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Taurus Horoscope 2023 | Yearly Horoscope | वृषभ राशिफल 2023 | Vrashab Rashi – 2023 – Nidhi Shrimali

Taurus Horoscope 2023

May everyone have a moment of auspicious new year,
May the future be golden and happy for all,
Have a bright tomorrow Happy New Year to all of you.

Planetary Transit Position

First of all, let us know about the situation at the beginning of the year. That is, if you know about the position of the planets, then at the beginning of the year, the Guru will sit in your benefic position by being a self-aspect. Mars will transit in your zodiac sign. On the other hand, the eclipse of Moon and Rahu will be seen forming in your twelfth house i.e. in the house of expenses on January 1. Ketu will sit in your seventh house. Budhaditya Yoga of Sun and Mercury will be formed in your eighth house. If there is a combination of Saturn and Venus in your lucky place, then it will start this year.

Now coming straight to your zodiac sign. Venus is the lord of your zodiac and Venus is a very luxurious planet whose lord is Venus, his personality is very attractive. There are people of very fond mood. There are those who live life. Means don’t care about money. Whatever we earned, we must spend it on our hobbies. These people are of this nature. Now we will first look at the position of your zodiac sign lord Venus because it is your zodiac sign lord and its influence is more on your life. That’s why let me tell you that Venus will transit from Capricorn to Scorpio throughout the year. Now first of all Venus is on the position, then on February 15, changing the zodiac sign, Venus is getting exalted. From February 15 to March 12, he will be sitting in his exaltation sign Pisces. Venus will go to your eleventh house and sit in conjunction with Jupiter. Jupiter is sitting in your zodiac sign in the eleventh house as self-possessed and with it Venus is sitting in an exalted position. This combination is going to give you excellent results during this time period. That is, from February 15 to March 21, you will get very good results from the combination of these two planets. Anyway, Venus is your zodiac lord and the lord of your disease and Venus is conjunct with Jupiter in benefic house and Venus is conjunct with Labhesh, so this time will make your personality more attractive.

Work Place

This time those who are associated with the film industry, who do work related to Venus, who are artists. He wants to earn his name in the world of art. Struggling now or you have a restaurant or you work as an artist or decoration in the hotel business. If you work in perfumery or are associated with traveling business or if you are doing any such auspicious work of fashion designing of clothes, imitation jewellery, then this time will decide new ways for your progress. You will get some big orders at this time. One, you will be seen branding your work and creating your own identity at this time.
Since Venus is exalted, women will have to take special care of their health at this time, because the problems related to breathing and periods, which women go through due to PCOD, need special attention during this time period. Conditions of profit will increase progressively. If you want to invest in a company that is doing any work related to Venus or a company in fashion designing, cosmetic, clothing, textile, then you will see a lot of profit in that. Who are the manufacturers who are associated with the textile market. They have set up their own factory or some big industry. For them too, this time will be wonderful and full of auspicious results. You will definitely see success at this time. If you want to start any new work of yours, then this time will be excellent for that too. Now from 6th April to 2nd May, Venus will be sitting in its own Taurus sign i.e. in your own zodiac sign, so this time will be full of wonderful results for you. The mid-season of the year, which is from 2nd April to 6th May, this time will add charm to your personality. But at this time you have to keep in mind that you have to reduce your laziness a little because whenever Venus is exalted, then the tendency of a person to work lazily decreases. He feels that he should fulfill his hobbies by roaming around. If not today, then tomorrow you will do the work, but you have to remove this tendency because this time is also beneficial for you.

You can get more good results from Venus. If you work hard, then when Venus is in a good position and your zodiac lord is in a very good position, then you should double your hard work so that you can make good use of this time. Now from 3rd November to 30th November, you have to be very careful at this time, because Venus, the lord of your zodiac sign, will be debilitated at this time and will sit in your fifth house, so those who are students of art class, special. You have to pay attention. No matter how hard you work, you will not get good results. But don’t let despair take a place in your life. At this time some obstacles related to children may arise. You may be worried about his career, so at this time you will need to be careful.

Now we come to three important planets which have a profound effect on our lives. These planets run our life almost all the time as they stay in one zodiac sign for a very long time. These three planets are Guru, Shani, and Rahu, they are also considered very big planets. Their effect is more on our life as well and whatever zodiac change they have or the place they give results, its effect is seen a lot in our daily life, so first of all whose zodiac sign is going to change? Out of these three planets, we will talk about stopping those planets. That planet is Shani, a great man named Shani will create yoga. That is, if any of your promotion is stuck or if you have got a stuck increment of your money, then at this time it will also be seen as becoming a strong yoga. The sum of the desired transfer will be made at this time. On the other hand, for those who are preparing for government jobs or higher administrative posts, Saturn’s best results will also be seen for them. Because Shani is currently sitting in the center and sitting in the sense of action, the great man named Shashi is creating yoga.

Now let’s talk about the visions of Shani, then the visions of Shani. Since you all know that Saturn’s vision is not good. The third aspect of Saturn is falling on your twelfth house i.e. Twelth place. The seventh aspect of Saturn will be on your place of happiness and the tenth aspect of Saturn will fall on your seventh house, which will affect all these places. If we talk about the third aspect of Saturn, then Rahu is sitting in your twelfth house. Rahu will also be inspected by Shani and it will also fall on him, so at this time this aspect of Shani is not considered to be so good, then the opposite effect of Shani’s aspect will be good for you because your expenses will be managed at this time. Expenses are too much that you earn all the money and the money is not lasting, that problem will be over. So this time you will be able to save. You will be able to control your expenses a bit. At this time you will also get freedom from debt situations. Your interest in religious works will increase. Shani’s sight fell on Rahu and Rahu is Shani, then Shani’s power will be seen increasing more. The seventh aspect of Saturn will fall on your place of happiness, which can bring fluctuations in your happiness. Unexpected expenses at this time, like a sudden maintenance cost in your house. You had to renovate the house. Expenses have come on the vehicle or suddenly any breathing problem has happened to your mother or any member of your household, then you may have to face these types of problems this year. Especially you should take care of your mother’s health this year. If they have minor problems, then you should show them to the doctor. Whatever work you do immediately, he will get health benefits soon and you and your mother will not have to face big problems. Now Saturn is aspecting your seventh house from your tenth house.

Love Relationship

There may be some obstacles in marriage which young men and women are looking for life partner for themselves. This time will be a bit difficult for them too because chances of getting obstructed in one way or the other will appear in your marriage, so you will get mixed results of Shani this year. From the point of view of work, Saturn is also a yoga factor in your horoscope. Your destiny is also your karma. According to luck and karma, you will get to see the best results of Shani. But according to the vision of Saturn, you should be a little careful.

Now coming to Guru, since on 21st April there is going to be a change in the zodiac sign of Guru and Guru is the provider of knowledge. There is no knowledge in life without Jupiter and Jupiter is the lord of the eleventh house in your zodiac sign and eighth house.


So you will get to see very good and excellent results of Jupiter this month and this year. But if Jupiter harms the place where it is sitting, then the lord of your benefic house will sit one house ahead of you and the lord of your eighth house will sit fifth from you. So if we think about these circumstances, then it is good to go and sit on the fifth floor. Since the Guru goes and sits in it and it is a place of expenditure and it is said that he harms the place, but by sitting in it, he will rectify it a little. That is, you will control your expenses a little. If the owner of the house of profit is sitting one house ahead of him, then the conditions of profit will also increase in it. But you will also have to control your expenses because we told you that Saturn is aspecting your 4th house, which can generate unexpected expenses, so you will have to make constant efforts to increase the conditions of profit.

Now since Jupiter’s aspects are very good, on April 21, when Jupiter will move to your twelfth house, the fifth aspect of Jupiter will fall on your happy place. The seventh aspect of Jupiter will fall on your disease house and the ninth aspect of Jupiter is going to fall on your eighth aspect i.e. Jupiter’s own place and you will definitely see the benefits of Jupiter’s aspects. Jupiter’s fifth vision will fall on your happy place, which will be seen balancing the vision of Saturn, then there will be expenses, but you will be able to manage your expenses a little. There will be breathing problems but you will soon get control over them. The problem will not be seen increasing more seriousness in your life by taking a terrible form. That is, its frequency will decrease. The problem will come but its frequency will reduce.

Now the Guru will look at your diseases from the seventh point of view, then he will give you progressive health benefits in your diseases. That is, if you are suffering from a serious disease or you have breathing problems again and again in your life, then you will have control over it and if you are healthy then the first happiness is a healthy body. If you are healthy, then you can deal with any of your problems with Biel and eliminate that problem. If you can get its solution, then you will get very good support financially at this time. Enemies and opponents will not be able to interfere in your work in any way. You will achieve success in each of your fields. How to manage money, where to use your money properly, you will do that very appropriately at this time. You will get freedom from debt at this time.

Now the Ninth aspect of Jupiter is falling at its own place and Jupiter is aspecting the eighth house, so the balance of work that was going on in routine life means small difficulties were coming in everyday life. Now you will get freedom from those difficulties. You will run your life in a very clear management manner. At this time, the money that was stuck in your work related to your transaction. You will get back what was stuck. At the same time, the sources of getting money will also be seen opening up suddenly. Travels will definitely be successful, but the journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. Now a situation will be created in your life because Rahu is sitting in your twelfth house and Jupiter will come. Guru Rahu’s Chandal Yoga will also be formed in your twelfth house. This yoga will remain from 21st April to 30th October, so you may have to face some minor difficulties during this yoga. You should also take care of some things like Guru Rahu’s Chandal Yoga is being made in your twelfth house, so if you have anything from abroad, you are going to tie up with them with any foreign company or foreign currency is coming in your work. So you have to be a little careful. Have to be careful. Do not do any work in haste at this time. If you want to tieup with any new company, then take some time to do a complete investigation about that company. After that you go ahead. At the same time, this time can bring obstacles in your work, especially the employed people, especially those who have to do their work very honestly. Not to be under any illusion is not to be misled by anyone. At this time you may also face false allegations. Somewhere action can be taken against you or at this time you can also be accused of bribery, so do not get trapped in any such work, keep your nose and ears open. Proceed with great caution as this problem may arise at this time.

Since Rahu gives very good results in your 3rd, 6th and benefic house, and Rahu sitting in the 11th house, suddenly you will get to see profitable situations in your work. Speeding up your trading activities like share market, lottery or any other risky business, you will surely get success in those works. But if you make any investment, if you do long term investment then you will get more benefit. So you will get to see very good results of Rahu this year. But you will get more good results of Rahu after 30th October, then in that also the results of Rahu are very good because Rahu spends in the twelfth house. If you get auspicious and auspicious yatras done on religious rituals, then overall you will get good results of Rahu. So the effect of these three planets will be very good on your life this year. Rashi Swami gives very good results.

Special measures for the year 2023

  • Worship of Maa Durga must be done because Taurus is the lord of the zodiac and Venus is the presiding deity. That’s why on Navratri, at least you should do both the Navratri’s according to the rules and regulations.
  • You can recite Durga Saptashati by worshiping and worshiping the mother.
  • You should recite Durga Chalisa daily.
  • Make sure to establish Shriyantra at your home and business place. If not, then keep it immediately. This will give you even better results.
  • You must recite Shri Sukta while sitting in front of Shriyantra.
  • Now Guru will create Chandal Yoga with Rahu inside you and this yoga will last for six months i.e. from 21st April to 30th October, so you should install this Guru Rahu Chandal Yoga Nivaran Yantra in your worship room to get the best results for both of them. Meet and visit it daily.
  • If you can be a teacher, then chant Beej Mantra.
  • Along with this, you must chant Rahu’s Beej Mantra after sunset.
  • Apart from this, to get rid of Rahu’s defect, that is, this Chandal Yoga is being formed and Rahu confuses and scares a person somewhere, then to get rid of it, you must donate seven paddy on the day of Amavasya and Chaturdashi. And if you can cook this seven paddy and feed it to Nandi, then it is an even better solution. You must do this work of Rahu.

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