoiled or stuck, will now start happening in a systematic manner. Your enemies will be defeated. If you trusted someone and he betrayed you, then now he will repent, he himself will come and apologize to you. You will definitely see such situations. Travels will be good. The journeys will be pleasant and auspicious. There will be trips for good purposes. There will be a lot of auspicious work and even if you have to travel related to auspicious work, it will not be harmful for you. It only gives us happiness and joy. So the third aspect of Shani will be very good for you.

Now let’s talk about the seventh vision of Shani. The seventh aspect of Saturn is falling on your expenses. Now this is also considered as the factor of Saturn. Even here, if Shani is aspecting it, then it will reduce your expenses, which till now are not being saved anywhere in the expenses of the budget problem and it is not known that when the money came and when it went out of hand. So now you will get freedom from these situations. Savings will be yours, you will become financially strong because of the savings, you will also get freedom from the work that is stuck with you and the situations of debate with colleagues at the workplace. That is, you will work like a teamwork and will hoist the flag of success by introducing unity while being in the thread of one unity. At this time, the business class will get to see the possibilities of very good profit from abroad. That is, those who have business related to import export handicraft, they can benefit from abroad at this time.

Now if we talk about the tenth aspect of Saturn, then the tenth aspect of Saturn will fall on your might, which can affect your might somewhere. Slight differences can arise with brothers and sisters. Can raise disputes related to ancestral property. If you feel like a small crack somewhere in a family in Kutumb, then you have to be very careful in this matter. A solution can also be found through dialogue inside such tasks. It is not necessary that you always do your work with aggression and anger or if you are stuck in a quarrel or dispute, then try to complete your work peacefully, then Shani will give you overall very good results this year, which is not the same as in the previous year. Last year you were troubled by the position of Saturn. Now you will feel very relaxed.

zodiac change of guru

Now coming to the second zodiac change which is going to happen on 21st April. On 21st April there is a change of Jupiter. Jupiter is the lord of your happiness and seventh house. There are only two lords of your four central places. One Mercury and one Guru in the position of Mercury and you will get to see good things throughout the year and you will get the position of Jupiter. Will get to see better. Means, according to the seventh house, the place of happiness, the result of Jupiter is correct. Although the Guru is sitting in the eighth house, it is not considered so good because Jupiter is a planet in 100 and the eighth house is not considered good. So when a saint is made to sit in the house of a dacoit, he is not able to give such good results, so you will have to make a little more effort. However, Sukhesh is sitting in the fifth house from himself, which will give you very good results in happiness. Disputes like land building, vehicle will be seen to be solved at this time. However, you will definitely have to face problems and difficulties in it. You will not get positive results in such cases so easily, but your efforts will surely make your work successful. Sometimes situations like ideological differences may arise in a debate with the mother. But soon you will also get your relationships back to normal. That is, these circumstances will not take such a serious form.

Guru, the lord of the seventh house, is sitting one house ahead of him. There will be good benefit from life partner. However, sometimes you will find trouble in matters related to marriage. You will never get your life partner so easily in the marriage of young men and women who have become marriageable. Which means you will not be satisfied. You will get many relationships, but work will go on being done only by your efforts, but work will definitely be done. For those who do management work for the business class, this time will definitely be challenging but will be successful. Now coming to the vision of the Guru, if we talk about the vision of the Guru, then the fifth vision of the Guru is falling on your expenses. Shani is also aspecting, but Shani’s aspect is also good and Guru’s aspect is good everywhere, then it will give you great benefits from abroad. In this, your dream of foreign or foreign travel will be seen to be fulfilled. The young men and women who want to go out and do jobs means are looking for jobs in Abroad. Want to settle abroad. His dream will also be seen to be fulfilled this year. At this time you will get success even in your most difficult decisions. You will get freedom from the situations of debt, any false allegations against you or any legal action in any other job in your office and any other action is going on on you, then you will see clean chit in that also this year. Again you will be established in your post. You will be able to regain your old respect. The seventh aspect of Jupiter is falling on your second position. If Ketu is also falling, then this time will give you very good benefits from your family. There will be an increase in social respect. Daily profit will also be seen to increase at this time. You will work on many plans to make money and those plans will be completed successfully.

At this time you put your hand in any work with you. You will definitely get success in that work. If we talk about the ninth vision of Guru, then it is falling on its own house. Happiness is falling in place, so there will definitely be fluctuations in happiness at this time. But eventually you will definitely achieve your destination. Means the problems will end and life will become normal again. You will get success in property related works. Your dream of a new house will be seen to be fulfilled. Those who want to upgrade the house i.e. want to shift from old house to new house. This time will create very favorable conditions for them too, and if we talk about Jupiter, then Jupiter is giving you good results this year. But you all know that as soon as Guru will sit in your eighth house on 21st April then Chandal Yoga will be formed with Rahu and the third vision of Shani will fall on Guru and Rahu which is not considered so good, then with efforts you will get success in your work. Will have to make

Rahu’s zodiac change

Now come on October 30, when Rahu changes its zodiac sign and this Chandal Yoga of Guru Rahu is coming to an end. Rahu will sit in your seventh house. This time will not give you the best results of Rahu. That is, after October 30, you have to be very careful in your marital relations. If the relationship is spoiled then it can break. If you do not want differences in the relationship, then do not let any misunderstanding be created between you. Don’t bring ego’s problem in between each other. If the business class is working in partnership, then in the months of November and December i.e. when Rahu will come on October 30, after that you have to be very careful. But sometimes very good business is going on in partnership. But due to tussle with the partner, that business gets spoiled and if they get separated, then definitely there will be side effects on that business, so respect the feelings of your partner. Do not hide anything. Nothing can be hidden in partnership, so you must try to move forward by taking each other’s advice and moving forward with each other. Rahu creates misunderstandings, Rahu scares, Rahu confuses, so at this time it will be good for you that you don’t have to see any kind of misunderstanding or confusion in relationships and professional life. For this, you have to keep your eyes, nose, ears open and take decisions using your discretion and intelligence. So, for us Virgo people, this year is going to be a little careful sometimes according to the Jupiter and especially after the month of October. So you don’t have to get confused in your actions a little bit. Sometimes, if there is a situation of confusion, then you can take some measures so that you can strengthen the position of Rahu. You can fix it so that you don’t have to suffer the bad effects of Rahu.

Some special measures for the year 2023

  • First of all, you must chant Rahu’s Beej Mantra and Om Ra Rahave Namah.
  • You must do charity on the day of Amavasya. Do one more thing on the day of Amavasya. Try to please your ancestors. Do make offerings to the ancestors. You must do tarpan to the ancestors on the banks of any holy river or lake. With this you will get freedom from Rahu’s fault.
  • Along with this, you must feed the fishes. If possible, you should go to the river bank and feed the fishes on the day of Amavasya with black gram.
  • Bring black gram inside a black colored cloth bundle and nail it and put it in the excreta of fishes in the pond. If the fishes themselves eat that grain, then this is also a very good remedy for Rahu. You must adopt it.
  • Now Mercury removes Rahu’s defect and your zodiac lord is Mercury. That’s why recite Ganesh ji’s debt remover Ganesh Stotra.
  • Daily recitation of Ganesh Ganesh Atharvashirsha can also be very beneficial for you.
  • Along with this, on the special occasions of Ganesha i.e. on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, you should go to the temple of Ganesha and offer modak to Ganesha. You should anoint Ganesha by offering Durva to him. With this, Ganesha will be pleased with you very soon and you will also get freedom from Rahu’s defect.
  • If your Rashi Swami and Ascendant are seen to be strong then only you will get the remedies of Mercury.
  • You can also wear a good quality emerald.
  • Keep Margaj Ganesh in the North East direction of your house. Also you can wear a coral Ganesha pendant around your neck or you can wear Ganesha Rudraksha
  • You should also donate to Shani because Shani’s vision is not good. That’s why the donation of Shani is very important, so you must donate black things on Saturday. If possible, you must donate slippers to a needy person on Saturday.

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