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Today Horoscope 13 September 2022 English Blog | Dainik /Daily Rashifal – Nidhi Ji Shrimali

13 september 2022 horoscope

Today Horoscope 13 September 2022 English Blog

Aries – Your Moon will travel in your own zodiac on this day. Rahu Chandra’s eclipse yoga formed in Aries on this day, so far you have taken full advantage of Guru Chandra’s Gajakesari Yoga. These two or three days are very good, but. Today you have to walk carefully. Coming in overconfidence. Do not take any wrong decision today. You have to avoid taking wrong decisions. On this day, the working people must have the support and yoga of the officers. But your one mistake can affect your results. Hence such a mistake. You don’t have to at all. Carry out your tasks with great care. You will get good news from your child today. Aries people. To your fathers in Pitru Paksha. The metal of ragi in the name of. Coins made from Water. should flow in. This will get rid of Pitra Dosh. Your lucky color will be brown, the lucky number will be 4.

Taurus – Moon will transit through your zodiac in the 12th house on this day. So today is the day. It may be full of expenses for you. The number of damages can increase due to some wrong decision. Borrow from someone today. may fall. That is why you should not do any big or new or risky work on this day. On this day, try to do whatever work you can easily do. Do it. Control your anger Control your speech. Very important to keep Because in frustration, you will say some such words which can hurt you and your loved ones. Therefore, on this day, you have to take special care of this thing too. Anyway, if Mars is sitting in your zodiac, then it makes you a bit angry and clumsy. That’s why today. As calm as Try your best to complete your tasks. of ancestors. To get money for the peace of the soul. For this, the poor should be fed food during Pitru Paksha. It would be auspicious to feed 21 people. Your lucky color will be gray. 2

Gemini – Your moon will be on the eleventh day. There will be a transit in the house. So today is your day. Progressively increasing profit positions. will appear. Because of sudden stress. Your Confidence. see the level. Will be worth At the same time, there may be some problems at the workplace, but you will soon be seen looking for solutions to these problems. There will be a far-reaching journey, but that journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. You will get some good news at home. Happening. will appear. People of Gemini sign birds in Pitru Paksha. To feed and to the birds. Millet. Do feed. This will reduce your troubles. Your lucky color will be maroon and your lucky number will be 5.

Cancer – Your zodiac sign will transit in the 10th house on the day of Moon. Will tour In work. Somebody big. Trouble may come today. Be a little cautious. There are employed people. So today you have to do your work. Because of your. Hear scolding from boss. can get. Any mistakes. you are doing Try to remove those mistakes and if. If there are false allegations, then on this day you should proceed with utmost care so that you prove these allegations to be false. can do Students who want to move ahead in studies, today they will get results. Today they may have to face disappointment. Loss of rapport with mother. And this can create a misunderstood. Be a little careful because today is not a good day. Despite the hard work, you get your results. Might be a little disappointed. The people of Cancer zodiac should immerse 400 grams whole almonds in running water during Shradh Paksha. This will remove the obstacles in the work. Your lucky color will be blue. Your lucky number color will be 3

Leo – Transit in the ninth house from your zodiac sign on the day of the moon. will do. You should not sit on this day by relying on luck because luck will not support you. Your hard work at the workplace. Will work for you There will be good coordination with the officials. administrative services. joined by. people today. Our. Some big responsibility related to the workplace. can be assigned. But don’t panic either. As much as you do this responsibility. Will handle with confidence. The more you will be seen achieving good success in your field of work. Today the confidence level will be very good. Social respect. will increase. And people will be very impressed with you. In Pitru Paksha, people of Leo zodiac must worship Tulsi ji daily but offer water to them. Your auspicious color will be orange will be your auspicious color.

Virgo – From your zodiac, the Moon will transit in the eighth house on this day. Today is not a good day for you. Painful times can pass. On this day, there can be situations of stuck in small work. Enemy side will also try to harass you. Too much today. trust someone You may also have to bear the loss. You should also avoid traveling on this day as much as possible. Enjoy your day in peace and routine. Take time to do things in work because time is not favorable. Therefore, you do not have to take any new or risky work in your hands today. The people of Virgo zodiac should get Sundarkand recited during Shradh Paksha. This will remove all the problems in job and work. Your lucky color will be green. Good number 1.

Libra Your zodiac sign. From the moon Of. The day will transit in the seventh house. Today is the day of wealth and food for you. Will be full of happiness and prosperity. Spouse’s companion You will get to see a lot, but today. Have some disappointment. can. talk together. It may get worse or even get two days from them. could. Cheating in love will hurt you. That’s why a little bit of you today. Have to be careful. Be practical before connecting with anyone. You must do a complete investigation about it. Do it needed. Profit conditions will be very good for the business class. But today the implementation of new schemes. instead of you. Routine’s. to tasks. It should be completed. To please the fathers in Pitru Paksha. To these people. Milk. rice. Made from Kheer and Namkeen. Rice must be distributed among the poor. Your lucky color will be white, the lucky number will be 8

Scorpio – On the day of your moon, you will travel in the sixth house. So today will be a very good day for you. Welfare and. You in risky work. Good. success. will be received. Related to money. work today. Those days will have to be completed with a little caution. Opponent today. Nothing is yours either. You can spoil On this day, you will get financial from your maternal side. Help will be received and some incomplete at work place. Delayed work. Fast paced. Will be Scorpio zodiac sign people. To the fathers Blanket and clothes should be donated to five poor people in the name of Your lucky color will be gray lucky number. Will be 5.

Sagittarius – Transit will travel in the fifth house from your zodiac sign on the day of the moon. Hence the student class. This time is going to be very favorable for you. Difficulty in studying Today you have a problem with your teacher. He has trouble with his comrades. Must share. you today. If there is any problem then not with your parents. Have to hide Because they can understand your destination the most. If you have any problem, there is any doubt. So today. You must share the day with your parents. They will clear your doubts or something good for you. Option Option. Looking for will appear. Employed people. To today The day will not see the harmony of colleagues. Yours alone. The work has to be completed. Today will be full of spiritual feelings. Yours today in the works of religion. Interest will increase. Birds to the people of Sagittarius. Grain. Sure. Must be fed Also fodder in the cowshed. Please visit. It is the fathers. Immense blessings on you. It will rain Your auspicious color will remain magenta, the lucky number will be there. 6.

Capricorn – On the day of the moon, from your zodiac sign, there will be a transit in the fourth house. Therefore, today will be a prosperous and prosperous day for you financially. If there is any problem, then today those problems will be seen to end. On this day, none are lying incomplete. have work. So they will be done fast. But today is not a good day for the farmer. You may have to struggle a bit. For those who work related to milk, curd and animal husbandry, today is such a good and favorable time. Not there. So try to do your tasks in a normal way. Today a lot for the student class especially those who are sportsmen. That’s great There will be time If you have any kind of difficulty in your life then you can overcome that difficulty with your talent. Will take Capricorn sign people should serve the blind and handicapped people. By doing this all the troubles of the person will be removed. Your lucky color will be blue and your lucky number will be 4.

Aquarius – From your zodiac, the moon will travel in the third house on this day. So today is the day for you to tread very carefully. Friendly side though. You will get special help from your side. You will be able to complete the unfinished tasks lying in your padding. Thoughtful work will not be completed on this day. That is why you should avoid starting new work. Try to put your mind in such tasks as your hobby. On this day, you will get to see the full support of your siblings’ family. And a plan can be made to go out somewhere with family. Aquarius people. To the funeral party. in 11. In Shriphal river. to flow. needed. This will get rid of Pitra Dosh. Your lucky color will be yellow, the lucky number will be 8

Pisces – From your zodiac, the Moon will travel in the second house on this day. On this day, you will be seen captivating everyone with your speech. Family honor and respect will increase. If any work is left unfinished by you, then those work will be completed at a fast pace. On this day, the work stuck in your banking sector will be completed very fast. People related to technical field. You can get promotion and increment on this day. Said gold if you made any special plan about your future. If you have kept, then on this day to make the plan a reality. The time has come. So to hesitate in it. is not needed. Shradh for Pisces sign people. Milk to the poor on any day in favor. And from maw. Food items made must be donated. Your lucky color will be pink, the lucky number will be 6.

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