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Use of Turmeric mala/ Use of Haldi mala


Use of Turmeric mala 

Turmeric has been given a sacred place in our scriptures. Not only is it very useful under Ayurveda, but turmeric knot is also very beneficial in the eyes of astrology, its relation with the god Jupiter has been accepted. It has been accepted as a synonym for purity. Use of Turmeric mala
The mantra of Baglamukhi Devi is chanted with this garland to remove enemy obstacles. Using turmeric garland for chanting the mantra of Jupiter planet also gives auspicious results.
This garland is made from a lump of turmeric. This rosary is specially used for the chanting ritual of Pitambara Devi, Baglamukhi Mantra. Apart from this, chanting the mantra of Jupiter planet with this garland also gives auspicious results. Use the garland after purification. Turmeric is a special type of medicine which has divine properties. Use of Turmeric mala
According to astrology, it is believed that the people whose luck does not favor them, they must use turmeric garland. Apart from this, it gives good health to the native and also ends the money related problems in his life. If you have any such desire in your mind, which is very important for you to fulfill, then you must wear a garland of turmeric.
If a person suffering from jaundice wears a lump of turmeric, then his disease ends as soon as possible.
A mentally disturbed person must wear a garland of turmeric. It generates good thoughts in the mind, as well as saves the person from falling into the grip of depression. Use of Turmeric mala
To worship Lord Ganesha and Brihaspati Dev, a lump of turmeric should be used, due to which they are soon pleased and fulfill the desire of the devotee. The person whose position of Jupiter is not good in his horoscope, he must wear turmeric garland. By this the auspicious results of the Guru are obtained and the person gets different benefits.

Chanting Baglamukhi Mantra
Chanting Baglamukhi mantra on turmeric garland is fruitful, apart from this you can also chant Jupiter mantra on turmeric garland. Use of Turmeric mala

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