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Today Horoscope 9 March 2023 English blog | मेष से मीन |Dainik/Daily Rashifal – Nidhi Shrimali

Today Horoscope 9 March 2023 English blog

Aries – From your zodiac sign, the Moon is transiting in the sixth house today. Therefore, today is the day for you to move ahead in your life by being alert. On this day you will find many ways to move forward in your life. Now which is the right path, you have to find yourself with your intelligence and discretion. On this day, wrong friends can also mislead you. Right there can lead you in the right direction. It is up to you who you want to listen to. Today, you will get some good news in work related to money. On the other hand, those who are your rivals today will definitely try to create a conspiracy against you in one way or the other. But you will thwart all their efforts. It is not right to indulge in risky activities on this day. Drink plenty of water and take special care of your health. Will your wishes be fulfilled by chanting this mantra with Kamalgatta garland?
Lucky Colour:- Almond
Lucky Number :- Seven

Taurus – From your zodiac, the Moon will transit in the fifth house today. Therefore, today is going to be very important for the student class. Whatever problems you were facing till now in your studies, you will solve them with the help of your teachers and your friends. Your parents will be seen feeling proud of you. And on this day you will try to move forward towards a particular project. On this day, you will also receive good news from your children and some special purpose will be accomplished. You will be filled with spiritual feelings and your interest in religious activities will increase. After lighting two lamps of cow’s ghee, telling them your wishes at a secluded place, you should keep them there. This will fulfill your wishes.
Lucky Colour:- Gray
Lucky Number :- One

Gemini – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the fourth house today. Therefore, today will remove your financial problems and give you conditions of good profit. Whatever work you have left incomplete will be completed at a fast pace today. But you should remain alert in the work related to property. On this day, whatever projects of the people associated with IT field are lying incomplete, those projects will be completed at a rapid pace. Today is the day of purchase of a new vehicle. If you are troubled by debt, after worshiping Lakshmi, wear turmeric garland to the idol of Ganesha.
Lucky Colour:- Red
Lucky Number :- Two

Cancer – From your zodiac sign, the moon will transit in the third house today. Today your might will increase. You were having estrangement with younger brother and sister. Your estrangement will end with them. The atmosphere will be back full of love and harmony. Today you will be seen spending a good evening with cousins and with your siblings. Today you can be entrusted with some big responsibility at the work place. Your stuck work in politics will be completed at a fast pace today. The journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you if the chances of travel are made. Put the triangle shaped flag in the temple of Lord Vishnu at a high place in such a way that it keeps on waving.
Lucky Colour: Pink
Lucky Number :- Four

Leo – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the second house today. Therefore, on this day in family terms, your respect will increase in your family. Disputes related to ancestral property will be decided in your favor. Today is going to be a very good day for the people associated with the technical field. You can get some special work or previous project on this day, due to which your morale will be seen increasing. Your participation in social programs will also increase today. In the evening, write the name of the enemy on a peepal leaf with a pomegranate pen and bury it in the ground. This will fulfill your wish and destroy your rivals. They will fail in their plot.
Lucky Colour:- Brown
Lucky Number :- Eight

Virgo :- Moon will transit in your own zodiac today. Therefore, whatever work you have to take in hand today, try to complete those tasks. You should proceed with the advice of your family members in the pending tasks left before the start of new work. On this day, the relationship with Dadihal will be more intense. Your personality will look a bit confusing. But soon you will get a chance to clear the confusion with the help of your family. If you have money related problems. Tie a coconut in a red handkerchief and keep it in your neck or vault.
lucky color – yellow
lucky number – one

Libra – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the 12th house today. Therefore, today can increase the conditions of your expenses. Try to balance your expenses a little. On this day, avoid unrestrained expenditure yourself and prevent your family members from spending unrestrained. Confusion can happen at the work place today. There can be tension in relationships regarding something. Try to solve your issues very peacefully. At the same time, connect yourself with exercise, yoga, meditation, pranayama because today some problem related to throat or stomach may arise. Om Shree Shree Namah must be written on the leaves of the tree with vermilion and after that let it flow in the flowing water.
Lucky Color – Purple
lucky number – five

Scorpio – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the eleventh house today. Therefore, on this day you will get good news from the family. With the arrival of elder brother in the house, the atmosphere of the house will be seen to be very pleasant. On this day, your circle and level will also be seen increasing. Today you will get benefit in the work which you have taken risky in your hands. On this day your participation in social programs will increase and guests can come to the house, due to which the atmosphere of the house will be seen to be very healthy. Do plant two banana trees in the garden or verandah of your house and always take care of them.
lucky color – orange
lucky number – nine

Sagittarius – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the 10th house today. Therefore, on this day, you will have to step on the workplace with a bang. If there is any result of the student class, then that result will be positive for you. Today, the work stuck in politics will be completed at your own pace. At the same time, the obstacles coming in government works will also end. Businessmen will be seen making some new beginnings in business. On the other hand, employed people will get to see full support and cooperation of their officers on this day. To get money, write Shree on a betel leaf and keep it in your place of worship and worship it daily.
Lucky Color – Peach
lucky number – six

Capricorn – From your zodiac sign, the moon will transit in the ninth house today. Hence, today will be a fate-changing day for you. You will have the power to change your destiny through your actions. Many tasks which are impossible will be made impossible on this day. Your interest in spiritual works will increase on this day. Today you can visit a religious place with home and family. Whatever work you have taken in your hand today, definitely complete it with determination. On this day at the work place, some big responsibility can be entrusted to you by the officials. Today is auspicious for new works. If the money has been stuck for a long time, then definitely light a cotton lamp in the north-east corner of the house.
lucky color – green
lucky number – Nine.

Aquarius – From your zodiac sign, the moon will transit in the eighth house today. Therefore, today can be full of journeys. But whatever journeys will be there will be pleasant and auspicious for you. Will be fulfilling the purpose. Important meetings can also take place today. You have to weigh a little in that. Excessive speaking can prove to be harmful for you. Be a little careful with animals on this day, otherwise animals can get hurt. Go to the Lakshmi temple and offer lotus flowers, coconuts to Mahalakshmi and offer white sweets.
lucky color – white
lucky number – four

Pisces – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the seventh house today. So today is the day to do something special by moving away from your family issues. You will implement your plan by making some new strategy and planning even at your work place today. On the other hand, on this day, the business class will try to start new schemes in a new way. With this, you will get great success today. You will definitely get to see the guidance of your life partner. On the other hand, if you are in a love relationship, then you will definitely get the desired partner on this day. After duly worshiping the Shivling, wrap the belpatra root in a red thread or a clean cloth and wear it around your neck.
lucky color – purple
lucky number – seven

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