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Surya Chandra Amavasya Yog Pooja English | सूर्य चंद्र अमावस्या योग पूजा


Surya Chandra Amavasya Yog | सूर्य चंद्र अमावस्या योग

Today we have appeared in front of you with information about the worship of the prevention of the new moon yoga of Sun and Moon. Today, we will provide you detailed information about the worship of the prevention of Amavasya Yoga of Sun Moon. Surya Chandra Amavasya Yog Pooja English


Sun and Moon Amavasya Dosha

If Sun and Moon Amavasya Dosh occurs in someone’s horoscope, then that person is unable to move forward in his life, his progress and progress stops. Sometimes business is not able to progress. Can’t get a job If you get a job, then you have to stay in an unstable job again and again. Unable to get promotion in the job, there is an atmosphere of family discord. Diseases reside in the house, health problems keep arising in life and the whole family gets affected by this Amavasya Yoga because the person is connected to his family, then if this yoga has an effect on the person, then he will be affected by this yoga. Affects the family. Surya Chandra Amavasya Yog Pooja English


Worship is of two types

  • Now how to do the worship of the prevention of this Amavasya yoga, how to get rid of this yoga by law. So this puja is done in our institute and worship is done in two ways. Either the hosts come and sit at our place and worship. Surya Chandra Amavasya Yog Pooja English
  • Or online because time is very important and nowadays, people try to save their time by looking at the distance, that is why this worship is also done through online worship. Now the question will arise in your mind that by online worship, will we get the same result as we sit and worship. You get it done only through Brahmins. It is done by Pandit only. He says, you go on doing that. First, if you take a resolution, then the process of resolution is also done online for you through us and whatever resolution is left in your name, the fruit of that worship is received by the same host, the person in whose name the resolution has been left. So that is why online worship is equally effective. As much as you sit and worship by going somewhere or calling someone a pandit, the more effective online worship is also done. Surya Chandra Amavasya Yog Pooja English


Sankalp Prakriya

  • First, the process of resolution, let us tell you that the resolution is taken in the name of the host. Before the resolution, we do this worship in the name of the same host, looking at the auspicious date, Muhurta wise time, keeping these things in mind in our mind, after that a certain date is fixed on a certain day, on the same day this worship is completed. If it is done, then the first resolution is taken.
  • Whatever resolution the pundit speaks through the resolution, the host also has to repeat that resolution. For that you should give your name, father’s name and gotra.
  • If someone does not know his gotra, then the surname must be kept in mind. After the resolution, the first worshipful Ganesha is called in the worship, you know that any worship is considered incomplete without the call of Ganesha, the full fruit of that worship is not obtained. Therefore, first, Ganpati ji is invoked. Surya Chandra Amavasya Yog English


Shodash-matrika worship method

  • After that, Shodash matrika is called, sixteen mothers are made on top of Shodash matrika Bajot and sixteen mothers include your Kuldevi i.e. Kuldevi of the host.
  • Shodash matrika and your Kuldevi are invoked.

Nav Grah worship method

  • After that the nine planets are worshipped, after the worship of the Navagraha all the deities are also invoked.
  • By which this process is repeated in every worship and by this all the deities become witnesses of that worship, then the result of that worship is received effectively and positively by that host.
  • After the worship of all the deities, 10 Digpal etc., the deity candidate, the deity, the snake deity, all of these are also worshiped.
  • After that there is Amavasya Yoga of Sun Moon, that is why Sun God and Moon God are also invoked, their mantras are recited.
  • After that, the Sun Moon Amavasya Yoga Nivaran Yantra is installed in this worship. The purpose of setting up this yantra is that in this puja, that yantra gets energized and proven, and after worship, this yantra is sent to the host and is given to the host.
  • So when the yajman installs that yantra in the worship room and has daily darshan of it, then the fruit of his worship gets its effect more positively to that yajman and that defect gets resolved.

Process of havan

  • After that, the Havan starts. The offerings of the Sun planet in the Havan are offered to the Moon planet and along with it, the offerings are made in the Havan by means of the planet Shanti Mantras.
  • After that the method of apology and closing is done in which we pray to all the gods and goddesses that if we have made any kind of error in worship, then there has been an error in chanting the mantra, if there is any error in the worship material. Forgive us if there is a shortage and give us the fruits of this worship.
  • So this worship is not complete without apology. By asking for forgiveness, the host gets the fruitful result of that worship.
  • After that, in the end, that host is blessed by the Brahmin and when the Brahmin gets the blessings of the host by the deity, then that worship becomes fruitful for that host.
  • In this way, the worship of Sun Moon’s Amavasya Dosh Nivaran is done by us in the institute by law.

And so far many people have received the fruits of this worship. So you can also join this worship of ours if there is any such yoga in your horoscope. If Sun is Moon’s Amavasya Yoga, then you can contact us and book your Puja. Jai Shri Radhe Krishna .

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