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Today Horoscope 20 March 2023 English blog | मेष से मीन |Dainik/Daily Rashifal – Nidhi Shrimali

20 march 2023 horoscope

Today Horoscope 20 March 2023

Aries – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the 11th house today. Situations of progressive profit will be created in your life on this day, but the profit will be stuck. Together you will not get full benefit. On this day neither lend to anyone nor borrow from anyone. Be careful while drawing the circle. Do not join such people in your circle. Because in the coming time try to harm you in some way or the other. Today the manufacturers should not take new orders. The pending works. Complete them first. After that start new work. While sleeping at night, burn a silver bowl or two camphor and two cloves in a vessel in the bedroom. By doing this negativity ends.
Lucky Color – Blue
Lucky Number – 1

Taurus – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the 10th house today. That’s why the subject yoga that has been made is made in your action today. Today, whoever is associated with IT field or those who are associated with government job, they have to take utmost care. You can be reprimanded by the authorities for something. Do not be negligent in your work. Do it so that The officials should not get a chance to find any fault in you. On this day, you will be seen removing the complaints of your family. There may be a slight difference of opinion with the father. Speak a little carefully. Keep one small tablet of camphor in any two corners of the house. If these pills melt after a few days, then definitely keep the pills there again. This will also remove the negativity from your home.
lucky color – brown
Lucky Number – 4

Gemini – From your zodiac sign, the moon will transit in the ninth house today. Therefore, today will be lucky for you. The incomplete works will be completed at a fast pace. The problems and troubles coming in the works will end. It is wise to fulfill whatever you are thinking in your mind today. That means it will not be right for you to roam around keeping anything in your mind. Today your journey will be pleasant and auspicious. Make sure to keep one pill of camphor in two corners of the house. If these tablets melt after a few days, then definitely keep the tablet there again.
Lucky Color – Gray
Lucky Number – 2

Cancer – From your zodiac sign, the moon will transit in the eighth house today. So today should be full of journeys for you. Could in trips. Take special care of your belongings. At the same time, try not to travel long distances at all. Be careful with animals on this day and do not invest in risky works at all. Try to do the same tasks that are going on in the routine today. Resolve your issues peacefully. Things can get spoiled in anger and passion. Dip camphor in ghee and burn it every morning and evening and spread its fragrance in the whole house. By doing this the negative energy of the house will be destroyed.
lucky color – red
Lucky Number – 4

Leo – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the seventh house today. Therefore, today’s day will increase conjugal happiness. Differences with the spouse will end. Whatever work you will take in hand today. Will die only after completing it. On the other hand, the business class should not start new schemes on this day. Be a little careful with your rivals as well. Keep a piece of camphor in a rose flower. Burn a camphor in the flower in the evening. Offer the flower to Goddess Durga.
Good. Color – Magenta
Lucky Number – 9

Virgo – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the sixth house today. Therefore, today has become a bit tough for you. That’s why it will be better for you to step slowly. Be alert in the work related to money. Good news can be received from Nanihal. On this day, you have to move forward in your life by making your mind strong. Today’s journey is not pleasant and auspicious for you. So travel peacefully and carefully. In traveling, caution may be lost and accident-like situations may arise. Few drops of camphor oil in water. You should take a bath after putting it on.
lucky color – yellow
Lucky Number – 5

Libra – From your zodiac, the Moon will transit in the fifth house today. Therefore, today’s day will bring good news related to children in your life. On the other hand, today students may have to struggle in studies. You may also have to face negative consequences today. The struggle for career will continue today. On the other hand, today you will try to calm your mind by being a part of some spiritual event. Burn camphor regularly in the morning and keep it at the main door. This remedy will increase the communication of positive energy.
lucky color – black
Lucky Number – 8

Scorpio – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the fourth house today. Therefore, today is going to be a bit tough for you financially. That’s why don’t make any big investment. Try to move forward by keeping pace with the officers even at the work place. Do not take up any risky work at home. Avoid property related works a little. If you are going to sign any paper on this day, first read those papers and then sign them, otherwise you may be cheated. You can tie camphor in a white cloth and keep it in your pocket. With this, there will never be a shortage of money around you.
lucky color – white
Lucky Number – 6

Sagittarius – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the third house today. Therefore, today your strength and might will increase. You will get full support and blessings of brothers and sisters. You will be able to complete the tasks that you have taken in your hands at a quick pace. On this day, problems and troubles will end from your life. On this day, you will get to see a lot of support and cooperation of brothers and sisters. Some matters may get stuck in politics. Do take the help of your brothers and sisters. Make sure to use camphor while performing the Aarti of God at the time of worship at home. This will remove all your faults.
lucky color – orange
Lucky Number – 2

Capricorn – From your zodiac sign, the moon will transit in the second house today. Hence, this place of wealth will get freedom from money related problems today. There will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the family. You can get invitations like marriage engagement related to younger siblings today. Move forward in your life by being a little cautious in court cases, otherwise you can get trapped badly in such matters. Don’t even try to take bribe on this day otherwise action can be taken against you. You have to rotate seven camphor seven times in the straight and reverse direction from the top of the head. After this, go to the intersection at night and keep all the camphor lit.
Lucky color – Saffron
Lucky Number – 9

Aquarius – Moon will transit in your zodiac today. Therefore, any work in excess can harm us. That’s why don’t do anything excessive on this day. Neither in relationships nor in professional life, try to do the same things that are going on in routine. Your straight forward speaking will not please many people and due to this you will increase the number of your enemies. On this day, there can be differences with the poor people regarding any matter. Are. Try to solve your issues by talking peacefully. Tie camphor in a handkerchief and keep it near your work desk. By doing this, your positive energy will remain and the surrounding environment will also be positive.
lucky color – green
Lucky Number – 5

Pisces – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the 12th house today. So today will be a good day for you. Think 10 times before sharing with foreign companies. Before signing any agreement, definitely read that agreement. Avoid investing in risky works today. Whereas today’s Don’t try to earn money in the wrong way, otherwise you can get into big trouble. Investing in savings schemes will shape your future. Today it will be better for you to do your work keeping silent. Dip camphor in ghee on Saturday night and light it in the morning and evening and it will remove all the negativity from your house.
Lucky Color – Golden
Lucky Number – 3

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