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Singh Rashifal February 2021 | सिंह राशि फरवरी राशिफल – Leo horoscope | February Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Singh Rashifal February 2021 | सिंह राशि फरवरी राशिफल

Singh Rashifal February 2021 – Hello today, I have brought before you the monthly horoscope of the month of Leo in front of you. These months are special anyway because there are two special festivals in this month. Gupt Navratri will begin on 12 February which is going to last till 21 February. We get special results of spiritual practices performed in Gupta Navratri. If any spiritual practice is to prove any mantra then Gupta Navratri is considered to be the best time period. At the same time, the festival of Basant Panchami will be celebrated on 16 February. The festival of Basant Panchami is the festival of worship of Goddess Saraswati. This festival is also considered a symbol of the arrival of spring. Goddess Saraswati is worshiped on this day. Especially for all those students who are working in the fields related to learning or those who are studying, the day of Basant Panchami is of very special importance. On this day, we celebrate Maa Saraswati and ask for her boon of learning. So this festival is known as Already very famous festival. And second Gupta Navratri, due to this, the month of February becomes a very special month. Now we go ahead and know how this month will be special for Leo zodiac signs. How will the positions of the planets be and what kind of results did this monthly horoscope bring for you. So first let’s know about the position of planetary transit. So let’s talk about Mercury which is the donor planet of intellect and is the lord of Gemini and Virgo. Mercury which is presently sitting in Aquarius and on February 4 will enter Capricorn from Aquarius. That is, you are sitting in your sixth house and on February 4, the sun is sitting in your seventh house and after retrospectively, they are going to sit in your sixth house on February 4. Let’s go ahead and know about the Sun planet, which is the factor and the foster planet of the world. They are currently sitting in your sixth place in Capricorn, and they are entering the Sixth House in the Aquarius from Capricorn on February 12. Are the ones. After coming to the 7th house, you will get very good results from the Sun which is in your love. Sun will look at his own house. Let’s go ahead and know about the planet Venus, which is currently sitting with the Sun and sitting in Capricorn this year, and on February 21, they will go with Capricorn in the Aquarius as well as the Sun and go to your Seventh House. If you sit, then Venus will bring the status of Karko, then some things will give mixed results to the Seventh House and if you have Karmesh, then they will also affect the Karma spirit. Let’s go ahead and know about the planet Mars, which is currently self-conscious and is sitting in Aries, that is, your destiny place. They are also giving you very good results. On the 22nd of February, Mars will be seated in your Karma Sthan i.e. Taurus sign. Angaraka will create yoga with Rahu. But the conditions here will bring some different results, I will tell you during the horoscope. Shani, who is self-conscious throughout this month, will sit in your sixth house in Capricorn and the Guru will be sitting in his lower zodiac sign Capricorn in conjunction with Saturn this whole month and Rahu, who has been told earlier, is sitting in Taurus. And this whole matter will be seated and the planet Ketu is sitting in the Scorpio zodiac throughout this month, which will remain in your pleasure place in Scorpio zodiac even throughout the year. So this was the position of the planets, this was the arrangement that will be seen this month. Now let’s go ahead and know what is the effect of this horoscope due to the arrangement of these planets. How is your monthly horoscope going to be, then first of all know about the family status in the monthly horoscope of Leo zodiac signs. – Singh Rashifal February 2021

Family Status

Singh Rashifal February 2021 – The person exists from the family and the family is very important to the person. For the family, if a person wants to progress further in his life and wants to bring his family up, then the family status of Leo zodiac signs has brought mixed results this month. The owner of the spirit of personality, who is your lover, the Sun is going to sit in your sixth house by February 12. Saturn is there and is the Guru and Surya is also sitting there. Venus will also be sitting with the Sun at the same place, which is the combination of these four planets, it will flutter your personality slightly, but after 12 February when the Sun will come in your seventh house. He will see his ascendant in the seventh house and if any person sees his house, he does not want his house to be bad. You will never think bad for your house, otherwise even the sun people who are looking at their house are going to give very good results to their house. At this time your power will increase, your power will increase. By now, the king of the sun planets, like the lion would be the king of the forest, in that way you will live your life, everyone will consider your decision. You will remain neutral on your decision and you will appear strong taking your decision in every field. As a strong personality, you will be seen emerging this time to enhance your personality. People will be impressed by you. You will also see an increase in social honor and honor at this time. This time will increase your honor and honor and will also improve the relationship more. That means your relationship will look stronger. At this time you will get the full blessings of grandparents and all the members related to Dadial, including uncle, Tauji, aunt, will support you very well. If I talk, the lord of the family of the family, who is presently sitting in your seventh house. On February 4, he will sit in the Sixth House after going backward with the seventh house. Do not expect much support from family because you will not get very good support from family. Your relatives will be jealous of your progress, will be jealous of you and will try to spread false things towards you, but because you have a very strong personality, you are able to deal with them all. You will also stand very firmly in front of them this month and you will prove such expectations to be false by your intelligent tact and your actions. Your relations with your siblings will be fine. Well, you have to take care of your siblings’ health a little bit at this time. They have to be cared for a bit. You have to support them at every step. You will get a lot of support from them and you will get success everywhere because of their support, they will stand like a shield for you and will be seen supporting you everywhere. You will have to take care of your mother’s health especially. They remain at risk of infection. Ketu is sitting in the house of the mother, although there is a possibility of benefiting you a lot from Mars and your mother. You will also get a lot of support from your mother, but you will have to take special care of their health. Infection does not mean corona itself. Apart from infection, infection is also to be avoided by mosquitoes of many types, from any germs which are caused by bacteria and all diseases. For this, take special care of their health. If I talk about child sentiment, then the master of progeny spirit who is going to sit in the Sixth House through despair, he will give you some positive results. The anxiety that has been in your mind for a very long time from the children, will be removed now. You will be completely relaxed from his side. She will progress in her career, working hard to achieve her goal, you will also be proud of your studies. Your teachers will also be seen giving a good performance. Your relationship with your spouse is going to be very good this month. Very good relationship will connect you. If you are not involved in married life and if you are having the Mahadasha of Saturn or you are going through your mood, then the marriage totals are very good during your time. Your tuning from your father will be very good. But as Ketu is sitting in the place of mother, there is Rahu in the father’s place which can affect the health of the father. Therefore, you have to take special care of your father’s health. You will get very good support from the rest of the father. If they will fully help you in increasing the work, then the family situation has brought mixed results for you. But the support and support of the family will be very much for you and this month you will get to see the conditions of progress in the work due to your family, increase in honor and respect in the society. – Singh Rashifal February 2021

Economic Condition

Singh Rashifal February 2021 – Go ahead and know the economic situation. If I talk about the economic situation, I will look at the Eleventh house and I will look at the Fourth house and I will look at the money that is in your second house. I will look at that money Mercury, the lord of benefice, who is currently sitting in your seventh house, and on February 4, he will go to your sixth house with the seventh house. So I will flute the position of profit slightly. Anyway, the time which will be from February 5 to February 12 will bring very mixed results for you. You will not get to see such good results in your state of benefit because at this time you will see five planets together in your sixth house and you will get more negative effects of these planets. There are some problems in the work, there will be problems, the work will be spent on diseases because between 5 February to 12 February, the time of 10 February, on which day, the Moon will also sit with these five planets, which is the master of your expenses and diseases. I will bring you mental worries. There will be work pressure regarding work, at this time some tension will also be related to your family situation. At this time, if you remain afflicted with diseases, then some such conditions will be mixed with which you will come to some friction. But if you go and make a balance, then this time will also pass. Mercury which is not giving you such good results, so you have to control your expenses a little bit at this time. Some of the situations that can occur with you in the mental state of the Moon, the lord of the spending house, can also happen to you, so introduce frugality and spend as much as is necessary. If you control your expenses, then the financial condition i.e. the financial condition will improve itself. You will not see any decrease in happiness. Being the master of happiness, sitting in a place of destiny, will support fate. Whatever you want to buy at this time, to increase your comfort for the comforts of your home, your desire will be fulfilled among them and you will get those things automatically. Such circumstances will become such that if you buy things on your own then there will be an increase in happiness and there will be no problem in happiness. But you have to control your expenses. Will keep this in mind. – Singh Rashifal February 2021

Education, Career And Business

Singh Rashifal February 2021 – Go ahead and talk about education, career and business, first of all I will talk about the student class. Because they are the future of our country. So this month has brought good results for the students. Till now, those who were struggling you were working hard but you do not get the results of hard work, you will start getting results. The master of fifth house is sitting in Sixth House through Guru Neecha, so he will start giving you some positive results. If Shani is sitting side by side, then you will get good results from Guru. You will progress well in learning this time. You will get the fruits of the hard work that you have done. At this time, like going out of way, debated, cultural program was done, if you want to do a good job in art, if you are good at sports, then surely you will get good results. Chances of getting an award will also be made. At the same time, this time will also be very good for those who are preparing for higher education. If you want to take admission in a big college, in which you want to get admission, if there is any dilemma in it, then if you have a sports certificate then you will definitely apply for it. With the help of a sports certificate you can get admission in that college. This strong possibility remains this month. You will buy a new property, you will get the happiness of a new vehicle, you will get the happiness of a new home. You will get good direction in a very good career for the youth. You will definitely be angry in your work, but sitting in Venus, the seventh master of your karma, sitting in the center of the master of the center will increase your work, will increase the progress of work, although you will not get the benefits this month but you will get very good in the coming time. It will be seen, therefore, no one will leave any effort in hard work. If you do any work related to the mineral department or you have to do water work or you do some engineering related to security, you have done engineering and you are engaged in a company and or you are in higher administrative posts like police army navy If you are sedentary then definitely you will get very positive results of Mars. Your fame will increase at this time. Dominating nature can increase your. When Mangal will be seated with Rahu, he makes a little person aggressive. If you are domineering, then if you are connected in such areas then surely your dominating nature can be useful for you because you will be loyal to your work for your area at this time. You can also take very big and tough decisions at this time and those decisions will appear to be very positive for you in the coming time. There will be mixed results for the business class because Saturn, the lord of the seventh house, can be seated as a recluse, but still sitting in the Venus house, you may have to face a bit of trade for the condition of the house. – Singh Rashifal February 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

Singh Rashifal February 2021 – Now about moving and moving life and love affairs. See if I talk about life partners and love affairs, then Shani, the lord of the seventh house, who is self-conscious, is present in the Sixth House. In this way, there is no problem with the life partner, but Venus, who is coming in the seventh house and sitting in the seventh house after February 21, will bring the status of Karko. That is why if you want to get married in the bond of marriage, then whatever you are tuning with someone, you are in a relationship or a love relationship or even through your parents, then a girl is being sugged by you. Take your decision before 21 February. Whatever you take before December 21, you will definitely get good success in it. The favorite life partner may face problems later. There will be some such things or there will be some such incidents which can break the relationship or you can become worse as you become a part of it. At this time you have to take a little care. In a love relationship also you will repeat the same thing in a love relationship by keeping tuning with your partner. If you propose someone, then propose before 21 February and after that you remain loyal in your relationship. If you lost your loyalty and your partner came to know, a good relationship, you would lose a good relationship with your hand. So at this time you will have to pay a little attention to your relationship.


Singh Rashifal February 2021 – Now we get to know about health by moving forward. Talking about health, you are telling you that if there are five planets, then these will increase your diseases in an unrestrained manner. Some problems will cause some mental anxiety depression-like conditions. Special precautions have to be taken while driving the vehicle. There is a risk of an accident. Chances of having surgery remain. This time with health will not be so good for you. Ketu is seated in the place of destiny and Rahu in the father’s place. Venus, the owner of the health of siblings who sit in the Sixth House, you have to take special care of your health according to your family status and according to your family, otherwise the disease will bother you and This month will be spent on your disease, due to which you may come to borrow. So take special care of your health. At least daily Pranayama and Meditation positions should be followed by your family members. Do yoga, Follow meditation and exercise morning walk, eat healthy food, avoid fried fried things and do not travel too much, you will have to take care of all these things only then you will be able to control your health problems and make your life better and better. If you take special care of your health, then this was the monthly horoscope of the people of Leo in the month of February. – Singh Rashifal February 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:
Now look at the solutions. Remedy If I tell you, then tell you, there are five planets in the house of disease, then first of all you should chant all the mantras in your house. If nothing can be done, audio tapes are also available in the market nowadays, which are specially found in matters of mantras, then keep that audio tape in your house at all times. Worship Bholenath. The only god who can cure diseases is Mahadev. So to cut your diseases, you also have to go to their shelter. Together with your family members, you worship Bholenath daily and offer water to him, if you mix water in raw milk and offer it, then you definitely get some benefit in diseases. Also if possible, do Rudrabhishek inside your house. As soon as your situation prevails, if you take advantage of Rudrabhishek, then get Rudrabhishek done in your home. If there is no Shivling, then you have to keep Shivling in your house. A black horseshoe must also be used outside the house. So these were some measures that people of Leo must do. Radhe Krishna. – Singh Rashifal February 2021


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