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Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog | Kanya Rashifal 2022 – Nidhi Shrimali


Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Year of good prospects

At the beginning of the year, the lord of the Virgo zodiac, which is your Mercury and their ruling deity is Ganesha, who is considered to be the lord of wisdom, speech, tongue. The planet Mercury causes radical changes in the life of a person, if Mercury is exalted in your horoscope, then the person is very intelligent, he is doing work related to intelligence or doing good business. Work-related to the banking sector, accounting or being an officer of a big IT field is some such qualification, it is especially found in it. The planet Mercury is considered to be very benign and at the beginning of the year, the planet Mercury is conjunct with Saturn in your fifth house, but by combining your Ascendant Karmesh and Panchmesh and sitting in the fifth house, its result is even more. successful and positive. At this time all your work will be done. Especially those who are commerce students will get special results. If you are taking education related to accounting or if you are preparing for any judicial education i.e. CLAT, if you are preparing for any examination related to judicial education, then you will get very good and best results in it. If you were facing any problem related to the same child, such as being retarded or developing a little slowly in his studies, he is growing a little slowly in his life, then you will get freedom from such problems as well as related to children. If you want to solve any obstacle. If you want to get the happiness of children, then this time will be very good for you. Guru will be sitting in your sixth house i.e. in Aquarius at the beginning of the year. However, the sitting of Jupiter in the sixth house because it is the place of diseases can increase your fat and weight-related problems. Thyroid-related problems can increase at this time, skin-related problems can increase, if any related part is related to the eyes, nose, ears, throat or throat, you have frequent problems with infection, such conditions can arise. No big problem will come into your life. At this time be aware of these things because if the Guru is sitting in the disease state, then take special care of your health. Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Employed people

At this time, the Guru’s vision i.e. the fifth sight is falling on your karma, which will make you progressively progress in your work. Anyway, your Karmesh is sitting in the fifth and is in conjunction with Saturn with the fifth lord and together with the Guru’s vision on the karmic house, at this time the employed people will get the results according to their mind. That is, if you want a promotion then chances of promotion will be created. Some big responsibilities can be entrusted to you at this time. You can get to lead a project, if you are in the IT sector from your company, then your position and respect will be seen increasing. At this time you have to work as teamwork. You will have your team and you will be the operator of that team, that is, you will give instructions to that team. By the way, the team will work on your instructions and you will see such an opportunity which you were waiting for for a long time. Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Cost reduction

The seventh vision of the same Jupiter is falling on your spending house, which will bring down your expenses. At this time, if you have a lot of money in your hand but it does not last and all the money is exhausted and you are left with nil and nil in your hand, that means you come to zero. But now you will get rid of such situations. You will control the expenses a little and money will start accumulating as your money comes in. You will see good opportunities to go abroad with foreign companies and good opportunities to study abroad at this time. The ninth vision of the Guru, which is falling on your wealth, will increase your wealth and will increase the respect in the family. Whatever people are working related to speech, whether it is teaching line, leader, actor, media person, or related to research institute, if you do any work whose speaking work is more. People associated with all those fields will be seen getting respect and fame at this time. Your status will be seen increasing in your family. If you have much ancestral property stuck or if there is any dispute in your life, then you will get rid of that dispute as well. It is at this time that Mars is sitting in your mighty house along with Ketu which will increase your might more because Ketu also gives results according to Mars in the 3rd house and very good results in the 3rd house i.e. in mighty house. If you get it done, you will get the best results of Mars and Ketu. For those who are associated with engineering, this time will be lucky. Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog

In April, the zodiac signs of three big planets are going to change. This month of April is very important because the position of many planets will change and you will get to see its changes in your life. Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Let us first talk about Rahu, which is currently sitting in Taurus and on April 12, if he moves in reverse, then he will enter Aries from Taurus. Till now, sitting in your destiny place, you used to reverse your destiny a little. Although your expenses were being incurred on Dharma Karma and your presence in programs like Dharma Karma was increasing a lot, then it was positive for you but somewhere your investments were going in loss. Wherever you are investing anything or wanted to start a new work, then there was a situation of stagnation in it, but now it will end.

After April 12, Rahu will come and sit in your eighth. Rahu travels a lot, but whatever journey you undertake will be very beneficial for you, you will also have many journeys related to spiritual work at this time and this journey will make your birth more virtuous and make this birth a reality. will appear to do. Apart from this, the daily routine life that was going on in your eighth house will be seen correcting it. Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Enemies will not be able to spoil anything even if they want

Secret enemies will not be able to harm you even if you want, because we do not recognize such enemies, they cannot recognize that these enemies are ours because they are only one of our well-wishers. It may be from friends, maybe from relatives, maybe from your circle, maybe from your staff, or may be one of your co-workers, then such friends may help you to identify such enemies. Help will be seen doing this time. At the same time, the yoga of travel abroad will also be seen forming outside you. Because the Sun is also coming in your eighth house and on April 14 itself, they are getting exalted in Aries and the Sun is exalted is like you are in any government job, you are a government official, but even after going out of India, you have to stay there for a few years. Every government officer gets a chance to take the experience of life once in a lifetime, so much yoga can be made for you at this time. At the same time, this time will increase your work more. Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Right now we have talked about Rahu but you know that along with Rahu, Ketu also changes the zodiac, then Ketu will also sit in your Libra sign i.e. in your second house. At this time any dispute related to your ancestral property may emerge. Loss of some respect in the family or your image gets spoiled without wanting to do something good, but if people are seeing bad things in reverse, then such a situation can arise. Situations of estrangement may arise with a relative, due to which a little discord may arise in your house, so you will have to take care of Ketu which is sitting in the 2nd house at this time. Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Make business progress

On the planet Jupiter, which is going to change the zodiac only a day after Rahu i.e. on 13th April. Presently he is sitting in Aquarius and on 13th April he will enter Pisces from Aquarius sign i.e. from your sixth house to your seventh house i.e. Guru going to sit in the centre is going to give very good results anyway. And along with Jupiter, Venus, who will be exalted in the seventh house after changing the zodiac on April 27, will also get very good results in Pisces. That is, this combination of Venus and Jupiter will happen in your seventh house. This will increase your business. Will bring progress and progress in your life. Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog

It will also remove the obstacles coming in marriage. Mercury which is your Ascendant will sit in your destiny. The sitting of Mercury in the fortune house will get you good results. This time will be lucky for you.

Stuck work will be completed

The pending work will be completed. If any work related to your bank i.e. you have applied for a loan and your loan has not been passed yet, then there was some problem or the other. There was an obstacle, so now it will pass. If you will get a loan from the bank or if you have any work stuck in the banking sector, then it will be completed smoothly. You will get very good success in your field of work. If you are employed in any work related to CA, CS, Accounting, then your fame in these fields, your name, your love will increase and your love will increase, then your work will increase. Everyone knows that the vision of the Guru is always auspicious. When Jupiter’s zodiac changes, the fifth sight of Jupiter will fall on your benefic house, which will increase your profit progressively. At this time some of your new people will join your circle which can benefit you in your business. You will be seen getting very good benefits in your job. That is, some VIPs will increase in your circle, both your level and circle will be seen increasing, social value and respect will increase. In many social programs, you will be called the chief guest. Your status will be seen increasing. This time will also be for the plans of expansion of your work, that is, you will make new plans in the business, you will be seen planning to expand your work and will implement it to a great extent. This time is going to be very good for the employed people. At this time the chances of increasing your promotion will be visible. Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Guru’s seventh vision will make wise

Talk about the seventh vision of Jupiter, which is falling on your ascendant, it will make you more intelligent. At this time the problem in your life will keep getting smaller. Personality is very powerful and people will consider you very intelligent. Your name and position will also increase in the department you have at this time. The colleagues who are with you will also try to do their work by asking you. On the other hand, if you do business, then you will be seen progressing progressively in business as well. New plans will be made and whatever order you put your hands in, if you get any order, then you will also be seen completing it successfully. All your plans will be completed successfully at this time. Your relationship will become very strong with your change. Talking about the ninth vision of Guru, it will increase your might. Will strengthen the relation with siblings more. If any dispute related to your ancestral property was going on between mutual siblings, then you will find a solution through dialogue. You will get the special help of your elder siblings in your work. You will be seen receiving the love and respect of younger siblings at this time. Your respect will increase in society, while if you have an interest in politics, then your influence will be seen increasing in that too. For those who are associated with engineering or technical work, this time will also be very good and give good results. Now let’s talk about the planet Saturn, which is currently sitting in Capricorn as a self-gracious person. Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Diseases will decrease

On April 29, he will enter his zodiac sign Aquarius from Capricorn. Even till now, Shani was giving very good results by sitting in your fifth house, when he will move to the sixth house, then by reducing the diseases and solving your big ailments, you will get relief in it. That is, if you have a very big disease, then you will feel relief in that disease. Your enemies will not be able to harm you even if they want to. By moving forward with your hard work, dedication and devotion, you will defeat your enemies and you will go on making progress while making new paths for yourself in life. Apart from this, when Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces will come in Aquarius, then Sade Sati will start and the people of Cancer and Scorpio zodiac will feel the dhaiya of Saturn. Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Students get the best results

On July 12, Saturn will retrograde and enter Capricorn from Aquarius. This time will be very good for the students. You will get good results in terms of education. If you have prepared for any entrance exam, then you will get success in that too. If you want to take any education related to Judiciary, then you will get good results even at that time, then the time it will be there will also be very good because if Saturn is changing the zodiac, then both of them are already in their zodiac. And even now no planet in its zodiac and its zodiac gives wrong result negative result because no one wants the bad result of own house, so you will get good and positive results throughout the whole year of Saturn. Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Hope for new business

On the planet, Mercury is your zodiac lord. From July 2 to July 17, the planet Mercury will be sitting in Gemini as a self-gratuitous sign. Karmesh sitting in your karmic sense will bring great progress and good results in your work, you will be seen making new plans at this time. If you are working, then you can do any work of your own even with the job. Mercury is also considered as the causative planet of business, so if you are in any kind of job then some of your side business will be stabilized with the job and if you are in business then there is some need to open some new branch in business or to extend business. You can do planning at this time and surely you will get to see very good progress and progress in it. You will be settled in life at this time, if you start a new business then your business will be set. From August 21 to October 26, the best time is going to be yours because in Virgo ie your zodiac, Mercury will be exalted and when the lord of the zodiac is exalted in your zodiac, then what to say. Discussions of your intelligence will be everywhere at this time. At this time, you can do something different and surprise the country for the society. If there is a special invention that someone has done or any special ability which is not in any common person, you can invent such things or you can do some such work which will amaze people and the Guru’s vision will also fall on the ascendant. So when the lord of the zodiac is exalted i.e. Mercury is exalted in Virgo and the sight of the guru, then this is the time, then this month you should meditate that the period from August 21 to October 26 is the best of your year. is the time. Now if you are thinking that you have to differentiate something, you have some special plan that explodes in the world, lighten it, miracles are for people, then just put it in the middle of this time if you plan your plan. Will make the debut or will bring that plan in front of the people, surely your respect and fame will increase. You can be world-famous at this time, so if we talk about Virgo, then there are some best months which are going to be very auspicious for them. The months of March, April, July, August, September and October will be the best for you. You will get good results during this time. At the same time, for every person, there are some colours for every zodiac sign, they are important, what we wear proves to be lucky for us. If we go to do any auspicious work, then we must wear those colours. So if possible, use green, brown or golden or yellow colours as much as possible. Whenever you go on special occasions and if you wear any colour, but if you bring a handkerchief in such a way that you should wear and keep it on your auspicious occasions, then you can go to any important meeting by keeping it in your pocket. If someone is going to prove your special work, then at that time also you can keep it with you. Overall, you have to keep these colours with you. Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog


Special measures for the year 2022

The remedy is more important, it can make the coming year more prosperous and prosperous. So first of all, we will tell you the remedies of Mercury, which is your ruling planet. Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog

  1. If your zodiac lord is Mercury, then wear the emerald of Mercury first. By the way, Ganesha is considered a disruptor and he is worshipped first on all auspicious occasions. We also call him the giver of Riddhi Siddhi, but there is a special Ganesh ji for you because the ruling deity of the planet Mercury is also Ganesh ji. Therefore, if you have to do any work, then first of all get the blessings of Gajanan ji, take his name, visit him and then start that work.
  2. Before leaving the house, if there is an idol of Gajanan ji in the house, then you should worship that idol. Om Ganapataye Namah, while chanting this mantra, offer green durva on him.
  3. Donate green things to needy people. Try to eat at least green leafy vegetables on Wednesdays. Anyway, if you use more green vegetables in your food, then that too will increase your intelligence more.
  4. You should feed the fish.
  5. It is very important to respect the women of your house. Respect all those who are mother sister aunt and daughter in the house.
  6. You must feed sweet chocolate or sweet cheese to girls below 8 years of age.
  7. On Wednesday, add ghee to the whole green moong to the cow and feed them to the cow after cooking them.

So this is some special remedy that can make Mercury even more strong and if your zodiac lord Mercury becomes strong then many things will become more strong in your life and you will progress and progress in your life.

The remedy that has been told is for the common Virgo people who have many Virgo zodiac signs. According to them, we have told. Now if you also want to know through your birth chart that how will the coming year be for you and whether you should take measures so that it will be beneficial for you or which planets and constellations are being combined in your horoscope and what is the position. Is that position matching with the position of transit? If you have all these questions in your mind, then you must at once get the benefit of horoscope analysis from us so that we can solve your doubts about your upcoming future and we can tell you such accurate remedies that will help you to shape your future. I can help you. Virgo Horoscope 2022 English Blog

May the new year be full of new possibilities and new hopes for you. May you reach the peak of success in your new year and happiness kisses your feet in life.


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