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Today Horoscope 16 November 2022 English Blog | Dainik /Daily Rashifal – Nidhi Ji Shrimali


Today Horoscope 16 November 2022 English Blog

Aries – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the 12th house today. Due to a little carelessness in your work today, you may get scolded by your boss. Your work will remain incomplete today. You may have to face some problems in your office as well due to lack of coordination with any colleague at the work place. Some obstacles in business will definitely come on this day, but you will be able to overcome those obstacles and bring good profit situations. On this day, an atmosphere of argument can arise in the family with a special person. That’s why keep restraint on your speech and control on anger. Avoid long-distance travel on this day because that journey will not be auspicious and auspicious for you. That’s why today is the day for you to walk a little carefully. If you try to act in a wrong way, then you can get into many problems. That’s why don’t try to earn money in wrong way. Stay away from activities like gambling, speculation, lottery as much as possible. Today, increasing distance between your relationships will affect you at work and professional life will appear broken. That’s why keep your personal life as separate as possible from your professional life and solve your issues by remaining calm on this day and you can strengthen your married life and your relationships even more and solve the upcoming problems by sitting peacefully. It will also be visible. Today will be your normal day in love relationship. On Tuesday, do worship of green color Ganesh ji i.e. Margaj Ganesh ji, apart from this, also offer Durva to him daily and the people of Aries zodiac will get very good benefits from this on Tuesday. Your auspicious color will be Badami and your lucky number will be 7.

Taurus – Moon is transiting in the 11th house from your zodiac today. Therefore, today’s day has brought good benefits for you. You will get to see the circumstances of accidental money gain in your life. Meeting an old friend will refresh your old memories. There will be an increase in your social respect and fame today. Today will bring conditions of special benefits for the people working in factories tomorrow. If you are the owner of a big industry to increase your work, then on this day you can also buy some big machinery for your work. On this day, an outline of the auspicious program will be made in the house, due to which the atmosphere of the house will appear to be more pleasant and healthy. Today will give you good progress in your work area. Chances of promotion and increment will be visible. Married life will be full of sweetness. On the other hand, in married life, you will be seen spending some good romantic moments with your life partner in the evening. Choti Moti will increase the love of Nokzok more. Even in love relationship, you will make every possible effort to remove the complaints of your partner and you will be seen to be successful in this to a large extent. On Tuesday, you must offer pink flowers to Mahalakshmi Lakshmi in the evening. Apart from this, if you distribute sugar candy among the needy people, then you will get freedom from your debt. Your lucky color will be pink and your lucky number will be 4.

Gemini – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the 10th house today. Hence, due to excessive work, you will feel a little tired and weak. Be a little aware of your health because the first happiness is a healthy body. Work should not be so much that you affect your health and do not pay attention to your body. That’s why take special care of food and drink. If you are fit, then only then you will be able to do your work with concentration and your work will be completed quickly. Do take care of your body along with work with you. On this day, you will be seen getting very good support and guidance from your father. If someone is coming to you in government work, then the situation of conflict will be overcome today with the help of your father. Today will be full of big responsibilities for the employed people. Some big responsibility can be entrusted to you from the boss on this day and you will also be seen performing this responsibility with great dedication and devotion. On this day, your relationship with your life partner will be sweeter and you will be seen strengthening your expression of love with them. Today you can buy some gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend, which will make your relationship sweeter. It is a way of expressing love. You must observe fast on Tuesday. Apart from this, do wash the feet of Hanuman ji on this day and light a lamp in front of him. Your lucky color will be gray and your lucky number will be. 1.

Cancer – Moon will transit in the ninth house from your zodiac sign today. Today your luck will support you completely. All the unfinished work will go on getting completed in the mind. Today is going to be a very good day for the people associated with the engineering and IT sector, for those students who are preparing for higher education, today will be a very good and good result. Today the atmosphere of the house will be fine. Today you will feel the possibility of change in your work area and you will also be seen making efforts to bring some changes in the way you work. The outpouring of love will remain in married life. In a love relationship, some estrangement situations can arise with your partner today. That is why with a little care you should proceed in love relationship. Try to be sattvik on this day i.e. on Tuesday. You must donate bananas. Your lucky color will be red and your lucky number will be. 2.

Leo – From your zodiac sign, the moon will transit in the eighth house today. Today is not such a good day for you. The day will be full of dilemmas. There will be obstacles in small tasks, due to which you will not be able to complete your tasks on time. Today is not an auspicious day by not taking any new work in hand. If you keep on closing your old pending works, then those works will be completed at the right time at the right time, at the right time, due to which a feeling of happiness and confidence will arise in your mind. Trust only yourself today. Just if you take any work advice from people, then they will take different advice from you. Will give advice and because of this you will be confused. That’s why on this day just believe in yourself and try to implement whatever ideas you had in your mind. If you feel that you should take advice from someone, then only by taking the advice of an experienced person or elder of your house, you move forward in your life. On this day, you should avoid investing in activities like stock market, lotteries. There is a possibility of a quarrel with life partner today and you may have to face their anger today. That is why on this day, try to solve your issues by staying a little calm. On this day, you will propose marriage in front of your partner in your love relationship and you will get approval from their side as well. On this day, you should put a mustard oil lamp under the peepal, men must wear an iron ring in the opposite hand and women in the right hand on this day. Your lucky color will be brown and your lucky number will be. 8.

Virgo – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the seventh house today. Today will be a wonderful day for you. The troubles coming in the work will end today. The work will go on as per your wish. Today you will get happiness with your children. You will be seen enjoying with family. Tuning will be seen getting better with love partner. The work done in partnership is not beneficial for you today. That’s why you should avoid working in partnership today. Today you will achieve good success in areas related to management. The quality of leadership will come in you today, so if you are a politician, then today you will see some auspicious results being achieved inside your politics. On this day in the evening, offer water mixed with sesame seeds to Lord Shiva. Apart from this, sweets should also be distributed among the needy people on this day. Your lucky color will be yellow and your lucky number will be 1.

Libra – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the sixth house today. Therefore, on this day both disease and enemy can bother you. That’s why be careful about your diseases and enemies. You can fight with diseases yourself, but to fight the enemy side, you will have to strengthen your self-power on this day. You will also get very good help from the maternal side on this day. If you are stuck in any work, then do that work with some patience. By being distracted, that work will come in a state of more disorientation and you will not be able to complete that work. Today, control your anger a little bit, because because of anger, you will spoil the work done. If there is any work related to money, then do it with caution and do such work yourself because there is a possibility of loss in it. You will get to see an atmosphere of upheaval in married life today. Walk in tuning with your life partner. Avoid aggression a little bit because fighting and aggression will be at its peak in you today due to being Manglik. That’s why walk a little carefully. You should recite Sahastranam of Lord Vishnu on Tuesday and must wear yellow clothes on this day. Your lucky color will be purple and your lucky number will be. 5.

Scorpio – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the fifth house today. Therefore, today will give you good news from the side of students and children. If the child does equal to you, then it will move towards giving you good profit in business. If any work of yours remains incomplete, then that work will be completed with the help of children. You will meet your friends on this day and they will be seen blowing energy in you. Being very energetic, you will be seen moving forward in your life. Today will be full of spirituality and some religious ritual will be seen being outlined in the house. Today will be a day of great responsibilities for the working people and you will not shy away from your responsibilities but will fulfill them with a lot of hard work and dedication. Due to which you will get the happiness of the boss today. Do offer Tulsidal to Hanuman ji on Tuesday evening. Apart from this, do feed fodder to the animals. Your lucky color will be orange and your lucky number will be 9.

Sagittarius – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the fourth house today. Therefore, today is not such a good day for you. You should move forward in your life by being a little careful. There will be some obstacles in getting money. Ancestral property disputes may increase. The work related to property transactions will appear stuck on you today. Today is going to be a bit suspicious for working women. Problems in work and also in the family, you may get some arguments from the elders of your house or from the in-laws. Scolding can be heard from them. On the other hand, due to lack of coordination with colleagues today, you will have to complete your tasks alone. That’s why today is not a good day. Be a little careful. Full support of your life partner will be with you and with their help you will be seen to be successful in improving your financial condition. Worship Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi jointly on Tuesday evening and donate sweets to girls. Peach will be your lucky color and your lucky number will be. 6.

Capricorn – From your zodiac, the Moon will transit in the third house on this day. Today will be a day full of might. You will get very good support from siblings. With the help of elder brothers and sisters, the crisis in your field of work will be averted on this day. At the same time, you will also get the love, affection and respect of younger siblings on this day. On this day, the obstacles coming in your work will be removed with the help of you officers. Perhaps you will get to see a lot. On the other hand, there may be travel on this day in connection with business, but it will be pleasant and auspicious for the journey. Today you will be seen thanking God for getting a good and beautiful life partner. You will read the language of your eyes and heart more than your tongue. You will get to see a lot of love in love life today. On this day, do aarti of Ganesh ji in the evening and definitely offer cardamom to Ganesh ji. Due to this, the work which you are not able to complete will be completed. Your lucky color will be purple and your lucky number will be. 5.

Aquarius – Moon is transiting through your zodiac sign in the second house on this day. Therefore, on this day, you will be seen captivating everyone with your speech. People associated with the field of art will be seen getting respect and fame in the society today. Before taking any step on this day, think ahead and move forward in it. First listen to the whole thing, go deep into it. After that trust him. Otherwise, if you have taken any decision in haste, then its loss should take you far. On this day, your social honor and respect will increase. Yash and fame will be seen spreading all around. If your case is pending in the court, then its decision will be in your favor today. On Tuesday evening, offer water to Lord Shiva’s Shivling. Put some Akshat and your Akshat in a white colored handkerchief and keep it in your worship room. You will get good money from this. Your lucky color will be white and your lucky number will be. 4.

Pisces – Moon will transit in your own zodiac today. So today will be a day full of struggle for you. You will also be seen striving in work. None of the work is being completed. Will try to run after him. Will try to complete that task. Still that work will not be completed. You will get to see some inconveniences in your work, but these inconveniences also have a solution. On this day, if you do any work taking the advice of your family, then you will get very good success in it and you will also get their right guidance. Today, with the help of the elders of your house, your curiosities will end. Today your interest in teaching and studying any religious book will increase. A far-reaching journey can be yours, but be a little careful in that journey because there is a possibility of your belongings being stolen today. Feelings of sweetness will remain in married life. Financial benefits of life partner will be seen on this day. On the other hand, try to understand your partner a little more in a love relationship and before going deeply with him, think about him completely. Don’t take any decision in haste. Offer water to Lord Surya on this day and feed jaggery and roti to the cow in the evening. Your lucky color will be white and your lucky number will be. 3.

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