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Taurus Horoscope April 2021 | वृषभ राशि अप्रैल राशिफल – Taurus horoscope | April Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Taurus Horoscope April 2021 |

वृषभ राशिफल अप्रैल 2021

Taurus Rashifal April 2021 – Hello. First of all, a very happy Indian New Year to you. Indian New Year is coming in the month of April and this new year will progress for you with new possibilities for prosperity and this year is very good for you. With these wishes, today I have brought for you the monthly horoscope of the first horoscopes of the month of April and today I am going to tell you about the position of the planet transit, about the monthly horoscope, you should take some special measures in the month of April and About the fasts and festivals coming in the month of April. Let us first start with the fasts and festivals coming up in the month of April, as I told you that April 13 seems to be a new year. According to the Indian calendar, the new year is beginning. Since the new year begins on the days of Chaitra Navratri, Chaitra Navratri will begin on April 13, which will be held on April 13, which will be held on April 21. Nav Durga will be meditated. Convection will be done and we will all be absorbed in worshiping Goddess Durga. If Lord Ram was born on the special festival of Ram Navami on April 21, then this festival will also be celebrated with great pomp. On the 15th of April, the festival of Gangaur will be celebrated, which is considered to be a festival of special importance for the Suhaagins and on the 27th of April, we will be celebrating Hanuman Jayanti. This month the position of planets will also be seen very positively. On the basis of astrological calculations, the movement of the planets was also somewhat changed, so do they know about the positive effects that will remain in the position of these planets? So, first of all, if I talk about the planet Jupiter, then on April 6, who were sitting in Saturn with Saturn in Capricorn till now, they will now go to Aquarius on April 6, which is their friend’s zodiac sign. It is going to end, this is the most positive thing. Apart from this, Angarka Yoga of Mars and Rahu was made in your own zodiac, then it will end now and on 14th April itself, Mars will enter from Taurus and Gemini. Mars will sit in its own zodiac sign. At the same time, the Sun planets, which are going to change the zodiac along with Mars, are also going to be sitting high in Aries zodiac sign from Pisces on 14th April. On the other hand, Venus, which is the higher zodiac sign of Pisces on 10th April, will be seated with the Sun in Aries and Mercury, which is currently seated with the Sun and Venus, will also be sitting on the 16th of April from Pisces. If you will be sitting in your zodiac sign, then these three planets are going to worship in your twelfth house. It would be very nice for Sun and Venus to sit among themselves, but also Mercury planets which will go out and get some mixed results. Ketu is sitting in Scorpio in this whole month i.e. in your seventh house and Saturn is sitting in Capricorn as a self-proclaimed, then the position of some planets that this mother Taurus will get to see if they move and know that this Which effect of the planets is there, what effect will we see on the monthly horoscope of the Taurus zodiacs.

Family Status

If I talk about the family situation, Lagnesh Venus, who is still sitting high, i.e. on April 10, he will go and sit in your residence. Your ascendant is Venus and sitting in the 12th house of Venus will give you very good results. This time will benefit from your overseas. Will make your personality more good, you will become rich with attractive personality, you will be able to get all kinds of happiness, convenience and prosperity in your life this month. Relationships with Dadial will appear to be very good and strong. There will be a little confusion sometimes, but with the help of your family, you will find help in taking the decision, this month will be of family support. Your personality will be improved. Will remain to calm your curiosities. Your relationship will remain more cozy. Your personality is going to be very good this month. If I talk, your relations with family will grow stronger. The problems that were going on in your life till now, you were missing people, now they will appear to be over. Full support and support of the family will be seen with you. The tasks that were left incomplete to you will be completed with the help of your family. There will be traffic of guests in the house. The atmosphere of the house will appear to be healthy. But if there is any dispute related to the ancestral property, then if you do not disturb this month, it will be fine because that dispute will not be resolved this month. At the same time, your relations with your siblings will be very good. Your competitor will get support and your friends will also get very good support and support in this month of April. Your relationship with your mother will look better. Though there may be some concern about his health, but there may be expenditure on his health, but you will have to take care of his health months ago, especially this month. You will get very good and good news from the children. The child will make you feel proud but Take care that they do not stray from their path and should not be a communal. If anyone else ever becomes a student inside, then he gets confused with his path, then you will have to guide your children a little bit. If you will stand by them and give them guidance, then they will not be caught in any kind of dilemma. This time will be of very good support from your mother’s side, very good support to her. You will see it being received at this time. Relationships with life-partner were going on the same way as normal relations were going on. The problems that you had to face in your marriage till now, those problems will now appear to be over. Mars, which is the owner of your seventh house, was sitting with Rahu till now creating Angarak Yoga and now the Agaraka yoga is over and Mars is seated inside your equator and the possibilities of good benefits from life are also visible to you. Will get Relationships with your father will look very good and sweet. There may be some problems at a small work place. Sometimes you may have to face misunderstanding with your father, but your parents never want their children to be bad. So, listen to your father’s words and try to follow them. If we are telling something, then you should understand their words and try to take advantage of their experience to take their information and not try to cut their talk. If you cut their talk, you will never be able to make progress because parent’s experience is always there, and not only parent’s experience of elders is always useful. So keeping this seat in mind a little bit, you will move forward. – Vrishabh Rashifal April 2021 

Economic Condition

If I talk about the financial condition, then Sun and Venus, the three planets going to the beginning of the month in your profit sense, will also see the increase in your happiness in your Lamba pleasure place, for half a month for the first half of the month you are sitting. By purchasing gold ornaments in a house, you will please the women of the house and the women of the house are the Lakshmi of your house, so if you have pleased the Lakshmi of your house, then you will definitely get the blessings of Maa Lakshmi. You have to control your expenses for a little bit. Spend as much budget. If you spend outside the budget then money problem may arise and borrowing may come, so do not waste a bit and control your expenses according to the budget, this will be right for you. This time is very good sun for you, this time is going to be very special for you. At this time, if you want to take a bicycle in your house, someone wants to do some shopping for those of you, who have the Mahadasha of the Sun for the people of Taurus, then this time is going to be the best because at this time you will get the happiness like Bhoomi Bhavan vehicle. Will appear. Your financial condition is going to be very strong and strong this month and financially, this month will be very good for you, Gobesh Guru, if you are sitting in your friend’s zodiac sign in low Aquarius, then Guru will also be seen supporting you at this time. And it will increase your conditions. Just be careful and control your expenses. – Vrishabh Rashifal April 2021 

Education, Career, And Business

First of all students will talk about the class. The owner of your fifth house, Panchamesh Mercury, who is sitting in the profit for half a month, but after half a month, he will sit at the expense price. It will be a little time for the students to run a little carefully. Conditions after April 16 will be such a good time for you. You will also have to work hard. But if you work hard, then the mind will be strengthened, especially for those commerce students who are studying CA CS accounting, the time after April 16 can be a bit more of a hard-working time, so any reduction in your hard work do not keep. If you work hard without wishing for fruit, you will definitely get the fruit of your hard work if not today. Therefore, keep faith in hard work and keep on doing your work. From the point of view of career, for those who are employed people, luck keeping time is very good, will support you. Chances of desired transfer and promotion will also be seen in your time. This time will increase your progress more and the success that you were deprived of will now guide you, your kisses will kiss you. This time, for the young people who are unemployed, the good search for employment will be seen to be over and you will get chances of getting the desired job. If you have opened a new startup of your own, you have started any work, then you are facing any problem in the loan of your relatives, then some of the schemes can benefit from it. There is a possibility that your confidence level will make you double your passion to take your work forward. Anyway, they should always do something creative for the future of the young country, they can do something of their own, in which your mind will be very good, then you can also decide very big dimensions of success ahead. The merchant class will also be very good for them. Till now, the business class which had to be forced to face some hurdles in their work, the difficulties will now be overcome by the business class. You will get very good profit prospects in your business. You will spend some time in depositing money in banks, if you do any work in partnership in partnership in your business, then you will have to keep tuning with your partner and if you want to start a new business, then business personal You will get great benefit and doing personal work will boost your morale. Many things you will get to learn, when you present the difficulties yourself, then you will get a different enjoyment from the difficulties that you will get and progress. Is going to stay But in a careful manner and now, where to invest money, where to invest, keeping in mind that and then proceed. Investing in the stock market is not good for you in stock market, so you should avoid investing in the stock market. – Vrishabh Rashifal April 2021 

Life Partner And Love Affair

If I talk about the love affairs, I will look at the seventh house and the seventh man Mangal, who till now was sitting with Rahu and creating Angaraka yoga, was looking at my house, but the yoga of Mars Rahu will affect the couple’s life somewhere. was doing. Now, this yoga is over and after half a month, on April 14, Mangal is sitting in your circuit house. This time will be good for you, there will be chances of reconciliation with your spouse, the differences that will be over between you till now. You are trying to get married and if you find the right life partner then now you will definitely find the right life partner for yourself and you will soon appear to be in the bond of marriage. You will have good tuning with your partner in a love relationship. At this time, if you are looking for a new love partner, then that search will also end now. Chances of getting a good love partner are also being made. That is, this time will be very good for you according to your love relationship according to your spouse, and with their support, you will also see good profit conditions. You will definitely find an independent spouse who will be able to make a good profit from his income by his own works, then both of you together will do more of your life and will be seen moving forward as you progress. – Vrishabh Rashifal April 2021 


If I talk about the health, then Venus, the lord of diseases, who sits in the 11th house and has the possibility of excellent health benefits, but when he goes to the 12th house, he will see his own house when seeing someone at his house. So do not want to spoil your home. You will not have any problems at this time. Health problems are going on as if you have a problem like a ladies problem or a problem of internal parts or there is a problem of warts disease in any problem. You will get rest and this problem will be seen ending now, that is, this time your health will be good for you in terms of very good health, but whatever you have to learn from breathing problems, you should not take any kind of selfishness in your self interest. Take special care of hygiene. Personal Hygiene. Take care as well. Connect yourself with Yoga Meditation Pranayama. If you should do morning walk regularly, then if you go ahead with these precautions, then you will not have to face any health related problems. So this was the monthly horoscope for the month of April for the people of Taurus. – Vrishabh Rashifal April 2021 

Let’s look at Remedies:

And if I talk about the solution, then one day you should take care of you a little throughout the year, in this whole month anyway. You must feed the black dog bread with oil. If you can be in the temple then definitely go to the temple. The flag is found around the temple. Offer a flag that will destroy your enemies. Married life will be good. Personality will become powerful, the decision power that is yours will go on becoming more strong. Also you must worship Lord Ganesha. Chant Om Gan Ganpataye Namah and read Ganesh Stroth. This will give you financial support and if any problem related to loan is going on in your life then it will be over. So zodiac signs must do this in April. Stay healthy stay busy stay cool and always smile. Jai Maa Ambe. – Vrishabh Rashifal April 2021 


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