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Taurus Vrishabh Rashi March 2022 Horoscope English blog | Nidhi Shrimali


Taurus Vrishabh Rashi March 2022 Horoscope English blog

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Ups and downs come in the life of every person and their solution is possible with the right guidance. So come we will solve you every problem have. Hello welcome, today we are presenting in front of you the monthly horoscope for March for the people of Scorpio. First of all, we know which fasting festivals are coming in this month. This is making this month special, so at the beginning of the month i.e. on the first of March, the festival of Mahashivratri is coming. Since it is considered a special festival of Bholenath and like every year, this year also we have kept the ritual of Mahashivratri in our institute. By participating in this ritual, you can get the benefit of worshipping Mahashivratri. On March 3, Shukla Paksha of Falgun month is starting. Durgashtami fast will be observed on 10th March and Holashtak will also start from this day. No auspicious or demanding work is done after the start of Holashtak. Holika Dahan is coming on 17th March, which is one of the special festivals of our India and Holi is the festival of colours. Colours are scattered on this day and in our life also those colours affect our life somewhere. Dhulendi i.e. Holi of colours will be played on 18th March and Sheetlashtami festival will be observed on 25th March and this festival will also be celebrated with great pomp, so these are some special fasts and festivals which are making this month special. Taurus Vrishabh Rashi March 2022 Horoscope English blog



Now let us know how the position of the planets will be in this month because the monthly horoscope depends on the position of the planets, so let’s start. From the Sun, the king of planets, which is currently sitting in its even sign i.e. Aquarius, and on 15th March i.e. exactly in the middle of March, they will enter their very friendly zodiac sign Pisces. At present, the planet Mercury is sitting in Capricorn, which is its enemy sign, first, it will enter its friend zodiac Aquarius on 6th March and then again on 24th March it will enter its debilitated sign i.e. Pisces. The planet Mars will remain exalted in Capricorn for the whole month. Guru will be sitting in his friend’s zodiac Aquarius for the whole month. At present, Venus is sitting in Capricorn which is in their even sign and on 31st March i.e. on the last day of the month, they will enter Aquarius from Capricorn, Saturn will remain in Capricorn for the whole month. Rahu is going to be sitting in Taurus and Ketu is going to be sitting in Scorpio, so this is the position of the planets which we will get to see this month, as well as Saturn’s third sight, is falling on the benefic house of Taurus people and when Sun and Mercury are changing zodiac signs. If you sit in your benefic house, then the third sight of Saturn will fall on both Sun and Mercury. Taurus Vrishabh Rashi March 2022 Horoscope English blog

What effect is this going to have on your monthly horoscope, which is changing the conditions of this planetary transit? First of all, let’s talk about the monthly horoscope for March for the people of Taurus. Your zodiac lord is Venus, which is sitting in your destiny place, which is also your zodiac lord and since the horoscope is being made according to the transit, so is your ascendant, that is, what we are telling the horoscope. If it is equally effective according to both ascendant and zodiac signs, then there is no need to get confused. You will get the results of Venus very good because they are the lords of your personality house as well as Venus is the lord of disease house, so if we give you the results of these two places, then Venus is the lord of personality and sits in the place of luck. However, the sitting of Rahu inside the Ascendant will also confuse your personality a little, confuse a little, there will be a little fear. Before doing any work, you will have an unintentional fear about it. You will feel whether I should do this work or not, whether I should do this work or not or else your decision in work will be turbulent and you will feel that this decision will be my right or not. For him also a situation of confusion can be created in your life. You have to clear this confusion a bit. You will get very good results from Lagnesh, those who are associated with the business of hotel management are associated with the business of restaurants. If you are associated with the business of food, as well as in the business of flowers, perfumes, decorations, decorative pieces, clothing, then surely this month will give you very good and positive results. If Venus is sitting with both Mars and Saturn, then it is also certain that Venus will appear to be affected a little because both these cruel planets and Venus is benign planets and your zodiac lord is sitting between the two cruel planets. Will affect the result a little bit. You will have the confidence not to be confused. You will get good results in your life. At this time, I would love to roam around and drink food, but at this time laziness can also prevail over you. The tendency to postpone work can increase, so you do not have to postpone work. You also have to take special care of this thing that if you have taken one task in hand, then only after doing that work do you have to move forward towards the next work. Talking about the owner of the disease house, then Venus is the lord of disease house and who is sitting fourth from himself and Venus sitting fourth from himself can invite breathing problems. A little bit you have to be aware of your health. Especially take special care of personal hygiene of your hygiene. Little by little, you have to be aware of the problem of the period of the month, which is a problem inside your ladies. Along with this, if there is any problem going on in your internal itching or boils, pimple, herpes itching, then you should be alert about it and those people who have the problem of piles should also be careful because this problem can increase in this month. Walk a little cautiously. Taurus Vrishabh Rashi March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Talking about the second house of money, then Dhanesh Mercury, which is going to sit in your tenth house for almost the whole month. Now the sitting of Mercury in the tenth house is going to give you very good results. On March 6, your tenth house i.e. will enter Aquarius and by March 24, you will get to see very good results of Mercury because you will get very good results of Mercury. Your everyday profit will increase. You will be seen captivating everyone with speech, while doing any work related to speech, do the work of imparting knowledge. Some work of the brain does some work of IQ level. If you are associated with the IT field, then definitely you are going to get very good and better results because Budhditya Yoga of Sun and Mercury is also formed in your 10th house and this yoga will help you in your work. You will get very good progress and progress, as well as the respect in your family, will be seen increasing. Manglik programs will be outlined in the house too, but after March 24, you will have to walk a little cautiously because Mercury is becoming debilitated and Saturn’s third vision is falling on Mercury, which is not good. Now you have to keep in mind while speaking at this time, your words will be ignored and will be missed. Even if you want to speak for someone’s good, he will still consider you an enemy. Your honour in the family may decrease, the image in the family may get spoiled, so you should be very careful which responsibilities are given to you at the work place. You may also have to work tirelessly to meet those responsibilities. Taurus Vrishabh Rashi March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Talking about the third house, the third house is the Moon, which will bring small ups and downs about siblings, overall results will be very good for you. At this time people will be attracted towards you, will be impressed by you and will try to do their work after taking advice from you. You will see an increase in your social value, respect and might this month. This time will take you to new heights. You will feel strong in your family situation as well. By fulfilling social obligations, you will also be seen increasing your power on the mother and you will become the favourite of the officials at your work place too.

Talking about the fourth house, cleverness is then,  Sun which is making a good yoga along with Mercury in the tenth house while sitting in the tenth house and looking at his own house, and since the fourth house is the lord of the place of happiness. And if you are looking at your house, then this time will also get any stuck work related to your property completed. If there is any obstacle in the transaction of property, then it will be removed. If you had sought permission from the government for your property or for construction and that approval was not being received yet, then you will get it. You can proceed or start your construction. This time is going to get you the best results of the Sun. You will feel better financially. At this time, your dream of a new or big property can also be fulfilled. The dream of your home will also be seen being fulfilled this month. This time will get good results about mother, but we are talking about this. By March 15, if all your such works will be completed by March 15, you should do any property related work before March 15, because on March 15, while changing the sun sign, changing the zodiac and moving to your profit house. Will sit In the house of profit, the Sun went and  sat in its friend’s zodiac. But Saturn has a third vision on the Sun, which is not good and can hinder your work. In some way or the other, it can create obstacles. Financially, someone can create a problem for you, so if you have to make any investment after March 15, then do it thoughtfully. If you want to do any work, then you should proceed with that work by thinking carefully. Also, at this time, you have to speak your words by keeping restraint on your speech, especially after seeing your budget, you do not have to get confused with anyone at the workplace. Because if you argue with anyone, he will be against you. You will have to complete your tasks alone and you will not be able to complete your tasks with success. A little bit after March 15, you have to be aware because this will be the time. You may have to face some challenges at this time. Taurus Vrishabh Rashi March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Talking about the fifth house, Mercury is also your fifth house and Mercury, as we told that from March 6 to 24, with the Sun in your tenth house, Budhaditya yoga is forming, this period is very good for students, any problem related to your child If it is, then its solution will be done at this time. He will get good marks in his studies. Confidence will be seen increasing in the mind, your mind will be more towards your goal towards studies so that you will be able to achieve your goal very easily. For the people associated with the literary world, this time will generate very good and successful results in your life, but on March 24, when Mercury will change its zodiac sign and will be sitting in your benefic house, then it will be low in the direction of Mercury. Results will not be so good. Since Mercury is debilitated, it will sit in your benefic house. Every planet in benefic house gives good results, but for that place, the seventh aspect of Mercury will fall on its own house on its fifth house and since Mercury is debilitated, this time is important for the students. At this point, you should not make your destruction anymore, your only goal should be in your mind. If you get confused with the goal, then problems may increase in your life, for those who work in the corporate world in private jobs, multinational companies or are associated with IT, this time is going to be a bit struggling. Some problems and problems may arise in work too, so be a little cautious about your actions. Taurus Vrishabh Rashi March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Talking about the seventh house, then the seventh lord, Mars, who is the lord of your spending house and Mars is sitting exalted in the place of fortune. Mars will get good results for the people of Taurus. Whatever work you will do in the name of your life partner. You will get success in it. If you make any investment in his name, then you will get success in investment too. If both of you are doing business together, then surely your business will progress and progress very well. Ketu sitting in the seventh house will not get such dirty results of Ketu. Because Ketu is equal to Mars and because it is sitting in the house of Mars and Mars is exalted, therefore you will also see good results of Ketu. You can get the desired job at this time, your every wish can be fulfilled. Jobseekers will see better options being available at this time. This time will improve your bonding with your family even more. Marital happiness will increase. Relationship with your life partner will be seen to be strengthened more because if the seventh lord is sitting third from you, then the seventh lord sitting third from his side will be seen improving your bonding with your life partner even more. This time is going to be very good for the business class and especially those who are doing business independently by doing business alone, this time will be of progressive progress for those people who do business in partnership, they should be a little careful. Take care of your partner’s feelings as well, there is nothing to worry about. This time will bring you great progress and progress. In a love relationship if you can express your love with Sapne Love One. This time is going to be very supportive for you. Taurus Vrishabh Rashi March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s talk about the expenditure, whose lord is Mars and Mars is sitting in a very good position. If luck is sitting in the place, then you will get very good benefits from abroad. There will be chances of travelling abroad. Chances of increasing your business by going abroad will be visible. If you have not recovered from the debt situation, then now you will recover i.e. their debt will be over. The loan will be repaid and you will feel very relaxed. This time will also be beneficial for the working people and progress. You will see that you are getting the support and cooperation of your officers at this time. You will be appreciated on the strength of your confidence on the strength of your actions alone. Your work will be appreciated all around. You will get to see very good results on Mars this month. Taurus Vrishabh Rashi March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Talking about the eighth house, then the eighth lord is the guru, who is sitting third from himself, anyway, the guru gives very good results in the centre and we get to see the best results of the guru in the tenth house, so you can see the very better results of the guru. Will see you Your routine life will become systematic. You will be seen living a balanced life. At this time the enemy side will not be able to harm you even if you want. Your unfinished and pending work will be completed. If your money is stuck in any work, then that money will now be seen to be released. Time will be very good and prosperous for the people associated with the field of management. The problem which was going on in your life till now, that problem will end now and you will be able to complete all the tasks in your life successfully. At this time, you just have to invest wisely while investing, if you want to invest in the stock market, then you will get the benefit only by doing long term investment. Keep this thing in mind.

Now we come to the place of luck, which is your destiny, and it is also your karmesh, and the yoga karaka Shani is sitting in the place of destiny, sitting as a self-possessed person in the place of luck, being the yoga karaka of Shani, sitting in the place of luck, it is bringing very good and good results for you. . For people related to engineering, this time will be very good for people associated with administrative services, as well as if you are preparing for a government job. If you are preparing for IPS level, IS level and any exam or any result will come, then the result will be very favourable for you, keeping in mind that this month will prove to be very decisive for you. In the job, you will get opportunities to change jobs and you will get good options. At this time, if you are in a government job, then you will also see the chances of your desired transfer being made. You will have a very good rapport with higher officials. At this time students associated with higher education will get very good results. You will get a chance to complete your studies by going abroad. There will be an opportunity to take higher education and you will be seen taking full advantage of this opportunity. You will grow in spirituality and you will be seen doing the outline of religious rituals. You can visit any religious place with your family members. Some will also be seen organizing religious rituals in the house. Now since Karmesh is also Shani and Shani is the yoga factor, then he will also increase your work. Will increase work. You will get very good benefits at work during this time. Coordination and tuning will be done with the officials. You will get to see the special cooperation of the officers in each of your work. Budhaditya Yoga of Sun and Mercury is being formed in your tenth house and Saturn is sitting in a self-gratuitous position and is also a yogic karaka, so the time will be best for the working people, for the employed people. At this time all your wishes will be fulfilled. You will get the support and guidance of your father. If you are doing any business, then the obstacles that are coming in your business due to the government work, the government work which is stuck in your business, your father’s cooperation and contribution will be very good in removing those obstacles. Obstacles will end this month i.e. you will be seen implementing big plans. At present, if you are connected to the construction line. If you do work related to minerals or if you do any work related to oil, if you do grocery work, then this month will prove to be good for you. Taurus Vrishabh Rashi March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s come to the house of profit, the lord is sitting on the 12th from him. But if jupiter s sitting in the centre and is sitting in the tenth house, then because of this you will get to see very good results among Labesh Guru. Your level and circle will appear to increase. You will feel an increase in social honour and respect at this time. At this time your honour and prestige will increase. You will fall in the category of social dignitaries. Things you haven’t done yet. You will be associated with such works of social welfare and you will increase your honour and respect more by joining the works of social welfare. At this time some VIPs will also be added to your circle, which will give you great benefits in your work in the coming times. Time will be very good and prosperous for the business class. If you are the owner of the industry, whoever is the owner of the industry, this time will generate very good and good profit situations for them. You will get good orders and you will be seen making an identity of yourself while making your presence at your workplace.

lucky dates :- 1st to 5th, 8th to 15th, 18th to 24th, 27th to 31st.

Be careful on these dates :- 6th, 7, 16th, 17th, 25th and 26th dates.

good colour :- pink and red.


  • You should offer Durva to Ganesha. Remove green grass daily from above and offer it to Ganesha by saying ‘Om Gana Ganapataye Namah’.
  • You also have to feed green grass to the cow on Wednesday.
  • You should irrigate the city with insects. You must make arrangements for water for the birds.
  • If you want to make your financial condition more strong and strong, then you must recite Shri Sukta and if possible Lakshmi Namavali, you must also recite Lakshmi Namavali. This will make your financial condition even better and you will get to see very good results of Ascendant.
  • You must eat food without salt on Friday.


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