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Today Horoscope 12 March 2023 English blog | मेष से मीन |Dainik/Daily Rashifal – Nidhi Shrimali

Today Horoscope 12 March 2023 English blog

Aries – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the seventh house today. Therefore, today is the day for you to complete some selective tasks instead of completing every task. That is, do not try to put your hand in every work because when we try to complete every work, then success is not found anywhere. On this day, you will definitely have to give support and cooperation of your family. The more you cooperate in their work, the better your bonding with your family will be seen. Whatever work you take in hand today, you will be able to complete it. All the problems and troubles in work will be seen ending on this day. You should donate wheat equal to your weight. This is considered good for you. With this, you will get strong chances of getting the desired job.
lucky color – orange
Happy Issue – Nine.

Taurus – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the sixth house today. Therefore, on this day you have to take special care of your health. At the same time, your opponents will definitely try to turn your family against you. Be a little careful with such people and create such a bond between your family and yourself so that they trust you completely and you on them so that no third person can come and create any kind of rift between you all. Today, you will try to complete your unfinished tasks and on the weekend you will be seen moving towards completing all your tasks. The person who is facing financial crunch should donate wheat on Sunday by keeping it in a red cloth. This will solve all your problems.
lucky color – green
lucky number – one

Gemini – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the fifth house today. Therefore, on this day the student class may have to face some big difficulties in studies. Some unwanted results related to career will come in front of you today and you will be seen a little disappointed. But you have to keep trying and be an optimist. What if you did not get success in one go, then if you try, then you will definitely get success in the second, third, fourth time. How many times an ant tries to climb the wall carrying its grain, tries to move towards its bill and how many times it falls down, still its efforts do not end and finally it definitely gets success, then we should know every person. No one should refrain from learning from. You can learn even from a small ant, but after learning, definitely study further in your life. Donation of copper utensils is also considered auspicious for you to get the grace of Sun God. That’s why you must donate copper utensils.
lucky color – white
lucky number five

Cancer – From your zodiac sign, the moon will transit in the fourth house today. Today is not a good day for you. Make a little awareness in the works related to the property. Today you can also be cheated. So beware of deception. Keep your eyes, nose, ears all open. You should avoid situations of debate with your mother on this day, the more calmly you do your work with a cool mind, the sooner you will get solutions to your problems. Offering Arghya to the Sun God will benefit you today and the people of this zodiac should offer Arghya to the Sun planet daily.
Lucky Color – Gray
lucky number – seven

Leo – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the third house today. Today your strength and might will increase. You will get full support and co-operation of brothers and sisters. Today you will be seen spending a nice evening with your cousins and siblings, which will strengthen your relationships. You will also put your mind in the work related to your hobby and if you put the work related to your hobby on the social media or put the video of it, then surely your work will be appreciated today. You must worship Sun God daily because Sun God is also your zodiac lord. That’s why you have to do this work daily.
Lucky Color – Blue
lucky number – four

Virgo – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the second house today. Today there can be estrangement from relatives. Maintain a little distance for most of the distance in the family. Stay in the family only. Show a little less participation in social programs today. Do not have any kind of argument with the women of the house on this day, otherwise the atmosphere of the house may get spoiled. On this day, stay calm and solve your issues and keep restraint on speech and control over anger. Worshiping the Sun will increase your respect in the family and society.
Lucky Color – Gray
lucky number – seven

Libra – Moon from your zodiac will transit in your own zodiac on this day. Family differences can emerge today. It will be right for you to work calmly and with patience and try to handle your relationships. Be especially careful in the relationships of change today. You may have to face some difficulty even at the work place today. Overtime may also be required. You may have to do office work on Sunday as well. But you will definitely get this fruit of hard work, if not today then tomorrow. With this hope, you intensify your efforts. By worshiping the Sun God, worshiping and reciting Aditya Stotra, you will get the strength to fight any difficult time. There will definitely be a flow of positive energy inside you.
lucky color – yellow
lucky number – nine

Scorpio – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the 12th house today. Therefore, today can reduce your problems a little and you can climb the stairs of success. It’s just that you have to have patience. Do not argue or fight with anyone on this day. Solve your issues by remaining calm. Avoid putting your hand in risky works on this day and try to do only those things which are going on in routine. You should gift a red fruit to a poor person today. This will remove your financial problems.
lucky color – red
Lucky number – six.

Sagittarius – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the 11th house today. Therefore, today will progressively bring profitable situations in your life, due to which your work will go on getting done. Whatever problems you may have on this day, it will be right for you to express your feelings by speaking them. Do not do any work in haste. It is in your best interest to handle the work calmly and carefully. Today, any hasty work can harm you. On this day, you also have to avoid the company of wrong friends. While offering Arghya to the Sun God, add rice, red colored flowers and red sandalwood to the water. This will give you double benefit.
lucky color – brown
Lucky number – three.

Capricorn – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the 10th house today. Therefore, today you should not argue with your father. Some concern may arise regarding his health and today your first duty should be towards your father. Serve them. Take care of them. He will definitely get health benefits soon. You should not start any new work on this day. The result of the student class can turn out to be negative today. Keep some patience in your mind. Keep fast on Saturday. Make it a habit to give your share of food to the poor. With this Shani’s blessings will always be on you.
Lucky Color – Gray
Lucky number – two.

Aquarius – From your zodiac sign, the Moon will transit in the ninth house today. Therefore, today is not such a good day for you. That’s why avoid starting new tasks, try to do only those that are going on in routine and solve those that are pending first. After that you think something else. To the young men and women on this day. You can get inauspicious news related to your job. Make your mind a little patient and try to do your work afresh. Install Surya Yantra at your home or commercial place. This will give you the best results.
Lucky Color – Maroon
lucky number – seven

Pisces – From your zodiac sign, the moon will transit in the eighth house today. Therefore, do not indulge in risky activities on this day. On this day, avoid situations of debate with anyone on every matter. Before doing any work, do reconsider that work. Be careful from your secret enemies on this day, otherwise they can fill the ears of your family members against you. There may be some differences with the in-laws. So try to solve your issues by remaining calm for a while. Feeding jaggery kheer to a Brahmin or a poor person reduces the adverse effects of the planet Sun.
Lucky Color – Golden
lucky number – six

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