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Venus Transit 24 September 2022

Aries – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of the second and seventh house and Venus is going to sit in the sixth house. According to these two houses, you will not get the results of Venus so good because the time it is is not so good for you. In this, the position in the horoscope will be seen in many ways. First of all, let’s talk about your wealth, that is, if we talk about its second house, then you will not get the best results of Venus. There may be loss of honor at this time. There may be differences with a relative in the family. Even small problems may have to be faced at the same workplace. There may be concern about the health of the elders of the house. At the same time, the dispute of ancestral property may get stuck. His decision can go negative for you. On the other hand, if we look according to the seventh house, then for the business class who work related to Venus, this time is for them to walk very carefully. Now you will think that because of the work of Venus, then all the cosmetics related to Venus is related to the clothes of Venus. The work of Venus is related to hotel management. The work of the restaurant is of Venus. Interior decoration, decorative, peace, travel business or dancing film industry, all these works, cinematography, all these works come under the jurisdiction of Venus, then you have to be very careful because if you are doing any business related to Venus, then in that business Damage situations may increase. Can think wrong decision. Because of that your business can go through ups and downs. Therefore, it would be better for you that during this time period, you should be very careful and cautious in your business. You should not take any big decision risky decision. You should not make any big investment. At this time and if you want to invest, you cannot stop, then be very careful in that investment. You should make that investment at this time only after doing a thorough investigation. The same is true of married life. Anyway, if the lord of the seventh house is sitting outside himself, then there may be problems in marriage. Married life can be a bit messy. That is, there may be misunderstood or if you are unmarried then your work related to marriage may get stuck. There may be trouble in getting married. By sitting in the house of Venus, you have period problems related to bladder, hair fall related to it. Pain in the feet, any problem related to the thumb. You may have to face this kind of problem. Now you should take measures, then on Friday during the transit of Venus, you should worship Goddess Saraswati and offer white flowers to her. With this, you will get better results of Venus and you will not have to face difficulties in life. Venus Transit 24 September 2022

Taurus – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of your zodiac and is the lord of the seventh house, who, being lord from himself, is sitting low in the fifth and the lord of the system is sitting 12th from himself, but the aspect of the guru is falling. If Venus is debilitated, then if the Guru’s vision is falling on Venus, then even then Venus will not do so much damage. The eyes of the guru are good, but since those lowly ones will not give you good results. Now Ascendant is the lord of the zodiac, so at this time you have to walk very cautiously. First of all, you have to give up laziness, laziness will dominate you in this. Tendency to work will be less. There will be attraction towards opposite sex. Extra marital affairs can also happen at this time. Due to which your married life may deteriorate. The social image will move towards tarnishing, so we have to do our karma with great care. Take out words from your speech, so that no one gets hurt. Since Venus is the lord of your disease house and is sitting outside you. If you go into the twelfth, then you will also have to be careful in breathing problems. Time can be very critical especially for ladies. And if you have gone through the problem of both of these due to the problem of period, then the problem can increase. On the other hand, having problems related to fertility, having problems related to genitals, hair fall, too much pain in some feet related to feet, any problem of thumb. You may have to face this kind of problem. At the same time, your opponents will also take advantage of your weakness, so you should not express your weakness in any way to them. You are not a task, so that opponents get a chance. So Taurus people should be a little careful at this time for you. Yes, one more thing, those who are sitting in the fifth of the students, then those who are students of arts are students of arts class. They are students, all of them have to be careful. The harder you work, the more results you will not get. So double your hard work. If you want to achieve your goal. If you have set that, then you will have to double your actions. Efforts will have to be increased. Now you should take some measures to correct Venus. what solution? If you do, then during the transit of Venus, you should donate white clothes to the little girls who happen to you on Friday.

Gemini – Venus is the lord of 12th and 5th house for you and is becoming debilitated in this place. Now if he is the lord of the 12th house i.e. the cost of the house, he sits down. In the center, he will increase your expenses a lot, he will make unnecessary expenses, you will buy those things which are not needed or you will invest money on the interior on the maintenance of the house and you will invest more money there by going beyond your budget. Some electronic item got damaged or some beauty enhancement items in your house got messed up. Suddenly the expenses came. You may have to see such situations. For these situations, mentally prepare and go through a budget. Everything has to be done. If anything goes wrong inside the house, it will have to be repaired. If we want to get the interior of the house done, then we will have to get it done, but by going more budget in it because there is a lot of variety in it and we sometimes take very wrong decisions in sentimentality. If you do not feel like leaving, then you have to walk carefully. If possible, you can postpone it for a while, then you must avoid it. Now, since Venus, the lord of your fifth house, is sitting in the 12th debilitated position. Time is not good for student class. You will not feel like studying. Especially this time is not so good for artists. Even if you go to do good, it will be against you. This is a bit of a struggle, but you don’t have to be discouraged. Do not be discouraged and those who do not give place to despair in their life. That person always moves forward. So you don’t have to think negative and be disappointed in your life. A person should be karma-pradhan, the person who does the work has the power to change his destiny as well. The planets can also change. The movement of the planets starts moving according to his person. Therefore, considering this, increase your karma further. You should apply white sandalwood tilak on your forehead daily during the transit of anything positive and positive Venus. You have to do this daily and definitely do it whenever you go out of the house. This will increase your confidence level. The results of Venus will be positive.

Cancer – Venus is the lord of 11th and 4th house for your zodiac sign. Labesh, Shukra and Sukhesh Shukra are self-gracious in the mighty house and are sitting in a lowly position. Swami is sitting low on his fifth. However, if the Guru’s vision is on him and fifth from you, you will get the results. At this time some new people will join the circle who would like to tie up with you. would like to work But you have to choose people how much space you have to give in your life. Do you want to allow that person to enter your life or not? This decision will be yours and only. So you have to avoid wrong decision. The business class carries on its business in a normal way. That would be much better for him. The financial situation will be full of fluctuation, but if you have done some work of financial security, that is, made some such investments which can keep you secure, then there will not be much problem. Now Sukesh will fluctuate with certainty in his second. Had to pay for the maintenance of the house. Had to spend on the interior. Suddenly some expenditure came in his life. Such problems, troubles, sudden expenses can come which spoil your budget. That’s why you have to be a little careful. Somebody shows you a house so that you can buy the house. If you have a dream of a house, then first check its paper and check it out. After that proceed. Instead of having differences between siblings, control your speech and control your anger because it is better if we walk with each other in relationships. Donate milk on Monday and Friday during the transit of Venus and offer milk to Shiva. Venus Transit 24 September 2022

Leo – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of the tenth, third house and is sitting in the second house being debilitated. Now Karmesh is thankful, then there may be problems in work. You have to tread a little cautiously. However, I told you that the Guru has a vision and Karmesh is going to sit fifth from himself. But it is low. That’s why it is necessary to be a little careful. Difficulties will definitely come and there will be obstacles in the way. That is, such times will come to you in front of you which may disappoint you a bit, but you do not have to lose courage at this time. Make good tuning with the officials because if there is right coordination then the problems will be less and you will get out of those problems. You can manage those problems. Tuning can be spoiled again and again with mighty loved ones. There may be an atmosphere of family discord. There can be differences in relationships, so you have to be very careful. Your work may get stuck in politics. Where you work, there can be politics. A little against you, you should be careful in this matter. Since Venus is debilitated, it will be better for you if you proceed with a little caution. What should you do now? To fix Venus, you must feed the cows regularly during the transit of Venus.

Virgo – Venus is the lord of ninth and second house for your zodiac sign. That is, the Yogakarak planet is debilitated and is getting debilitated in your zodiac. This time will make you very lazy. You will be busy in programs like Bhog Vilas. It is permissible to be attracted to the opposite sex. There may also be extra-marital affairs, which you should be very careful about. You have to avoid the company of wrong people. You do not have to fall in the company of wrong friends and towards wrong habits. You have to especially note that this time is slightly opposite. You will be attracted to these things. Now Bhagyesh Shukra sitting in the Ascendant sat down on the fifth from himself. If you do not invest in these works, then it is better for you. You should avoid investing in stock market, lottery crypto such things. Young men and women who are looking for a job, they have to move ahead with a lot of thought. Don’t take any decision in haste. There will definitely be some difficulties in the path of students associated with higher education, but make your goals prime. Now since there is also Dhanesh. That is why Rose of Life will spoil the budget of Marra’s life. Will be full of lakhs. So you have to tread a little cautiously. What solution do you have? During the transit of Venus, you should apply sandalwood perfume and feed the girls.

Libra – Venus is the eighth lord for your zodiac sign and is also the lord of your zodiac. And you and Venus are going to sit in your twelfth house. Getting low. Now the lord of the zodiac is inferior to himself and the results of Venus are good in the twelfth place. As an exception, if Venus is still sitting on the planet, then it gives good results, but since they are of low status, any work from abroad can get stuck. Your financial condition may be full of ups and downs. This can lead to a decrease in your social prestige. Relations with Dadihal can deteriorate. That is, you will have to walk by maintaining a good rapport and harmony with relatives. The eighth lord is sitting on the twelfth side. Be very careful while traveling. Be careful while driving. Take special care of your belongings. Goods can get stolen and be careful with little animals as animals can get hurt. During the transit of Venus, you must feed 10 blind people on Friday.

Scorpio – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of the seventh and twelfth house and is sitting in benefic house. Venus is debilitated. But any planet in the aspect and benefics of Jupiter gives good results of high and low. But if the lord of the twelfth house is sitting in his outside, then you have to walk a little cautiously. Especially what is your calculation, be very careful in your calculations which are your expenses. Avoid extra expenses. There can be differences in relationships too, so be careful. If there are any work related to women, then they can also get stuck. Be careful in that. Venus the seventh lord is sitting fifth from himself, but Venus is sitting in a debilitated way. So you have to be careful in marital relations. The problem of yoga may be misunderstood. Do not place any type of wall between each other. Everything can be resolved during any conversation. If you are married, then you will definitely get marital relations, but you have to make the choice. So choose wisely. During the transit of Venus, offer milk, Akshat and sugar to Goddess Parvati on Monday and Friday. Venus Transit 24 September 2022

Sagittarius – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of the eleventh house and becoming debilitated by going into the karmabhava. This time can increase your diseases. May aggravate breathing problems so be careful. Problems related to genitals, itching in internal parts, having period problems, hair fall, problems related to feet can be such problems. Getting boils, pimple, decrease in your beauty can increase mental stress in some way or the other. So be careful. Pisces opponents will also try to humiliate you somewhere. Your weaknesses may be exposed in front of the society. Weakness is of every person but should not be exposed and you keep on trying to improve your weaknesses. You should always have the urge to move forward and improve. At this time you also have to avoid the company of wrong friends because wrong friends can confuse you. Venus, since the lord of the lord of lordship, you can get to see the matter of the 12th struggle from you. Considering your financial condition, move ahead in your life. To avoid tension in relationships, you don’t need to go ahead with your relationships by remaining silent or speaking extra. You must feed white sweets to the girls during the transit of Venus.

Capricorn – Venus is the lord of the fifth and tenth house for the people of Capricorn. And Venus is getting debilitated in the rest of the place. The lord is sitting on his outside and the fifth lord is sitting on the fifth. So this is the time for you to move ahead in your career very carefully. Avoid taking the wrong decision. If you want to start any work of your own then first you will do a complete study of that work. You can be successful in this work. Is there the position of the planetary constellation from the birth chart which is taking you towards work? So, you will walk a little cautiously, or you yourself should observe a little. Consult your planets in the horoscope or from a good astrologer. Only then go ahead about your career and take a little serious decision because hasty work can harm you. You are full of religious tendencies. But at this time your mind will move more towards atheism. You have to be very careful to avoid wrong tendencies. Especially those who are students, they need to pay a lot of attention in studies and move forward. During the transit of Venus, wear pink colored crystals in your hands and neck. Venus Transit 24 September 2022

Aquarius – Venus is the lord of fourth and ninth house from your zodiac. That is, the Yogakaraka planets are becoming debilitated in the eighth house. If Venus sits debilitated in it, then you can get to see a little bit of this ups and downs at this time. Financial situation to be filled with void, to create an atmosphere of family discord, to have differences with the mother. Situations of stagnation in land-related vehicle-related works, repeated expenses, property-related work get stuck. You may get to see such situations leaving the dream of a new house incomplete. Since Venus is out of luck, then luck is also full of time. Do not do any police work at all. If you want to do any work related to share market or trading or if you want to do any work related to lottery or if you want to put money in crypto, avoid any such risky work. Go on doing your work in a normal way, only then you will get better results of Venus or else the problem of debt may increase. There will be a slight randomness of routine and the damage that you were having till now, or you were always getting to see some loss from your opponents, that loss will definitely end. During the transit of Venus, you should continuously chant the Beej Mantra of Lakshmi with a pink hakik garland.

Pisces – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of the third and eighth house and is sitting in the seventh house. There will be an increase in might, but the might which is yours at this time may be felt in the opposite direction. You have to pay attention to where to put the energy. It is your decision to take the positive way or take it towards the negative. Tuning can be bad with siblings too. There can be a difference of opinion whether it is regarding ancestral business or ancestral property. So stay away from such things as much as possible because their decisions will not go in your favor. can be negative. Now, if Venus sits in the seventh house, it is sitting high and if it is low, then you will have to be very careful in married life too. Your professional life may also get disturbed due to mutual differences. You try to resolve the differences. Have restraint on your speech. Control anger and ego should not come. No pride, no pride, and I should not be in anything. I always kill the person and also destroy the relationships related to him. Be it any relationship. Venus is sitting in the eighth house above the 12th debilitated from itself. So be careful while traveling during this time. Be careful while driving. If any far-reaching journey is possible then you are good. And if you go, be very careful. Opponents can do harm and opponents you won’t even recognize. That is, the people around you should beware of such opponents. Do not be extra emotional and do not share your thoughts with anyone in sentimentality. Do not share your confidential things with anyone. Stand by yourself and do your work. Time is also a laziness inside a person that if he entrusts it to someone else, he will do it, then by trusting do not entrust your work to anyone. Stand by yourself and do your work, only then you will achieve success. During the transit of Venus, you must fast on Friday to avoid negative effects and you should eat food without salt on Friday. Whenever you break your fast, eat food without salt. Venus Transit 24 September 2022

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