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Taurus Horoscope 2022 English | Taurus Horoscope 2022 – Nidhi Shrimali


Taurus Horoscope 2022

Year of good prospects

At the beginning of the year, Rahu is sitting in your zodiac and Shani, which is the yogic planet in your horoscope, is sitting in the place of luck and getting you very good results. It is also increasing karma and making your luck brighter. The Guru who is sitting in your karmic bhava and makes you achieve very good results in the guru centre and especially in karma bhaav, then you will get to see very good results of guru at the beginning of the year. At the beginning of the year, your zodiac lord Venus will be sitting in your eighth house and while travelling through twelve zodiac signs throughout the year, he will sit in Capricorn in December, that is, he will travel through twelve zodiac signs throughout the year. Taurus Horoscope 2022 English.

April is a very important month. In this month, the important planets which are the three planets on which our zodiac depends a lot, these three planets have a special effect on our life.Taurus Horoscope 2022 English.

First of all, Rahu are going to change the planetary zodiac from your zodiac, on April 12, he will be sitting in Aries. Since you know that Rahu moves in reverse, he will relax you a lot by going to Aries. Till now, your personality was not an expression of your personality. You were feeling trapped somewhere. Mentally, even the slightest state of confusion remained in your life. Sometimes your decisions turn out to be wrong and later you had to regret that you took the wrong decision. Now you will get rid of all these problems because Rahu has gone from your zodiac and Rahu creates such situations in a person’s life. The results of Rahu are also good in the 12th house, you will get to see very good results of Rahu. Rahu will get him to spend on religious activities on religious activities, but on religious activities, a person is never unhappy by spending money on religious activities. You will get to see the devotion of God, on the contrary, your wasteful expenses which you have been doing on your own will decrease in you. Now we come to the planet Jupiter, which is going to change the zodiac only a day after Rahu i.e. on 13th April. Right now he is sitting in Aquarius, which is his friend’s zodiac and on April 13, he will enter his zodiac sign i.e. Pisces from Aquarius and will sit in your benefic house. Sitting in the house of Guru’s beneficence and that too sitting self-graciously will increase your profit progressively. The life of your daily routine, which was spoiled till now, will fix the work which was spoiled inside your life, those works will start improving now. Life will start coming back on track and the fifth aspect of Guru is reading on your mighty spirit, which will further strengthen the relationship with siblings. Will get you progress and progress in your field of work. Your love will increase. Will increase in strength i.e. power. The sphere of influence will increase. People will be impressed by your words. Many will consider you as an idol. You will have a different place in society. At this time people associated with politics will also be seen getting very good benefits. You will get many beneficial results in the field of politics. May the seventh aspect of Jupiter is falling on your fifth house, which is going to be very good and auspicious for the students. Whatever subjects you are studying at this time, if you are preparing for primary education i.e. taking school and college education, then you will get good marks. The same if you want to take higher education i.e. A professional degree and any problem was coming into it till now, then those problems will also end now. Along with this, you also get happiness from the side of the child. News will be received. If you are associated with the field of education, do the work of imparting knowledge to the people. If you have the task of imparting knowledge, then the people associated with these fields will also get good results.  Taurus Horoscope 2022 English.

The obstacle coming in the child will be removed. That is, if you have any problem related to children, then you will get rid of it and if you are facing any problem in getting children then now that problem will end. I.V. F. Whatever you are working through or are trying in any way to get a good and healthy child, those efforts will be successful for you. The ninth sight will fall on your seventh house, which will increase the happiness of your married life more. Taurus Horoscope 2022 English.Taurus Horoscope 2022 English.

Marriage and love affair

If you are married and looking for the right life partner for you, you are not married yet. If you are not able to find a life partner, then now that problem will also go away, you will get the perfect life partner for yourself at this time. You will also get a very good opportunity to convert your love into marriage for the people who are in a love relationship. In business, if you work in a partnership or if you want to progress in business, you are doing any work related to management or if you have any work for any service i.e. Consultancy Service, then people associated with these fields are bestowed. If you get the benefit, then you will also get to see very good results of the Guru. Taurus Horoscope 2022 English.

Now come directly to your zodiac lord Venus, who is going to change the zodiac in April and from 27th April to 23rd May he will be sitting in Pisces as exalted. The exaltation of your zodiac Lord will make this period, even more, successful for you, your personality will become so attractive that people will be attracted to you. Your enemies will also try to become your friends during this time. Taurus Horoscope 2022 English.

Then the most important zodiac change that is going to happen is Saturn’s zodiac change which is happening on April 29, which is also a yogic factor in your horoscope. Right now, he was sitting in your destiny as a self-gracious person and on 29th April he will enter from your destiny place in the place of karma i.e. in Aquarius, which is Saturn’s zodiac sign i.e. sitting in the karma of Yogakaraka Shani, you will be very good in karma. You will be able to get the results and you will get the best results of Shani. This is going to be the best time of the year for you because all the important planets are getting the best results in your life. Whether it is Jupiter, Rahu, your own zodiac lord Venus or Saturn, you will get to see the good results of all these at this time.

Now the people of Capricorn will have Saturn’s half-century for Pisces and Cancer and Scorpio will have Shani’s dhaiya. On 12th July, Saturn will retrograde and will again sit in your place of destiny i.e. Capricorn, and till the end of the year, Shani will remain in Capricorn, then whether Saturn is sitting in your karmic house or Saturn is sitting in your destiny. You will get only good results. This time will be good and beneficial for those who are associated with the judicial process at this time. Taurus Horoscope 2022 English

Students get the best results

For all the students who are studying for CLAT or preparing for any entrance exam related to the court, this time will be of positive results with very good results. If you are doing grocery related work, farming, then this time will bring very good results for the farmers as well, at this time your work will go on at a fast pace. Obstacles coming in the works will be removed. Luck will support you and you will also have the possibility of a government job. Shani will form a great man named Shash in Aquarius. If there is any litigation going on on you at this time or you have been caught in some false allegation or false allegations are being made against you or if an enemy obstacle has come in your life, then this period will be of Shani, at this time you will be best. Results will be achieved. Everything will be in your favor. Taurus Horoscope 2022 English.

 Achievement of best results in business and health

Now let’s talk about your zodiac lord Venus, who will form Malavya Yoga in Taurus from June 18 to July 13. Mercury will also sit in conjunction with them. He will make Laxminarayan Yoga with Mercury. Also, Venus will remain in Libra from October 18 to November 11 and when Venus is self-gracious and exalted, you will get good results in your life. Now if you do cosmetic work, if you do fashion cloth work, interior decoration work, restaurant or food supply work, decorative wall pieces work, fashion designing work, We do the work of flowers, we do the work of perfume, you will get the best results in all these areas. Till now if your business was running slowly then it will run at a fast pace. A brand level will appear to be yours. Your personality will also be so attracted to you that it will make people very attractive, so the results of Venus will keep you amazed. From the point of view of health, then your health will be good for the whole year, on the contrary, if any health-related problems were going on in your life, then you will get rid of them, but you have to take care of your routine which you have kept towards your health. That is why if you are enjoying your life towards good health, then definitely adopt those things like Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and whatever health-enhancing things you can apply in your life. Taurus Horoscope 2022 English.


Special measures for the year 2022

  1. The adorable goddess of your zodiac lord Venus is mother Lakshmi and mother Lakshmi is also the adorable goddess of wealth, so you should also fast on Fridays without salt.
  2. On Friday and recite Shri Sukta of Maa Lakshmi.
  3. Install a Meru Shree Yantra in your worship room and wrap a lotus garland over it. Keep in mind that this Sumeru Shree Yantra should also be in the worship room of your house and if you are doing any business and you have an office, then you have to install this Meru Shree Yantra in your northeast corner and then its Wrap the lotus garland on top and recite Shrisukta regularly.
  4. Serve the cow regularly.
  5. You should also wear a good quality, Fire Opel.
  6. The use of white and bright clothes will be very beneficial for you, as well as February May June July October and November will be very auspicious for you.

This whole year will be auspicious for you. May you keep progressing and progressing in life. Keep opening the doors of your progress and you may get the results according to your wish. May the blessings of Maa Lakshmi be with you always. Taurus Horoscope 2022 English .

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