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Taurus May 2022 Horoscope English blog | वृषभ राशि मई राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali


Taurus May 2022 Horoscope English blog

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Ups and downs come in the life of every person and it is possible to solve them with the right guidance, so let us solve your every problem. Namaskar Swagatam, today we have appeared in front of you with the monthly horoscope for May, and first of all, we know that some special fasts and festivals coming in this month are Akshaya Tritiya on May 3, which we also call Akha Teej in the local language. . His festival will be celebrated with great pomp and Akshaya Tritiya is also known as Ek Abujh Saave i.e. any auspicious work can be done without mahurat on this day. There is no need to see Muhurta on this day. Parshuram Jayanti is also coming on this day, which is a symbol of valour and valour and is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Vaishakh Purnima is also known as Buddha Purnima on 16th May. And Baisakh Purnima has its special significance because charity is specially done on this day. So here are some special fasts and festivals that make this month special. Taurus May 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now let us know how the position of the planets will be in this month because the monthly horoscope will be given based on the position of the planets. So let’s talk first. Sun, the king of planets, is currently sitting in its exalted sign, Aries. And on 15th May they enter their zodiac sign Taurus. will do. And then he will sit there. Talking about the planet Mercury, this whole month he will be sitting in his very friendly zodiac sign Taurus. Mars is currently sitting in its enemy sign Aquarius and on May 17, it will enter its zodiac sign Pisces. Talking about the planet Jupiter, he will remain in the Pisces sign for the whole month. Since the planet, Venus is your zodiac lord. He is currently exalted in Pisces and will enter his friend Aries on 23rd May. The planet Saturn will remain in its original triangle sign Aquarius for the whole month. The planet Rahu is in its even sign Aries and Ketu are in its even sign Libra. Will remain seated for this whole month. So this is the condition of planetary transits for this month.

Now the upheaval of these planets is happening, your zodiac lord is getting exalted, what effect will be seen on your zodiac sign. get to know about him. And let us tell you that the zodiac which is telling you, it is equally effective according to both the Moon sign and the Ascendant. and is based on lunar calculations. Now let’s talk first. Your zodiac lord is also the lord of your personality sense. That is, there is also the Ascendant and the lord of the zodiac being exalted and sitting in your benefic house is going to give you great results. You are going to get the results of Venus very good this month because later on May 23, when Venus will move to your twelfth house, then according to our personal experience, the results of Venus in the twelfth house are always good because Venus is an exception, then Venus You will get to see very good results. Your personality will be very attractive during this time. Your personality will affect people. People will try to do their work after consulting you. Your social honour, fame and fame will increase. You will get success in whatever work you do. At this time, you will be engaged in the tasks of living your life i.e. achieving the joy of life. That is, the desires that you have, the ambitions, will continue to fulfil them and so will your nature and you will not enjoy life by itself. Your family will also be included in this joy. Your tuning will be great. You will be seen receiving both guidance and blessings from grandparents. At this time, your wishes will also be respected and if the relationship deteriorates then the relationship will improve.

Now Venus who is your Ascendant is your zodiac lord, if he is sitting with the Guru, then he will impart knowledge. People will come forward to help and they will also be seen achieving efficiency in their work. That is, your personality will be very powerful at this time. Social honour and fame will be seen spreading all around. Since Venus is also the lord of your disease house and Ketu is sitting in the disease house he can invite corona. Virus related problems can invite. So you have to be aware of them. You are also careful about the diseases caused by Venus. Especially women who are suffering from period problems, have to take special care. Problems of Piles, having problems with warts, there are some problems in the genitals. Urinary problems arise, problems like boils, pimples, herpes, itching, itching, itching, all these problems can disturb you a little in life. Be a little aware of them because the sixth person is sitting sixth from himself. So you have to be a little careful. At this time your enemies will also try to dominate you. Will try to take advantage of your weakness in your health-related problems and take advantage of this opportunity to dent your work. At this time you have to solve your problems based on your might based on your intelligence and tact. You will get the full support of your life partner and with the help of your family, you will defeat your opponents. Avoid the company of wrong friends and do not inculcate the bad habit in your life. Take special note of this. Taurus May 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now we come to your second house, whose lord is Mercury, which is the lord of your fifth house and Mercury is sitting in the ascendant. First of all, if we talk about the second house, then the second is sitting on his 12th. Mercury sitting in the Ascendant is giving good results. Later, when the Sun also conjuncts with Mercury after May 15, it will form Budhaditya Yoga. This will improve the results of Mercury even more. At this time, respect will increase in your family. If you do any work related to speech, whether leader politician, artist, teacher, lecturer or debater speaking, your work remains more. At your workplace, this time will bring you fame. With this, you will be seen achieving success. If you are associated with the banking sector, then all the work stuck in it will be completed smoothly. At this time all the obstacles in the job will be removed and you will also get the support of the officers. Now, since Mercury is the fifth lord and you are sitting in the ascendant, then this time is going to be very good for the students of commerce. You will get good results in your studies. If he is the lord of the fifth house, then the students will benefit in studies anyway. This time will be very good for more commerce students who work in the technical field of accounting finance. If you want to do any diploma degree or any special work in this. If you want to get a special qualification then time is very suitable for that. You can acquire that qualification at this time. The effort has to be accelerated. If your kids are very good at debating. Reasoning ability is very good in them then they can win a good prize through debate and make your name proud. That is, you can make yourself feel proud. At this time, there will be a very good time to increase honour, respect and fame for the people associated with literature and writing. Your presentation will be full of charm and at this time you may be awarded or may be awarded, then overall you will see very good results from Mercury at this time. Your proficiency in teaching and studying religious texts will also increase during this time. Taurus May 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to the third place, the lord of the third house is the Moon, which keeps fluctuating, so your mind will also be filled with a little fluctuation. Although your decisions will be very powerful, by being emotional, any decision will be taken by being practical. Only then will you be successful in practical life. And you have to take care that how to keep your family and practical life separate because it is not right to be practical in family and it is not right to be emotional in practical life. So keep sentimentality but keep it towards your relationships. Your bonding with your brother will be very good and you will go ahead with fine-tuning with him. Artists at the moment. They will have great success. If you have any hobby in your life, then surely you will be seen giving some time to your hobby this month.

Now come, Sukhesh is sitting on a happy place with the Sun exalted, you will get very good benefits from abroad in the 12th house. If you do some work with foreign companies related to foreign countries or are doing some work related to foreign countries, then you will get success in that work. Your financial condition will be good and you are likely to get good benefits from abroad. You will get foreign currency in your life. You will be full of all comforts and your dream of travelling abroad will be fulfilled at this time. Relationship with mother will improve. If you are sitting out of India and want to call your mother, then this time is very suitable and at this time if you want to buy any property abroad, then this time is going to be very suitable for that too. Anyhow, your work related to property will be seen being completed smoothly.

Now coming to the seventh house, the lord of the seventh house is Mars, which is sitting in your tenth house and is in conjunction with Saturn. Revolutionary yoga or global is bringing the possibility of a big change and from 7th April, Mars will change the zodiac and Mars is sitting in Aquarius along with Saturn. Since then, the turmoil is getting more and more and it is going to last till May 17. Political assassination has taken place in the political arena to be a major turmoil; face global war situations. Corona moving more towards the north or northeast direction of India, they are not talking about inside India, but these situations can arise outside India as well. This is a matter of global turmoil, but if we talk about your personal life, then the seventh lord is sitting in the centre and the conjunction of Mars with the yoga factor Saturn is happening. These are the people who are working related to the construction line. who are doing business. It is going to be a wonderful stay for them. You will get to see very good results from Mars. At this time, whatever obstacles were coming in your life for your work, will be removed. On the contrary, in situations of big profit, you will be seen working on big plans at this time. If you are doing any work related to minerals, then this time will help you in that too. You will get to see wonderful situations in your personal life. The time is very favourable for you. So at this time, you should take advantage. Since it is the seventh lord and is in conjunction with Saturn, then the yogas of love marriage or love relationship are being formed. If you want someone in your heart, then propose to him. He will understand your feelings and if you want to convert love into marriage, then you will get the consent of your family members at this time and you will end love in marriage, then this time is very much for you from the point of view of love relationship and marriage also. Will bring great results. Now along with being the seventh lord, Mars is the lord of your twelfth house. And Mars is in conjunction with Saturn, then this time will give you a lot of benefits from abroad or if you do some handicraft work or if you are looking for a job by going abroad. If you want to do something like this, then you will get a lot of benefit from it. This time is going to be very good for Engineers. Taurus May 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s talk about the eighth house on the eighth house, then the lord of the eighth house is the guru who is sitting in the house of profit, if we talk about the eighth lord, then you will see the very best results of the guru this month. Guru will balance your life a bit. My life was full of turmoil. Will see him calming down a bit. The decision will turn out very well. There is a possibility of secret money that the secret enemies will automatically be defeated in their actions and you have to keep the balance which is your maturity level. Because of that, you will set flags of success in every work you do. At this time the journey will be very successful, but whatever the purpose of the journey, that purpose will be positive for you. You can get some good news from family and especially you can get good news from in-laws. There is also a possibility of getting financial help from them. With the help of in-laws, you can start any new work of yours. At this time, while making any investment, keep a little care and do long term investment. Avoid short term investments. Profit positions will grow progressively. Since he is benefic and is sitting in his own house as a self-occupied person. If you are sitting in conjunction with exalted Venus, then you will see good results getting benefits as well. And after that, if there will be a combination of Guru with the seventh lord, then those who do the work of management. Those who are handling the big industry, that time will bring very great results for them. Your profit margins will increase. At this time your level and circle will increase. There will be some dignitaries in the level and circle who will be seen to guide you in your life in your work in business and get a lot of benefits from them in the times to come. If you will implement your plans and have given a loan to someone, then the loan will be repayable to you. You will get to see situations of sudden monetary gains in your life. Financial condition will be very sound, financially you will feel secure. Taurus May 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now we come to the lord of the place of fortune, that is Shani, which is also the yogic planet in your horoscope, and going to the centre, making a great person named Shash, is sitting in the spirit of action. Mars is in conjunction with Saturn, which is your seventh lord, so this combination of Mars and Saturn will take your work to new heights. Especially those who are working in administrative services, this time is going to be very good for all of them. If you were preparing for a promotion or were waiting for a promotion for a very long time, then your wish will come true. Your honour and respect will increase. The coordination with the officials will be seen to be very good. Bhagyesh Shani will increase your luck. All the pending work will be completed smoothly. Your interest in religious activities will increase and your involvement in religious activities will increase. Will be involved in works like social welfare. You will join such organizations which work for social welfare and your respect will increase even more. Will get the support of their father. All obstacles in government work will be removed. Will implement government schemes and you will get happiness from the officials. So Shani will give you great results, your honour and fame will increase, but Shani gives results to the person only after working hard. Therefore, do not keep any kind of deficiency in karma, they will go on doing karma. So you will get to see the best results of Shani at this time. This was the monthly horoscope for May for the people of Taurus. Taurus May 2022 Horoscope English blog

Auspicious dates: – 2nd to 9th, 12th to 17th, 20th to 26th and 29th to 31st.

Inauspicious dates:- 1st, 10th, 11th, 18th, 19th, 27th and 28th.

Lucky colours: brown, dark blue, black and purple.


  • You should wear an opal stone in silver or white gold on your ring finger.
  • To improve focus and concentration in studies, put a sky blue lamp on the study table.
  • Married women must be given food on Tuesday.
  • The recitation of Shree Sukta must be done while sitting in front of the Shree Yantra.
  • Fast on Friday and take food without salt.
  • Visit Shani temple and offer oil to Shani Dev and also put a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree. These will enhance your results even more and will surely fulfil all your wishes.


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