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VENUS TRANSIT 11 November 2022 in Hindi | Transit from Libra to Scorpio | SHUKRA PARIVARIVARTAN | – Nidhi Ji Shrimali |

Venus Transit

VENUS TRANSIT 11 November 2022

Aries – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of second and seventh house and Venus is going to sit. In the eighth house, the eighth house is not such a good house and since Venus is a benign planet, sitting in the eighth house will not give such good results. By the way, if the lord of the second house is looking at the seventh house from himself and his own house, then your wealth will increase. Obstacles and problems coming in the job will be seen to end at this time. Despite some ups and downs, you will be able to complete your tasks. You will get to see the situation of sudden monetary gains, but at this time you will also have a tendency to postpone your work, due to which loss can also happen. Therefore, do not put your tasks on someone else and do not go on postponing, so that your work becomes intermittent. If you want to make progress in your life, then you have to be very aware and stand by yourself and complete your tasks. Now the lord of the seventh house is also Sun and Venus and they are sitting one house ahead of themselves. Life partner’s full support and co-operation with in-laws, I am very good at your tuning. Will be seen going a little closer to them. At the same time, the economic side will also be seen getting stronger. The business class will travel a lot in business, but you are going to get auspicious results from these trips and this result will bring good progress and progress in your business. What you should do? Goddess Lakshmi must be worshiped on Friday with incense, lamp and naivedya.

Taurus – The ruling planet of your own zodiac is Venus and your sixth house is also ruled by Venus. Till now Venus was sitting as a self-occupied person, but the sight of Saturn was also falling on Venus. But now the sight of Shani is over and the ninth sight of Guru will be Venus. Venus will sit seventh from your own zodiac and see its own zodiac sign. That is, you will see the sense of your personality. Your personality will become very attractive during this time. People will try to know your talent and a personality hidden inside you and will be very impressed with you. Social honor and respect will increase in you who are a painter or you are doing well in the field of any art, you are a dancer, you are a musician, if you have any kind of art inside you and you own it. If you are progressing by making a mission, then definitely you will see very good results at this time. Till now those who struggled with health related problems because Venus was the lord of your disease house. Now Venus remained self-occupied in the disease house, but with him again did a three-day union. If the sight of the seventh Shani was falling on Venus, then it was not good. On seeing the tenth sight of Saturn, now you will get relief from breathing problems. Especially ladies are going to grow a lot of Rahu. Boils related to internal part related to pimple, even if there was any problem of your piles wart going on at this time, then it is related to herpes, itching, itching, if there was any problem going on in your life, then you will get rid of all these now. That is, you will show awareness towards health and because of that you will look very fit at this time. You will get the results of Venus. Whatever the opponents want to do, they will not be able to defend you in those works. That is, making sure of your success in every task at this time, see what Taurus people should do now? You must observe fast on Friday.

Gemini – Venus is the lord of your twelfth house and fifth house i.e. fifth house and twelfth house and has become seated in the disease house. However, the sight of Jupiter is falling on your Venus. If your disease is falling on your senses, then it will appear to be healing a little. But despite that, you will also need to be a little careful because this time is not so good for you. Venus, the lord planet sitting in the six house, will not give such good results. However, the twelfth place has to see its own house. You will get the expenses done a little, but you will also be seen balancing the expenses. That means there will be expenses. The arrival will also be the same and you will manage the expenses somewhere. At this time, you will have a good rapport with your co-workers, but you will not be able to get them to work. This is a big problem that will run in your life. You boss officers will have a lot of faith in you, but they will also look angry with you for doing the right thing. Now since Venus is the lord of the fifth house and is sitting one house ahead of itself, then this time will not be such a good and favorable result for the student. Although students of arts stream will get very good results but students of science or commerce are associated with technical field. Associated with technical education. For them, it’s a little more struggling in time. You will have to work hard, but if you become karma-pradhan, then you will also get the results as per your wish. The honor and fame of the artists will increase. If your child wants to move forward in the field of art or has very good talent in it, then definitely you should support because she can make her talent world famous with your support. At this time, it can also create a separate name and identity of its own. All you have to do is support them morally and keep supporting them as you go. People associated with the field of literary world will gain fame at this time. Along with this, you can also be honored for your work. On every Friday, you should donate white things like milk, pearls, curd, sugar, flour, ghee, sweets made from them.

Cancer – Venus is the lord of benefic and fourth house for your zodiac sign and is sitting in the fifth house. Labesh is looking after his own house. Will increase profit positions progressively. Sudden profit You must have some money stuck with you for a very long time, then you will get it again. If you have given it to someone, then that person will lend to you. At this time their participation in social programs will increase and your circle and level will also increase. You will be seen increasing the luxury life for yourself. On the other hand, since Venus is the lord of your fourth house and is sitting one house ahead of you. This time will be seen strengthening your financial side. Increase in pleasures like land, building, vehicle. Will do If you will think about the men of the house for a very long time, then at this time you will definitely be able to get the interior of your house done. You can bring home decor items at this time. You can be seen shopping for luxury items and buying a new vehicle is also possible at this time. You will also get full support from mother at this time. You should take white sandalwood and a piece of white stone in a silver vessel and keep it in your bedroom. With this you will get better and better results of Venus.

Leo – For your zodiac sign, Venus, the lord of Karma Bhava and mighty house, and Venus are sitting very well in the happy place. increasing pleasures. At the same time, sitting in their own happiness, they will bring their own home i.e. Karma Bhava, they will speed up the work. Especially those who work in restaurants, those in the hotel business, those who do perfumes, those who do mouth work, those who do imitation jewelry, those who work in cosmetic, those who work in clothing or the travel business Cinematography, Photography Do any work related to This time will give great results to the people associated with all those fields in the film industry. You will get to see the conditions of best happiness at this time. Your fame will appear to increase further. You will also get to see abundance of father’s support and prosperity at this time and with his support you will achieve your destination. Now the mighty Venus who is sitting one house ahead of himself, will also increase his might. Everyone will get the support of brothers and sisters. At this time the obstacles of your life will be over, since the vision is on Venus, then you will get to see even better results of Venus. If any dispute related to ancestral property is going on, then you will get its settlement, then you should regularly chant Om Shree Om Shukray Namah mantra at least 108 times.

Virgo – Venus is the lord of ninth and second house for your zodiac. That is, he is the lord of the house of fortune and wealth and is sitting in the third house. Very good result of Venus will be to increase luck. Luck will support you at this time and if you want to try your luck in the field related to Venus, then you will get many new opportunities. A good job will be found, the young girls who are looking for a job, they will end their search for a job and will get a good job. On the other hand, if you want to start a startup of your own, then funds will be arranged for that and you will also get help from the government. At this time, all the unfinished work will be completed smoothly and a plan of auspicious programs will be made in the house. Now since Venus is the lord of wealth, the blessings of elders will be received from the family. You will get victory in the work related to the court and the works which are left unfinished will be completed with the help of your family members. You will be seen captivating everyone with your speech and you will hoist the flag of your ability at your work place. What should you do now? To get the auspicious results of Venus, you must plant Tulsi flower in your house and worship it always. Light a ghee lamp under it daily in the evening.

Libra – Your zodiac lord is Venus and the lord of your eighth house is Venus and Venus is sitting in the second house i.e. money house. Sitting ahead of your zodiac lord will make your personality very attractive. At this time, it will increase you to get up and sit in the midst of people. Your participation in social programs will increase. At this time, you will give very good suggestions to people, but the tendency to work will decrease in you. Laziness will come in you and because of that some qualities can also go to your disadvantage. That is why make yourself karma-oriented and make good use of this time. If you will get very good profit. The relationship with them will be stronger. Since Venus is the lord of your eighth house and is looking at your own house, then at this time you will have to travel a lot. But the journey will be fruitful for you. You will definitely get success in whatever work you do by staying away from home at this time. Suddenly the sources of getting money will open. Opponents and enemies will be defeated. Although the number of walkers is never less, they will still be your nothing. At this time, if you invest in any risky work, then there will be good benefits in that too. So you will get very good qualities of Venus. What should you do now? On every Friday, give food to the ants milled in flour.

Scorpio – Venus is the lord of the seventh and twelfth house for your zodiac sign. Despite that, you will get to see the good results of Venus because the lord of the twelfth house is sitting after one by one. You will get very good benefits from abroad at this time. You may have tie-ups with foreign companies. You can get foreign clients. Those young girls who want to go abroad and do jobs, their dreams can be fulfilled. Jobs can open doors. On the other hand, Venus will also control your expenses a little. In this you will be saved from unnecessary expenses. Will buy what is needed. Distance will remain in the relationship. Since Venus is the lord of your seventh house, sitting in your zodiac and looking at your own house. That is, if you are looking at the seventh house, then whatever problems related to marriage are at this time will end. Unmarried young men and women will get good news related to marriage. If you are in a love relationship, then you will definitely get your desired partner with the consent of your family members. Businessmen will be seen making good progress and progress in business. Will implement new schemes. What should you do now? Make a Shukra Yantra on a piece of silver colored cloth and keep it with you forever.

Sagittarius – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of the sixth and benefic house and is sitting in the twelfth house. Although the twelfth house is the house of expenditure, but Venus gives good results here. So Venus will give you very good results. Will increase the profit position immediately. Those who work related to materials. For those who are manufacturers, this time will be very good. Your social circle will increase. The circle level will be clearly visible. VIP celebrities will appear joining your circle. Now since disease is the lord of the house and lives in his own house, then be a little careful about diseases. Especially there is a need to be very careful about Venus-borne diseases because these diseases can increase. This is not the time to be careless, especially for women. The more hygienic you are, the more you will take care of yourself. Similarly, you will also stay away from breathing problems. Enemies and opponents will try to do something or the other. On bringing obstacles in your work to put Aurangzeb, you will definitely defeat your enemies with your intelligence and tact. What should you do now? Shukra Yantra should be installed in your home or office with proper guidelines for worship and installation.

Capricorn – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of the fifth and tenth house and is sitting in the house of profit. So the lord of Karma Bhava will sit one house ahead of himself and the lord of fifth house will sit seventh from himself and look at his own house will bring a very good position. You will make good progress in work. At this time, the obstacles that were going on in your life, those obstacles will end. You will be seen setting the path of progress. You will get good support from father. Your concerns will be resolved. At this time, any of your stuck plans will also come out, due to which feelings of happiness will arise in your mind. Guests can come to the house, due to which the atmosphere of the house will appear to be very healthy. Now Panchmesh is looking at his own house from the seventh point of view. That is why this time is going to be very good for the student class. However, you have to give up laziness and become karma-oriented. You will not get the results of your efforts. No matter how many good planets and constellations are sitting there. So be karma pradhan so that this time can get you better results and your hard work pays off and you get to see great results. People associated with literary arts will get respect at this time and a spiritual event can take place at home. Now worship Maa Durga and five girls on Friday and feed these girls white sweets like kheer and donate white things.

Aquarius – Venus is the lord of 4th and 9th house for your zodiac sign. And are going to sit in the tenth house. Now you will get very good results of Venus. Since Venus is the Yogakaraka planet in your horoscope, Jupiter’s vision is also falling on Venus. And Venus is sitting in the karmic house and looking at the fourth house. Bhagyesh is one house ahead of himself. So those who do work related to Venus at this time will get great benefits. Young girls who want to start their own startup. Those who are associated with fashion designing or interior decoration will also get very good results. Happiness will increase. Land will be full of pleasures like building, vehicle. You will get to see the full support of the family at this time. Especially mother’s support will be with you. So what should you do? You should wear a silver chain around your neck or a rhinestone garland or a silver bracelet.

Pisces – For your zodiac, Venus is the lord of the third and eighth house and is sitting in the ninth house. The disorientation situations which were going on in his life till now, could not be done. Had to stay away from home. The trees were lost. Now the circumstances will end. You will get to see wonderful results of Venus. Your work will be done. However, go ahead with a lot of thought before engaging in risky activities. Take a wise decision. Don’t take any decision in haste. You will get full support of family and in-laws. There will be an increase in might and more support of siblings and your ancestral property related disputes will be settled and you will get freedom from property related disputes and you will also get that property. You can buy jewelry at this time. What you should do? Feed green grass to a white cow and serve it.

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