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Munga Mala, Moonga Mala Moonga Mala by Pandit NM Shrimali

Moonga Mala Normal Quality

1,200.00 950.00
These Munga Mala is used during Sadhana or worship of Lord Ganesh, Hanuman, Lakshmi and Mars planet. It is also useful for people who are prone to anemic condition.
Navratna Mala by Pandit NM Shrimali

Navratna Mala

1,000.00 950.00
This product is extremely Pran-Pratishthit, Abhimantrit & Siddh (Energized) during Shubh Muhurat by our Vidwan Pandits. Made of high-quality precious Navratna gems. Gems used are Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Green Jade, Citrine, Crystal, Blue sapphire, Gomed and cats eye.