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Tula Rashifal April 2021 | तुला राशि अप्रैल राशिफल – Libra horoscope | April Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Tula Rashifal April 2021 | तुला राशि अप्रैल राशिफल

Libra Rashifal April 2021 – Hello welcome. Happy New Year to all of you. May this new year be a blessing for you. May you move forward in your life and if any kind of problem is going on in your life then all those problems will be eradicated, my best wishes because Indian New Year is going to start on the day of Chaitra Navratri in April. Chaitra Navratri is commencing on 13 April with the beginning of the Indian New Year at Gudi Padwa. Jhulelal Jayanti is also coming on this day. Along with this, a special festival of Gangaur will be celebrated on April 15, which is considered a festival of special importance in Rajasthan in our state. This is a day of very special importance for the Suhagins. We are going to celebrate the festival of Ram Navami with great fanfare on April 21 and Hanuman Jayanti is coming on April 27, so there are so many fasts and festivals in the month of April, so this month is known as the special month anyway. Today of April, I will give you the monthly horoscope of the Libra sign and will tell you that there are going to be some special changes in the position of planetary transit and these changes will be very positive for all zodiac signs. First of all, we will talk about the position of a planetary transit, today Saturn, which is seated in Capricorn by being self-occupied. Mahapurusha named Shash is making yoga for Libra people. At the same time, the Guru planets, which were still seated with Saturn in Capricorn, and the disordered state of Raja Yoga was created because the Guru was similar to the malefic, now the Guru’s condition is going to end and on April 6 itself, they will be in Capricorn. From Aquarius, that is, you are going to be sitting in the fifth house from your fourth house. At the same time, the Sun-Mercury and Venus are currently sitting in Pisces. Venus, which will enter Aries from 10th of Pisces on April 10, is also their friend, Venus is sitting high and Venus will be sitting in your seventh house. Sun planets that will enter Aries from the 14th of Pisces on April 14 and will be sitting high in your seventh house. Mercury planet is going to be sitting in Pisces in your seventh house from Pisces zodiac sign on 16th April. After this both Sun, Mercury, and Venus, another important zodiac change will be seen in this month is that of Mars which is still sitting in your eighth position in the Taurus zodiac sign with Rahu and making a cozy sign. On the same day, when the Sun changes its zodiac sign, they will finish Angarak Yoga and go from Taurus to Gemini, which is their equal amount. At the same time, the Ketu planets are going to remain in this whole month, then it was the position of some planets that we will get to see the boundary and this month the position of the planets will disturb the privacy of the Guru. If Mangal Rahu’s Angarak Yog is ending and the Sun is seated in Aries through high, then it will have an effect on your zodiac sign as well. – Tula Rashifal April 2021

Family status

How will April month be for the family members of Libra, then the owner of the house of personality, who was sitting in your sick house till now, who is also your ascendant, Venus will now sit in your seventh house on the 10th of April and your He will see the house i.e. the Lagna. Lagnesh seeing his own house is a great sign. Your personality will look much better after April 10. This is going to do good for you. There will be four moons in your personality. However, your charming personality will be pleasing to everyone. But a little fun, hobby, entertainment, walking or walking may be more of your tendency. Lagnesh is looking at his house and Venus is the lord of luxury. You are the owner of beauty, so in the month of April, you will pay special attention to your beauty. You will be fond of all this music by roaming around and giving these to your family members, you will try to spend more and more time with them. With regard to your family, your parents, your family, you can also go to a job with all these, we are seeing this possibility in April. Some relation with family may spoil you, you can hurt someone with your speech. You may be estranged and estranged from a relative due to which you may have to face problems in your relationship. But if you control your speech and anger, then you will not face any problems. Tuning with the siblings will be good as the master of the place of siblings will sit in your fifth house and you will see your siblings getting special help in your work. A good support system will become yours and with their help you can pass big tenders to big projects, big projects. This time will be for you to bring benefits from siblings. If there is any problem related to the ancestral property, then you will be seen solving it through mutual negotiation. Your relationship with the mother will be very good because Shani is sitting in your mother’s place as a recluse in your horoscope while creating a great male yoga called Shesha; It will bond very well with your mother. If you do any investment in your mother’s name at this time, you are starting a share in their name or some work in their name. If you are taking a property in their name, then you will especially get to see the conditions of profit. This time will also be bonding with the mother. In any relationship you live in this month under your umbrella, you will stand with you as your shield in the problem of estrangement. You will get to see similar good news from children too. On behalf of children, you will feel a surge of happiness news, you will feel proud while through your studies, you will be seen illuminating the name of your own teacher’s school. Prepare for any education. To enroll in a good college or if you have knowledge in college, then your numbers will also be very good in that. You will see an appraisal from your college and from your lecturer. On the other hand, there is a possibility of you becoming a little estranged from the mother side, because the guru, who is now sitting in your fifth house and from the mother side i.e. Nanihal Paksha, is the owner of Nanihal Paksha, so with some pampering maternal uncle from Nanihal Paksha with Nani Nani. Some debate can be created, so we will move forward a little because our elders and elders never want to be bad for themselves. It is good for us, so it will be your duty to keep pace with your elders. At this time, you should listen to their words, if you want to say something, then you can also keep it in peace. Your relationship with your spouse will be good because Mars who is the lord of the seventh house was creating Angaraka yoga with Rahu, but on April 14, ie, half a month later, the relationship will look very strong. You will find a solution for the planning that is going on at the moment, after April 14. There will be good tuning with your father. Although there can be occasional debate and this month your father will give you a lot. – Tula Rashifal April 2021

Economic Condition

Surya is the lord of benefic sentiment. Even before that, they sat in you. But now when the sun goes high on April 14, there will be no shortage of any kind of yoga called Mahapurusha by going to your seventh house. You can take a new property, buy a new building, buy a new vehicle, buy luxury items for your house, you can do many such things. This time for you in your happiness. It is going to be beneficial, in every way, there will be a sense of sweetness in the relationship, you will get to see a lot of happiness of married happiness. Only you will get to see all the means of comfort in your house, you can feel very strong and confident, you will feel yourself in the workplace that you will see the conditions that you will see in your work by rotating the profit in your work situation. You can do three times as much as four times this month, so work hard and keep increasing your profit conditions by working hard. – Tula Rashifal April 2021

Education, Career, And Business

You will now see the substantial results of the hard work that the students have done. If you prepare for any judicial-related job, if you do any preparation related to a government job or have given one, then if you agree with the result, then this month is going to be very beneficial for you. If you want, you can enroll in your desired college. At the work place, this time will be very good for you after the career for the student class trained by your boss. At this time you will be seen progressing in your career. The problems that your fate in your life. Obstacles in small things, planning will cease to be a lot of work for you now. The work practice will be completed and all the work will be accepted and this month will complete all your work. Luck will now support you after April 16 and your work will go on. At this time, you will help people, they will also be full of feelings like philanthropy. Your mind will also feel more in spirituality. You will also be seen doing religious preparations at home during this time. This time is going to be very good and prosperous for the employed people. If I talk about the business class then give mixed results for the business class, then you will be seen to be struggling in your work. Financial problems may also be encountered. You can get to see in the works, but after April 14, when Mars Rahu will end and Mars will be sitting in your Pakistan, then your luck will gain momentum. Whatever information will be given in your work, your work will increase. At this time, with your new strategy and planning, work in your merchant business landed at your work place. You can take your staff along and get advice from them to take the business forward. What new things you can do in the business, you will make such plans and if you work on these schemes then surely your work will also increase and you will get good success. – Tula Rashifal April 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

Saptamesh Mangal along with Rahu, who will make yoga, after 14 April, he will go to your destiny place and will give very good results in the fate place. Differences with your spouse will be over, but you should not get any doubt in your married life at this time because Venus which is still in your sixth house 10 12 and Venus in the seventh house is bringing the state of emotions Therefore, you have to walk very alert this month. But you can hurt anyone with speech. Wants to join you step by step, so do not hurt anyone with speech. Honor the feelings of your life partner and keep moving forward with them, this is what I will say. You will get a lot of love and dedication by looking after yourself a little bit and moving forward in your married life. The same thing you play with your lover or girlfriend in love relationship, your relationship will be healthy. If you try to cheat them, then you can get into big trouble and a good relationship can break. In the case of life partner and love relationship, this mother will be alert for you. – Tula Rashifal April 2021


The master of disease is the master who is sitting outside taking himself away. Although a little cold fever can cause some minor problems such as a cold cough, but a big problem is there for you. It is unlikely to keep this time very good for you. Who will eliminate your problems and will give you progress, but do not commit any kind of work at this time. Beware of your enemies, ie the Rival. Take special care in the matters of money transactions and if you do a little meditation every day to release the mental pressure as much as possible, then your mind will also be calm, your mind will remain calm and you will be able to concentrate and move forward in your work place. You have to take care of your health a little bit. If you do not have any major problems in your health, then it was the monthly horoscope of the Libra people in the month of April. – Tula Rashifal April 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

People of Libra come to have an astra laxmi outpost. This Mahalakshmi outpost should be kept in her worship hall. If you own a work place, have a factory, then I must install and keep a Sriyantra. A turtle you must have the means to attain Lakshmi and Lakshmi is the symbol of Mother Lakshmi. Therefore, all of them go to the worship room, first of all wash them and wipe them by offering Kumkum Akshat on them and invoke Maa Lakshmi. Please read Shri Suktam. Your help will see how quickly your business grows, how much success you get in your career and if all the financial problems in your life go away, then people of Libra should definitely do this remedy. Stay healthy always keep smiling jai maa ambe – Tula Rashifal April 2021


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