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Taurus 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog | Taurus Guru Transit | Taurus Prediction गुरु बृहस्पति


Taurus 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

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Astrology is a science and if it is understood deeply then change in life is possible. So let us solve every problem. Hello welcome, we have appeared in front of you with the information about the change of zodiac of Dev Guru Brihaspati and today we are going to tell you what will be the effect of this change of zodiac of Dev Guru Brihaspati on the people of Taurus. Anyway, during the annual horoscope, we told you that in April, the zodiac signs of three big planets are going to change. Rahu is the first to change the zodiac. A day after that i.e. on 13th April, Jupiter will transit from Aquarius to Pisces while changing the zodiac. But Guru will enter Pisces in Poorva Bhadrapada Nakshatra at 7.28 am and Pisces is his zodiac sign i.e. by going there, he will get the best results for Taurus people and all zodiac signs. For almost a year, if Jupiter will remain in Pisces sign i.e. till April 22, 2023, then this is a tenure of one year, it will be of the Guru giving very good results. Anyway, Guru is considered a symbol of scholars and from his name i.e. Gu means ignorance and Ru means destroyer i.e. destroyer of ignorance. It is known from their name that the planet is the provider of knowledge, the male planet Jupiter is considered to be the causative planet of moderation, humility, seriousness, justice, wealth and good fortune. These are considered to be the causative planets for the attainment of wealth and sons and children. If there is any kind of obstacle in getting a child in your life, then we first think about the planet Jupiter in the horoscope and the position of both Venus and Jupiter is seen in marriage. The planet Jupiter is also the lord of the morning. They have dominion over the old man and the business class in the north. If Jupiter is placed in the male sign in the horoscope, then the person does independent business from the very beginning. Now by male zodiac we mean the numbers of number one, number three, number five, number seven, number nine and number 11 are all male signs and if Jupiter is in male sign then that person will always do independent business but if your horoscope Inside, Guru is sitting in the tenth house. Although Jupiter gives very good results in the centre, its best results are seen in the tenth house. In the fourth position from the centre, the fourth from the seventh and the seventh to the tenth, we get to see the best results of the successive Guru and if the Guru is seated in the tenth house, then he gets the person a job, he is sitting on a very high position and if the Guru Being self-gracious and exalted and sitting in the centre, then he also creates a great man called Hans Yoga. The conjunction of Jupiter with the Moon forms Gajakesari Yoga. Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius and Pisces. Exalted in Cancer and low in Capricorn. Jupiter’s liver has power over skin and obesity. That is, if Jupiter is sitting in the disease house, then the person suffers from the problem of a little weight and if the person is above forty-two years, then the effect of the Guru is highly visible on your horoscope. Taurus 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

Now let us know that for the people of Taurus, what will be the results of this change of Jupiter’s zodiac sign. From Taurus, Jupiter is sitting in the eleventh house as a self-gracious person and in your horoscope, Jupiter is playing the role of Ashtmesh and Labesh and is sitting in the house of profit. If any planet sits in a benefic house, it gives good results and sitting in the benefic house of Jupiter, will increase your honour and fame. Your sphere of influence will increase. At this time people will try to do their work after taking advice from you. Your personality will become much more influential. Your circle level will both appear to be increasing. Your social circle will increase and the list of some such scholars and dignitaries will increase in the social circle, who will be seen playing the role of a guide or guide later in your life. Guru will increase your business by sitting in the eleventh house. Will increase business plans. Expansion in business will be seen increasing. If you are in a job then you will get to see a very good rapport with the officers. Chances of promotion and increment will also be visible. If Jupiter is the eighth lord and is sitting in it as a self, then this feeling will also be seen doing good. Will increase your IQ level. Your receipt of secret money will appear to be strengthened further. If you invest long term in the share market lottery, then you will get good profit in that too at this time. Secret enemies will appear to be eliminated automatically i.e. they will fail in their plans. Nothing can harm you. Whatever journeys happen at this time, those religious journeys will be more for you, there will be more knowledgeable journeys and the results of the journeys are also going to be good for you. If according to the eighth house and according to the 11th house, you will get the best results of Jupiter. But at this time the sight of Guru will also show a very positive effect on your life. The fifth, ninth and seventh sight of the Guru is considered very auspicious and the fifth and tenth aspect of the Guru on the Taurus zodiac sign falls on your third place i.e. the mighty house, the seventh sight of the Guru on your fifth house and the ninth of the Guru on your married life i.e. on the seventh house. has been This time will bring very wonderful results for you. From the fifth point of view, your mighty house, which is the exalted sign of Jupiter, is being seen by the Guru and this time will increase your might. Will enhance your identity. Your knowledge will increase and your rank will increase. If you are a Garment’s Servant, then you will be seen attaining a high position. In private jobs, chances of promotion will be visible. At the same time, you will also make great progress in your business. Will take the business to a brand level and make it stand. All the work related to politics and stuck will go on completing your work smoothly. Your tuning will be best with siblings. If your family issues and differences are going on with your siblings, they will be cleared now. On the contrary, you will get to see very good support and support of elder siblings. You will get to see the respect of younger siblings. Taurus 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

The seventh aspect of Jupiter is falling on your fifth house, which is going to be very good for the students. Since the Guru is looking at the knowledge provider planet and the fifth house from the seventh point of view. You will get good results in your studies. Trying for career Prepare yourself for the glorified exam. If you are going to sit in the exam then you are going to get the best result from Guru. Your selection will be confirmed. If the new couple is trying to have a child. If you have a desire to have children, then their wish will also be seen being fulfilled now. If there is any concern related to children, any obstacle, any problem is going on in your life, then it will end now because Jupiter will give you the solution of every problem related to the child on the fifth house and its seventh aspect on the fifth house. Those people associated with the literary world who are very good in writing, who are progressing and progressing in their life through some art or the other. You will also get to see the best results of Guru for the people associated with these areas. There will be four moons in your fame. You will also dominate a lot through social media. will get fame. Taurus 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

Talk about the ninth vision of Jupiter, which is falling on your married house i.e. the seventh house, which is also the place of business. So in the business class as we told you that if the master rules, then you will get very good profit in business, but if you want to start a new business then do independent business. Do not do in partnership, just keep this in mind. This time will be good for the business class. You will see good growth in your business. Will implement new plans and remember new methods will move his business on the path of progress. On the other hand, if you have become marriageable and there is any obstacle in marriage, then strong yogas of your marriage will be seen forming. You will get your desired life partner. This time will also be very good and happy for those in a love relationship. You will spend a good time with your loved ones and a serious relationship will be seen with them. Feelings of sweetness will arise in married life. If till now your married life was spoiled, it will improve now. Closeness with each other will increase. If the melody will increase and your misunderstandings will end, then the Taurus people will also get to see the best results of the Guru. Since we told you that in all the zodiac signs, the Guru will get the best results because you are being self-gracious and you are very good from the point of view of the Guru, then the Taurus people will get the best results. This year will see an increase in your children and your might in your marriage. Taurus 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog


  • You must fast on Thursday.
  • You have to wear yellow coloured clothes on Thursday.
  • Anointing is to be done on Lord Vishnu by filling rice in the right conch shell.
  • To give more strength to the Guru, do chant this mantra Om Gram Green Growth Samagra Ka Guru Namah. If possible, you should do 3, 5 or 16 rosaries of it and they are considered to be the god of the morning in the early morning, so chant them in the morning.


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