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Taurus Horoscope August 2022


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Hello, welcome, We have once again appeared before all of you. Taking the monthly horoscope of August and this month remains very special every year because many fasts and festivals come together in August. Taurus Horoscope August  2022 English blog
Let me know about them. Firstly, on August 2, the festival of Nag Panchami will be celebrated with great pomp. After that Putrada Ekadashi is coming on 8th August. Putrada Ekadashi is going to be special for those couples who want to have children and are unable to get children. They must worship Lord Krishna on the day of Putrada Ekadashi. August 11 is the festival of Raksha Bandhan, which is a symbol of love between brothers and sisters. Shravan month will end on 12th August and Kajali Teej is coming on 14th August, the special festival of honeymooners. Independence Day is on 15th August, which is the biggest festival in our country. Krishna Janmashtami is coming on 18th August. The festival of Goga Navami will be celebrated on 20 August. August 23 will be the day to start Bach, Baras and Paryushan. In Bach Baras, mothers worship cows and calves for the long life of their children. On August 30, the festival of Hartalika Teej will be celebrated with great pomp and August 31 is the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, so we will get to see many of these festivals this time in August. Taurus Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now let’s move ahead and know how this month is going to be important according to the transit of the planet and it is very important to see how. Talking about the Sun, the king of planets, he is currently sitting in his very friendly zodiac sign Cancer and on August 17, he will be sitting in his zodiac sign Leo Leo by becoming self-occupied, then the Sun, who is the king of the planets, will be in his zodiac. are about to come. Then talk about Mercury, which is currently sitting in its even sign Cancer. On August 1 i.e. on the first day of the month, they will enter their even zodiac sign Leo and on August 21, they will be exalted in Virgo, that is, in their zodiac, they are also exalted and self-gratified. Huh. Will sit there. Talking about Mars, he is currently sitting in his zodiac sign Aries and will enter his friend sign Taurus on 10th August. The planet Jupiter will be sitting in its zodiac sign Pisces as a self-gracious person for the whole month. Talking about Venus, he is currently sitting in his very friendly sign Gemini and on 7th August he will enter his even sign Cancer and on 31st August he will enter his Leo sign. Talking about Shani, he will remain in his zodiac sign Capricorn and will remain self-gratified for the whole month. Rahu will be sitting evenly and Ketu is going to be sitting in his equal sign Libra for this whole month, so this is the condition of this planetary transit in this month. Now the conditions of these planets are being created and the positions of the planets are very special because this month the Sun is becoming self-occupied. Mercury is getting exalted, and Jupiter is self-occupied. Saturn is self-occupied. Mars, which is still in its sign, is forming Angarak Yoga with Rahu. Sitting in your zodiac, your zodiac is the lord. If they come one house ahead of themselves, then this Angarak Yoga will be broken. We will get to see the Budhaditya Yoga of Sun and Mercury, but many situations are going to be very favourable this month. That is, this month is very important for all zodiac signs. Now how will the people of Aries get the benefit of this? If you know about it, then let’s start. Monthly Horoscope for August for Taurus.

Now go ahead and find out. Regarding your zodiac lord and Ascendant Venus, Venus is sitting one house ahead of itself. He is currently seated in Gemini. They will enter Cancer on 7th August. It is very good for the Ascendant to sit third from you and will make your personality more powerful. Your sphere of influence will increase. Social honour and respect will increase. Your family members will adore you and look up to you as a source of inspiration. You will see a different place in society getting high status. You will be seen completing the work which is stuck for you with the support of your family. You will try to accomplish many new and important tasks in your life at this time. Many things will be seen positively happening in your life this month. Personality-wise, you will make those relationships your own which are upset. Enemies will also try to befriend you at this time. Now your zodiac lord is your ascendant as well as he is the lord of your seventh house and at the beginning of the month, he will sit in your mighty house. They will increase in might. You will get rid of health-related problems. Since Ketu is also sitting in the disease house. Ketu is a planet related to little germs and microbes. Therefore you Taking special care of personal hygiene will not be a big problem. Be alert and attentive to small problems. The problem will not come anywhere. You will proceed a little cautiously in your life. Will be neutral The more you go on setting the dimensions of success. You have to go ahead with failure and patience in life. Be a little careful with your opponents at this time as the opponents may try to interfere with your work. Depends on your reflexes and how you can defeat your opponents. Complete your tasks with awareness. Don’t be negligent in work at all. You don’t have to rely on anyone else at this time. Just rely on your intelligence and tact. Avoid taking any wrong decision out of emotion. Do not do any work in haste and complete the works related to money and money standing on your own, then only those works will be seen being completed smoothly. Taurus Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now come to your second place. The lord of the second house, Mercury, which is the lord of your fifth house, then the second lord and the fifth lord will come and sit in your happiness place at the beginning of the month i.e. on August 1, then this is the time to increase your happiness. Power is the lord of the second house. Wealth is the lord of the senses. That is why at this time your routine will appear to be increasing. The inflow of money will increase further. You will feel financially secure. At this time your respect in the family will increase. There will be sweetness in relationships and any important work will be done for you at this time. If any work is going around the court for a very long time and its decision has to come, then the decision will also appear to be going in your favour. That is, you will get to see very good results this month of Mercury. If there are employed people, then some big responsibilities can be entrusted to you at this time, but you will also be seen performing these responsibilities well. The time after August 21 will be very good for you because Mercury will be exalted in the fifth house after being Dhanesh and all the problems in your career will end in your life at this time. Those who work as commerce students or CA CS accounting. Do finance work. For them, this time is going to be very wonderful. Along with this, those people associated with the IT field will get benefit from their work. There will be good growth and now your position can also increase at this time.

Now coming to your fifth house. If the fifth lord also sits outside Mercury, then this will be the period. This is going to be a bit struggling for you till August 21. This time will be more difficult for the students. So this time a little bit more you have to increase the concentration in your studies. The hard work will have to be increased a little more, the more hard work you do, the better results you will find positive for yourself. You may argue with your mother. So at this time reduce the straightforward a little. Listen to them and try to handle the relationship between yourself and your mother with restraint and patience. Taurus Horoscope August 2022 English blog
You will also have some concerns from the side of the child. But after August 21, all your worries will end. Very good news will be received. If there is an obstacle in the birth of a child, then those obstacles will also end. If any problem is going on related to the child, then it will end and you will feel proud of the child. If your children are very good in your child’s IQ, then at this time in the debate, you will be seen receiving medals and receiving respect. That is, they will do something different in society, which will increase your pride even more. This time is also going to be very wonderful for people associated with literature and writing. You will get success in writing and all the obstacles in your work will be removed. Your contribution to the field of literature will be appreciated. Your work will be honoured and whatever obstacles are being created in the studies of the students at this time, you will be able to achieve your goal by eliminating those obstacles. If you are career oriented and you have given any entrance exam till now. And if your selection was not done yet, then after August 21, your selection will be done.

Now go ahead and find out. About the moon, i.e. About the mighty spirit. The Moon, the lord of the mighty house, keeps changing house in two and a half days. The growth you have at this time will be very good. Your tuning will be good with siblings. Your behaviour will be liked by all. You will impress the people around you with your sweet behaviour. Along with this, it will also be seen affecting unknown people. Sweetness will be established in the relationship. Time will be favourable for the artists. Your videos are viral on social media at this time. Team’s post can be appreciated. If your actions can be appreciated, then this time is going to increase happiness, good luck and prosperity for you. At the same time, if you are going to take any important decision, then definitely take the advice of your siblings for your family in that decision and only then proceed in that decision. Taurus Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now let’s come forward and know about the place of happiness. He is the owner of the place of happiness. The Sun will first sit one house ahead of himself, that is, he will sit in the third place, that is, he will sit in the third place and on August 17, he will come to his own house and become self-gracious. That is, in a place of happiness, you will sit as a self-gracious person. You will get to see the results of very spectacular Surya. The time after August 17 is very good for you. August 17 Be a little patient. Do not do any work in haste. Do not sign any paper without reading it. At this time, put a little stop to the transactions related to the property. You should avoid disputes with your mother at this time. If your personality is very good at this time, you should try to make him more correct and gentle at this time. For those who are associated with the medical field, time may remain a bit struggling. But whatever hard work you do during the month, you will see the benefits of it in the second half. On August 17, when the Sun becomes self-gratuitous, you will get the desired benefits. You will be full of pleasures like land building vehicle. Your respect in the family will increase. If your bonding with family members will be seen getting better then overall you will get to see very good and best results.

Now we come to the sixth house. He is the lord of the sixth house. Mars, which is in the twelfth house with Rahu, and Mars will enter its friend’s zodiac, one house ahead of itself, on August 10 itself. That is, Taurus is about to enter your zodiac sign. As soon as Mars enters your zodiac, a little aggression, anger, and a little straightness can come into your nature. All the time you will be ready to argue with anyone to fight. Try to reduce this tendency a little bit. Do not let this tendency come into your life because Mars is such a planet that would make a person a little aggressive. Increasing his anger and impetuosity is his habit. Sometimes we do this too. become happy. We don’t know when we will hurt a person and whether he has to speak? What not to say, then you have anger and passion, such a thing which is negative in the life of the person, which also misleads the person, also brings difficulties in his life. That is why you have to remove anger and passion from your life. At this time you will get the support and support of your life partner. If you do not get married, then you will get the life partner you want. At this time you are Manglik, so if there is a problem in marriage, then only after matching the horoscope, decide the result of your marriage. Your married life will be happy during this time. The full support of your life partner will be with you and if you do any work related to the construction line related to the contract, then you will get the desired success in those works. Taurus Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now, since Mars is the lord of this place, you are going one house ahead of you, and then sitting one house ahead of you will control your expenses a bit. Your travels will be less at this time, but the journeys that will happen will be pleasant and auspicious for you. The tasks which were almost stuck for you and you felt that these works will be completed. Those tasks will be completed at your speed. The situations of stagnation in those works will end. You will be seen achieving positive results in life. Travelling to distant countries is possible and in terms of business, in terms of your work, foreign travel will also be visible, so this time will control your expenses and bring the best results of Mars in your life.

Now we come to the eighth house. If we talk about the eighth house, then the lord of the eighth house is Jupiter, who is self-occupied in the house of profit, you will get success in your management work. The full sum of receipt of secret wealth has become yours. Secret enemies will also be eliminated at this time. You will become alert in your actions. You have to avoid investing in risky things. At this time make long-term investments in activities like share market and lotteries. Try to achieve success in your life with your honesty and hard work. Do not take shortcuts in life and at this time you have to be careful with animals because you can get hurt by animals and since the Guru is on your side. is in profit. You are selfish The circle and level will increase. The economic situation will improve. You will have good company with friends. Tuning will be good with siblings. Manglik programs will be outlined in the house and you will get to see a good and healthy environment in the house, which will make your happiness appear more and more. If you want to extend your work, then you will be seen sharing some strategies and planning to extend your work with your family members and you will also get their full guidance and support. Do not take hasty decisions at this time and whatever decisions you take in peace and calm, you get success in those decisions. Taurus Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now come to your place of destiny. He is the lord of fortune. Saturn | It is going to be very good for you, who sitting in the house of fortune, sitting as a self-occupied person in the house of destiny, sitting in his own house. You will be seen making rapid progress in your work. The tasks which are left unfinished by you, you will complete with priority. If you want to get an urgent job then this is a very good time. The Sun is self-gracious; Shani is self-possessed, already. If the Guru is also self-gracious, if you have been given an exam for study, teaching or any competitive level, then you are sure to get out in that exam. If the result of this exam will come after August 17, then that result will be very positive for you. Whereas those who are already doing the job can switch their jobs. Chances of desired transfer are being made. You will get to see a lot of cooperation and cooperation of the officers. Also, at this time you will be filled with spiritual feelings. Your interest in works like Dharmakarma and human service will also increase and your karma will also increase. Due to this your social prestige will increase. Now since your karma is sitting in this time, but being retrograde in the place of destiny, then there will be some difficulties in the work. But you will be seen achieving your goal by eliminating these difficulties with your courage and intelligence. The work which was unfinished by you for a very long time, those works will now be completed at a fast pace. Obstacles and problems coming in the work will end. You will get to see a lot of father’s support and companionship and any big work will be completed for you this month. So this was the monthly horoscope for August for the people of Taurus.

Lucky dates – 2 – 8 , 11 – 16 ,19 – 26 , and 29 – 31 |
Noteworthy dates – 1, 9, 10, 17, 18, 27 and 28.
Auspicious colours – You must use yellow and bright colours. Also, if you are going to any important meeting of green colour, then definitely use it.

Special Measures

  • Donate black oil, salt, and mustard oil on Saturdays to ride your luck.
  • Fast on Saturday.
  • Offer flowers under the Peepal tree and put a lamp of ghee.
  • At this time you must worship Ganesh ji and give place to Margaj Ganesh in your worship room or it will be very good for you.
  • You should also recite Ganesh Atharvashirsha this month.

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