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Today Horoscope 8 May 2023 English blog | मेष से मीन |Dainik/Daily Rashifal – Nidhi Shrimali

Today Horoscope 8 May 2023 English blog

Aries – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the eighth house today. Hence, today can be full of journeys. There will definitely be some difficulties in the work. You have to work by strengthening your mind. Be careful of secret enemies today. Bring an awareness in your life. Do not share your mind and confidential things with anyone by getting too emotional, otherwise that person can take advantage of your emotionality. To get rid of debt, the people of Aries zodiac should take bath in the morning by mixing honey and sugar in water and Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay. You must keep chanting the Namah mantra.
lucky color – yellow
Lucky number – one.

Taurus – From your zodiac sign, the moon will transit in the seventh house today. So today will bring a good and happening day with life partner. Some problems If the problems are going on in your life till now, then they will end on this day. In business, you will try to move forward efficiently. Some new plans can be implemented by you today. Today you will get special success in the work done in partnership. Mix a few drops of milk and Gangajal in the bath water and take a bath. And always give respect to the women of your house. keep her happy
lucky color – pink
Happy Issue – Eight.

Gemini – From your zodiac sign, the moon will transit in the sixth house today. Therefore, today can bring health related problems in your life. Take special care of migraine patients or if you have any mental illness. On this day, rivals can find something against you, due to which they can defame you. Can spoil your reputation and your work. Be a little careful with your rivals today. Make a distance from your staff as well and move forward keeping your confidential things to yourself. On this day, you will also get success in work related to money. Go to the Shiva temple on Tuesday and offer lentils on the Shivling after chanting the mantra Om Rinamukteshwar Mahadevaya Namah.
lucky color – brown
Lucky number – three.

Cancer – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the fifth house today. Therefore, today’s day will end the problems and troubles coming in the career. Today’s journey is going to be pleasant and auspicious for you. If any of your work has remained incomplete, then on this day those works will be completed at a rapid pace. All the problems and troubles in work will end on this day. Students will get some good news related to their studies, young men and women who are running the race related to yoga and career will get good news related to their career on this day. Mix yellow mustard in the bath water and take a bath and do donate gram dal. Then you must do the lesson of Gajendra Moksha, the panacea solution to get rid of debt.
Lucky Color – Maroon
Lucky number – six.

Leo – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the fourth house today. Today, by removing your financial problems, your life will be seen to be a little chaotic, but there can be a debate with the mother. Restrain your speech and control your anger. Do not remove the questions of personal life at all in professional life on this day, otherwise you will have to complete your tasks alone. You will not get the support and yoga of colleagues at all. Offer kumkum mixed water to Sun God on Sunday and keep chanting Om Namo Suryaya Devaya Namah mantra. By this you will get the grace of Sun God and will get freedom from debt.
Lucky Color – Golden
lucky number – nine

Virgo – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the third house today. Therefore, today your strength and might will increase. You will get full support of brothers and sisters. On this day, some special work will be seen to be completed today. On this day, you will also get freedom from the situations of debt and you will get great success in your desired works. People whose zodiac sign is Virgo should sit in front of Ganesh ji and chant Shri Ganeshay Namah mantra and must feed green fodder to the cow on Wednesday.
lucky color – orange
Lucky number – three.

Libra – Moon in the second house from your zodiac today. Transit tour. do. So today is the day. Your. Will give you special success in your works. Today’s journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. You will get great success in an important meeting today. by the officers. Someone big too. Opportunity to you today. may be obtained. To you in social programs today. Be called as chief guest. Could of this amount. People chant the mantras of Goddess Lakshmi. Om Mahalakshmyai Namah. Chant and Make sure to feed kheer to the poor girl. Mother Lakshmi’s happiness is on you. Will remain and freedom from debt. Will get
lucky color – green
Lucky number – four.

Scorpio – Moon from your zodiac today. Day in own zodiac. Transit will travel. Today’s day Confusion will remain in your life. Being a little too emotional. You are going towards negativity, so don’t think in that direction. Act positive. Will definitely do. You will get double the success. Your journey today. For. Will be pleasant and auspicious. Today’s work at a rapid pace Will go on becoming prosperous. All the obstacles and problems in work will end today. Today’s day from a special friend. The meeting will refresh your memories. If you are worried about the future, then about today. The day is related to your future. Good news will be received. Scorpio sign people on Monday. Milk, curd, ghee, Gangajal to Shivji. Offer water together. You will definitely get rid of debt.
lucky color – white
Happy Issue – Seven.

Sagittarius – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the twelfth house today. Therefore, today can increase the conditions of your expenses. Let’s balance the expenses a little today. Do not try to do any work in haste. Peace today. Will do whatever work from. You are successful in that. Doubly. Will find Today’s journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. To you today your co-workers. Will have to keep pace with. The people of Sagittarius sign on Thursday. Yellow clothes. Must wear God on this day Offer yellow fruits to Vishnu. And you beg mercy from them. Must do. Freedom from debt Will get it and you will start becoming rich.
lucky color – black
lucky number – two

Capricorn – From your zodiac sign, the moon will transit in the eleventh house today. Today will bring a situation of sudden monetary gain in your life. Today you have the support of your friends. Makes energetic. It will be visible. Your circle and level will appear to increase. Today your participation in social programs will increase. At the same time, you will achieve some big success at the work place as well. Mixing green cardamom in bath water and chanting Om Shan Shanishcharaya Nam Mantra will help you get rid of debt.
Lucky color – red.
lucky number – three

Aquarius – From your zodiac sign, the moon will transit in the 10th house today. Today will be a work-oriented day for you. Fatigue due to overwork. And you will definitely feel the weakness. But you have to work today. You will definitely get great success, those who are involved in hard work, good luck regarding their job. News will be received. The journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. You will have full support of your father. To the people of Aquarius. For debt relief. Hanuman Chalisa must be recited on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Make sure to offer sugar candy to Hanuman ji.
Lucky Color – Blue
Lucky number – five.

Pisces – From your zodiac sign, the moon will transit in the ninth house today. Therefore, today will be lucky for you. Today, all the unfinished tasks will be completed at a rapid pace. New works will be seen being outlined on this day. Do not do any work in haste and haste on this day. Try to complete the tasks peacefully. Pisces people should donate blankets and clothes to the poor. Also, feed the ants mixed with flour on Sundays. This will get you freedom from debt.
Lucky color – Badami
lucky number – nine

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