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Taurus February 2022 Horoscope | Nidhi Shrimali


Taurus January 2022 Horoscope

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Namaskar Swagatam Welcome Today we have appeared in front of you with the monthly horoscope for February for the people of Taurus. The month of February is special for us because some special festivals are coming in this month. Gupt Navratri is starting on 2nd February which is going to last till 10th February. Ghatasthapana will be done on 2nd February and special results are obtained from the sadhanas done during Gupta Navratras. The festival of Basant Panchami will be celebrated on 5th February. Since it is the festival of Maa Saraswati, this day is of special importance for the artists, for the students, for the people associated with the teaching profession. Anyway, this day is also known as Abuja Save because on this day there is no need to see the Muhurta for marriage. If Magha Purnima fast is observed on 16th February, then these are three special fasting festivals that make this month special. Taurus January 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s go ahead and know how the position of planetary transits will be this month because on this we give monthly horoscope, then we start first. From the Sun, the king of the planets, which is currently sitting in his most enemy sign of Capricorn, and on February 13, he will be sitting in his equal sign i.e. Aquarius from his most enemy sign. The planet Mercury, which is currently sitting in Capricorn, is going to remain in Capricorn for the whole month. Till March 5, they will remain in their enemy zodiac. The planet Mars, which is currently sitting in its friendly sign Sagittarius, will be exalted in Capricorn from its very friendly sign on February 26. The planet Jupiter is currently sitting on Aquarius which is his friend’s zodiac sign and is going to be sitting in the Aquarius sign for the whole month. Venus, which is your zodiac lord, is currently sitting in his friend’s zodiac, Sagittarius and on February 27, he will enter Capricorn from Sagittarius. There they will get you better results. In this whole month, the planet Saturn is sitting in Capricorn, being self-occupied, anyway, if Saturn is a yogic planet in your horoscope, then sitting as a self-gracious will be seen to strengthen your luck in your work. You are getting very good results, Rahu planet is currently sitting in this zodiac and Ketu is going to be sitting in the Scorpio sign for this whole month. These two planets sit seventh from each other, if Rahu is sitting inside your zodiac, then a little bit reduces confidence, involuntarily increases fear. Now let’s see what effect it will have on your monthly horoscope, but before that let us know. Where are the Guru’s visions falling, then the Guru is sitting in your karmic house and the fifth vision of the Guru is on your second place i.e. on the money house? If the seventh sight is falling on your place of happiness and the ninth sight is falling on your disease house, if the vision of these three gurus is good, then these three places will appear to be getting better a little. Taurus January 2022 Horoscope


First of all, let us tell you that if you talk about the lord of the Ascendant, then it is also correct according to the ascendant because we see the transit of the zodiac and based on the transit, we give you this monthly horoscope, then the zodiac sign in the transit would have been ascendant. Is. Therefore, according to the Ascendant, this horoscope is effective and according to the owner of the zodiac, this horoscope is also effective. Then there is the effect of this. Taurus January 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s start with marriage. That is, from your zodiac sign and the zodiac owner. Your zodiac lord is Venus. Since this whole month is changing on 27th February of almost the whole month because the whole month has gone and they are sitting in your eighth house. It is not good for Ascendant to sit in the eighth house and Rahu sits inside the Ascendant which is creating confusion. Spending on luxury roaming in natural things, where you have to take the right decision. You are taking the wrong decision. Rahu is putting you in a state of confusion. There is also a little bit of fear in the situation of a little confusion and a little miss understanding is being created. Personality right now such is the attraction towards the opposite sex. The work that does not suit your personality. By the way, if the work is being done by you or is being done unintentionally, then you will not even know, then focus your personality a little bit, the laziness in the work, which brings happiness, makes a person luxurious, then these things will improve you. It is needed so that your personality is a little better because you are rich in attractive personality. You love everything. You love music literature. I love to visit natural places. You are full on life from clothes to perfumes but it should not be that your attention is distracted. When you do not feel like working, you will be able to fulfil your desires and aspirations. when you will work You will have luxury, you will have money, only then you will be able to spend. On your comforts, on the ambitions of your mind. So that is why there is a need to become karma-oriented. Give up laziness apply a little concentration and do not let situations of confusion take place in your life. If possible, if you are going to take any important decision before taking any decision, then you can take advice from your family members or an experienced person. Due to this, both Rahu and Venus, which are not better for you and those who are not giving better results, will come to you on the right path with the advice of your experienced person and you will be saved from a wrong decision. Taurus January 2022 Horoscope

The time after February 27 is good for you because Venus will move into your destiny and it will be very good for Ascendant to sit in your destiny. By the end of the month, the list of your unfinished tasks will be reduced. Your work will start getting completed instantly.
Now let’s come to the second house. If we talk about the second house, then the fifth aspect of Jupiter is falling on your second house. Second Mercury, which is sitting in conjunction with your Yogakarak Shani, Sukhesh is also sitting together and a very wonderful combination is taking place. Sukhesh, Panchmesh, Bageshwar, Karmesh. The combination of these three planets will add to your progress in your work. Dhanesh is therefore there will be an increase in wealth. Increase everyday profit. The business class will see very good growth this month. Your business will do well You will get orders even from where you did not expect, from where you had left your hopes, you will get big awards at this time. You will become a good level in business as well as you will be seen achieving respect in the family. Among the family members, one will come in the category of dignitaries in the family. You will be known as VIP. Will also be involved in works like social welfare. You will make the women of the house very happy, especially. Taurus January 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s talk about the spirit of might. That is, if we talk about the third house, then this month will keep good tuning along with the brothers and sisters. Sometimes you may be small, but if it is worth it, then it is the experience of life, you should keep taking it. But very big situations will not take a dire form. There may be a slight fluctuation in politics, but with the normal process, as you are walking at present, you will go on walking at the same speed in the same way. Neither you will fall, nor will your graph rise, that is, keep on doing your tasks in the same way that you are going on continuously. Taurus January 2022 Horoscope

Now come to the place of happiness. Sukhesh Surya who is sitting in conjunction with your Panchmesh and Yogakaraka Shani, his conjunction with Bhagyesh Karmesh and the seventh vision of the Guru is falling on the Sun. It is falling at the place of happiness in place of the sun, it is very good, the period is going to be there. Your luxury will increase. Happiness will increase. You will get all the pleasures like land, building, vehicle. At this time you will also get to see a lot of happiness in the family. Support will also be received from the family and there will be a conjunction of a Guru and Sun, that is when the Sun will move in your karmic house while changing the zodiac. Going on 13th February and when he will enter Aquarius, then he will sit in conjunction with Guru. Combining with Karmesh with Guru and seeing the Sun in its own house, that is, seeing a place of happiness, will bring great results, there will be a great increase in your happiness. At this time any obstacle in the purchase and sale of the property was going on till now, then the obstacle will be over. You will get financial benefits from there too. All your problems in life will be solved. Time is going to be very good for the farmer class, you will get a lot of benefits in agriculture. On the other hand, if you work related to milk, dairy, animal husbandry, fruits, vegetables, then this period will also be very good for the people associated with those fields. Also, if you are the seller who found the best medical and electronic items, then the people associated with these areas will also get a lot of benefits. If the time after 13th February will give you excellent results. Taurus January 2022 Horoscope

Now coming to the fifth house. Talking about the fifth house, the fifth lord of Mercury, which we told you, is sitting on the fifth house from itself. At the same time, I am doing a union with Bhagyesh and Karmesh is doing a union with Sukhesh, so already when there is a strategy for these three, then the place which is related to them has already become very good, their results have become even more spectacular. Although Mercury is a benign planet, both of them are cruel planets, but then by doing all of the yoga, the results of the planet will be good. will support itself. Mercury will support Saturn.

So this time will be very good and prosperous for you. If there was any obstacle in studies for the students, then the obstacle will end. Especially commerce students who have given the exam of CA, CS and are not able to get out in their final exam, then this time is very good for them, if you have an exam at this time then CA, CS and you result is coming. If yes, then the result will be in your favour. Or if they have any results, then they will be very good. So this time overall will bring very good progress and progress to the students. If you are associated with art and culture, if you are associated with any music dancing, then you will get success in these works as well. Problems related to children will be solved. Whether the child is a debater or any special ability related to such intelligence is in your children, then at this time, only some new dimensions will be seen deciding. There will be four moons in his fame. You will get to see a very good period from the side of the child. If any obstacle is being created in the child, then that obstacle will also be removed, then this time will be very good and progressive for the students from the children’s side, for the people associated with the literary world. Taurus January 2022 Horoscope

Now let us come to the disease house i.e. on the sixth house. Talking about the sixth house, the ninth aspect of Jupiter is falling on your diseased house, but the owner of the diseased house had to sit third from himself, but it is not good to sit in the eighth house. Although the Guru has to go somewhere or the other, still the Guru has the vision to give you the right results. On the disease side, she will not allow too much of the problem to take a formidable form, but special care has to be taken of the matter. Having the problem of itching, having some problem related to the genitals, drooling, hair fall, any kind of problem in beauty ie nail acne has become type. There is some problem in your personality that you have. Hallucinations can happen if you think something is inside the brain and something else is going on in the brain, some such problems can also arise. Ladies who have period problems, have to take special care of hygiene especially. Meditation If you were making a big mind out of a small problem because this problem can take a formidable form, but we told you that you should not be in too much tension because the ninth vision of the guru is also reading, then if you find a solution to your problem in time So the problem will not be big. But do take care. At this time your enemy side is also keeping an eye on your actions. For some reason or the other, it can interfere with your work and it will come to the fore and get it done by someone. This will also take care of. You think that my enemy is not in front and there are obstacles in my work, but at that time you have to check your work. If you have a business, you have staff, you have kept it, then with a few eyes, the problem that is coming in your life should reach the root of that problem because those enemies themselves are not doing it to someone, then take a little care of this. in case |  Taurus January 2022 Horoscope

Now we come to the seventh house. See, the seventh lord is Mars. The one who is sitting one house ahead of himself is very good and after that Mars will be exalted on 26th February i.e. on 26th February. Bhagyesh will give excellent results in the place. At that time, if you have made an investment in the name of a life partner or you have done any work, you have started a new scheme in their name, you will get to see great results in that plan. You will get great benefits. By the way, Ketu is sitting slightly in the seventh house, which can get many worldly imprisonments separated. Taking care of those in a love relationship a little, you may get cheated by your partner. Some such situations can arise in married life too. But keep this thing in mind without doubting the matter unnecessarily. Do not make small things big and if you see such a thing, then go to the bottom of that matter by keeping an eye and talking. There is no need to spoil your married life by taking any decision in haste. I am telling you about this. Maybe the problem is small and you are considering it to be very big, then Ketu makes such a miss understanding, so it is telling you to be a little careful. If you are working in partnership, then if you want to start a new business, do it alone. Don’t do it with a partner. There can be a possibility of breaking the partnership and if you do it with the partner, then in their discussion you should also discuss with them. Otherwise, there will be some misunderstanding between you two and the business will be a little turbulent, then just keep in mind that the rest of the seventh house is bringing good results for you. Luck will support you and the results of the seventh house will be very good. Taurus January 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s talk about the eighth house, the master of the eighth house is the guru, who is sitting in the karma sense. The Guru’s getting very good results gives very good results in the centre and if the guru sits in the centre of the tenth house of scientific work, then the results of the guru go to some other level, the guru is not being self-gracious inside your horoscope. If the Guru had become self-accepted in action, then even more wonderful results would have been obtained, but still, the Guru is sitting in the spirit of action, then sitting in the spirit of Karma, the Guru will give more wonderful results. The turmoil and small things in your everyday life get messed up due to mismanagement. Now you will go to the field of management and you will get things organized. Because of getting your work so systematic, half the problem fifty per cent problem will be gone from your life. Everyday life will appear to be getting better and becoming stable. The uncertainty that remains in your life will end. Your secret enemies will not be able to harm you even if they want to, they will just keep doing it in jealousy and doing those things will go against you if there is no option against you. You may encounter such a situation. This time may slightly increase your anger and aggression. Things can get worse in anger and aggression, so keep restraint on your speech and control your anger. Especially you have to keep this thing in mind, it is very important in your life to do any work using discretion. Taurus January 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s move on about Bhagyesh Bhagyesh, who is also your Karmesh. So we will discuss these two in front of you. Shani is sitting in front of every Yogakarak and Bhagyesh in your horoscope and what we told you earlier is that he is doing a wonderful tactic and conjunction with Sukhesh and Panchmesh. Yogakarak Shani is very good, this time is going to be for you. Whatever work you put your hands in turns into gold, so this time is such that you will get success in the work you put in. The list of unfinished work will end very soon and some work was stuck for a long time. You knew that this work is impossible to happen. That work will be yours and you will get a lot of profit from it. Your money will also be released and your confidence level will be seen increasing. This time is also going to be very good for young girls associated with higher education. You will get good results in higher education. You are thinking that some diploma, some course, some degree wants to be taken from you. This time will get you. It is going to be very good for you in terms of very good higher education as well. If you are going to have an exam then best will go for you. Will be the best exam ever. It is very important to be karma-oriented. You will act and you will think. Time will be good for me, it is never possible. I always talk about becoming karma-oriented, that’s why I’m calculating the planets, that’s why I’m not doing it. You do something that our time is good or else our time will be great and everything will be good or else, be karma oriented and will try to work. The bright planets are supporting you well, it will become even more supportive for you. You will get double good results. Taurus January 2022 Horoscope

And now let’s move forward and come on direct profit because you have been told about both the places of yours by Bhagyesh and Karmi who is Shani. Labels Guru is sitting in the centre and is sitting in the tenth house. Although he is sitting outside himself, the results of the Guru in the centre are good, but we told earlier that very good, there will be no reduction in profit, there will be an increase in happiness and profit, the person who earns well, gets luxury in his life and You will see luxury coming in your life this month, if you have to take a luxury vehicle or change the interior of your house or if you have to get a bigger house than your house, then you will get very good and happy signs. Now what you want to do, that luxury will come into your life. You will also get to see situations of sudden monetary gains. Suddenly you have invested on many and you did not think in that investment and you will get profit immediately. You will also get to see such situations, that is, it will be supportive for him too. It will be good for you to make a long term investment in the share market. Avoid short term investments. Taurus January 2022 Horoscope

Now coming to the spending house, if we talk about the spending house, then the lord of the spending house or Mars who is sitting in the eighth house. Mars is a cruel planet and the placement of Mars in the eighth corrects the result. Mars, the lord of spending house, is sitting in the eighth house, so he is doing better. Will control your expenses a little. Will save you from unnecessary expenses which would have been spent on your yen ken diseases. You have made many investments of waste and you have lost all of a sudden. You will be saved from those expenses. Cooperation with officials will be good. You will have a good rapport with colleagues. You will get a lot of profit from abroad. If you are from the field of engineering, you want to go out and do a job, then avenues will open for you. On the other hand, when Mars is being highly desirous and when luck will move to the place, then you will get to see even better results of Mars because luck will support you. Students’ desire to study abroad will be fulfilled. You can take a special degree in higher education from abroad. If you want to go and do a job there, then that dream will be fulfilled. Any big project you want to put there. If you want to spread your work with foreign companies, then this time will be very good for that too. So if we talk about the overall month of February, then this month is such a very good month for you, pay a little attention to Lagna Venus and do a little work on Rahu which is confusing you. Taurus January 2022 Horoscope


Lucky dates – 6, 7 9, 16, 19, 20, 21, 24 and 28.

Noteworthy dates – 7, 8, 17, 18, 25, 27, 25, 26, 27 You should keep a little attention on these dates.

Auspicious colour – Yellow colour.


TAURUS  people must do some measures this MONTH  so that you can make your SUCCESS MORE PERFECT. 

  • Donating white things to you.
  • Donate sugar rice on Friday. Eat food without salt.
  • Worship Maa Lakshmi on Friday. Read Shri Sukta. On this day, mix gram dal in the flour and feed it to the cow.
  • 7 Must give bread to a black dog with oil.
  • At this time you should avoid golden or shiny things.

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