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Sun Transit 15 June 2022 English blog | सूर्य का राशि परिवर्तन 15 जून | Surya Ka Rashi Parivartan 15 June 2022 | Nidhi Shrimali


Sun Transit 15 June 2022 English blog

Aries – For your zodiac, the Sun is the lord of the fifth house and is going to sit in the third house. Sitting in the mighty house of Panchmesh will bring very good results in your life. Since the eleventh Sun is sitting in front of you, which will remove all the problems in your studies. This time will be a very good and good result for the students. At the same time, any concern related to children is going on in your mind. If there is any tension going on in your mind regarding his career, then he will also remove it. Also if you want to prepare for a government job or you have given an exam for a government job. If you are waiting for its results, then you will also get positive results. This time is very good for the people associated with the medical field or medical line and this will be the time to make some new growth in the career. At the same time, the chances of your promotion increment will be seen being made. This time will also be beneficial for gold traders. At this time, you will get to see good profit situations in your business. Sun will bring a new source of energy to your life. At this time your might will be in the right direction and on the right path, and then the results of the Sun will be very good for the people of Aries this month. What measures should you take, you must donate oil, almonds, and coconut to the temple and never take donations from anyone or you should not take anything from anyone for free. Sun Transit 15 June 2022 English blog


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Taurus – Sun is the lord of the fourth house in your zodiac and is going to sit in the second house. Sitting in your wealthy place of Chaturtesh is very good and it is very good to sit by the clever one who is bringing good results for you. In this, the financial condition was still dead from your injury. She’ll be fine. So you will feel secure. You will be full of pleasures like land building a vehicle. Your dream of a new vehicle will be fulfilled this time. If any work related to the property has been stuck for a very long time, then the situation of stagnation in those works will end. You will be seen captivating everyone with your speech. Your respect will increase in the family and if there is any dispute related to ancestral property, then that dispute will be resolved with the help of the elders of your house. If there is a tussle going on with the mother or if any differences are going on, then those differences with the mother will end and her important role will be seen in increasing your social honour. This time will bring good progress and growth in business. This time will also give very good advancement opportunities to the employed people. Show your ability to move forward. Therefore, you should also make full use of this time, but keep in mind that good tuning with your co-workers should be done by maintaining a good rapport. You are incapable of doing everything alone. Therefore, if you work like teamwork, then you will get success and the praise of the officials. You will become eligible. People of the Taurus zodiac should immerse urad dal in water. Wear a gold chain around your neck. You should also donate lentils, jaggery, chilli etc. Sun Transit 15 June 2022 English blog


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Gemini – For you, the Sun is the lord of the third house and is sitting in your zodiac. Sitting in the 11th position of Parakramesh, that is, sitting in the Ascendant will increase your might. Will increase your friend Till now, whatever you used to hesitate to say or could not present your point properly in front of others. This shortcoming will end now and you will be able to express your feelings very well. Your personality will become very strong. People will know your personality and many people will try to follow you considering your ideal. With the same siblings, your tuning will be even better. If the relationship deteriorates, the relationship will improve. You will get to see the support of elder brothers and sisters in every way. At the same time, all the pending work related to your politics will now be seen happening at a fast pace and if you want to take entry in politics or want to increase your influence, then your activity in it will increase more. You will be seen becoming more popular with the public. There will be an increase in social prestige and your personality will get brighter and brighter, due to which people will be seen being influenced by you a lot. Gemini sign people should not consume alcohol, egg and meat. Distribute medicines free of cost to the blind.


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Cancer – For your zodiac, the Sun is the lord of the second house and is going to sit in the twelfth house i.e. in the 12th house. If the second lord is 11th from himself but sitting in the expenditure house, the result will be mixed, but even if the Sun runs the house where he sits, he will reduce your expenses. Will manage, but at this time you have to avoid unnecessary expenses. There is no such need. You bought those things and then you think that your financial condition will not be disturbed. It will not be. You have to avoid wastage. At this time you will also have to make a good bonding with your family. Especially you have to pay attention to your bid. Do not do anything that will hurt your relatives and move away from you. You’ll have to put in a little bit more to maintain the everyday benefits. That means more hard work will be required. If you take any work in hand at this time, then you will perform well with your determination and ability and will be able to complete that task only. But this is the time for the employed people to tread a little cautiously. Treat your co-workers politely with a little bit of restraint and patience. Don’t be angry and remove anger from your life because both of them destroy the life of the person and they can have a very bad effect on your professional life, due to which you will be left alone. False allegations will also be levelled against you and you will not get to see the coordination of colleagues. You may also have to face the displeasure of the officials. So grab hold of the little things and stop dragging them. Treat your co-workers politely. You must serve small girls this month and donate rice and milk so that you will get to see the positive results of the Sun. Sun Transit 15 June 2022 English blog


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Leo – Your zodiac lord is the Sun and is going to sit in the house of profit. It is very good to sit on the 11th side of the Sun, anyway, every planet in the house of profit gives good results, and then you will get to see the best results of the Sun’s best results. Your might will be at its peak during this time. Your brightness will be very high. Your influence among people will be huge. Enemies will also try to make friends and enemies will be afraid of you, you will achieve victory in your work. You will be seen achieving social honour, fame and fame. Your fame will increase. Support of parents. will receive. May you will get to see the blessings of the elders. At this time you will be associated with the works of Dharma Karma. Old and if your personality will be good, then surely you will be seen being successful in making your spoiled tasks through your personality, then at this time whatever work you will take in your hands with determination, by completing it Will breathe This month you will also get to see good conditions of profit. The business class will get a good profit in their business. Salaried people will see opportunities for incremental promotion. If you want to change jobs then you will get good opportunities for that too. You will get huge opportunities in your workplace. The people of the Leo zodiac must feed wheat to the monkey, keep a dog and serve the dog.


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Virgo – For your zodiac, the Sun is the lord of the twelfth house and is sitting in the karmic house. That is, it is very good for the owner of the spending house to sit in the tenth house and go to the 11th house by himself. Your expenses will be cut during this time. Whatever work you are going to do. If you have any financial problems then that financial problem will end. If the loan is stuck then it will be cleared soon. You will get a good profit from abroad. In this, people associated with the field of Pharmacy Medical will get very good results and you will try to spread your business to foreign countries. You will get an invitation from many foreign companies to cooperate in your work. At this time, you will get to see very good and better opportunities at your workplace as well. On the other hand, if you are associated with a government job, then the full support of the higher officials will be with you, and with their help, you will achieve great achievements in your life. If you want to change jobs or want to transfer, then at this time you will get to see the transfer only with the help of your officers. This time will honour your wishes. Will also resolve your differences with your father. Now the people of this zodiac should make a kitchen along the east wall of the house and at the same time flow rice, turmeric, gram dal, yellow flowers, desi Khand etc. in water. Sun Transit 15 June 2022 English blog


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Libra – Sun is the lord of the eleventh house for your zodiac sign. That is, profit is the owner of the house and luck is sitting in the place. Sitting in the place of fortune of the benefic will change the situations of your profit into situations of sudden profit. That is, circumstances of good monetary gains will be seen for some time. You will also get good profit in work and if you invest in any risky work. Like lotteries happened share marketing crypto happened. If you want to do any such work or you have already done it, then you will get to see its benefits now. At this time you will be associated with the works of wealth and karma. Your social prestige will increase and your level and circle will also be seen increasing. Some good people Some dignitaries will be seen joining your circle. Your work will go on getting done quickly. The obstacles coming in the work will be removed and you will be able to reach your goal. The business class will make plans for the expansion of business and the employed people will also decide the way of their progress. Jaggery should be thrown in running water and copper money must be put in the burning pyre.


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Scorpio – For your zodiac, Sun is the lord of the tenth house and is sitting in the eighth house. According to the eighth house, the Sun will have better results because the eighth house is not considered good and lives in daily routine life. That is the life that was there will now appear to be getting better. The works which were being torn down above you, those works will now be done at a faster pace. Management will be very good and your secret enemies will also end at this time. Would like Secret money can be received, but many difficulties may have to be faced at the workplace. There may be differences of opinion with the father regarding some matters. Time will be very challenging for employed people. You may have to face many types of difficulties and obstacles in the job. Especially in the government job, they should maintain a good rapport with their officers and fine tuning them. Do not hide anything from them. Do any work only by putting it in the ears of the officers, otherwise, action can be taken against you if you are in big trouble and you may have to face the wrath of the officers. At the same time, there may be some strategy and planning in business up and down, so do not take any decision alone. Get ahead in your life by taking advice from an experienced person. If husband and wife eat jaggery to the people of this zodiac, then stop eating one of the jaggeries. It would be better to bury square pieces of copper in the ground. Sun Transit 15 June 2022 English blog


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Sagittarius – For your zodiac, the Sun is the lord of the ninth house and is sitting in the seventh house. Sitting in the centre of Bhagyesh, sitting 11 from himself and sitting in the seventh house will make the very good fortune better. Your luck will bring you more favours. Those young girls who want to take admitted to a very good college, their work will be completed, and those who are moving towards their goal, will get their goal and walk with small targets. Big goals are never achieved. If you divide the big target into small parts, then your self-confidence increases because by completing one goal, your confidence level increases and then you did another. In this way, you proceed. Your interest in the works of religion will increase and a visit to a religious place may be completed with family and spouse or a religious ritual may take place at home and you will feel happy helping those people. The business class should not try to earn money through the wrong route in any wrong way, otherwise, it may get stuck in many problems. So invest wisely. Try to move forward in your business wisely. The people of this zodiac should not consume alcohol, meat and eggs and must offer Arg to the Sun God in the morning.


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Capricorn – In your zodiac, the Sun is the lord of the eighth house and is sitting in the sixth house, it is very good, according to both the houses, there is a good result. If he is sitting in the sixth house, then he will drive away to the eighth house i.e. diseases. Health-related problems will be reduced and the sitting of the eighth house in the eighth will also fix your eighth house. will destroy your enemies. It will make you aware, will get you success in work, will get secret money. But avoid doing office work during this time. Avoid the company of wrong friends. Take care of your family. Try to get close to them. Try to bond with them and do better. You should keep these things in mind. The people of this zodiac should throw gram dal and turmeric in running water and never keep brass utensils empty. Sun Transit 15 June 2022 English blog


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Aquarius – For your zodiac, the Sun is the lord of the seventh house and the Sun is sitting in the fifth house. It is very good to sit in the triangle of the lord of the centre and you will get full support at this time from your good life partner. All the obstacles in your path will be removed and your vision will appear to be clear. If tuning with a partner was bad then it will improve now and if you start any new business then work independently. Don’t do it in partnership. With siblings, your tuning will be much better with family members. Some good news will be received from the child. If children are your elders and help you in your business, then with their help you will see good profit in business. Your worries about his career will end and you will get great results according to the seventh house of the Sun. At this time, the full support of your life partner will be with you and with their help you will be seen being empowered to fulfil them in building your relationships as well. Your mind and your faith will be more in the bhajan kirtan of God. You should visit the religious place and recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra regularly. Sun Transit 15 June 2022 English blog


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Pisces – For your zodiac, Sun is the lord of the seventh house and is sitting in the fourth house. It is very good for the owner of the disease house to sit in the 11th house and it is better to sit in the 4th house but financial conditions will be full of fluctuating at this time. Small maintenance items can cost money. Like expenses on maintenance of house or expenses on maintenance of vehicle or expenses on diseases. Some such unforeseen expenses may come in your life, for that you should be mentally prepared and you should always keep some amount on your side. By taking out that there is any accidental expense, if you can use this amount, then a little management will be as much batter as you. The problems in your life will be less and anyway, be a little careful about diseases i.e., eye, skin and heart related disorders. By the way, this disease can cause concern about the health of the mother, so take special care of her health. Avoid the company of wrong friends. This month will have to show alertness in the works related to money. Do not pass such actions on to anyone else. Complete such tasks standing on your own, then only you will get success in those tasks. Avoid long distance travel during this time and do not go anywhere by driving yourself. Expenses can be incurred on the maintenance of the vehicle, so get them maintained regularly. So you have to tread a little bit. You shouldn’t cheat on anyone. One should not cheat and donate white things must be done this month.


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