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Venus zodiac change 23 May 2022 English blog | शुक्र का राशि परिवर्तन 23 मई | मीन से मेष में प्रवेश


Venus zodiac change 23 May 2022 English blog

Aries – Venus is the lord of the second and seventh house for your zodiac and if it is sitting in your zodiac, then already ready Rahu is sitting in your zodiac. If Venus is also sitting together, then a little bit along with your Rahu is creating a fluttering yoga. At this time, laziness is the habit of laziness in you, the tendency to reduce the work, such a situation may arise if your mind becomes distracted from your duty only in things like fun, hobbies, and entertainment. Attraction toward the opposite sex, and extramarital affairs can create such situations. So thankfully, you have to be a little careful. However, your respect will be seen increasing in the family. There may be a dispute with a relative at this time, but you will also normalize the situation in time. Venus, the lord of the seventh house and his vision on the seventh house, is also the aspect of Rahu, so your tuning with your spouse will be good, but sometimes misunderstood may be created that they may be a little suspicious towards you. By reacting a little more, such situations can arise. Be a little careful in this matter and those who thankfully work related which I also told you at the beginning of the video. If you do any work related to Venus, then this time will be a little cautious for you. No decision is wrong and you need not be afraid. Maintain your confidence level. There is no need to be bored, but there is no need to be afraid either. Involve your family in whatever decision you make. They will take you to the right decision. What should Aries people do to improve Venus? What should be done to eliminate this inertia yoga? You should worship Goddess Saraswati and offer white flowers. Offer Tulsi’s approval to Radha Krishna. Venus zodiac change 23 May 2022 English blog

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Taurus – In your zodiac, Venus is the lord of your zodiac and if you are the lord of the seventh house, then go to the 12th from the zodiac lord i.e. ascendant. Not so good, but if the results of Venus are good in the 12th house, then it can get you benefits from abroad. Can get foreign trips done, but at this time you have to keep in mind while travelling abroad that you have to go to court for work. Avoid that place a little bit. Avoid going there as someone may be carrying you at this time. At this time, the employed people will have to keep pace with their officers, otherwise, your tuning with the officer may deteriorate. Somewhere there is a problem in the job. Problems may arise. At this time you have to be careful about your debt as well. Unnecessary expenditure is to be avoided and avoid borrowing too much from anyone because under loan situations you will waste a lot of time in repaying the coal loan and your growth will almost stop. You have to be careful in this matter. At this time you have internal problems, there is a problem with the related parts of the body, especially ladies who have period problems. It is natural to have the problem of piles or to have some such problem. Try to be a little hygienic in this matter as well and take care of your health, especially your health. You should donate white clothes to the girls. This is a very good remedy for Venus. If you do, you will get better results from Venus. Venus zodiac change 23 May 2022 English blog

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Gemini – Venus is the lord of the twelfth and fifth houses and is sitting in the benefic house. Every planet gives good results in profit, but the twelfth and 12th are sitting in front of you, so at this time you have to have some control over your expenses. You have to avoid buying unnecessary things. Especially avoid shopping for clothes. Avoid buying more if you have one. At this time, for children who are in the field of art and are in art class, this time will be good for them. Good progress will be seen in the field of art and your name and love will be visible. Branding will be yours and your fame will be at its peak this time. On the other hand, if the child is in the field of your art, then encourage him. Since she can be very proficient in the art and can make your name proud. That’s why you have to be a little more aware of your children as well. Spend time with them. Take care of them a little more. Apply white sandalwood tilak on your forehead.

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Cancer – Venus is the lord of the eleventh and fourth house for your zodiac sign and Venus is going to sit in your karmic house. The eleventh and fourth place is very important. There is a place for happiness. The seventh sight of Venus is there, but Rahu is also falling with it. The inertia yoga of Venus Rahu is made in the karmic house, which can bring problems to work. The profit position can sometimes get stuck. That is, you are hundred per cent sure that you will get profit in this work, but if that money stops releasing, then the conditions of profit will get stuck a bit. You can get to see such situations at this time in your life, in which the sight of Venus is on its own house. Along with Rahu is also there, so you must get it redressed. There may be fluctuation in pleasures, but in the end, you will get your happiness. At this time you will be busy mobilizing new resources in the house. What you should do? Donate milk and offer milk to Lord Shiva. Venus zodiac change 23 May 2022 English blog

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Leo – For you, Venus is the lord of the tenth and third house and Venus is sitting in the ninth house. Very nice, this period is going to be for you. Your might will increase. You will get the support of brothers and sisters. Modelling with the family will be seen getting better. But in the matter of work, the situation of confusion will remain. Decision making can be a bit tricky. At this time you will have to bring awareness to your work. Give up on laziness. Your tendency to mobilize work is yours. You will have to sacrifice it, only then you will achieve success in work, otherwise, you may get to see situations of loss. What you should do. Cows should be fed regularly.

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Virgo – Venus is the lord of the second and ninth houses and is sitting in the eighth house. This time is not good in terms of your wealth according to your luck. Both Venus and Rahu are being seen at the money house, but Venus is sitting in the setting and is bringing fluctuation in your money. The benefits of everyday routine are spoiling your harmony with your planetary family. Your tuning with relatives is disturbed. You are creating in some way or the other so that even if you do not make a mistake, your image is getting spoiled, then in such circumstances, Venus must remain a little bit in your life. At the same time, Venus is also your Bhagyaesh and you will have to become karma-oriented by going through the system of Bhagyesh. If you rely on luck, then your work will not be done and there will be a loss in work. At this time, indulge in risky activities. Avoid investing in activities like share markets, and lotteries. Complete your unfinished tasks first. After that start new work. Only after that, you should implement some new plans. But first, finish the list of pending tasks of your work. If you do not finish it, then the list of pending tasks will get longer, then what should you do. You should apply sandalwood perfume and the girls should feed you. Venus zodiac change 23 May 2022 English blog

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Libra – Venus is the lord of your zodiac and the lord of the eighth house. Being the lord of Venus and the eighth lord, sitting in the seventh house, Venus in the seventh house brings the car to the state of emotions. Sitting with Rahu and creating more troublesome skirmish yoga, then at this time the newly married couple who are going through a love relationship going through married life, time will go very well for them. If there is a good relationship then stop creating misunderstandings on small things. Create feelings of trust in each other. If the relationship is going bad in married life, then the relationship can get worse. Be very prepared. At this time, such situations may arise due to false suspicion or a spouse having an affair with another person. You have to tread very cautiously. You have to take care of your relationship. But there is a need to handle your relationship with a lot of maturity and calmness. Now Venus is your zodiac lord. That is, if you are the owner of the sense of personality and there is also a vision of Tau looking at his own house, then Venus makes you attractive. Makes you the life of the gathering. There are many laughing jokes and a very good jolly nature, but the aspect of Rahu being cast by the seventh may create some confusion and fear situations. That is why there is no need to get confused in relationships. You should be clear that what is right and wrong for you, and then you should improve a little decision making. Now the eighth lord Venus is sitting in his bar. Little things get messed up in the life of daily routine, small things get lost. Such situations will arise for you to make more effort for small tasks. Your secret enemies will also arise who are jealous of your personality because of your progress on your behalf, so you will have to be careful with such people. Don’t have to be emotional. Keep in mind that instead of going ahead with someone passionately, examine him thoroughly and keep your confidential things in a safe place with some confidential documents. Now, what should you do, then 10 blind people must have food for you. On Friday, recite Shrisukta sitting in front of Maa Lakshmi. Venus zodiac change 23 May 2022 English blog

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Scorpio – Venus is the lord of the twelfth and seventh house for your zodiac sign. He is sitting in the sixth, looking at his place. Rahu will connect you with religious activities and may travel outside abroad to propagate your religion during your religious journey. Such good yogas are being created by you. At this time, the conditions of spending will appear to be controlling a bit and your travel abroad to the places of residence of natural places may be successful. On the other hand, if Venus is sitting in its bar, then there may be problems in marriage. If you are looking for a marriageable life partner for yourself, then be very careful. A wrong life partner can affect your whole life, so if possible at this time, keep a little calm or move ahead in your life by taking advice from an experienced person from the elders of your experienced house. You can get deceived in a love relationship, so do not try to move forward by getting carried away with too much emotion with anyone. Leave a little and after testing someone, choose him as your love partner. Don’t take any decision in haste. What you should do. So offer milk, Akshat and sugar to Mother Parvati.

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Sagittarius – is the lord of the eleventh and sixth house in your zodiac and Venus is sitting in the fifth house. The results of Venus are not so good for you. You may have to face problems related to Venus. You may suffer from health related problems. Especially ladies will have to take care at this time. Time will not be so short for women. So take special care of your hygiene. Take care of your diet. Eat healthy Morning walk exercise Whatever is part of your routine, you must do it. Whether it is a man, then everyone should fix their routine. After that, if you follow your daily healthy life, then surely you will not have any major breathing problems. Leaving Kalavad, the children who are attached to you can go into your negative, keeping the artists a little careful at this time. Some things can go wrong for you. You may get caught in the controversy. If you have commented on any statement on your social media, then it may turn out to be wrong. You can be trolled. You have to be a little careful in this matter as well. Profit conditions will be good for you and in life also sometimes you will feel that confusion will be created where should I invest my money but you should proceed only after consulting an experienced friend. Avoid taking decisions alone. What you should do? Offer white sweets to the girls. Venus zodiac change 23 May 2022 English blog

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Capricorn – Venus is the lord of the tenth and fifth house and Venus is sitting in your happy place. Sitting on the 12th from the fifth lord is not good for you anyway. Especially students in art class may face many problems in studies. Your mind will not be engaged in studies. Somewhere you may be deprived of your desired results. A little more effort is required from you, but Venus is the lord of your karma. The sight of Venus is accompanied by Rahu on the track based on karma. That is why work will progress, but wrong decisions have to be avoided. Not participating in wrong schemes and where to invest how much money. If you organize this thing then you will not have to face any kind of problem. Wear a pink coloured rhinestone on your hand or neck.

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Aquarius – Venus is the lord of the ninth and fourth house in your zodiac and is sitting in third place. The 12th sitting of Chaturthesh can make your financial condition weak in your expenses. You have spent a lot and budget on the decoration of the house. If you have bought a big electronic item, due to which your financial condition has fluctuated, then in such circumstances you have to take care that you do not go out of the budget to buy whatever item. Buy it within your budget. Otherwise, you may have to face problems later. Avoid situations of debate with your mother and speak for your good. So try to listen to them. Bhagyesh Venus will increase your luck by looking at your figure. At this time you should invest in the share market but it should be less. There shouldn’t be a shortcut. In this, you will also be involved in the works of wealth and your bonding with your family will be good. The outline of the Manglik program can be kept at home. What you should do? Wear opal on your ring finger in a silver ring. Venus zodiac change 23 May 2022 English blog

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Pisces – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of the third and eighth houses and is sitting in the second house. Sitting on the 12th day of your might can lose your might. That is, at this time you fail to express your feelings. If you have to tell your feelings to someone then you will be spoiled. If you consider it, you will not be able to say. Keep the things of your mind inside you. This is not right. Express the feeling of your mind, so that no kind of thing wanders in your mind and you from it. Do not take any decision in which you can take your siblings along. He will give you the right advice. Will stand with you too. Let’s make tuning with them. You should take any gift, especially from your sister at this time. Venus is the lord of your eighth house and if Venus is looking at its own house, then it will fix the life of daily routine. You can get secret money at this time. At this time you stop relying on others in your work. If you depend on others, then surely your work may suffer. Therefore, do your work by standing on your own without being dependent on others. Give up laziness and move ahead in your life by giving up a little bit of the tendency to postpone the work. What you should do, to avoid negative effects, is do fast on Friday and eat without salt on this day. This is a good remedy while breaking the fast. Make sure to follow of Venus, you will get very positive results of Venus.


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