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Venus Transit 13 July 2022 English blog | Shukra Rashi Parivartan 13 July 2022 | By Astrologer Nidhi Ji Shrimali


Venus Transit June 13 July 2022 English blog

Today we have appeared in front of you with the information about the change in the zodiac sign of Venus. The bright planet as we know it. Venus is the planet of luxury. The planet is the cause of happiness. Also, if there is any kind of obstacle in marriage, then the position of the planet Venus is first seen in the horoscope. The planet Venus is considered to increase the happiness of married life and increase all kinds of happiness resources in life. Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra and Venus shows the influence of exalted in Capricorn and debilitated in Virgo. If Venus is exalted in someone’s horoscope, then that person is full of enjoyment and luxury. There is no dearth of luxury in his life. Has an attractive personality. He loves to roam around decorated. Mastery is achieved in the field of art. Any kind of art is found in it. It is full of arts. The artist may be a great actor or a theatre artist. Play an instrument, be a good dancer. If you are a physician, then you must see that the position of Venus will be good inside his horoscope, then what effect will you get to see the effect of this change of Venus on your life, because, in the present situation, Venus is sitting in its zodiac sign Taurus. And it is good for the people of the Taurus zodiac. But they are going to give good results for all zodiac signs because they are sitting in their zodiac. No one is harmed in his own house. Gives good results. Venus in Taurus is currently giving good results to all the zodiac signs. increasing pleasures. Increasing luxury. Although a little bit in whose zodiac Venus is exalted or if the person whose zodiac sign is lord and sits in his zodiac, then that person becomes a little lazy. There is a lazy nature, there is a lot of tendency to postpone work. It is comforting, but despite that, if Venus is good and the person is hardworking, then he can make a king as a king. He has the means of all kinds of progress in life, and all kinds of comforts, so let’s know that this zodiac change of Venus is going to decrease, so at present, we told you that Venus is sitting in Taurus as a self-occupied person and on July 13 He will enter his very friendly zodiac, Gemini. From 13th July to 7th August, he will be sitting in Gemini and this will be the period. This period will also be very good for you because the lord of your zodiac or the lord of the Taurus zodiac will sit one house ahead of you. If Venus is weak in the horoscope. Go. So that person is a pauper and a very lazy person who consumes all kinds of drugs and is a doodle. In life, he always believes in eating only on demand. If you do not become diligent, then these are the facts of Venus. Now let’s start. Venus Transit June 13 July 2022 English blog



Aries – Venus is the lord of the second and seventh houses and is going to sit in your mighty house. First of all, if we talk about the second place, then the results of Venus according to the second place are going to be very good because the lord of wealth will go home and give very good results. Respect will increase in the family. Your image will come in front of people very positively. Will be seen making up his mind to do something good for society. You will try to increase the luxury for your staff. On the other hand, if you are doing a job yourself, then you will be ready to do some good work for your company. At this time, if you have any family disputes related to jewellery or related to money. So the decision of those disputes will also go in your favour. Let Venus sit in your very friendly zodiac. But according to the money house, the results of Venus will be very good, so for those who work related to Venus, this time is very good for them. If you are working in a hotel somewhere. If you are working in a restaurant or working in a big interior designer company or a company with decorative pieces, then surely this time will be favourable for you and promotion. You also have the yoga of increasing the salary. Now Venus is in your seventh house. And the lord of the seventh house is sitting in mighty power. Very good, at this time you will get full happiness in your married life. Spouse will stand by you as your strength. You will feel very lucky with your loved partner. You are very lucky that you got such a good life partner, if you are unmarried, then at this time, you will get your desired life partner. This time will also create very positive conditions for you in business. This time will be full of might for business people. If you will be seen doing one of your brandings or if you want to open a big thing or any cosmetic item or any brand of clothes of your own then this time is going to be very auspicious for you and if you have already opened and you want to increase it. want. If you want to make a big brand then this time is very appropriate for that. At this time, you will see good progress and progress in your everyday tasks. At the same time, conversations like marriage engagement will remain in the discussion at this time. If you are in a love relationship, then whoever you want to speak your mind to. Feel free to tell him, the person will understand your words and will move forward with you. You should donate white things, such as milk, pearls, curd, sugar, flour, milk, ghee etc. to Aries people every Friday or you can donate sweets made from them.


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Taurus – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of your zodiac and the lord of the seventh house and sits in the money house. That is, sitting in the second house. That is, the owner of the zodiac should sit one by one ahead of himself because these horoscopes are based on the lunar calculations and are equally effective according to both the ascendant and the zodiac, then it is very good to sit one house ahead of your ascendant in the sense of personality. I will have four moons. At this time your work will be completed at a fast pace. Discussions of your personality will be everywhere. Artists will be seen playing their talents all around. People will be amazed at how much art there is in a person. Social media has become TV has become cinema. Through this, your art will shine more and your fame will increase more. You will get respect in the family. At this time your relationship with your meditators will be stronger. There will be intensification in family relations. On the other hand, if we consider Venus according to the house, then the lord of the seventh house sits in the house of wealth, then it is fine, but at this time you have to take special care of your hygiene. If the weather is also rainy, then there can be such problems as ringworm, itching, boils and pimples. Be a little careful. Just be careful in this case. Ladies have to be especially careful. You will not have any other kind of problem. Even if you wish on the enemy, nothing will be able to harm you. You will achieve victory in every field. You will see a good position of profit right now, but do not put your actions on anyone else. Especially not for money-related works at all. If you complete such tasks yourself, then you will see double the profit. will get Now on Friday, donate white sandalwood and white rice, white clothes, white flowers and other white things to you. should do. And give Dakshina to a girl. That is, donate some gift money for him. Venus Transit June 13 July 2022 English blog


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Gemini – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of the 12th and fifth house and for Venus sitting in your zodiac, the results of Venus in a friend’s zodiac are very good for your zodiac. Will stay So now you will get freedom from your unnecessary expenses. When the mind gets distracted, again and again, it is also domestic. Now you have to give a little pause in it and the pause will come automatically. Be a bit frugal. People who want to go and travel abroad will get very good benefits from abroad. Their dream will be fulfilled and those who want to go abroad and do some work, but that work should be related to Venus. Then you will get very good success, then this time is going to be very appropriate for them. This time will also be good for employed people. You will get to see a lot of cooperation and cooperation of the officials. On the other hand, if your fifth lord is also thankful, then this time is also very good for the students. Students -in art class will be seen doing excellent performance in their studies. Teachers and parents will feel proud. If your kids are good at art. That is if you want to move forward with some of your good abilities, then definitely support them because this time is very good for them, as much as their performance will be good and your support will be there. That’s how they will go forward. Those people associated with the literary world, the time is going to be very good for the artists. You can be appreciated for your work. At the same time, your interest in spiritual feelings will be seen increasing more and more in the works of Dharma Karma. In this, you will be absorbed in the devotion of God and outline any religious ritual with the family. will appear. Do chant the Om Shukray Namah mantra regularly. You should do this chant at least one rosary. Know more.


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Cancer – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of the 11th and 4th houses and is situated in the 12th house. But by the way, if any friend sits in it in the sense of spending, then it does not give such good results, but you will get good results from Venus. Venus is an exception. This time they give us very good results so the profit will be very good and it is very easy to earn money in it. How we spend money and how we enjoy life should also come. So Venus will make you enjoy life. That is, you will spend your money for the enjoyment of your hobby and should also do it. Why do we earn money, we earn merit only to accumulate, then you will get to see the benefit very good at this time. Respect will increase in the family. Travel to distant countries can be completed and that journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. The circle will grow. Some VIPs will join you in the circle and if you are single at this time, someone will enter your life who will make your thinking of life even more beautiful. That is, you will go into a very romantic zone. Now Venus is also your happiness. He is the owner of the place of happiness. He is sitting in it. Happiness will increase. You can shop for luxury items. To collect all the means of your convenience. Will try But it can go awry to the elders of your house. There may be an argument with the mother. That’s why don’t argue with them. He is old and has had a lot of experience in his life. That is why if they tell you something, then listen to their words and where you feel that you should do a little, then also pay attention to their words. There will be an increase in respect in society. The economic condition will be very good and advanced. You can get success in property-related works at this time. If your dream of a new and luxurious house will be seen being fulfilled, then Venus will have very good results for the people of Cancer. Every Friday, mix sugar in the flour and feed the ants.


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Leo – Venus is the lord of the tenth and third house in your zodiac. And is sitting in the profit house. The results of Venus will be very good in the house of profit. If Karmesh is sitting one house ahead of himself for a long time, if any promotion is stuck or if any increment is stuck, then the time is very good for the employed people. Your dream will come true with speed. The cooperation and cooperation of the officers will also be seen in abundance and if any journey is completed in connection with any work, then that journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. May this time will also provide many opportunities to the business class to implement new schemes and at this time you will be seen taking advantage of these opportunities as well. Your tuning with your father will seem to improve even more and if there are ongoing differences, they will end. Now, since Venus, the lord of your might and mighty spirit is sitting ninth from himself. It is very good for the lord of the triad to sit in the sacral house. Your might will increase during this time. There will be more support from siblings. Family with you, family with you and your social prestige will increase. At this time your strength will be seen increasing. You will be seen spreading inner positive energy all around, which will attract people to you. Will be impressed by you and will try to solve your problems by taking advice from you. You will become an idol for many people. There will be good profit in business and this time will be very good and prosperous for the employed people. You should avoid consuming sweet food i.e. salt and fast on Friday and take only sweet food. Venus Transit June 13 July 2022 English blog


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Virgo – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of the ninth and second house and is going to sit in the tenth house. Venus, that is, sitting in the karmic sense, will make your very good fortune even better. At this time, if you invest in a share market lottery or any such company which works related to Venus, you will get a very good profit from it. For those young girls who are looking for jobs, their search will end. At this time you can complete the journey of far-reaching levels with your family. The journey to the places of residence will be completed. At the same time, you will be engaged in the works of Dharmakarma and also in works like human service. At this time, you will get to see a lot of your father’s company and with his cooperation, you will overcome all the problems in your work. Venus is also the lord of your money house and the lord of wealth is sitting very well in the karmic house. It would be great to sit ninth by yourself and you will get the support and cooperation of the competitive officers of the day and all the problems in the work will be removed. That is, the results of Venus will be very good for the people of Virgo. To get rid of all kinds of Venus defects in your Kundali, you should do Shanti Puja to Venus. Recite Shree Sukta on Friday and do it sitting in front of Shree Yantra.


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Libra – Venus is the lord of your zodiac and is also the lord of the eighth house. It is very good for the seventh lord to go ahead of his house and sit in a place of good fortune, even better than that. Since your zodiac is the lord. Sitting in the triangle of Ascendant ascendant will give excellent results. Your personality will become powerful. Decision-making will improve. At this time, renouncing laziness, whatever work you think in your mind in your life, that work will be completed, which will also remain in your mind. Nine, move your steps towards fulfilling those desires because they will be fulfilled by you. You will get yoga from your family. But it will be very appropriate for you to be ambitious. At this time you can make a long-term investment in any risky work. There are full chances of getting secret money and if there is any dispute going on in the family. Especially in the in-laws’ house, those differences will end. Feed rates of flour to the white cow every morning. Venus Transit June 13 July 2022 English blog


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Scorpio – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of the seventh and twelfth house and is sitting one house ahead of you. But Venus will rotate you a lot in the eighth house, but you have to be a little careful, and avoid wrong decisions. Avoid risky investments and try to do the same tasks that are going on in the routine. Beware of secret enemies that are forming in front of you, but are plotting against you behind your back. Stay a little bit away from such enemies. Be a little careful while driving demand. Wear a seatbelt helmet and follow traffic rules. Venus his expenses can also increase. So move ahead in your life by controlling expenses a little. Don’t take any decision in haste. If you have the dream of travelling abroad at this time, then it can be fulfilled. But due to the circumstances of expenses at this time, the debt situation may also increase. Be a little careful. what is it you? should do? Donate milk and rice to the temple.


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Sagittarius – For your zodiac, the lord of Venus system and the eleventh house is situated in the seventh house. Venus in the seventh house brings the condition of destruction to the karakas of the house. There is a need to be a little careful in married life. There may be a dispute with the spouse. There may be differences. At this time, if you are looking for a suitable partner for marriage, then there may be some disappointment. This time is not so good for women. Therefore, at this time take special care of your health with your hygiene. The one who is going through the problem of the period is going through the problem of menopause. For all those ladies who are going through PCOD, it’s time to be a little careful. But whatever your opponents are at this time will calm down. You will do your tasks in a very systematic manner. The company of wrong friends will be missed. Good friends will come to your company. From whom you will get to learn a lot. It can be a great time. Your situation of sudden monetary gains may increase. That is, the money stuck from somewhere has come. You got money from a stuck plan, which you expected. If you had lent money to someone, then they are going to repay your loan. You will see such situations. The circle level will increase. Social honour and respect will increase. You should install the Shukra Yantra in your home and office by worshipping and establishing it and must visit it daily.


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Capricorn – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of the fifth and tenth house and is sitting in the system house.Need to be careful. Related to Venus, if you do any work, whether you do food work. Tiffin service, restaurant, hotel business, flower perfume, car travel, alert all those people. This time will not bring good results from Venus for you. Salaried people can get scolded by their boss at this time. They may have to face their displeasure because somewhere in the work you will get confused. There will be more tendency toward laziness. There will be a tendency to postpone work and you may have to face many difficulties due to it. Therefore, avoid the tendency to postpone work. Time is full of some distractions for the student class. Maintain your concentration and focus more on your studies. For the people of the literary world, this is the time to be a little successful. A wrong decision can increase your reputation. There could be defamation. Is. So don’t take any risky decisions and don’t make any controversial statements. It is also very important to have restraint on speech and control of anger. Now, what should be done if the results of Venus are not so good for Capricorn people. If Venus is weak in your Kundli, then you should wear a rhinestone garland. With this, you will get to see better results on Venus. Venus Transit June 13 July 2022 English blog


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Aquarius – Venus is the lord of the fourth and ninth house for your zodiac sign. And he is sitting in the fifth house. Very nice setting. This time is very good for the student class. Especially great for art class students. At the same time, the economic situation will increase luxury. One can bring a luxury item into the house or can do the renovation of the house. You can get some good news related to home. You can upgrade your home. That is, the dream of a new house can be fulfilled. The dream of the property will appear to be fulfilled. Your relationship with your mother will improve even more. Chances of getting financial benefits from the mother will also get better. Bhagyesh will increase your fortune by going ninth from himself. Your influence will be seen increasing during this time. For those young girls who are looking for jobs, their search will end. For those who want to start their new startup, this time will also be very beneficial for them. Will be full of auspicious fruits. What you should do. Wear a bracelet in your hand and wear a fire opal.


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Pisces – Venus is the lord of the third and eighth house in your zodiac and is going to sit in the fourth house. Parakramesh sat terrified of himself and sitting in the centre would increase in great might. Luxury will increase. Situations of estrangement with siblings will end. Social honour and respect will increase. The circle of friends of friends will appear to be increasing. Your desires and ambitions will be fulfilled, due to which there will be a feeling of happiness in your mind and your confidence level will also be high in this. The eighth lord Venus is sitting on the ninth from himself. This is the time when there is turmoil in your daily routine life. You keep small things unorganized. Now, these things will end and in the meantime, you will do your work. You will get back some of your favourite things that have been lying around for a long time. You will get full support from in-laws. End your secret enemies. Will go And you will also get success in your work. Full sums of receipt of secret wealth remain at this time. What you should do. Pisces people should be anointed on Friday on Goddess Lakshmi by filling rice in the clockwise conch shell while reciting Shree Sukta and reciting Lakshmi Namavali. You will get pleasant results. ffVenus Transit June 13 July 2022 English blog

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