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Virgo 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Change English blog | – Rahu Transit | Virgo Prediction


Virgo 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Change English blog


Astrology is a science and if it is understood deeply, then change is possible in life, so let us solve your every problem. Namaskar Swagatam Welcome Today we are presenting in front of you with information about the change of Rahu for Virgo zodiac signs. So far, we have given you information about the change of Rahu’s zodiac sign from Aries to Leo. Rahu will enter the Kritika constellation in Aries from Scorpio at 10:36 am on 12th April and will remain in Aries for 18 months. Till October 30, 2023, Rahu will be seen transiting in Aries itself. You all know that both Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets. Out of the total nine planets, seven are considered to be direct planets and both these planets are called shadow planets. The effect of Rahu is very much seen on our life and during the annual horoscope, we also told you that April is very important because in this month the zodiac signs of three big planets are going to change. Rahu, Guru and Shani These three planets will have a very deep impact on your life while changing the zodiac. The behaviour of Rahu is equivalent to that of Saturn because Rahu also stays in one sign for a very long time like Saturn, that is, Rahu stays in the same zodiac for a period of up to 18 months. By the way, because Rahu is the shadow planet in the horoscope, it gives results according to the place in which they sit, then if Rahu conjuncts with Sun and Moon, then it creates an eclipse defect. If Rahu is sitting in third place, sixth place and eleventh house in your horoscope, then the results of Rahu will be very good. At the same time, some Acharyas think that they are self-governing in Virgo, they are exalted in Gemini and Sagittarius are low in Pisces, but according to some other teachers, Rahu is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. | Contradiction on the high and low of Rahu also remains in astrology. Rahu considers the planet Mars as his enemy, Saturn maintains the transaction and considers the rest of the planets as his friends. The sight of Rahu is also not considered as good as that of Saturn. Rahu’s fifth and seventh place affects the place where it falls and affects it negatively, so these are the basic characteristics of Rahu. Virgo 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Change English blog

Now let us know what kind of results Rahu brought for the Virgo zodiac sign and how it is going to change the zodiac sign of Rahu, how it will affect the Virgo, then for the Virgo people Rahu is sitting in the eighth house and Rahu in the eighth house will bring sudden gains. Race Satta Lottery Share Gambling and if you have a relationship with a woman, then you will get special benefits in all these areas. Rahu also gives son Ratna sitting in the eighth house, but those who are a newly married couple and who are planning for children, then the possibility of their son Ratna will become strong after this change of Rahu. You can also get unclaimed money from this zodiac change of Rahu, but in the eighth house, Rahu makes a lot of travels, that is, you will see a little less family happiness. Staying away from home, your travels will be many. But whatever the purpose for which the journeys will take place, it will appear to be successful for you, that is, you will achieve success in those journeys. It is because Rahu is sitting in the eighth, we have told you its results. Virgo 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Change English blog

Till now, the sight of Rahu was falling on your ascendant, on your mighty house and your fifth house. Was affecting these places too but now the problems related to these places like a state of slight confusion and a sudden fear was in your mind. You were always taking the power in a negative direction by thinking negatively and the students were not getting desired results in their studies but there was a hindrance in getting children. Now you will get rid of all these problems. Since Rahu is sitting in the eighth house, then the fifth sight of Rahu will be on your twelfth house, the seventh will be on your second house and the ninth will be on your happiness and now you will get to see the ill effects of Rahu at these places. That is, if your financial condition is not right or if you have tried to earn money in the wrong way, then there may be problems in it, obstacles may arise in you. If you are going to have a settlement with foreign companies or if you have a dream of going abroad and getting a job, then that dream can be full of problems, ie visa problems or you would get orders from that company. If any money was left or any work related to money was left unfinished by you. Such problems may arise now, so in this matter, you have to proceed very carefully and cautiously. If you want to invest in the lottery share market then you should do long term investment in the share market and whatever amount you invest in the lottery also you will get success. But don’t try to take bribes at all. This time will not be good for those people who are associated with government jobs. There may be false allegations or if you have tried to take a bribe then action may be taken against you. You may also face a jail visit. Virgo 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Change English blog

Talking about the seventh aspect of Rahu, it is falling in your second position, which will make you a little straightforward. You can disturb good deeds with your speech. If things get worse can | Because of your speaking, you will have to choose some words very carefully. Especially to those whose speaking work is more like if you are an artist associated with the teaching business or you are a leader or if you do any work related to research. The debater is a media person, for the people associated with these fields, this is the time to speak very weighing because of your speaking, your work can be spoiled. If there is any problem related to ancestral property, then be a little cautious, handle these matters with great care because in these cases also you may face problems and the property in your hands can get out of your hands, so be a little aware. Avoid differences with any relative. Avoid quarrels by arguing with them as they will bring estrangement in your relationship and will affect social honour.

Now if we talk about the ninth sight of Rahu, then it can affect happiness a little bit. By the way, the lord of the place of happiness is the guru who will sit in your seventh house after being self-gratuitous and that too a day after Rahu i.e. on April 13, but if the sight of Rahu is falling at the place of happiness, then it will bring some peace, but at that time you To increase the decision power, where to invest yourself, were not to do this decision will matter a lot and you do not have to get confused in this. While speaking with mother, choose words carefully. Also, take special care of their health because the ninth sight of Rahu is falling in the place of your mother. There may be ups and downs in their health. Let’s look at the savings this time. A lot of money is coming to you, you are making very good gains. But even after that, if you get a lot of profit, then spend a lot and because of that, your final condition gets disturbed, then be a little aware in this matter. By the way, time will be very good and pleasant for the farmers and those who do animal husbandry related work related to milk and dairy. Since Rahu has a vision, therefore you will have to work hard, you will have to come out of the situations of some confusion. If you ever get stuck in your decision or you have a problem in taking a decision, then you should take advice from an experienced person and move forward in your life. This is most important and doesn’t get overconfident that the decision I took is correct. It cannot happen that your decision will also turn out to be wrong because if Rahu will get it done, then it will be the result of Rahu for the Virgo people. Virgo 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Change English blog



  1. Take bath daily by putting kush in water. This remedy is very good and simple. You must do this in your daily routine.
  2. Avoid eating sweet things on Saturdays. That is, do not eat sweets at all on Saturdays. This is also a very necessary and simple solution for you.
  3. Always keep a piece of silver with you.
  4. Donate dry coloured lentils daily to the sanitation workers. You must do this work.

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