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Today Horoscope 22 April 2022 English Blog | Dainik /Daily Rashifal – Nidhi Shrimali | Dainik /Daily Rashifal – Nidhi Shrimali —


Today Horoscope 22 April 2022 English Blog

Aries – Moon is transiting through your zodiac sign in the ninth house on this day. Therefore, today will be a very good day for you in terms of health. You will be seen completing the unfinished tasks with positive energy. On the other hand, travelling on this day will be pleasant and auspicious for you, young girls who are looking for better options in their jobs. They will be seen getting better options today. Today is going to be a very good day for the students associated with diamonds. All the problems and problems in studies will go away. If you are also going through the Mahadasha of Jupiter, then you will see special opportunities to study go out and try your luck. Your cheerfulness will impress everyone. Today you will bring the effect of your good personality to the people and people will believe and try to know you. On this day, the outline of Manglik programs will be kept in the house, in which you will be seen taking part in a big way. Today you can share the heart of your partner. That will bring a lot of depth and strength to the relationship between the two of you. Today you can make a program to go somewhere with your partner. Tuning will be good with your life partner. In this, you must chant this mantra with a lotus garland on this day. Om im clean from ye. Chanting will remove your financial problems and keep the blessings of Maa Lakshmi on you forever. Your lucky colour will be Badami, your lucky number will be seven. Today Horoscope 22 April 2022 English Blog

Taurus – On the day of the moon, transit is going on in the eighth house. The day will be full of enthusiasm. But today there is no need to lose consciousness in enthusiasm. Secret enemies can trouble you. Therefore, do not share your things with anyone by getting emotional. Keep your matters to yourself and keep confidential documents in a safe place. That will be better for you. On this day, conduct your work in a normal way. Be a little careful with animals because there is a possibility of getting hurt by animals today. Spending time with my partner on this day will bring you freshness in your life. Will refresh you completely, but on this day you have to control your speech and control over anger, otherwise life may deteriorate with a partner. Light a lamp of cow’s ghee and keep it in a secluded place, stating your wish. This will surely fulfil your wish. Your lucky colour will be pink, your lucky number will be four.

Gemini – From your zodiac, the Moon will travel in the seventh house on this day. Some people around you will be seen helping you to come out of stress. Have some patience, the results will be very positive for you. If you are struggling with a breathing problem, then today you will get health benefits with the help of a life partner. His dedication will act as a light in your life. Today you will implement some new plans in your business. Will bring some new technology into his business and will try to advance his business with it. Surely this will prove to be very positive for you. Many responsibilities can be entrusted to the employed people on this day and due to this, you will experience a little fatigue and weakness today. For the people of this zodiac, today will be a day to talk to their partner. You can share many things of your heart with your partner and this will make the bonding between you both better. At the same time, you will be able to understand the importance of love between your life partner and you and the deep bond between the two will appear to be getting stronger. If you are troubled by debt, after worshipping Goddess Lakshmi, you must wear a garland of turmeric to the idol of Ganesha. Your lucky colour will be silver, your lucky number will be six. Today Horoscope 22 April 2022 English Blog

Cancer – On the day of the moon, there will be transit in the sixth house. Health-related problems can cause discomfort. Today you should avoid doubting the things said in a joking manner. Walk-in harmony with family members. It is good for the family to walk by ignoring small things. On this day, there is a possibility of financial help from the maternal side i.e. maternal side. On the other hand, you will spend a good time with friends today. Today you should bring some awareness to the works related to money and money. Many people have broken the heart of the people of this zodiac in the past. That’s why you must take time for yourself and give yourself some space. Every time we go on becoming from bondage. Little by little, you should move forward towards self-churning. Think about which partner you want and what kind of partner you want so that you can find the right partner and because of that you can be happy. Place the flag of the triangle shape at a high place in the temple of Lord Vishnu in such a way that it flutters. Your lucky colour will be Badami, your lucky number will be seven. Today Horoscope 22 April 2022 English Blog

Leo – From your zodiac, the Moon will travel in the fifth house on this day. The day will be pleasant for you. In the matter of business, you will get timely help from a close friend, which will solve the problem in your business. There will be a feeling of happiness in your mind today. You can make good progress in special studies for students. On this day, you will also get happy news from your children and the worry you had about your career for him, that worry will go away for you today. People associated with literature and creation can be honoured on this day. Today will be a day of fame for the artists. Meeting a stranger today will thrill you and you will feel a little attracted to him. In the evening, write the name of the enemy with a pomegranate pen on a peepal leaf and bury it in the ground. With this, you will get victory over your enemies and surely the blessings of Mahalakshmi will always be on you. Your lucky colour will be brown, your lucky number will be eight.

Virgo – From your zodiac, the Moon is transiting in the fourth house on this day. If money is lost or lost today, you can get it back. Today is a favourable time for religious work or travel. You will feel refreshed mentally. New ideas will come to mind. But today you do not have to apply these ideas. Be careful while travelling today. There is a possibility of an accident on the journey. So use a seat belt and helmet while driving. Follow the traffic rules. Today you will play a leading role in fulfilling social responsibilities. On the other hand, there can be differences between siblings on this day. You will have to handle your relationships with a little patience and patience. Today, people of the zodiac may have a dispute with their partner about something. That is why you mustn’t get angry with the person in front of you. Today you will get support in every way physically and mentally from the same life partner. If there is any problem related to money, then by tying a coconut in a red handkerchief and keeping it in your vault or vault, all the problems related to money will go away. Your lucky colour will be yellow, your lucky number will be one.

Libra – Moon will transit in the third house from your zodiac on this day. On this day you will complete your tasks with great enthusiasm. With dedication and perseverance, you will get fame while moving forward. Today your power will increase. Everyone will believe in your power. Colleagues will consider you ideal and your staff will try to follow you in your business. You will do any work today. You will get success in that work. Enemies will be destroyed. On this day, your tuning with siblings will be seen getting better. On this day, do not bring unrestrained thoughts into your mind and do not think and try to concentrate on your work. In the free time of sleeping on an empty stomach, you can complete the tasks related to your hobby. Write Om Shriman Shri Namah Mantra with vermilion kheer on the leaves of Bada and throw it in the flowing water. Today your auspicious colour will be purple, your lucky number will be five. Today Horoscope 22 April 2022 English Blog

Scorpio – From your zodiac, the Moon will transit in the second house on this day. Today your confidence has increased and your expectations will also be high. Today, due to the completion of your work target in the office, the boss can be happy with you and give you a gift. Today is going to be a very good day for teachers. Chances of promotion remain. The plan to go to the movies with friends can also become yours today. Before investing, please consult with stock market experts. There will be happiness and prosperity in the house. On the other hand, some questions may arise about your personality today. You have to be mentally prepared to answer them. Plant two banana trees in your garden or Banyan Yellow in your home or garden and take care of them. Your lucky colour will be orange, your lucky number will be nine.

Sagittarius – Moon will transit in your zodiac today. Some important plans will be implemented for you today. You will see fresh financial gains today. Your importance in the workplace will increase. Today you will get the solution to the problem of the residence. Today obesity can cause a lot of problems. So control your diet and focus on some exercise. Today you will get financial help due to change. May you will be full of spiritual feelings and today your interest in the works of wealth will increase. To get wealth, write Shri from Roli on betel leaf and keep it in your place of worship and worship it daily. Your lucky colour will be peach, your lucky number will be six. Today Horoscope 22 April 2022 English Blog

Capricorn – Moon will transit in the 12th house from your zodiac today, so the blessings of the saint police will bring you peace of mind today. You do not have to be negligent in the work of bank-related transactions on this day because you may suffer loss in such works. Take care of your belongings on this day and be alert in the work related to the rupee. Today there can be an argument with someone at the workplace. Only you will get to hear for the debate. Today is the day for the business class to work in a normal way. There is no need to take a loan from anyone. Otherwise, you will have to face a lot of difficulties in repaying this loan. Try to earn money honestly by following the right path on this day. You may face action due to wrong efforts and you may also have to face a jail visit. If money is stagnant for a long time, then definitely light a cotton lamp in the northeast corner of the house. Your lucky colour will be green, your lucky number will be one.

Aquarius – From your zodiac, the Moon will transit in the eleventh house on this day. So today is a very good day for you to start your career. You will take on more responsibilities than your capacity. As a result, your stress may increase. So there is no need to take a lot of education. Workaholics also spend time with family on the planet. Get a little refreshing. It is necessary to give rest to your body too. Today will make you meet an old friend, which will make you feel refreshed. Social honour and respect will increase and today you will be a part of any social function with family. The circle label will increase, due to which your strength will increase and in the coming time, you will bring good profit situations in the work by using your circle in your work. On this side, chant this mantra with a lotus garland. . Your lucky colour will be white, and your lucky number will be four. Today Horoscope 22 April 2022 English Blog

Pisces – From your zodiac, the Moon will transit in the 10th house on this day. Ta. On this day, you have to complete your tasks patiently with a little restraint. In haste, you can increase the situation of your loss, due to which you may also have to face the displeasure of the officials. With the help of your father, all the obstacles in government work will be removed and you will find a solution to the big problem in business. On this day you should consider what he said and with his guidance, you should move forward in your life. Sweetness will remain in the relationship. There will be movement of guests in the house, due to which the atmosphere of the house will appear to be very healthy. There will be some excess expenditure, but if the financial situation is prosperous then you will be able to manage your expenses. Today you will meet someone who will change the direction of your life. Go to the Lakshmi temple and offer lotus flowers and coconut and offer white sweets. Your lucky colour will be purple, your lucky number will be three.


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