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Taurus February 2023 Horoscope English blog | वृषभ राशि फरवरी राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali

Taurus February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Namaskar Swagatam Welcome, the financial year i.e. the second month of the year 2023, the monthly horoscope of Taurus people and the time cycle goes on and on, if we do not run, do not run, do not remain active in time, then we will be left behind and later We will have to regret that the time got out of hand and we were left watching. That’s why learn to move with the flow of time. Learn to move forward on your karmic path. Now we also go ahead and know. Regarding some special festivals coming in this month, first of all Jaya Ekadashi fast will be observed on February 1. Pradosh Vrat will be observed on February 2. Marg Purnima fast is coming on 5th February. Kumbh Sankranti will be celebrated on February 13, Vijay Ekadashi fast will be celebrated with great pomp and show on February 16. On February 18, this year’s biggest festival of Lord Bhole Shankar, which we know as Mahashivratri, is coming and on February 20, Falguni Amavasya fast will be observed. Donating on this day also has its own special importance, so these are some special day s of festival fasting rituals which make this month special. Now let us know what special this month has brought for us according to the planets. Taurus February 2023 Horoscope English blog

First of all, let’s talk about the king of the planets, Sun, who is currently sitting in his own zodiac sign Capricorn and on February 13, he will enter his most enemy zodiac sign Aquarius and then will sit there. Mercury is going to change its zodiac sign twice this month. Presently he is sitting in his friendly sign Sagittarius and on January 7 he will enter his friendly sign Capricorn. Again on January 27, after changing the zodiac sign, it will enter Aquarius. If we talk about Mars, then this whole month it will be sitting in your sign i.e. Taurus, which is its friendly sign. If we talk about the planet Jupiter, it will remain seated in its own sign Pisces this whole month. Talking about your zodiac lord Venus, he is currently sitting in his zodiac sign Aquarius and on February 15, he will become exalted and will sit in Pisces. This month will bring great results for you. Half a month i.e. the month after February 15, when your zodiac lord becomes exalted, then he will bring wonderful and best results for you. The planet Saturn will remain seated in its own zodiac sign Aquarius this whole month. Rahu is going to be sitting in its even sign Aries and Ketu in its even sign Libra this whole month. Taurus February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s go further and know what this month i.e. February is bringing for the people of Taurus, then let’s start with the monthly horoscope of the month of February for the people of Taurus. Telling you the horoscope, it is based on lunar calculations and is equally effective according to both your zodiac sign and ascendant. The transit horoscope is in front of us and if we talk about your zodiac lord Venus, then for half a month Venus will sit in your house of action and on February 15, it will sit in your house of profit. Sitting in the benefic house and first sitting in the house of action will bring great results for you because the Kendrapati is sitting in the center itself. If you are sitting in Karma Bhav, then at this time half of the month, those who want to start their own startup like if you want to work in parlor, want to do cosmetic work. If you want to do any of the work of clothes, jewelry, perfume, travel business, fashion designing, interior decoration, then these works of Venus will prove to be very beneficial for you. Your fund problem will also end in this month. You will get to invest funds in your business. Somebody will finance you. For all the startups that you have started at this time, this time will also decide a lot of progress and progress. You will be seen settling your business a bit. Means this month will be very good for those who are working related to Venus. If we talk about relationships, then bonding in relationships will be very good. Just Mars is sitting inside your zodiac and where Mars is sitting, a little bit of fierce anger definitely makes a person straight forward. Keeping restraint on your speech, you should work that you can spoil the work made by your speech. That’s why keep a little control on your speech. Handle your relationships with patience as well. Have some patience and restraint in professional life as well. Must have sweetness. In today’s time, every person has become very puzzled. Even if you are saying something for his good and speak bitterly to him, he will not like it and he will understand it. It is a simple logic, why should you try it on your children and accept it on yourself? If someone speaks bitter things to you, even if it is in your interest, you will not be able to understand it. You will feel bad about that person and your words will go over your head. That’s why you also follow the same. Speak sweet words and try to make everyone in your life your own. Along with being the lord of your zodiac sign, Venus is also the lord of your diseases and for half a month it will sit in the fifth house from itself. The sitting of Venus in the sense of karma will give you freedom from the problems caused by Venus. At the same time, you will feel a complete improvement in health. But take special care of your hygiene at this time. Ketu sitting in your disease house can cause you to get infections related to germs and microbes. So try to avoid infection. Keep yourself clean. You should also keep the place around you clean at this time. At this time the enemy will have to suffer. At this time, no matter how hard the opponents try, they will be seen unsuccessful in obstructing your work in any way. At this time you will be seen getting very good support from your maternal grandfather. Now when Venus will sit in your benefic house on February 15, then you will get to see even better results of Venus. You will feel a gradual increase in profit. Whatever work you have left incomplete will be seen getting completed at a fast pace. Circumstances of windfall gains will be seen increasing progressively in your life. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will also double your profits. Will get you success in government work. At the same time, along with profitable positions, you can get some big orders at this time. Will try to do some big work and these works will definitely make you climb the stairs of success for you. So you will get to see the best results of Venus this month. Taurus February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to your second house, the lord of the second house is Mercury, which is the lord of your fifth house. Sitting in the 8th house of second lord from you is not so good for you. But since Mercury is sitting in your triangle, luck is sitting in the place, that’s why Mercury will give you good results. At this time, you will get respect in the family, but at this time you should keep restraint on your speech. You have to move on. Decrease your straight forwardness slightly. Reduce the ego of your mind. If you work for others without being egoistic, you will definitely get success fixed for yourself. At this time the young men and women who are looking for jobs, their search will end. Although people associated with the banking sector and IT field may face some difficulties, but in spite of that you will see focus and due to this you will surely achieve success in achieving your goal. This time will also be seen adding charm to your progress and progress. Now, since Mercury is the lord of your fifth house and is sitting in the fifth house from you, then you will get to see very good results of Mercury at that time also. Lord of the fifth house sitting in the fifth house from itself, the lord of the triangle sitting in the triangle will remove all the obstacles in your education. If you have to give any entrance exam, you will pass in it. If you give the final exam, then you will be selected in it. At this time, whatever goals you have made in studies, you will definitely achieve those goals. You will get good news from the children. If kids are very good in debate in your writing then surely they will try their luck in it and this time you will see them taking prizes in these fields making you feel proud. At this time, this is also the time for the writers who do pen work, are content writers or write any type of poetry or book. Surely this time is going to be wonderful for you writers. You will gain fame through your writing. If you get money, then you will get to see the results of Mercury very well this month. Taurus February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to your third house, if we talk about the third house, then there will be continuous increase in might. Sometimes you will be confused but you have to get out of your fear because you feel a sudden fear or sometimes you feel energetic, you feel flame. He has all the capability to eliminate you from his life and what a person cannot do if he wants to. What can’t you do if you want. Make up your mind that you can do everything. I can get ahead of every situation. Can face every difficulty and can ensure every success for me. If you can do this then definitely you will definitely earn success. Just keep a positivity inside you. Do not let self-confidence decrease. Brother, you will definitely get support. You will get full support from younger siblings. This will show that you are having a good time even with your friends. You will also make some new friends who will be seen supporting you in your career. So according to the sense of might, this month will bring great results for you.

Now coming to the place of happiness, Sun is the lord of the place of happiness, which will sit in your lucky place till 13th February. Sitting in the place of fortune, they will continuously increase your fortune. At this time your happiness will also increase. Financially also you will feel yourself strong. For the farmer class, whether you want to do any electronic work or any work related to agriculture or you are doing any work related to electricity or are associated with the medical field. Surely this time will ensure your success. On February 13, when Sun will enter your house of action, it will definitely sit with Saturn. But will see the place of happiness from the seventh vision. Along with this, Saturn’s vision will also fall on the place of happiness. But at this time your happiness will increase continuously. Sun, Saturn is father and son. However, at this time there may be a rift with the father regarding something. That’s why you should handle the relationship with your father with some restraint. At this time, the farming class will get good profit in farming. At the same time, you will also see the basic correct assessment of your crop. So this time will increase your fame. Will increase your happiness according to professional life. There will be good chances of promotion, but at this time you must avoid situations of debate with your mother and respect your father. Taurus February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Let’s go ahead and know about the seventh house. If we talk about the seventh house, then the lord of the seventh house, Mangal, who is sitting in the ascendant, is looking at his own house from the seventh point of view. Seeing your own house of Mars, in the work related to your technical field, which work you do, which not everyone can do. Ordinary person cannot. You are involved in such activities. If you are involved in daring works then surely this time will increase your fame as well. Will also improve your financial condition. You will be seen making good progress and progress in your work. In every way, this time will be very supportive for those who do any work related to mining or if you do any work related to chemical substances related to minerals or if you are associated with daring jobs like police army, navy. So definitely this time will be very fruitful for you. If you are associated with the construction line, then surely you will see good growth in the business. There will be many good opportunities through which you can expand your business. Increase your source of income. At this time you will also get very good support and cooperation from your life partner. His full support will be with you. The obstacle in marriage will be removed and you will be seen getting the desired life partner. Now since Mars is the lord of your 12th house and the lord of 12th house is also sitting one house ahead of you. Although Rahu is sitting in the 12th house, which makes a lot of travel. Get spent in religious works, but who does not want to spend in such works. That’s why there is no need to worry about it. Rahu gives good results in the 12th house, but the lord of the 12th house is also sitting one house ahead of him, he will be balanced in managing the expenses. There is no need to panic about any work. You will definitely get success in every work. You just need to have a confidence level. Avoid taking hasty decisions and try to solve your issues peacefully, then you will automatically get the best results of Mars, which should do any work related to engineering. Do work related to technical field and want to work abroad or already those young men and women who are doing jobs abroad or working abroad, time will bring good opportunities for them. There will be chances of promotion. Good job will become the sum of increment! If you want to achieve more and want to switch your job, then good chances of switching will also be seen. But these are only for limited people i.e. people associated with technical field, people doing engineering or doing any work related to Mars. This time is going to be good and welfare for those people only. Taurus February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to your eighth house, if we talk about the eighth house, the eighth lord, who is sitting in your house of profit, because Jupiter is also a house lord, then according to the eighth house, the results of the master will be very good. Because Guru Ashtamesh is sitting fourth from himself and is sitting in his own house. That’s why traveling at this time will be auspicious for you. There will be sweetness in relationships. If you complete your tasks by standing on your own, then you will make good progress and progress in your work as well. Your secret enemies will be finished at this time, the work that you have taken in your hands, you will die only after completing those tasks. You will get to see circumstances of special benefit from the in-laws. You will get financial help and support from them. Suddenly you will get money, due to which your happiness will be visible. In the life of routine, the works which were getting stuck till now, those works will now be seen being done at a rapid pace. So, according to the result of Jupiter in the eighth house, it is very wonderful. Taurus February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now if we talk according to profit, then Guru is the lord of profit, then Venus is also coming in profit after being exalted. That is why at this time you will be able to manage any work very well. If you do any work related to events, do any work of event management or if you are a big function or a creative person, then definitely this time will increase your creativity. Will increase your fame, will increase your work and will be seen to increase your profit. Circle level will increase. Will join your circle, which can give you great benefits in the coming times. At this time, respect and fame will increase in everyone. You will get to see a lot of support and cooperation of elder brothers and sisters. So this time will give you the best results of Jupiter. Taurus February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to Shani, Shani is Yogkaraka in your Kundli and Shani is also Bhagyesh and Shani is also your Karmesh. This zodiac change of Shani which has happened on January 17 is very beneficial for you because Shani has come in your Karma and is also in the Mool Trikon Rashi and here he is creating a Mahapurush Yog named Shash, so people with Taurus Rashi For us, we will get to see the special benefits of this zodiac change of Saturn. Bhagyesh is sitting in his own house, one house ahead of him, making great man named Karmesh Shash yoga, so he is coming for you with very wonderful results. You will get the best results of Shani. Luck will be with you at this time. You will definitely get profit in whatever risky work you put your hand or invest in. Share market, crypto, any kind of trading, gambling, betting, whatever work you do, you will get to see big profit at this time. This time will inspire you towards the works of religion. Employed people will get the support and cooperation of the officers. Full sum of promotion will be visible. On the other hand, if you want to do any work related to Shani, then you will definitely be seen getting good benefits in that work. Bonding with father will be very good. However, when Sun and Saturn will come together, then you have to be a little careful with your speech that you do not hurt your father’s mind because he is your guide, your guide. And they can absolutely help you to get great success. That’s why at this time you should not have any kind of debate with your father. Follow their orders. Taurus February 2023 Horoscope English blog

  Auspicious date:- 1st to 6th, 9th to 11th, 14th, 15th, 18th to 30th, 26th to 28th.

Unlucky dates :- 7, 8, 12, 13,16, 17, 24 and 25.

Lucky Colours:- Dark Blue, Royal Blue and Black

Measure :-

  • You must visit the temple of Maa Lakshmi on Friday. Must offer lotus flower to Maa Lakshmi.
  • It will be auspicious for you to wear Opal gemstone.
  • Get up early in the morning and exercise regularly.
  • After installing Shreeyantra in the temple, recite Shree Sukta sitting in front of it.
  • Wear a rosary of sphatik and in addition to this, go to the Shiva temple and get Rudrabhishek done.

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