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Taurus Rashifal March 2021 | वृषभ राशि मार्च राशिफल – Taurus horoscope | March Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Taurus Rashifal February 2021  वृषभ राशि मार्च राशिफल

Hello welcome, Hello welcome Today I have appeared before you with the monthly horoscope for the month of March for the people of Taurus. First of all, the month of March has a special significance in itself. There are two special festivals in this month. Mahashivaratri will be celebrated on 11 March. Similarly, this time too, we will worship Bholenath with great pomp. Holika Dahan Ka will be specially celebrated on 28 March. They come in special festivals of our year. Holika Dahan and the festival of Dhundi will be celebrated on 29 March. Since these three big festivals are the main festival of our India, they are coming this month, so the importance of this month increases anyway. Now we go ahead and know about the position of a planetary transit, first of all, let’s talk about the planet Sun which is presently sitting in Aquarius, and on March 14 they will enter your XI house from Aquarius in Pisces. will. The planet Mercury is presently sitting in Capricorn and on March 11, Mercury is going from Capricorn to Aquarius, because till now Vakri was moving, then by entering Capricorn from Capricorn, you will become wayward and mod. Since you are sitting in Pakistan right now, from the destiny place after you, on March 11, they will be sitting in your karma house, very good Venus planet, which is currently sitting in your Aquarius sign, and on March 17, they will be with your Aquarius sign. You are going to be seated in Pisces by going high in your benefit sense. Mars, which will remain the entire human being in your Taurus sign, and Mars will be seen sitting in conjunction with Rahu and creating Angarak Yoga in Scorpio, while the master planet will sit in Capricorn through low and Saturn will be self-occupied with the master. You are going to be sitting in your fortune place in Capricorn while yielding. If Ketu will be sitting in the Scorpio zodiac sign this whole month, then the position of these higher planets will be seen in this month. Another thing is that Angarka Yoga of Seema Mangal is being made in all zodiac signs and if the situation of Kalsarp dosh is to be faced by all zodiac signs, then this month will be hard work for all zodiac signs. Karma is predominant. Now we go ahead and know that the effect of this planetary position and this Mars is going to be the malefic yoga of Rahu, which will be seen on the Taurus sign. Taurus Rashifal March 2021

Family Status

Taurus Rashifal March 2021 – So first of all, let us talk about the family status of zodiac signs. Your family situation is not looking good this month. But Lagnesh is sitting with you very well. You will sit in might and after 17 March, they will be sitting high in your profit sense with karma. Will show the profit situation very well. Social values ​​will increase respect and prestige. But due to Mangara Rahu’s Angarak Yoga created in your karma, many problems can come in your life. A little anger was aggravated by anyone on a daily talk, and got into an unrestrained message and quarrel. Such a tendency will come in you. A lot of work has to be done You will get good results from karma and you will get good conditions. Lagnesh should sit well. But that became Mars Rahu’s deadly yoga. Out of this, if you have done a little bit in your work then you may have to face its side effects too. Family relations with your Buddhist therapy can worsen at this time. You will have to move a bit in terms of relationships with a little bit of change. Take special care of the health of the grandparents, because their health can be this downhole, while you will have very good tuning from your family, because Dhanesh and the lord of the fifth house i.e. Panchamesh Dhanesh and Panchamesh Mercury in the might, which are your destiny first. I will go and sit and after that they will leave in your karma only on March 11, if they are going way too, then you will increase your work and you will get a position of good profit from work. At the same time, your tuning from your family will be very good, if you are doing any work from your relatives, in which you will get very good benefit from your expansion at your work place. You will get very good and happy news from the children, they will be successful in achieving their goals, they will make you feel proud through their results. If your child is equal to you, then he will be visible to you in terms of career as you settle in your life. In your mind, your worries and worries will end, whereas, with your family support, you will be seen supporting, so that your social value, respect, and respect will be increasing. If there is a minor dispute related to the ancestral property, then that dispute will be resolved with the help of the elder of a house, so that the atmosphere of mutual coordination and harmony will be seen in the relationships of your siblings. According to the family of siblings, and from the children, you will get to see them, they will support you at every step. If you have any work of your own, if you want to take any benefit from the government in passing your tender in bringing a big project, or if you want to extend your work, then you do not have any new ideas or guidance in your guidance. You will be seen providing siblings and you will see very good support especially of your elder siblings. This time will also be in good harmony with mother. One can get great benefits at the workplace. Morley also supports us many times our parents us. It is not like giving you guidance at that physical work place, guiding you in your anxiety and they make your anxiety completely cool. Calm you and remove your anxiety solution, then these very big things are happening in our life and are very small. But this huge form takes on later. You will be able to see the full support of your mother in stopping that dreadful form, she will support you everywhere and in improving social image, relatives, in improving your image, you will see a situation of good benefit from your mother everywhere at the workplace. . If the manager is working, then she can also give you financial benefits through her work, that is, this time will be for bringing the support of the mother and the powers of good profit. At the same time, your life partner will keep a close watch on your seventh house by keeping a little vigil. It is considered good to fall on the seventh house from the point of view of Saptamesh and Saptamesh, but if the sons of the businessmen also look together, then overall this time will be going on very carefully otherwise Agrashan Angry Misunderstandings can come in your married life and this relationship will fall apart Can. I am very good at tuning in to your father and being the master of the spirit of one’s father, Saturn is self-conscious and is sitting in the destiny place. Moral support from father; Support from father and father; Any financial support can also be seen from your father at this time. At the same time, tuning with your in-laws will not be so good, there is a lack of coordination with some in-laws. You will feel at this time, but this lack of coordination will be very long. You will be seen handling your relationships with your intellect and tact, while you will get to see very good relationships with your younger ones. Full support of Nana Nani’s blessings will be with you, with the help of Mama Mami, you will be able to bring good profit conditions in your field and this time will be very good and advanced advancement from your family point of view. – Taurus Rashifal February 2021

Economic Condition

Taurus Rashifal March 2021 – Go ahead and talk about the economic situation. Talking about the financial situation, the master of the benefic sense is the guru, who sits in the destiny place through lowliness and sitting in the destiny place of the benefic, also sitting in the destiny of Bhagyesh through being low, will sometimes give your position a little but Venus and Sun will Yuti is happening in your life, which is Venus, and due to sun drought, both of these are happening in the karma sense and after that, it will help you in completely recovering the conditions of the benefit. Therefore, you will not get any kind of a pain for your benefit. Further difficulties of the husband come, only then we learn to fight those difficulties and make this order and in such time difficulties will happen with you. The confidence level will increase as you go beyond your Lakh conditions will be doubled on your workplace doubling, but at this time there are chances of increasing your happiness as well. You will get social honor and honor on the basis of your personality, you will get a good profit status. Your improvement will go on. If there was any problem of taking the card at this time, if you were running a loan, then you will also be seen paying that loan. You will make very good progress in every way. At this time, you will also be seen doing the shopping of luxury driver Sirius electronic items at home and will try to increase your comfort items more. You will also be successful to a great extent among yourself, Mercury, the lord of wealth, who goes to the place of fortune, there is a possibility of very good benefit from the work sitting in Mata Karma, so be absolutely tension free and enjoy your profit but in this enjoyment Keep in mind that there is no more confidence and do not have to do so many unrestrained purchases or investments so that you can equal your profit and you have to struggle again, so you will have to move a bit. – Taurus Rashifal March 2021

Education, Career, And Business

Taurus Rashifal March 2021 – Now we go ahead and know that this topic is the most important about education, career and business. In this topic, we talk about students, we talk about youth. Talking about career, we talk about business which is business class, if I talk about the student class, then we see the place of education with the owner of the fifth house, then the fifth house of Mercury should first sit on its own and after that the action Going to sit in and will give you great results. After that you can get good results while the students of Mathematics do some work related to the science community. This time is best for all those students of commerce who are studying accounting. At this time you will get admission in your desired college. Your target like CA CS will be seen to be fulfilled, if you want to go to a research institute. Want to do some work. If you want to become an astronaut in space, then you will take a step forward in that direction and you will get good success in it. You will pass the exams that are in your stage. This time will be for you for a very good student class. Talking about career, according to career also, these times, Shani is the master of great karma sentiment and Bhagyesh Shani is the master of karma bhava by becoming self-aware in his own house. Though Guru is sitting with a lowly, but even then Saturn is his own, if he gives you good results, then it will be very good for you in terms of doing this work, especially for him in the job. You will get Big Boss training in your job. If you have connected with the IT sector, then you may have to go out in connection with some big responsibility. Your boss can get a very big responsibility and fulfills this responsibility from his mind, after your promotion, good chances will be seen. According to this time, government job will also be very good for you because Lagnesh and Sukhesh are getting together here, Bhagyesh and the Karmesh who are sitting here are self-respecting, so this Panchamesh is doing it with your wonderful Yugi Bageshwar Karmesh In that too, he is going to the house of the owner of your karma bhava. If the chances of the job remain, then if any of your new promises in this will be very successful for you, and if you have given any government job to you and its result will come in your favor, then this time will also be very important in terms of career. It Will be good If I talk about the business class, the business can live on a little plantation. Anything related to mining line, related to mining materials, related to contracting, working from the security company, related to security advisor, if you are working, then you may face some problems. If you do any work related to Army Navy higher administrative post, it will be a bit challenging for all of them, but you will also face these challenges and will accept the challenges, then this time you will be a little bit for the merchant class, especially in these fields. Intellect will be suppressed but you will get fruit by assuming. If you have worked hard, then you will be able to see it at any time, you will get to see it at your work. Kalsarp dosha remains in all the amounts, so be careful. You have to work in your field and walk-in business. – Taurus Rashifal March 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

Taurus Rashifal March 2021 – Now we move on to life partner and love affairs. So see the seventh place of a life partner and love affairs at the seventh place, Mangal Rahu, who is sitting in the Lagna, on looking at his own house, Mars Rahu, who sat on his seventh vision and Ketu in the seventh house. This time with your life partner, you will be a little angry at Parwan at this time. You will remove your anger, your life partner may talk about your life partner. Can disintegrate and break, after all, stamina is also limited, so it is not right for you to be more aggressive. Is not good for your relationship. Stay as calm as possible, you will have to control your anger and control your speech. Do not make any relationship as noisy as it is, can your relationship break down, everything is bad, so keep a little control over your anger. It is not right for you to remove your frustration with your spouse. Your spouse will support you completely. It will go step by step with you, but it is your duty to respect their feelings. Such a thing can betray you in some love relationship and your partner, which can hurt you too much, you can break your heart, which can lift trust from love, but love is a part of life in every way. We receive love from parents, brothers, and sisters, therefore there is not only one definition of love. You understand that there is no need to reduce your morale. Go ahead, take up sports and leave your life behind what was left in your life, then only then you will be able to run your life smoothly. You will be able to take some firm decisions in your life, Sutherland will be able to move forward, then you will have to walk in life and love affairs with little thought. – Taurus Rashifal March 2021


Taurus Rashifal March 2021 – Now we go ahead and know about health because it is very important to know about health because the first happiness is our health is not good, then we do not feel like in any work, whatever kind of work our attention only If you remain focused on health, then it is very important to know about health and if there is any kind of laxity, then please consult a doctor as soon as possible so that you can get benefit in diseases. Now Venus is the owner of the disease, which will sit in the first karma, after that the planet of the higher, when some problems caused by the Venus of the higher, you may not have any major problems, but itching in the small fat and integral part will be soaked in the body. Some problems such as having a fatigue weakness, problems can surround your mother, so for this, you will have to take care of yourself. Great grandfather. There is no solution to this and if your life partner is healthy, then keep in mind that they are at risk of getting sick due to an infection, then you have to be careful about your health and walk a little bit, only then you can smooth your work. And will be able to handle their relationships as well. Will be able to manage, so it would be careful and proceed with caution. The monthly horoscope for the month of March for Taurus people. – Taurus Rashifal March 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

Look ahead, I feel a little friction in the authorized life partner love affairs for the people of Taurus, then this month is very good for health. If the festival of Maha Shivaratri comes, then if you anoint Bhole Nath with honey and if you anoint it with honey and sugarcane juice, then your diseases will decrease and you will get the special grace of Bholenath. On Mahashivaratri day, companions who are connected with Mahashivaratri Puja should use these things. Worship Lord Bholenath specially and in your worship. Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is chanted 108 times at least for you, as much garland as possible, it is good for you that on this day, those garlands are many times more, then we can get to see results in one day, then you can take these remedies Will get rid of. Now talk about spouses and spouses for love affairs too, on the Morarka Mahashivratri, anoint the mother Gauri and Shiva together, then on the second day of Holika Dahan, you should take 2 black turmeric, 9 gomti chakra and 5 hakik stones and you Seeing you and your spouse spin 7 times and flow in the fire of Holika will end your eyesight on your married life and your married life will be happy, which will also feel like misunderstanding. 1 Sapt paddy, which is mixed in place of work, also has to give seven sacrifices to the Holika fire seven times. You will also get much benefit from your spouse along with this. Ketu’s side effects Rahu’s side effects will be less than you. If married life will be happy, then these were some measures that Taurus people should definitely do. Now I give my voice a break here. Stay healthy, stay busy, always keep smiling P Radhekrishna. – Taurus Rashifal March 2021


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